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Monday, April 28th, 2014, 00:42 UTC
[00:42:01] gigem: stuartm: I now know how to get the scheduled programs properly marked as the 'other' variants. The tricky thing still remaining is how to make sure the rest of the system does the right thing when adding or modifying an override while the program is being recorded.
[00:42:06] gigem: stuartm: Even if you aren't in the habit of using the this channel filter, there are still advantages to having your callsigns set properly. Because they are used for single, override and manual rules, you could be unnecessarily constraining the scheduler if you receive the same channel on another source with a different callsign.
[00:42:09] gigem: dekarl: I don't know why you guys continue to get so hung up on the term 'callsign'. I wish I'd never let bjm convince me to overlaod callsign for scheduling purposes. While callsign still technically has a specific meaning for over the air broadcasters here, many stations often call themselves something else and only use the callsign in officially mandated by the government cases. For MythTV purposes,
[00:42:11] gigem: callsign is simply a short, hopefully user-recognizable, and currently user-editable' string used to tell when one channel is the same as another regardless of how and in what format it is received. That use case is universal.
[00:42:14] gigem: Also, you all seem to think the callsigns automatically get set correctly over here. That is sadly not the case. There are always discrepancies among what is found in scanning OTA and clear QAM signals, what Schedules Direct calls a channel and what the channel calls itself. It's a tedious job to make sure they all agree. Some users probably don't bother, I happen to do so because there are very distinct
[00:42:16] gigem: advantages to doing so. Hmm, if MythTV ever switches to using Robert Kulagowski's enhanced API, perhaps we could get SD to provide definitive 'scheduling IDs'. We could even fix recording rules automatically if the IDs ever change. dekarl, perhaps that's something xmltv should consider doing as well.
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[00:44:23] skd5aner: yea, my SD and HD channels typicall have different callsings set
[00:44:36] skd5aner: geeze, typos out the wazoo there :P
[00:44:46] gigem: skd5aner: I should get a more real life test of XBMC soon. The RPi I got for my parents didn't work out for various reasons. I ordered a Fire TV primarily to run XBMC to interface to their MythTV system.
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[06:14:36] jya: what about we write a proper xbmc plugin to work as a full fledged frontend for mythtv? including supporting storage group?
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[06:46:34] dekarl: jya, I find the idea interesting. All the cost of shared libraries with versioning and API bumps would provide some use ;)
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[07:09:53] jya: the main thing I find annoying with wbmc is that it can’t use my video storage group
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[07:49:00] stuartm: I'm not yet ready to give up on mythfrontend
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[08:06:06] stuarta: morning all
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[11:16:11] stuartm: gotta love ebay and china, I couldn't send a one page letter to China and have it arrive within a week for less than £1.28, but I can buy a bunch of LEDs and resistors from China and have them delivered in that time for just £1.02
[11:16:23] Merlin83b: Heh
[11:19:02] stuartm: that's the total cost fwiw, goods + postage, £1 ... I'd like to see Maplins et al beat that
[11:20:03] stuartm: and in fact they threw in the resistors for free, weren't part of the order
[11:20:29] Merlin83b: Even better! Yeah it is nuts, I have no idea how they can do it so cheap, it has to be making a loss.
[11:22:34] stuartm: decent resistors too, a random sample were within 1%, not that I have any use for them ... but still
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[15:18:23] gigem: jya: I've thought the same thing. stuartm: It could be a backdoor way to (re)gain users — get them used to using the backend and then convince they'd get better playback features using the frontend instead of xbmc.
[15:18:28] gigem: BTW, there is one things xbmc does that intrigues about how well it would/could work in MythTV. That is whatever media is chosen keeps playing in the background while traversing the full GUI. Our limited support for vieeo passthrough on a couple of screens and mythmusic background playing looks klugy and archaic in comparison.
[15:20:27] stuartm: it could only be done with opengl/vdpau, not xv and qt, but if we drop those then of course it doesn't matter
[15:23:32] stuarta: didn't we already decide that it was about time to drop those
[15:24:31] gigem: Yeah, I know that. I'm more intrigued by the bigger picture part, i.e. how that whole approach would work in MythTV and how much we'd need to rethink the presentation of some functionality.
[15:25:02] ** stuarta is also intruiged **
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[22:32:38] dekarl: tgm4883: we could do something crazy and let one of the virtual buildbots also build the mythbuntu packages, install and purge them and see what happens (aka. catch forgotten changes to the packaging early, e.g. when adding new executeables)
[22:34:14] tgm4883: dekarl: well adding new executables gets caught when the packages fail to build, but that would work for other packaging issues
[22:35:39] dekarl: But who sees the packages fail to build? My idea was to push the information upstream (aka here) so nobody has to go hunting for it :)
[22:36:33] dekarl: Maybe I'm just hitting issues more often because I use the packages to update my production installation to master...
[22:45:48] tgm4883: dekarl: that would probably work then
[22:50:10] tgm4883: Ok, this is dumb. How do I commit to the packaging git repo?
[22:52:35] tgm4883: I keep getting a 403 error
[22:53:19] dekarl: I push to :packaging
[22:53:53] dekarl: 403 sounds like you may try to push to cgit? But cgit only has the mythtv repo atm
[22:56:14] tgm4883: dekarl: still access denied. Are password uploads not allowed? It's not asking for one
[22:56:45] dekarl: I have no idea, I never had a password, only got a public key added
[22:57:01] tgm4883: hmm
[22:57:12] tgm4883: i seem to recall having a public key uploaded as well
[22:57:30] tgm4883: But that would have been before this computer, which is why it's failing
[22:57:41] tgm4883: dekarl: so who updates the key info?
[22:59:25] dekarl: IIRC I sent mine to stuarta
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