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Wednesday, April 16th, 2014, 00:01 UTC
[00:01:27] waynemcdougall: Hi. I'm getting repeated segfaults playing music, while running the latest GIT development version. Any suggestions on what would be useful for me to do?
[00:01:46] waynemcdougall: *** Error in `mythfrontend': double free or corruption (!prev): 0x00007fc5cc070970 ***
[00:01:46] waynemcdougall: 2014-04–16 11:56:24.418352 E Decoder Error: Could not identify the stream typein avfDecoder::initialize
[00:01:46] waynemcdougall: *** Error in `mythfrontend': malloc(): memory corruption: 0x00007fc534017a90 ***
[00:01:46] waynemcdougall: 2014-04–16 11:56:24.483570 N Suspending idle timer
[00:01:46] waynemcdougall: *** Error in `mythfrontend': corrupted double-linked list: 0x00007fc5cc00b5a0 ***
[00:01:46] waynemcdougall: Segmentation fault (core dumped)
[00:02:01] clever: start by getting a backtrace, the instructions should be on the wiki, and i think your in the wrong channel
[00:06:01] waynemcdougall: Thank you clever. Am recompiling now. An unsure why you think the development channel is the wrong channel though.
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[07:06:17] stuartm: wagnerrp: he's proposing using EIT data from one source (FTA Satellite), converted to xmltv format, to populate the database for another source (Cable)
[07:07:15] stuartm: it would be clearer if only he'd know the term EIT
[07:22:46] wagnerrp: if he gets the channels over satellite such that he's getting EIT data for them, why would he bother with cable?
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[07:37:47] wagnerrp: wait, i thought there was some xmltv "grabber" that could pull EIT data
[07:42:30] wagnerrp: looks like there's a couple for windows/bda. none for linux
[07:42:54] wagnerrp: i know cross-source EIT has come up on the list in the past
[07:49:33] stuartm: wagnerrp: the way I read it, he's looking at working on it purely as a project to benefit other people (friends/relatives maybe?), as he notes, he doesn't currently have the DVB-S hardware
[07:50:06] stuartm: btw, did you get my email earlier? Some of my email this morning seems to have disappeared into the ether
[07:51:13] wagnerrp: just saw it a few minutes ago
[07:52:05] wagnerrp: if he doesn't currently have the hardware, how does he know the data he's looking for is available through it?
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[07:55:26] stuartm: well that's a good question, but I'm not going to pick holes in his plan at this stage – people like projects, even if they are ultimately doomed to fail
[07:58:08] stuartm: he may be looking to use mce data or whatever, but since he's given a reasonably believable explanation of why he wants to know what he's asking I'm choosing to give him the benefit of the doubt
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[08:01:46] stuartm: fwiw, although I agree that use of MCE data is breaking a contract with MS and in some cases outright theft, MS apparently don't seem to care – they could take better steps to protect the data, they could be suing individuals using it in other applications, but they aren't doing either
[08:05:32] stuartm: I'm not condoning it and officially the project line is "don't do it", but unless people are stupid enough to actually admit to doing it let's just leave them be
[08:10:23] wagnerrp: my original response on mythtvtalk was just to ask for more information
[08:10:43] wagnerrp: him getting paranoid as to why i was asking questions set me off
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[08:37:00] dekarl: well, he's using a disposable mail adress from a provider targeting the french market in a setup that breaks threading to hide "something". (but the headers still say ...)
[08:37:49] dekarl: just knowing what channels he's talking about (aka what he's trying to achieve) would help lots in suggesting how to move forward.
[08:38:30] dekarl: And wrt the tool that shall not be named... please get their paypal account seized so the "mandatory donation for access to the new MS guide service" fails
[08:39:00] dekarl: after all MS is known to turn a blind eye because it helps its business (keeps competitors small etc)
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[09:20:43] stuartm: can anyone think of reason why we can't have mythtv-setup do the database creation? Prompting for the mysql root credentials before creating the new user, generating a password and the schema?
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[09:45:17] warpme: guys: just quick Q: what are current plans for 0.28 release? Is there any date or plan considered?
[09:48:02] dekarl: jya, tgm4883, superm1 not sure how I can test that before committing mind to consider it?
[09:49:29] dekarl: the hack has was superseeded in . . . 1695f6b44161
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[10:35:49] stuarta: stuartm: i'd like to have that available as part of the backend setup functionality
[10:36:09] stuarta: 1. ability for backend to startup unconfigured
[10:36:26] stuarta: 2. point at the backend webserver, configure db there, and have the backend init it
[10:37:09] stuarta: for bonus points, make a webservice that does that as well
[10:37:42] stuarta: so that distro's can automate the backend initial db build
[10:38:22] stuarta: actually, it's probably simpler to pass a bunch of parameters to the backend --dbinit --dbuser xx -dbpass yy
[10:39:14] stuarta: so forget the webservice idea, just make it available from the backend webserver
[10:44:11] stuarta: although we will need to do a schema rollup first i think, no point with initializing it with a really old schema and then having to upgrade it
[11:00:27] stuartm: I might just start by adding it to the existing setup, then we can move/build on that for the new setup etc
[11:01:31] stuarta: sounds like a plan
[11:02:18] stuarta: probably worth creating a fresh db and let it upgrade all the way to current, then dumping that schema as the new initial schema
[11:09:06] stuarta: stuartm: all the schema stuff is in a common place, so that work would have to be done for either option, and it works for both :)
[11:36:52] stuarta: schema dump makes interesting reading. there are a few AUTO_INCREMENT settings i have no idea why they are there
[11:37:09] ** stuarta goes to lunch **
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[12:01:05] superm1: dekarl: hmm maybe the easiest is to check how many concurrent compile threads are happening with ps?
[12:04:29] sphery: stuartm: the biggest problem is that different distros have different ways of creating and managing MySQL users, and there's also the problem that some distro's versions of MySQL seem to be broken in that "GRANT ... IDENTIFIED BY" does not properly set the password and/or creates a duplicate password that doesn't work
[12:05:16] sphery: as far as schema rollup, I have the process for doing it, but didn't before 0.27 release because there was a bug that prevented initial DB schema creation and I didn't get a chance to find it
[12:05:55] sphery: I haven't had a chance to test creating a new schema in a blank DB, lately, so it may or may not work... if it does, you can let me know and I can do a rollup
[12:07:12] stuarta: sphery: if you cannot do a GRANT .. IDENTIFIED BY .. in a distro's mysql, then that is a bug in that distro's mysql implementation. that's *CORE* mysql functionality
[12:07:40] sphery: stuartm: I definitely think the create database step should be put into mythtv-setup, though. But I'd recommend talking with some of packagers about how they manage MySQL users to make sure our doing so won't be a problem
[12:08:16] stuarta: sphery: how is that relevant? if we provide hooks for them to provide us a user/passwd, it doesn't matter how they create them
[12:09:03] sphery: stuarta: agreed it's a bug. they seem to be using SET PASSWORD instead and/or overwriting the GRANT ... IDENTIFIED BY ... because they maintain info about mysql users in some other place
[12:09:30] stuarta: sphery: fwiw, i don't see anything in what stuartm wrote about *us* supplying a password
[12:09:51] sphery: if we're creating a user, then we are supplying its password
[12:09:58] stuarta: we aren't
[12:10:10] stuarta: we were talking about creating the DB
[12:10:21] sphery: I'm not saying we're generating it ourselves--it doesn't matter who does it--just that they seem to have some additional info they're keeping elsewhere
[12:10:42] stuartm: stuarta: I was including the creation of the 'mythtv' user in my proposal
[12:10:46] sphery: "Prompting for the mysql root credentials before creating the new user, generating a password and the schema?"
[12:10:49] stuarta: hmmm, okay
[12:11:02] ** stuarta gets off soapbox **
[12:11:16] sphery: anyway, just a suggestion that you check with packagers to see what they're doing and whether we could just do it for them
[12:11:29] sphery: if not, I suppose they'll figure out a way to work around whatever doesn't work for them
[12:11:35] sphery: just thought it would be easier to plan things
[12:11:37] stuartm: i.e. aiming to get the entire setup of the DB done with as little work for the user as possible
[12:11:52] stuarta: yeah, that user on the forum did have a point
[12:12:18] sphery: FWIW, though, once the user is created and properly given ALL privileges, it can do CREATE DATABASE and full schema creation
[12:12:49] stuartm: it's one of those things I've wanted to fix for years, but since I don't setup a new system each week it's easy to put it off
[12:13:12] stuarta: given we are now aiming to make setup easier it's worth doing
[12:13:19] stuartm: yet, dodgy copies of mysql aside, it's something which shouldn't be very difficult to do
[12:14:38] sphery: right, I just think we need to see what they're doing so we can design it to work well even within a distro's package management system
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[12:21:43] sphery: stuartm: oh, and I also recommend only doing the create user/grant stuff if necessary (or unless deselected or whatever) because once it's been done once, there's no need to redo it (i.e. I create new databases all the time on my dev box without messing with the user/grants)
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[12:22:54] stuartm: aye, it wouldn't try to create the user or grant the perms if they already existed
[12:35:16] dekarl: superm1, if I understood correctly we don't have to do anything the dh tools take care of the parallelism since . . . 1695f6b44161
[12:35:41] dekarl: oh, that was wrt testing :/
[12:42:00] superm1: dekarl: i think the way we call $(MAKE) the stuff isn'tgetting passed in
[12:42:26] superm1: if we were really using dh to call all the auto stuff it would probably pass in properly
[12:42:43] superm1: but it needs to be put in manually because we call $(MAKE) for both mythtv and mythplugins back to back
[12:43:20] dekarl: so $(MAKE) does not pass down -jN? thats not so nice
[12:43:29] garybuhrmaster: sphery: It seems that sometimes users manage to get the grants wrong (wrong network/host), since they use some example they found, not understanding what the host part means. While you might recognize RFC1918 addresses, and adjust for your situation, some do not have sufficient knowledge in that area.
[12:43:50] superm1: dekarl: don't think so
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[12:43:56] superm1: if jya shows up he can comment more
[12:44:01] superm1: he's the one who observed the behavior
[12:44:45] dekarl: the hack for jya was put in before we enabled parallelism according to the log...
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[12:47:28] garybuhrmaster: sphery: Not to mention that IPv6 DHCP-PD with "native" long term (but not permanent) IPv6 addressing is going to get interesting in the longer term for many users.
[12:49:34] superm1: dekarl: oh hmm
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[13:38:13] stuarta: gary_buhrmaster: shouldn't be *that* hard to get that to work
[13:38:31] stuarta: worst case you have to use the link local addresses instead
[13:47:45] ** stuarta tries to work out how to put fe80::/10 into a grant line **
[13:50:11] stuarta: zeroconf networking support is probably of more use
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[14:02:51] gary_buhrmaster: stuarta: The issue is (a) with DHCP-PD, the addresses may change sometime in the future (although they might "appear" to be always the same, not really), (b) link-local has interesting issues with system/ethernet_card swaps, (c) most people cannot spell IPv6, (d) depending on mysql version, IPv6 support is differently interesting.
[14:03:19] gary_buhrmaster: stuarta: and that is what I can think of off the top of my head (while participating in an ARIN meeting remotely).
[14:04:46] ** stuarta agrees with the above **
[14:06:44] gary_buhrmaster: stuarta: [And you do not want the entire link-local range, in the general case. At least I would not, since my mysql server has in the past existed on one of my internal routers at various times, and I do not trust my guest network. Yes, I have various filters, but I tend to design with belt, and suspenders, and duck tape, and superglue, and staples....]
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[14:08:14] stuarta: gary_buhrmaster: if we can come up with a nice way of implementing it we will
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[14:15:38] gary_buhrmaster: stuarta: A part of my mind says that the "easy install" should just do combined BE/FE/localhost/dedicated_DB_server only installation (just like so many of the various Windows apps). There are just too many ways to do things once one get beyond that to be able to make it "easy".
[14:16:44] gary_buhrmaster: stuarta: It would be really nice if there was a way to use something like sqlite as the DB for evaluation.
[14:17:18] stuarta: there's been a long standing wishlist item to move to an embedded db
[14:17:39] stuarta: iirc sqlite can't handle the BUSQ
[14:17:45] gary_buhrmaster: stuarta: re: embedded db. Yes, I know.
[14:17:51] stuarta: (big ugly scheduler query)
[14:21:54] gary_buhrmaster: stuarta: re: sqlite. Yes, it has many limitations. I did not intend to suggest it as the target embedded DB. It is just that setting up one more service (mysql), and tuning appropriately, just to "try things out" can be a bridge too far for some.
[14:22:15] stuarta: i may try it for shits n giggles
[14:26:49] gary_buhrmaster: stuarta: I suspect the excrement may fly..... [I have not followed sqlite enhancements closely, but I do remember claims it is getting bigger/faster/more capable over time]
[14:27:15] stuarta: the only option is to try it
[14:27:55] stuarta: try { stuff() } catch { ENOTIME }
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[16:53:35] dekarl: do we even have a BUSQ these days? I thought we moved on to piecemeal scheduling and it might be an interesting test if sqlite works well. (no more halfway done schema updates :)
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[18:47:38] gigem: dekarl: The BUSQ is alive and well. The incremental changes you are thinking of mainly try to run it on smaller subsets of data like individual recording rules or individual program titles. The BUSQ still gets run on all of the data at startup and after each mythfilldatabase run.
[18:50:33] gigem: Af for replacing MySQL, the only realistic, near-term solution is probbably to replace it with embedded MySQL (or possibly MariaDB). That is where the master backend (and possibly mythtv-setup) run MySQL as threads of the main process. The advantage of doing it that way is there's no external configuration for the user to mess with.
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