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Monday, April 14th, 2014, 00:07 UTC
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[08:09:46] stuarta: morning all
[09:03:39] dekarl: do we have a better page then to send users to from the bug tracker?
[09:05:00] dekarl: the description of the mailing list is "coming soon" since 2005 ;)
[09:09:13] stuarta: dekarl: haha, that's pretty crap. use that page to send em to the forums!
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[12:52:55] jya: warpme: any updates in regards to devel/ringbuffer? any new problems compare to existing master/0.27 or it’s better in every way?
[12:53:05] stuarta: this looks like a quite reasonable pull request
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[13:31:26] ** stuarta votes for blindly applying #11986 **
[13:31:26] ** MythLogBot **
[13:37:06] warpme: jya: no any problems with current devel/ringbuffer (except "looped image" on one channel – which is probably not related to Your work).
[13:38:15] warpme: jya: I produced full zap log with very current devel/ringbuffer. it is at
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[14:05:30] jya: warpme: interesting on how much time varies to open the stream
[14:05:34] jya: from 60ms to 1.4s
[14:05:46] jya: maybe I should increase the limit from 1.5s to 2s
[14:07:08] jya: i mean sometimes it can switch after reading just 260kB of data, in some cases it needs over 1.3MB
[14:07:25] jya: 1.8MB is the most
[14:10:26] jya: warpme: that’s weird the log you provided… it doesn’t have any of the logs I added in the second last commit
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[14:19:59] dekarl: stuarta, +1 re #11986 but re the pull request... does it still keep the MBE even though a SBE is recording?
[14:19:59] ** MythLogBot **
[14:20:42] stuarta: i have no idea
[14:21:10] stuartm: OT does anyone know if you have to use the Arduino IDE for programming if you don't want to? I'm deadly allergic to Java
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[14:21:49] dekarl: jya, I vaguely remember that the recorder waits for a keyframe to start the recording, could that explain that it sometimes just takes 60ms and other times 1.4s (depending on when a key frame passes by)
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[14:35:12] warpme: jya: If You are refering to 919724, then I see i.e. "2014-04–14 11:51:32.253466 I AFD: File successfully opened after 931ms". Do I miss someting?
[14:41:18] warpme: jya: I see where is problem: my last log was produced without "--loglevel debug" – thats why there is no entries from e5708c5...
[14:42:01] garybuhrmaster: stuartm: You can avoid the Arduino IDE if you wish. There is (I think) an Eclipse plugin. Ah, here is a ref of alternatives:
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[14:44:43] stuartm: garybuhrmaster: heh, eclipse is also java
[14:44:58] garybuhrmaster: And, of course, one can always bypass everything with the appropriate jtag/i2c/spi tools and the appropriate hex editors (you don't need no stink'n compiler) :-)
[14:45:37] stuarta: i know your type, twiddling bits with a pin for fun...
[14:45:40] stuartm: thanks, I'll trawl through that list :)
[14:45:40] garybuhrmaster: stuartm: Re; eclipse. Yeah, I know that, but I was trying to come up with the alternatives off the top of my head. Until I found the ref.
[14:46:14] garybuhrmaster: stuarta: You say that as if it is a bad thing......
[14:46:30] stuarta: not bad, just masochistic
[14:46:43] stuartm: who knows, I may end up playing with jtag etc, but first I have to learn what these terms actually mean ;)
[14:47:14] stuartm: ooh, Maria Mole is available in Portuguese
[14:47:25] stuartm: but not on linux :(
[14:47:36] ** stuarta fails to see the excitement in that **
[14:49:36] stuartm: :)
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[15:00:06] stuartm: so it's really only the compilation/upload step that need their tools ... otherwise it's C/C++, so maybe you don't really need an IDE, just a couple of scripts
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[15:18:41] stuarta: hmpf. another 3 days to wait for the new ubuntu release
[15:18:49] ** stuarta is impatient **
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[16:48:40] peper03: stuarta: Re the pull request, just from scanning the changes rather than actually knowing the code, is that first patch actually necessary? Surely 'HasRunningOrPendingJobs' should return false if the host is not allowed to run jobs. If it doesn't already, I'd have said the check that's been added in the patch should be in HasRunningOrPendingJobs.
[16:48:55] peper03: Unless there's some implementation detail I'm missing.
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[17:00:44] peper03: stuartm: I've not worked with an Arduino but I've done plenty with PICs and my life over the last few months has been filled to the brim and more with writing code for a Renesas microcontroller (and trying to teach GCC not to generate rubbish). In my experience, you rarely *need* an IDE but I find it helps my workflow hugely if I can compile the project and program it with a single click or key combination.
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[17:03:11] peper03: Having the ability to single-step is luxury if you have it. I've spent many hours/days toggling a pin and counting edges to work out how far the code is getting or which branch it's taking before it locks up and wished I could debug directly :(
[17:18:03] stuartm: I'll see how it goes without the IDE at first, after all that's more or less the same process I'm familiar with for 'normal' programming work, and since I'm only sticking my toe in the water with electronics it may be a while before I'm developing anything complex
[17:20:18] stuartm: still struggling to come up with a practical (and cost effective) use for home brew electronics, but I'm curious enough to just play for now until inspiration comes
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[17:31:59] peper03: Heh, I think much of the time, it's not cost effective. Particularly when you start wanting to move past whatever LEDs or whatnot are on the board. Normal components like resistors, transistors, LEDs etc. are not very expensive but you usually find that whatever part you need, you don't have and buying them in ones and twos usually costs a fortune in postage so you buy more of them or of other things to make it worth it. Then you start to
[17:32:01] peper03: have a collection of parts but you still never have all the parts you need and so it begins again :)
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[17:39:44] peper03: Eventually, you've spent quite a bit more money and definitely much more time than if you'd just gone out and bought something.
[17:41:13] peper03: But that same argument could be levelled at working on MythTV. It doesn't stop you doing it, does it? :)
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[18:10:59] jheizer: Arduino ideas I wanted to do at some point you may find interesting or not. Networked home thermostat and garage door sensors/remote control. I ended up getting z-wave stuff though as peper03 said, some times you just never find the time.
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[18:17:04] stuartm: had a couple of ideas, but the first an alarm system while it would have been cool, just didn't make much sense when I could get a more aesthetically pleasing one off the shelf for a fraction of the cost
[18:18:34] peper03: A colleague wanted to make a data logger for his electricity meter (based on using an (IR-)LED and detector to determine when the black stripe on the meter went past). Another friend fancied making an ultrasonic sensor to measure the heating oil level in his tank so he could graph how much they were using and be alerted if it suddenly got low.
[18:18:37] stuartm: the second may or may not happen, and that's wireless controlled lighting in the garden, but similarly I found off the shelf systems that are cheaper
[18:19:37] peper03: Neither actually got done due to time constraints/other shiny things appearing on the scene :)
[18:20:30] stuartm: peper03: yeah, had a new meter fitted last year that has a flashing LED instead of dials which is nice and easy to monitor, but I'm not sure how interesting watching my electricity usage would really be :)
[18:21:08] peper03: Possibly more frightening than interesting if it's anything like mine!
[18:21:37] jheizer: The real reason I own one was to interface temp sensors and steering wheel controls for my carpc.
[18:21:50] stuartm: I did it two or three years back as part of a cost saving drive, so I know what uses the electricity and when, but ultimately the 'savings' were minimal since I still need to cook food, wash clothes etc
[18:21:53] jheizer: though even that is only 1/2 complete from 3 years ago.
[18:22:04] dekarl: to control the wheel from the pc or the pc from the wheel? ;)
[18:22:19] jheizer: PC from the existing radio controls
[18:22:24] jheizer: lol
[18:23:27] stuartm: actually, did have a thought about fixing my broken IR based central locking with an RF radio instead – unlocking the car (or checking it's locked) from the mobile etc
[18:24:08] stuartm: a lot cheaper than getting a replacement remote from the dealer :)
[18:24:35] jheizer: Crazy that there is even stuff for that now a days. I can get an internet accessible door locking/remote start module.
[18:24:45] jheizer: And a nice little phone app.
[18:24:55] dekarl: lets derail while so many eyes are here... improvements to appreciated, so we can send users there
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[18:25:18] stuartm: dekarl: sorry!
[18:27:11] stuartm: dekarl: needs more, just not sure what ...
[18:27:46] stuartm: I guess links to documentation and FAQs
[18:28:04] dekarl: I was thinking about shuffling stuff around between the generel "how to get support" and the specific IRC/Forum/List pages
[18:28:13] stuartm: would be good to translate that page into a few languages too – I need to install that translation plugin for mediawiki!
[18:28:17] dekarl: but I'm not sure how
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[18:42:53] stuartm: dekarl: I'm lacking inspiration, but I may have some ideas later
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