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Wednesday, April 9th, 2014, 00:16 UTC
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[00:21:20] jya: gary_buhrmaster: I’ve seen more mips based chip than ppc ones in automotive
[00:25:57] jya: warpne: you’ll need to provide some logs. in particular when it changes your X configuration. run the frontend with -v playback,libav —loglevel=debug . Note the time when you experience the issue and pass the log… I can’t make much sense in what you are seeing to be honest.
[00:26:06] jya: s/seeing/saying/
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[01:21:17] jya: wagnerrp: your 2c50a824be1f3083ca966ff0309ea39854452b29 commit introduced a regression, preventing metadata retrieval to work on any new install
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[08:10:57] warpme: jya: regarding refresh issue: pls look at line with timestamp 13:47:06.823596
[08:11:46] warpme: fe tries to change to 23.970 – but it was for LiveTV in Europe (where refresh is ALWAYS 50i)
[08:13:41] warpme: jya: regarding distorted picture in one particular TV channel: I promissed You to provide screenshot. pls look at
[08:17:58] warpme: What is most interesting that when such distorted picture occurs – it happens for all consecutive LiveTV starts on this channel. I can 5x exit LiveTV and enter again – and LiveTV always displays this TV channel with this distortions. To overcome this state I have to: enter LiveTV; change to other channel; go back to this channel. All this suggests that mythtv enters "special state" in which this cannel is broken. Looks like some variable star
[08:18:38] warpme: cleared by LiveTV exit / enter again
[08:18:49] stuarta: morning all
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[12:33:03] jya: stuartm: it’s now the 3rd report I’m getting about people getting their playback interrupted while playing. One of them is particularly problematic as it’s for a friend of mine which took years to convince to give myth a try.
[12:34:00] jya: for him, it happens playing mkv
[12:34:09] jya: in the log you have: “2014-04–08 22:13:15.864054 E MythSocket(ac37140:69): ReadStringList: Error, timed out after 7000 ms.”
[12:34:33] jya: which cause RemoteFile to close the connection, and mythplayer to exit and it returns to the main menu
[12:34:52] jya: We changed his wireless router, new gigabit switch… no change
[12:44:58] jya: another user reported the problem yesterday on the user list.
[12:45:18] jya: any ideas? I created a new ticket: #12113
[12:45:18] ** MythLogBot **
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[12:55:40] esperegu: jya: <dekarl> I can update after jya merges his candidates :) <<< any idea when you will do that?
[12:56:02] jya: esperegu: what is this about?
[12:56:24] jya: i’ll merge when warpme sees no regression in the code
[12:56:46] esperegu: jya: <dekarl> should give good livetv experience according to warpme
[12:57:21] jya: sorry, i don’t follow
[12:58:08] esperegu: jya: well. apparently warpme said you improved the livetv stuff and it is better with your patches
[12:58:11] esperegu: more stable
[12:59:17] jya: it is, but i’ve already backported everything that make livetv more stable
[12:59:33] jya: now they are just incremental improvement, nothing helping stability.
[12:59:50] jya: just faster to change channels and smoother transition between programs
[13:02:10] esperegu: jya: nice. that can use some improvement!
[13:02:15] warpme (warpme! has joined #mythtv
[13:02:45] esperegu: jya: speaking of the .... there is warpme ;-)
[13:02:53] warpme: hi guys!
[13:03:02] esperegu: hi warpme.
[13:03:15] jya: warpme: was just looking at your log
[13:03:22] warpme: just have 10 min before call (i'm in work now)
[13:03:42] esperegu: warpme: jya just told me he will merge his code when you see no regerssions.
[13:03:57] jya: warpme: i need you to run the frontend with -v playback,libav,file —loglevel=debug
[13:04:18] jya: I have an idea that could be it… but i can’t see if the issue I can think of actually occurs
[13:05:10] warpme: well – devel/ringbuffer work nice. I offers many improvements and exposure some hideen (and I think not related to jya work) bugs for me.
[13:05:29] warpme: s/work/works/
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[13:05:59] warpme: jya: ok. Give me evening. I'll try to cath this
[13:06:17] jya: warpme: did you do anything between 13:47:06 and 13:47:07 (where it changes to 60i and then back to 50i)
[13:07:37] jya: warpme: i see no particular issues in your log. i can’t explain why it would see a change of refresh rate unless it was really there… and certainly why keeping the data in RAM rahter than flushing it to read it again would make a difference
[13:07:45] warpme: no. IIRC it was period when TV had blanked screen (because discovers mode change). I was siting and waiting for TV playback
[13:10:00] jya: what’s weird is that it doesn’t happen every time either
[13:10:48] jya: that whole format detection that we use should be removed anyway… that’s the only primary reason we still have to use our own mpegts demuxer rather than FFmpeg’s own
[13:11:51] warpme: Indeed. Xorg mode issue is rare – 1 per 20–50 zaps – but is there. Before I hadn't this issue at all.
[13:11:51] jya: hmm… actually, I think this one is more interesting: “InitVideoCodec invalid dimensions”
[13:12:08] jya: it’s like what was actually discovered was crap
[13:13:14] warpme: "errant format" was also my conclussion...
[13:13:22] jya: that’s why the reset occurs…
[13:13:35] jya: we exited the scan, but the data was wrong at this stage
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[13:16:33] jya: warpme: what verbosity setting did you use?
[13:16:48] jya: did you have -v playback in there?
[13:17:03] stuartm: jya: it may be useful to know which protocol command is timing out, -v protocol iirc
[13:17:22] stuartm: -v network
[13:17:38] jya: stuartm: ok, I’ll ask my mate to rerun the frontend with those
[13:17:44] jya: problem is it’s very verbose then
[13:18:08] stuartm: yes unfortunately, is he running packages?
[13:19:21] stuartm: we could patch in a better error message, have it mention which command timed out and not just the generic 'ReadStringList timed out'
[13:20:43] stuartm: of course it may not be specific to one protocol command, but my gut tells me that it probably is that rather than a lower level issue with the sockets etc
[13:23:58] jya: the thing that failed right after in RemoteFile, there aren’y much call in there other than REQUEST_BLOCK
[13:24:04] stuartm: we might also consider improving the timeout handling e.g. trying a simple ping on the connection before deciding that it's dead and closing it
[13:24:18] jya: stuartm: he is running package, but I can link it to my repo and do whatever in there
[13:25:25] jya: could also make RemoteFile::Read stuff called no be a blocked, and return early as necessary
[13:25:33] jya: the ringbuffer class will handle those just fine now
[13:25:51] jya: (that’s what I changed for FileRingBuffer, able to return early so it wouldn’t lock)
[13:26:08] jya: though I thought that’s what the backend would have done too.. return early
[13:26:09] stuartm: jya: it was definitely the RemoteFile connection that timed out?
[13:26:34] jya: yes: 2014-04–03 23:06:14.797799 E RemoteFile::Read(): No response from control socket.
[13:26:34] jya: 2014-04–03 23:06:14.797816 E FileRingBuf(myth://Videos@ safe_read(RemoteFile* ...): read failed
[13:28:31] jya: could be here that we have a slow down on the hard drive, and it takes a while to read… the client wait and it times out at 7s rather than interrupt early and handle what it already has
[13:28:39] stuartm: jya: that indicates the control socket is dead, not that it was anything RemoteFile was doing which timed out and therefore caused the connection to be dropped – it may have timed out getting a seektable update for instance, that caused the connection to be closed and RemoteFile was just a casualty of that since it needed that connection
[13:29:07] jya: ah ok...
[13:29:10] jya: makes sense
[13:29:42] stuartm: which is why knowing which command ReadStringList was processing would help
[13:30:19] jya: if you tell me the message you’d like to see and which info to return, i can add it
[13:32:07] jya: hmmm.. but going back to the RemoteFile::Read failure, if you send REQUEST_BLOCK, and the server doesn’t have data to return, during MythSocket::kShortTimeout
[13:32:16] jya: it would timeout right?
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[13:35:48] jya: seems to me it’s just due to the backend taking too long to return that data requested… as we assume the data returned is always going to be the same size as what we ask
[13:36:08] jya: anyhow, i’ve had a long journey today, totally stuff… will think more clearly tomorrow…
[13:36:19] stuartm: it would appear that FileTransfer::RequestBlock() blocks, so yes in that case it would timeout the socket
[13:37:04] stuartm: RequestBlock() should really accept a timeout if it's going to be called like that
[13:37:31] stuarta: whatever happened to defensive programming
[13:41:32] stuartm: stuarta: aye, there are few questions raised by this  – 1. summarily closing the socket because the last command took too long is dumb 2. having any protocol handling code calling commands with an indeterminate run time is bad design 3. Lousy error handling in RemoteFile – why isn't it attempting to reconnect?
[13:43:21] jya: stuartm: i see that you’re on top of this! looking forward to the solution when I wake up :)
[13:43:34] stuartm: heh
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[13:48:17] dekarl: jya, I'm not sure I understand. So all commits to devel/027candidates have made it to fixes/0.27 in the meantime? I just took a quick look and saw that it had not been merged yet.
[13:48:17] dekarl: esperegu, I just looked at the changes to fixes/0.27 since I updated a month ago, basically its the AirPlay fixes.
[13:49:27] dekarl: Oh, he's gone... If you read the log, just give me a shout if you use AirPlay, I can update the PPA for you
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[13:50:39] jya: yeah, that’s in 0.27 only
[13:50:41] jya:
[13:57:27] jya: for a quick check, going to replace that 7s timeout with the 30s one…
[13:57:41] jya: quick & dirty is good right now….
[13:59:47] jya: ah no… timeout used to be an optional parameter, and it was using 7s earlier… damn
[13:59:49] jya: too late...
[14:00:42] stuarta: JFDI \o/
[14:00:59] jya: oh no, my bad, bool readStringList(QStringList &list, uint timeoutMS = kLongTimeout);
[14:00:59] jya: is was.. so yes 30s timeout before...
[14:01:01] warpme: guys I'm back
[14:01:13] jya (jya!~jyavenard@mythtv/developer/jya) has quit (Quit: jya)
[14:02:43] warpme: I'm testing ALL jya LiveTV changes on 0.27-fixes. To make sure that discovered issues are because backporting – I'm verifying them also on master. Only when issue is present on both – I'm reporting it here.
[14:02:59] warpme: s/are/aren't/
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[16:08:35] warpme: jya: regarding fe log with -v playback,libav,file and “xorg refresh” issue – pls look at arround line 54437
[16:09:27] warpme: this log is from tv channel zapping session. Last zap had “refresh issue”. Then I exit LiveTV.
[16:11:35] warpme: also regarding “looped old/new tv channel picture” issue – pls look at This was zaping session and when looped issue occurs – I exited LiveTV. Hope those logs will helpful for You!
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[16:39:00] esperegu: anyone knows if there is any effort of enabling boblight with mythtv?
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[19:21:50] stuartm: the ssl certifcate on alcor (trac) has been re-issued, let me know if there are any issues
[19:22:28] stuartm: forum will be similarly switched to the new cert in the next 20 minutes, give or take
[19:29:17] dekarl: stuartm, in the web frontend the Rule Type: xxx of upcoming recordings is always the german text for kDontRecord while most of my rules are kAllRecord. (master as of today) is it just me?
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[20:01:51] stuartm: it's a known issue, it should actually be the text for "Override Recording"
[20:03:10] stuartm: there's an inconsistency in the services API – some bits return the numerical value of the enum, others the string
[20:04:12] stuartm: that causes an issue where we lookup the translatable string in the webfrontend
[20:05:22] stuartm: since we were going to have all enumerated values returned as such in the API I've not bothered to fix it, but I may have to now since dblain hasn't had the time to work on the enum stuff
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[21:05:52] stuartm: peper03:
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