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Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014, 00:22 UTC
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[05:10:43] dekarl: stuarta/stuartm we could mark stuff deprecated in the doxygen comment only so it goes to but not turn the build log into a sea of deprecation warnings
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[06:27:17] jya: wagnerrp: sphery : which application in myth can start python exe other than mythbackend and mythfrontend?
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[08:02:16] stuarta: jya: i've seen mythmetadatalookup do it
[08:02:29] ** stuarta was insulting that yesterday **
[08:02:41] jya: yes, but that one is only ever started by either the frontend or the backend right?
[08:02:55] jya: (so it inherits the PYTHONPATH env variable)
[08:03:16] jya: I mean is this an application anyone would ever want to run on its own?
[08:04:54] jya: I think I’m pretty much done with the frontend on the mac. it takes forever to start due to attempting to connect to a non-existent dbus server (and it tries 10 times)
[08:05:44] stuarta: should be easy enough to nobble that with an ifdef
[08:06:03] jya: only issue right now is the General MythVIdeo setting doesn’t display.. it seems that the app is hang.. But when I go into another mythui screen, I very quickly see that screen being displayed
[08:06:16] jya: the dbus is only used for the mediamonitor right?
[08:09:55] stuarta: tbh i have no idea
[08:10:05] stuarta: but i think you may be right
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[10:20:22] sphery: jya: some people will run python-based scripts outside of mythfrontend/mythbackend for miscellaneous functionality ( ), but I'd think they could set the PYTHONPATH in their own environment to do so.
[10:21:08] jya: sphery: I was mainly looking at what the user can do with just a remote control, and limit the scope of my investigation there
[10:21:46] jya: works quite well with the Apple remote control, I had one hanging around but never tried to use it with mythtv before
[10:22:00] jya: not bad with just 7 buttons
[10:26:32] sphery: jya: as far as the dbus thing, I agree that's a completely broken design. It was added by a user as a workaround for broken start scripts (that haven't started udisks, which is used by media monitor, before mythfrontend is started)
[10:26:50] jya: is that all it’s for?
[10:27:02] sphery: it needs to either be ripped out (that's what I've done for my build--since I don't use udisks) or moved to a different thread
[10:27:08] sphery: yeah, looking for the ticket
[10:27:33] sphery: #10028
[10:27:33] ** MythLogBot **
[10:27:56] jya: it’s weird because on mac1 it’s not used at all.. and on mac2 (my macbook air), it attempts to conenct 10 times.. both are running the exact same version (I copy my whole mythtv/git across so I don’t have to fully recompile when I go mobiile)
[10:28:12] jya: how do you always managed to remember those stuff..
[10:28:26] jya: I can’t even remember tickets I wrote myself just a year ago
[10:28:39] sphery: I remember that one because I still rip it out for myself
[10:28:45] sphery: :)
[10:30:21] sphery: IMHO, his system configuration is broken and we have a broken workaround for his specific misconfiguration... a) he's starting mythfrontend in a service (not a proper X/user session), and b) his start scripts are asyncrhonous, but he doesn't properly account for dependencies with them
[10:30:24] jya: the mythvideo general menu setting has probably been broken since mythvideo has been merged
[10:30:45] jya: it seems the frontend is hung
[10:31:18] jya: turned out, it’s just because the main screen is above it. There’s a quick work around when you enter a menu with:
[10:31:30] jya: if (sel.startsWith("settings "))
[10:31:30] jya: {
[10:31:32] jya: GetMythUI()->AddCurrentLocation("Setup");
[10:31:33] jya: gCoreContext->ActivateSettingsCache(false);
[10:31:34] jya: GetMythMainWindow()->HidePainterWindow();
[10:31:35] jya: }
[10:31:44] jya: which hide the main window prior to displaying an old screen
[10:31:54] jya: problem, the menu name is video_settings_general
[10:31:54] sphery: So, I'd support your removing it saying, "Not all systems run udisks, so this workaround causes problems on other platforms or for systems without udisks" and maybe comment on specifying dependencies in start scripts or starting mythfrontend after the asynchronous start scripts complete (like in a non-start script user session)
[10:32:20] sphery: yeah, we really need to get that mythui settings editor in
[10:32:39] jya: so I can add a work-around for that particular screen
[10:32:50] sphery: there are so many issues--especially with other platforms, it seems (as you've been slowly identifying)--with the old Qt code
[10:33:08] jya: but what other non-mythUI screen is there still left whose name doesn’t start with “settings “ ?
[10:33:32] jya: I’m getting there in resolving those… just in time to rip off all the code :)
[10:33:35] sphery: we have some non-mythui popups at startup (like for db upgrade prompts)
[10:33:50] sphery: not sure what else
[10:33:55] sphery: that may be it
[10:34:01] jya: that code is for menu entries
[10:34:21] jya: ‘m not familiar enough to be certain that handling an exception for video_settings_general will cover all of them
[10:34:44] jya: this video_settings_general is particularly annoying, because the default is to set have a folder set there.
[10:35:01] jya: so when you go in mythvideo, you get the Storage Group folders, and the extra one defined in that screen
[10:35:11] jya: but there was no way to edit the setting !
[10:35:50] sphery: yeah, I'd think we shouldn't specify any folder as a default anymore. might want to ask wagnerrp what he things
[10:35:54] sphery: thinks, even
[10:36:24] stuarta: jya: the easiest way to find out what still uses the non mythui code is to mark all the old crap as depreciated then observe the copious warnings the buildbots spew
[10:36:29] jya: totally agree with that
[10:37:17] jya: stuarta: I’m not particularly keen on having a constant reminder whenever I compile about how lazy I am, or that my todo list will never empty itself
[10:38:31] stuarta: hehe
[10:38:58] stuarta: jya: dekarl had another suggestion, and that's just to mark them depreciated in the doxygen comments. that might work too
[10:39:22] jya: this “hobby” of mine is getting more and more frustrating… whenever I start to do a simple task, I end up spending weeks cleaning all the crap I find, and I don’t even get to do what I first wanted to do
[10:43:13] stuarta: i can take up lots of time.
[10:43:54] stuarta: i've a lounge and dining room to finish decorating before i'll have evening time to work on myth again
[10:43:58] stuarta: :(
[10:44:07] stuarta: have to squeeze what i can in during the day
[10:45:12] jya: finally.. that annoying folder in the videos list is gone..
[10:45:59] stuarta: \o/
[10:46:22] jya: a scan video makes the whole frontend unresponsive for me
[10:47:00] jya: I can see in the logs that it starts spurious amount of metadata grabber ; all of it is done in the UI thread. That doesn’t leave much CPU time for the UI
[10:47:03] stuarta: at least you can get it to work. i'm having fun trying to make any of the metadata stuff work
[10:47:22] stuarta: jya: we need a concept of a workqueue
[10:47:38] stuarta: you want to scan 4000 videos? let me add that to the workqueue
[10:48:01] jya: why?
[10:48:31] stuarta: so you can have another thread do all the work and just notify the ui thread as stuff happens
[10:48:40] jya: when you can have a big : if (pressed_scan) { for (i= 0; i < 99999999; i++) { execve(“mythmetadatalookup”); }
[10:48:53] jya: obviously work !
[10:48:58] stuarta: hahah
[10:49:17] jya: you can laught, but that’s pretty much exactly what we have now
[10:49:30] stuarta: yep
[10:49:37] stuarta: so many things to fix, so little time
[10:50:28] jya: I’m very sadden that it was programmed that way to start with...
[10:50:53] jya: but…. all things considered.. not too surprising considering the history of that module
[10:51:05] ** jya that’s all I’ll say on that topic **
[10:51:10] stuarta: :)
[10:56:26] jya: hummm… something else I forgot to check and make it work: MythBrowser
[10:56:37] jya: completely broken on the mac….
[10:57:01] ** stuarta suggests putting that can of worms to one side for a while **
[10:59:17] stuartm: sphery: so far as I'm aware, the only dialog apart from the 'upgrading the database' one, is one used to select which DVD drive you wish to play from when there are two or more available
[10:59:43] jya: there’s the screen asking to select a backend
[10:59:51] jya: when you start with -o
[11:00:17] stuartm: the latter is tricky to replace, needs a small rewrite of the existing code or better still, a switch to displaying multiple "Play DVD" entries in the main menu, one for each disc (not drive) present
[11:00:42] jya: there’s the screen to select your language (or is that the same as selecting the database)
[11:00:54] jya: there’s a bug there with the stuff to select the backend
[11:00:55] stuartm: jya: I was lumping that in with the settings since it uses the wizard, but you're right
[11:01:00] jya: it makes the CPU jump at 100%
[11:01:06] stuartm: the language selection screen is mythui
[11:04:06] jya:
[11:05:27] jya: LOL
[11:59:18] wagnerrp: sphery, jya: default folder?
[12:00:15] wagnerrp: jya: the user could be running mythmetadatalookup or other tasks through mythjobqueue, if they're running a jobqueue independent of the backend
[12:00:57] jya: warpme: looking at the still frame showing up when you change channel… I’m runing stock fixes/0.27 , no changes of any kind. Using a mac, with plain ffmpeg video decode … Maybe 1 in 4–5 times when I change channel, I have an image from earlier on, sometimes minutes earlier… very weird
[12:01:00] wagnerrp: although generally the only reason one would want to do that would be for performance intensive tasks... transcoding, maybe commercial flagging
[12:01:08] jya: so I dont; believe this is related to the recent changed in master
[12:01:33] jya: wagnerrp: on my mac, all the folders were set to ~/.mythtv/XXXX/something
[12:01:48] jya: so I had an extra folder showing in the videos listing
[12:03:30] wagnerrp: i thought only Default had a hard coded default directory
[12:04:44] jya: wagnerrp: I had never accessed those settings
[12:05:00] jya: in fact I couldn’t even enter in the settings until a few hours ago when I fixed it
[12:05:19] wagnerrp: wait... frontend settings or storage groups?
[12:05:27] jya: frontend setting
[12:05:37] jya: so I have my storage group all fine
[12:05:49] jya: and the frontend settings also defined a location for videos
[12:06:03] wagnerrp: frontend settings should all default to empty
[12:06:06] jya: so when you go into mythvideo, it shows the storage group PLUS that extra folder
[12:06:28] jya: well, maybe something specific to the mac, but they certainly weren’t for me…
[12:06:35] wagnerrp: and to be honest, you should only see that folder when in "file browse mode"
[12:06:55] wagnerrp: otherwise, those top level paths are merged. you don't see them individually
[12:07:33] jya: I’m not in file browse mode
[12:07:50] jya: a scan had been made, and so the folder was showing
[12:08:22] jya: anyhow… time for bed.. lots of sleep to catch up on
[12:08:24] wagnerrp: we don't track folders. we only track files. the folder would have only showed up if there was some video within it
[12:09:54] jya: what can I say..
[12:10:06] jya: Value was set to /Users/jyavenard/.mythtv
[12:10:23] wagnerrp: time to get off my ass and finally remove that setting
[12:10:24] jya: Users was showing in the list (gallery view, no file browsing enabled)
[12:10:24] wagnerrp: :)
[12:10:37] jya: went into the setting, made all field blank
[12:10:58] jya: back to videos: Users is still there of course… Menu => scan for changes… and now its gone
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[12:41:09] warpme: jya: I'm surpriced You have this issue as well on pure sw-decode! I always was thinking it is VDPAU low tolerance to feed data thing....
[12:41:38] warpme: jya: I mean "still picture of old/new chan" issue
[12:41:39] jya: can’t say I ever paid attention to it before...
[12:41:49] warpme: :-)
[12:42:08] jya: I was about to look at the new ringbuffer code, thinking that maybe I made a mistage and it was returning data from outside the used area
[12:42:20] jya: but it doesn’t appear to be the reason now
[12:43:04] jya: warpme: I mean I;m not sure it ever used to happen before or not. I had never paid particular attention to when I was changing channel
[12:43:21] warpme: no, no – it was before Your changes. Now just happens more frequently – and I have impression it is mplex "dependent" as I have it always only on 2 mplexes
[12:43:46] jya: i had it when I changed between two totally different channels
[12:44:45] jya: I will look into it more closely tomorrow. But those issues are especially hard to troubleshoot
[12:45:16] jya: anyhow.. off to bed
[12:46:43] warpme: jya: exactly. For me it is only in LiveTV and durring channel change – so I would say it is trigerred by dynamic transitions between streams. Unfortunatelly --verbose playback --loglevel debug says nothing here (for me)
[12:47:31] warpme: jya: You lucky. I'm in middle of work :-(
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[17:42:04] dekarl: re #11541 why do we fake an endtime (and why is it optional, but the column is NOT NULL) just to later fiddle in a the starttime with broken (not handling midnight *and* 6am fake endtimes)? Might as well let it default to 0000-00–00 00:00 which is easy to find and replace with "the next starttime after this starttime on this chanid"
[17:42:04] ** MythLogBot **
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