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Tuesday, April 1st, 2014, 00:22 UTC
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[04:50:32] jya: wagnerrp: which version of MySQL python do we need? googling it make me find at least 3 different projects
[04:52:07] wagnerrp: oursql 9.3+ or mysqldb 1.2.3+
[04:52:13] wagnerrp: 0.9.3, rather
[04:56:18] jya: ok… so mysqldb will do… thats what the ubuntu packages is using.. thanks for that
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[08:34:48] warpme: jya: yesterday I do some tests on separated fe & be. Results are v.good except 2 small things: 1\in series of 80–100 zaps I had one case with "failed to open decoder". This is regression as before I don't remember I ever had this error in last 1–2y; 2\I started to have quite frequently "looped still picture of old/new chan". This is separate bug – and it looks recent LiveTV changes make it more visible. All other areas of LiveTV are really
[08:35:30] jya: do you still have the log with “failed to open decoder” ?
[08:36:30] jya: as far as the still picture, I must have made an error in my calculation for reading the ringbuffer, and probably read old expired data… will investigate
[08:37:31] warpme: jya: I have log from previous test session. Pls look at
[08:38:28] jya: that includes the failed to open decoder?
[08:39:06] jya: that’s the error with the still picture I’m guessing?
[08:39:22] warpme: yes. pls look arround 13:49:30
[08:39:47] warpme: yes
[08:40:26] jya: ok.. if that’s what I think it is, it would probably explain why there was an error opening the decoder
[08:40:55] jya: need to look more into it… i can’t think of anything else but incorrectly reading the readbuffer and returning data from a previous session
[08:43:42] warpme: jya: with old code I had this error rare/v.rare. Now it is much more frequent. It appears only on 2 plexes and only when I switch to them from other mplexes. zapping within them seems to be OK.
[08:43:56] warpme: s/plexes/mplexes/
[08:44:19] jya: ok.. thanks for the testing… will run another round of eyes on it… and see
[08:45:30] warpme: np. You are doing great work here!
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[10:01:42] stuarta: wagnerrp: question. i install into /usr/local/myth-git, so the metadata grabbers end up in /usr/local/myth-git/share/mythtv/metadata/Movie/, the required python deps end up in /usr/local/myth-git/lib/python2.7/site-packages/MythTV/. How would i go about adding those paths in a portable way so the bindings are found?
[10:02:21] ** stuarta is a python newbie **
[10:07:27] jya_: anyone know the mysql build system and cmake ?
[10:08:13] stuarta: not specifically, but i'm good at reading logs
[10:08:25] jya_: stuarta: PYTHONPATH=/usr/local/myth-git/lib/python2.7/site-packages/
[10:08:51] jya_: then run your pythin exe
[10:09:14] stuarta: jya_: i want to programatically add it into sys.path in the scripts, so they "do the right thing"
[10:10:34] jya_: stuarta: trying to just compile the mysql client lib. this works just fine; problem is I need the mysql_config utility and that one is only compiled if I compile the lot. and compiling the lot takes forever, and I decided 2 hours ago that I didn’t want to build it :)
[10:10:45] stuarta: :(
[10:11:32] jya_: stuarta: you know you can compile environment variable in code :) that will do the trick (that’s what I’m currently working on to get the python bindings to work in the standalone bundle binary)
[10:13:49] stuarta: essentially what i want to do is the equivalent of <path_to_running_script>../../../../lib/$pyver/site-packages/MythTV
[10:15:38] jya_: i understand what you’re trying to do.. I’m facing the exact same problem
[10:16:05] jya_: and worse for me, the location of the site-package can change depending on the location of the bundle, which can be moved anywhere anytime
[10:16:17] stuarta: precisely
[10:16:28] jya_: and right now, the solution I’m using is defining the environment variable PYTHONPATH in main.cpp
[10:16:31] stuarta: and i want to avoid hard coding any version info
[10:17:04] jya_: if you have a better dynamic way, I’m all ears as that’s exactly what I’m working on now
[10:17:16] jya_: the mac bundles never had the metadata working, I want to change that
[10:17:47] stuarta: i've read of ways to modify sys.path inside the scripts
[10:18:08] jya_: but then you’ll have to modify the scripts themselves no?
[10:18:15] jya_: unless you use relative path
[10:19:23] stuarta: relative paths i consider a requirement
[10:19:55] stuarta:
[10:29:31] stuarta: ooo progress
[10:35:41] stuartm: stuarta: entropy key looks great
[10:36:37] stuarta: yeah they are nice
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[11:19:21] stuarta: jya_: this works
[11:19:48] jya_: and where do you locate this?
[11:20:26] stuarta: it needs to be before any import statement that would fail without it
[11:21:53] stuarta: the trick will be finding a nice place to put it, so that code doesn't have to be stuck in *every* script
[11:21:55] jya_: should we add this to all our binaries using python then?
[11:22:20] stuarta: i have no idea. would like wagnerrp to comment on the best way of doing this
[11:22:41] jya_: looking forward to a solution.. modifying PYTHONPATH currently works for me, but it’s very messy, and I need to add it to any binaries calling python scripts
[11:22:58] jya_: i do face another issue here.
[11:23:14] jya_: python2.6 is included in all mac os version since 10.6
[11:23:31] stuarta: in theory you can set it before running the top level binary, and processes that spawns would inherit the environment
[11:24:00] jya_: but those idiots have changed that internal ABI uses by python module to check which version its running against. So a module compiled for 10.6, wont run on any other version than 10.6
[11:24:04] jya_: very very annoying
[11:24:19] jya_: and I don’t know how to fix that without having a binary for every OS out there
[11:24:55] jya_: each one with a different PyMSQL module, and all the other modules myth uses
[11:30:09] jya_: when you install a python module, you only need the egg?
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[13:02:38] stuarta: hmm, i wonder if you can get stderr from myth_system
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[13:06:03] wagnerrp: i don't think you can even get stdout from myth_system
[13:06:18] wagnerrp: you need to hit the underlying class for either, rather than use the helper function
[13:08:54] wagnerrp: does the App package format not allow you define global environment settings for anything run out of the package?
[13:09:01] stuarta: just been reading mythsystem.[h|cpp] you have to pass funky flags to myth_system, then there are some other functions to call
[13:10:16] wagnerrp: you should be able to find an example where it reads stdout
[13:10:43] wagnerrp: from there, the syntax is all the same. just a different flag and different varable (or function, can'
[13:10:47] wagnerrp: t recall)
[13:17:02] wagnerrp: stuarta, jya_: this might be an option...
[13:17:48] jya_: wagnerrp: thanks.. I’ll have a look
[13:17:56] stuarta: wagnerrp: this worked for me
[13:17:57] jya_: still struggling to get all modules to compile
[13:18:05] wagnerrp: drop a "something.pth" into a directory known by the python site package containing an absolute path to the new module
[13:18:14] wagnerrp: it will include it in the search path when you run python
[13:18:24] stuarta: ah interesting
[13:18:28] wagnerrp:
[13:18:39] jya_: starting to wonder if instead of distributing a massive mac bundle that contains everything, I should instead create an installer that install the module from a script via easy_install or pop
[13:18:41] jya_: pip
[13:22:51] jya_: allright, all modules compiled....
[13:23:54] jya_: wagnerrp: that SO link, that seems rather dirty to me… you would have to modify a directory well outside the application scope
[13:26:11] jya_: interesting approach, but i don’t want my application to modify files outside this bundle
[13:26:42] stuarta: jya_: actually that could work, as the directory the script is in is already prepended to sys.path
[13:27:09] stuarta: so you could stick that file in the same dir as the script, have it loaded and automatically picking up libs
[13:27:20] jya_: which script? the .pth file?
[13:27:35] jya_: sorry i’m getting slower… very tired from last night
[13:27:48] stuarta: no the running script eg
[13:28:23] jya_: ok..
[13:28:28] jya_: let’s talk wth an example
[13:29:01] jya_: my is located in /Applications/
[13:29:10] jya_: (not exact path, something like that)
[13:29:15] stuarta: i have a call now, so i will be busy for a bit
[13:29:34] jya_: now I start mythfrontend exe, and it’s going to call
[13:29:44] jya_: how can it find its module?
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[13:45:56] jmusits: jya_: IMHO I would go with pip, not easy_install
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[14:38:28] stuarta: jya_: re-reading about site, there is no path that could possibly match on the mac
[14:38:59] jya_: i could always spawn a process, check the result of that python command, and patch where required
[14:39:15] jya_: but surely that’s dirtier than modifying PYTHONPATH
[14:42:07] stuarta: agreed. PYTHONPATH should work
[14:42:14] stuarta: if it doesn't we need to work out why
[14:42:20] jya_: what’s the -v blah required to see which external program are launched?
[14:42:45] stuarta: jobqueue i believe
[14:44:42] jya_: QCoreApplication::applicationDirPath() is supposed to give me the path of the current exe
[14:44:47] jya_: but I get an empty path :(
[14:48:38] stuarta: :(
[14:48:41] jya_: ah, i need to instanciate qApp first
[14:52:05] jya_: is jobqueue also shown for things like runng the metadata grabber in the video screen?
[14:52:31] jya_: just making sure i’m looking in the right place
[14:52:55] stuarta: not 100% sure, but i think so
[14:57:38] stuarta: sigh "Movie grabber not functional. Aborting this run." that's nice. can i have a clue as to why?
[15:09:52] stuarta: this sort of crap is why i was wanting to know if we can capture stderr from the spawn'd process
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[15:11:16] jya_: ohhhhh… metadata works in my bundle
[15:11:23] jya_: now let see if it works in older mac too
[15:12:07] jya_: stuarta: normally in the log you should have more detailed error… I saw my my wasn’t starting
[15:12:52] stuarta: jya_: that's from the log file for mythmetadatalookup!
[15:13:22] jya_: did you set the path to the various grabbers in the metadata log ?
[15:15:00] jya_: stuarta: and I also believe you can run it so it doesn’t output any log at all but the console… I’m not 100% ccertain, but I believe it shows in the console where the main app was started
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[15:40:50] jya_: I have a way to get around my dynamic libraries moving around: compile everything statically… it works… but it’s rather monstruous size-wise :)
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[15:52:42] jya_: \o/
[15:58:51] jya_: when I run I get the erro : “Unable to access cache file: /Users/jyavenard/.mythtv/cache/pytmdb3.cache”
[15:58:58] jya_: is that supposed to hapen?
[15:59:07] stuarta: i get that too
[15:59:20] stuarta: wagnerrp: ^^^ it doesn't create the cache directory if it doesn't exist
[15:59:22] jya_: that’s on master..
[15:59:34] stuarta: bugs += 1
[15:59:58] jya_: right… i got almost everything working now for the frontend …
[16:00:12] jya_: ohhh.. i could try the hardware report thingy
[16:01:20] jya_: hmmm… doesn’t work.. and no error nothing
[16:01:29] jya_: where is the binary for the hardware profile?
[16:06:45] jya_: how do you start smolt from the wizard setting?
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[16:09:18] jya_: lots of deprecation warning running our own python code….
[16:09:32] jya_: e.g. / .py:63: DeprecationWarning: object.__new__() takes no parameters
[16:10:28] stuarta: there are just lots of little things that don't quite work right
[16:14:10] jya_: is there someone else using smolt but us?
[16:14:26] jya_: googling smolt, all I get are link to mythtv stuff
[16:14:50] stuarta: fairly sure there is
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[16:16:48] jya_:
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[16:45:21] jya_: that thing is so linux-thingy.. there’s no way I can get that running on a mac any time soon
[16:45:30] jya_: it’s all based on what it reads in /proc
[16:47:28] dekarl1 is now known as dekarl
[16:51:58] jya_: :) from in the function retrieving the CPU information : “# This has got to be one of the ugliest fucntions alive “
[16:52:08] jya_: and I concur
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[18:22:45] jya_: when is the last time anyone attempted to run the mythscreenwizard?
[18:23:42] jya_: not even the default theme have all the required widget that would allow it to run :(
[18:25:38] jya_: not even Steppes which usually have everything.
[18:25:47] jya_: jpbaq /\
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[20:53:43] dekarl: is it just me, or is mythutil --pidprinter broken?
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