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Sunday, October 20th, 2013, 00:52 UTC
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[14:25:05] stuartm: dblain: any opinions on how to handle date/time formatting? I'd prefer to use the user's configured formats, that would suggest we need a GetFormattedDate() method for services?
[14:27:25] stuartm: knightr: seems there is a mechanism for translation of the web stuff, I don't know if you already know about this?
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[15:17:38] stuartm: seems we have a script to extract the qsTr stuff, but that QT article I referenced suggests that lupdate should just be able to read it
[15:20:14] stuartm: so editing to include all the .qsp files in html/ should be sufficient
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[15:35:58] gigem: stuartm: I did make it easier in the last round of changes. You're just missing the first part that makes it easy. The key thing is to call GetRecordSchedule() first with the desired chaneid, starttime and makeoverride. That will give you an appropriate rule with all values filled in. You just need to change any values you want and then send it back to AddRecordSchedule() or UpdateRecordSchedule().
[15:36:28] stuartm: gigem: ah OK ...
[15:37:39] stuartm: gigem: I thought you had done something, but I couldn't remember what and there was no documentation to help :)
[15:38:56] stuartm: that's good, will be able to hookup the quick schedule stuff in the guide before I commit it tonight
[16:01:58] stichnot: gigem: Without a TV or PlayerContext object, is there a convenient way to determine if a given chanid is currently available for tuning? I want to be able to offer a "Start Live TV on this channel" option if so.
[16:13:29] stichnot: gigem: Also, given a chanid, I'm calling TV::IsTunableOn() to get the set of cardids that can tune that chanid. What's the best way to pick the best cardid subject to livetvorder?
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[16:20:09] stichnot: gigem: never mind the second question, I see that RemoteRequestFreeRecorderList() returns the list in live TV priority order.
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[18:16:00] gigem: stichnot: That's all in danielk22's area, though I hope to eventually have the scheduler provide all of that information more easily. For your first question, I think you need to use RemoteRequestFreeRecorderList() too. You need to know the sourceid and mplexid of your desired channel. Then scan through the list returned by RemoteRequestFreeRecorderList() and use the first free one you find attached to the
[18:16:01] gigem: desired sourceid and not restricted to a different mplexid.
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[22:43:47] stuartm: dblain: can we access the request string from the QT Script?
[22:44:37] stuartm: doesn't have to be the entire string, the parameters
[23:02:35] stuartm: dblain: looks like the answer is no, so I'll have to add that capability
[23:03:56] stuartm: no, I take it back, it is there ...
[23:19:49] stichnot: crap, I was in the wrong branch...
[23:38:30] knightr: stuartm, sorry for the delayed reply... I had not realized we were using facilities provided by Qt for the internal web server so I hadn't looked at it. We were not implicated (or very little and that was just because I happened to noticed the people who added it talking about it) when that was added so I did not know how they were actually processed...
[23:40:05] stuartm: knightr: it seems some of the earlier stuff tried to implement a custom translation method, presumably because whoever did the work was unaware of the qsTr() stuff
[23:40:29] knightr: yep, it's similar to how the themes are translated...
[23:40:48] knightr: there's a program to extract the entries between the <translation> tags
[23:41:05] knightr: and it looks them up in a way similar to the themes..
[23:41:13] knightr: IIRC the context is HtmlUI...
[23:41:19] stuartm: but with the existence of qsTr() it's basically the same, if not identical to the c++ code ... qsTr() is functionally identical to tr()
[23:41:52] knightr: yep and it looks like there is also a qsTranslate which is similar to QCoreApplication::translate() too..
[23:41:59] stuartm: <i18n> </i18n> is the custom stuff, which we can replace with qsTr()
[23:42:08] knightr: yep...
[23:42:28] stuartm: edit to include html/* and job's done :)
[23:43:18] knightr: it would be better than having some custom stuff and it would not require to run the htmlstrings (IIRC) extraction program to let the translators translate those strings...
[23:43:53] knightr: the only problem I see (I did a few tests) is that those qsp files appear to contain more than QtScript and lupdate seems to barfs on them...
[23:44:37] knightr: but there's probably a way to convert them to something more QtScript compliant while providing the same functionalities...
[23:44:38] stuartm: hmm, I'll take a look and see what can be done
[23:46:00] knightr: (when I tried it with a qsp it complains it was unable to parse the one I tried (which seems to be pretty standard) but it worked A-OK with the example they provided...
[23:46:09] knightr: s/complains/complained
[23:47:42] knightr: if it doesn't like having HTML directly embedded in the files there's most likely a way to ask it to output/print the HTML using QtScript...
[23:48:24] knightr: (so it would only see QtScript and not tags it does not understand...)
[23:49:49] stuartm: dblain: after some head-scratching and plenty of trial and error, I finally figured out how to access the arguments from the script :)
[23:49:49] knightr: BTW, sorry for the delay on the conversion of those patches, the last couple of weeks have been crazy at work so I tried to take it a little more easy when I get home...
[23:50:42] stuartm: knightr: np
[23:51:00] knightr: I intend to complete it ASAP, I wouldn't want the work I have put into it get lost (again)...
[23:54:22] stuartm: anyway thanks for getting back to me, I'm going to call it a night, had too many late nights in a row and I'll never be able to get up in the morning if I stay up a minute longer
[23:58:58] knightr: stuartm, Good night Stuart! It's already a very late night for you since it is close to 1 am (for you) and like you said I did notice you were on at that time at least a few times this week...

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