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Wednesday, October 16th, 2013, 00:04 UTC
[00:04:30] dekarl: no wonder that everone (me at least) is confused by transcoder when we use one variable to store two different values... the timecode of the video frame in the input and the timecode after applying the cuts... you "just" need to keep track of adding / subtracting the delta due to applying the cutlist at the right points... meh
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[11:20:18] jya: Captain_Murdoch: would you have mind have a look an investigate what's going on ?
[11:20:31] jya: doing AirPlay on youtube URL doesn't seem to work anymore..
[11:20:59] jya: tracing it ; the downloadmanager fails to download; and in the log you can see a forbidden error...
[11:21:21] jya: so trying to find our what going on, and wrote a very simple code to retrieve the data directly.
[11:21:22] jya:
[11:22:08] jya: this URL, can be used with every client I tried (curl, wget, firefox, chrome etc...) I can download it without any problem
[11:22:59] jya: yet; whenever I use Qt and QNetworkAccessManager, even setting a different user agent (used chrome on my mac), I get this instead of the m3u8 content:
[11:23:00] jya:
[11:23:21] jya: how google finds that it's a robot and denies access is beyond me
[11:24:10] jya: this is what we should be getting:
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[11:53:12] stuartm: does anyone know anything about WMM, in particular whether it's up to the application to set the class (somehow) or if the router is supposed to magically determine that for itself
[11:53:44] stuarta: WMM?
[11:54:38] stuartm: Wireless Multi-Media – QoS stuff, basically devices prioritise certain types of traffic e.g. video, voip
[11:55:47] stuartm: never paid much attention to it before, but I was wondering if it's something we could leverage to help those trying to watch recordings via wireless
[11:56:34] stuartm: I just can't find out anything about how it's supposed to work, some indications that it's signalled at the application level but nothing concrete
[12:01:19] stuarta: it smacks of fancing branding for QoS and just getting vendors to mark the relevant packets ToS bits, which is what allows QoS to actually work
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[14:19:18] Captain_Murdoch: jya, I was able to download once using curl but got the 403 when trying to run a second time to get a network capture. I then tried it in chrome and got the same 403. also get 403 from wget on the first try.
[14:19:45] Captain_Murdoch: could they be one-time URLs?
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[14:49:17] superm1: Captain_Murdoch: i wanted to ask you, were you going to publish incomplete the stuff you started to do to get HLS going on Roku's to github or anything? the regular MythRokuPlayer thing is quite a hack on mythweb i've been finding as i'm looking for a roku type solution
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[15:30:03] jheizer: Captain_Murdoch, jya: Just wanted to say I tried the url and received a 403 on the first attempts from chrome, curl, and wget.
[15:42:32] Captain_Murdoch: superm1, I can take a look at doing so. there are 2 parts to it really. one is the roku code to use the services api to talk to Myth instead of the php code they have currently. the second part is all the internal code in MythTV to support on-demand HLS transcoding rather than having to queue up a HLS transcode.
[15:43:25] Captain_Murdoch: not enough hours in the day now it seems. :|
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[16:02:31] jheizer: Never enough time. I have a cool little addition to MobileMyth 80% done for like 2 months now. Just can't get myself to finish it.
[16:06:57] superm1: Captain_Murdoch: but in theory rather than having to do the HLS on-demand, is it possible right now to just queue up a HLS transcode after a recording finishes via a userjob or similar?
[16:07:01] Captain_Murdoch: heh, only 2 months??
[16:07:19] Captain_Murdoch: I passed that eons ago on some of my halfway finished TODO items
[16:08:12] Captain_Murdoch: superm1, yeah, I had some roku code at one point that woudl actually queue up the transcode via the services API and then play it. not sure if I kept that around. it was a proof of concept to see if the roku could play the stream we were creating.
[16:08:24] superm1: ah
[16:09:21] superm1: i'm thinking if both could be possible (when the code in mythtv to support on demand HLS transcoding) and just setting up jobs to prepare HLS for stuff to make it available could cover both people with powerful and weak backends
[16:09:27] Captain_Murdoch: can still use something similar to what they are doing now to queue the transcodes via user job, etc.. I think the .qxml pages could even be configured to only list recordings that have been HLS transcoded.
[16:09:37] superm1: oh that would be awesome
[16:09:55] superm1: lady_superm1 wants to watch her reality TV on the tiny TV in the bedroom, so I can just mark her stuff :)
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[18:14:39] jheizer: Haha yeah, only 2 months. I am just bad at doing that last 20% one the puzzle pieces are all in place.
[18:15:14] jheizer: I checked for auto HLS transcodes for MobileMyth and setup a page you can curl via cronjob to auto transcode certain recordings.
[18:15:20] jheizer: *I cheated
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[18:46:34] skd5aner: jheizer: going to give mobilemyth a go right now
[18:47:17] skd5aner: amazing how many packages ubnutu has to install to support mono though
[18:47:31] jheizer: Yeah, they package each damn thing individually
[18:47:40] skd5aner: 154
[18:47:44] jheizer: to save what? 1mb each or something tiny I bet.
[18:48:20] jheizer: Damn
[18:48:34] jheizer: You have apache and that already?
[18:48:38] skd5aner: yup
[18:48:56] jheizer: I could probably trim the list down to specific ones vs mono-runtime
[18:49:07] jheizer: guessing that one pulls in a lot
[18:49:35] skd5aner: I'm using the 4–5 you listed on your install... yea, the run-time is installing things like oracle and ldap connectors
[18:49:36] jheizer: One of these days I need to write a simple FAQ page vs all the new features explained in individual blog posts.
[18:50:05] jheizer: There is one that pulls even more if you can believe that hahaha
[18:50:09] jheizer: mono-complete I think
[18:50:53] jheizer: I was hoping more people would have found it interesting as I don't even use it anymore really.
[18:51:00] skd5aner: lol
[18:51:05] jheizer: but mono and seem to scare away 99% of the people
[18:51:35] jheizer: Just need to write something really fast so the wife could watch tv shows while feeding the baby at night on tablets.
[18:51:51] skd5aner: yea, that sucks... I think people also don't quite "get it"... what exactly is it trying to accomplish? How isit different from an actual mobile app,etc
[18:52:02] jheizer: At that time the android client was broke and I had the base of it together in a few nights
[18:52:22] jheizer: yeah, app-less mobile app that works everywhere. Come on people! haha
[18:53:12] jheizer: And if I could ever get the video proxying working with some more stablity w/o vpn or anything required.
[18:54:44] skd5aner: great... apache is bombing out on install now :P
[18:55:44] jheizer: :( Which step
[18:55:45] jheizer: ?
[18:55:54] skd5aner: Setting up mono-apache-server4 (2.10–2.1) ...
[18:55:54] skd5aner: * Reloading web server config [Wed Oct 16 14:50:36 2013] [warn] NameVirtualHost *:80 has no VirtualHosts
[18:55:54] skd5aner: [ OK ]
[18:55:54] skd5aner: * Restarting web server apache2 [Wed Oct 16 14:50:36 2013] [warn] NameVirtualHost *:80 has no VirtualHosts
[18:55:55] skd5aner: ... waiting [Wed Oct 16 14:50:37 2013] [warn] NameVirtualHost *:80 has no VirtualHosts
[18:55:56] jheizer: One of these days I should look into build a .deb for it
[18:55:59] skd5aner: [ OK ]
[18:56:02] skd5aner: just hanging there
[18:57:01] jheizer: weird... already had mythweb and such running on there?
[18:57:23] skd5aner: yup, for years
[18:57:37] skd5aner: cant' ctrl-c out of this :P
[18:57:39] ** jheizer hides **
[18:58:04] jheizer: lol. You really pissed it off.
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[18:59:33] skd5aner: was able to go kill off apache2 in another console
[18:59:37] skd5aner: install continuing now
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[19:15:33] ** jheizer hopes he is happily experimenting vs still fighting with apache... **
[19:29:47] ** skd5aner is still fighting **
[19:32:40] ** skd5aner is playing now **
[19:38:15] skd5aner: jheizer: was able to stream something... pretty nice :)
[19:38:43] jheizer: Nice. Thanks.
[19:38:52] jheizer: Was it all just apache being grumpy?
[19:39:10] skd5aner: why not make it an official part of the project? imho, this is something that should be part of the core offering of mythtv
[19:39:27] skd5aner: I guess the fact that it uses mono is it's greatest weakness
[19:39:47] skd5aner: jheizer: seems like it... I had to purge everything, then start from scratch
[19:39:51] skd5aner: worked the second go-around
[19:39:59] jheizer: weird
[19:40:18] jheizer: maybe I should add a apache stop at the beginning of the instructions and that may help
[19:40:29] skd5aner: yea, not sure what the deal was...
[19:40:56] jheizer: Yeah mostly I am a .net person by day so was the way I was able to produce something the quickest.
[19:41:10] jheizer: Being .net it gets little respect from the general linux community lol
[19:41:11] skd5aner: yea... I hear ya
[19:41:52] skd5aner: I, actually, am more of a microsoft guy myself... I used to do a lot of stuff in VB and ASP before the .Net days
[19:41:59] skd5aner: got out of programming before then
[19:42:00] jheizer: Not the cleanest code every either since it went from a hey, what can I do in a few nights to lets make the public
[19:42:35] jheizer: A few new api calls added in .27 provided some cleanups
[19:42:49] jheizer: that I could do, but would still need the "hacks" for .25-.26
[19:43:32] jheizer: As far as I know you are the first one from this room of people to try it out.
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[19:43:58] jheizer: Have had a few steady users over the last few months, but not really sure how many.
[19:44:20] jheizer: .27 update email was quite except for a friend of mine that decided to be nice and bump it. haha
[19:44:25] skd5aner: I see some rough edges, but the core functionality seems to work
[19:44:29] skd5aner: and it's pretty clean, which I appreciate
[19:45:08] jheizer: yeah, went for simple/clean/works anywhere
[19:45:26] jheizer: Needs more setup options and auto config.
[19:45:35] jheizer: Like FE/Backend auto detecting
[19:46:28] jheizer: Actually have a zeroconfig lib stuck in there and you can see the errors from it in the log undersettings.
[19:46:30] skd5aner: fyi, I'm using ubuntu 12.10... your install directions were spot on (assuming no errors like I got)
[19:47:23] dekarl: hmm, no mythutil --delete x y? . . . /354941.html
[19:48:38] jheizer: Problem now is I either need to write a daemon or be able to queue different transcode jobs to the backend for my 80%
[19:48:51] jheizer: as I am worried apache may drop my long running transcode process calls
[19:48:56] jheizer: haven't tried ti yet though
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[23:08:42] jya: Captain_Murdoch: it could be that it is time activated. maybe generated by the youtube app. It certainly was working several hours ago when I generated it. My guess is that it's not valid anymore because it's been a while now.
[23:10:00] jya: yes, that URL is not long working anymore here either... let me regenerate a new one then
[23:12:35] jya: that's the new URL:
[23:12:36] jya: . . . pbits/0/expi
[23:12:36] jya: 381990562/file/index.m3u8?cpn=w6KhEy3g4jF_9Nzw&dnc=1&ibw=701401
[23:14:05] jya: tu get that URL, using the youtube app; I try to watch: ; and select airplay as frontend
[23:14:50] jya: something is dodgy with the way Qt download files ... for some reasons youtube doesn't like it
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