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Thursday, October 10th, 2013, 00:13 UTC
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[00:51:43] jya: superm1: i don't know to be honest. it needs libcrypto; so is GNU TLS compliant or not. libcrypto is only required for music playback, the music stream is RSA encrypted
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[00:53:19] jya: did you guys see the new makemkv on linux? it now provides libbdplus and libaacs equivalent allowing decryption on the fly...
[00:53:33] jya: it's supposed to be backward compatible with existing libaacs
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[01:19:49] jya: jpabq: going to try your patch now
[01:29:45] superm1: jya: i know GNU TLS has an openssl wrapper that is supposed to handle things. i'm asking because you're not supposed to be linking openssl to GPL code unless you put an exception in the license (see for more information)
[01:30:05] jya: well, you'll just have to try then :)
[01:30:30] jya: the use of myth of libcrypto is minimal... and for a very common type of decryption
[01:30:42] jya: encrypt via RSA, decrypt via RSA
[01:30:50] jya: there's about 3 calls to libcrypto at the most
[01:31:15] ** jya never been a fan of those gpl license nazi **
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[01:32:01] superm1: jya: yeah i'm just trying to get mythtv in debian and it's a bit that needs to be sorted out
[01:32:29] superm1: can I do the music streaming stuff with any ios device? my fiance has an ipad1 I could probably test it with at least
[01:32:50] jya: so long as you've extracted the RSA private key.
[01:32:51] jya: yes
[01:35:27] jya: superm1: I've sent you a message.
[01:36:20] jya: to make sure everything is okay, go into Setup -> General -> Page 7 (gosh myth menu are the least intuitive of any app I've used) it should show AirTunes RSA key successfully loaded
[01:36:31] jya: she will need iOS 4.2 at a minimum
[01:36:47] jya: congrats on the fiance bit !
[01:38:35] jya: jpabq: your patch doesn't apply.. on which version is it supposed to work with? I use the version as downloaded by the theme loader
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[02:01:33] jya: jpabq: looking at your patch, I'm not sure it's going to work... you make a dependency on the description widget, but that widget is a child found in a group widget. for dependencies to work; it must be all at the same level. There's no travelling within children widgets to find it... it's one of the limitation of dependencies..
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[02:23:10] jya: jpabq: oh well, never mind.. it works great :)
[02:25:58] jya: would be worth also having a dependency on other text element no?
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[03:25:27] jya: skd5aner: it certainly looks like they have broken Apple FairPlay system, or are under license: they allow playback of DRMed video
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[04:03:34] jpabq: jya: I was not able to determine what arguments to pass to mythutil, to get it to NOT pass in the 'title' textarea. If adding title to the depends works in practice, then I will add it.
[04:05:25] jya: jpabq: as I said, not passing a title, or giving an empty title is the same.... so having message "" isn't enough?
[04:06:36] jpabq: mythutil --message_text "" gets defaulted back to <text>message</text>
[04:07:48] jpabq: not passing --message_text also gets defaults back to <text>message</text>
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[05:39:12] jya: jpabq: ok... maybe I did that to enforce the "you must provide a message" rule... can't recall now :)
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[11:12:26] wagnerrp: stuartm: the grabber will not search for adult content
[11:12:42] wagnerrp: but it will pull adult content if you supply the inetref
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[13:27:02] stuartm: wagnerrp: ok, that's where I was getting confused
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[14:13:39] stuartm: wagnerrp: someone on the -users list is saying that your backport of the housekeeper changes is causing a reproducible segfault of the backend
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[15:42:34] dekarl-work: stuartm, wagnerrp fwiw I have updated last night to latest master (from ~15th September) and had to disable the metadatalookupjob as mythbackend was segfaulting directly after startup over and over.
[15:46:43] dekarl-work: jya, lol, they have a good marketing at least "AirServer delivers crisp 1080p HD mirroring and is specially optimized for iPhone 5s and its 64-bit processor." Is our HLS Server optimized specially for the 64-bit CPU of the iPhone 5s, too?
[15:48:08] stuartm: yeah, I've always said we just just follow everyone else lead and talk up the stuff which means nothing at all, but sounds good to people who don't know better
[15:49:11] stuartm: wasn't it the xbmc website that has a full page listing all the stuff it supports (codecs etc), which every other media player also supports, but they make it sound like it's something really impressive
[15:49:58] stuartm: hate to say it, but I'm realising that marketing like that works
[15:50:59] dekarl-work: the before/after shots are good, too :)
[15:51:06] stuartm: dazzle people with huge lists of features and jargon
[15:52:02] dekarl-work: they can make something from nothing with their advanced post processing... if that isn't mythical then I don't know what is ;)
[15:54:22] stuartm: the bit I don't get about those screenshots, is why would you be working on the tablet/phone when you're sitting in front of a proper computer (well, a Mac at least)
[15:58:06] dekarl-work: because you've got your stuff on your mobile device and the big display is provided by the venue. basically a kind of virtualization (how could the marketeers miss out on that?)
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[16:01:38] dekarl-work: funny, once you start searching for it you notice one implementation of mirroring after another
[16:07:16] dekarl-work: wagnerrp: I just looked at the post to users, the log looks like mine on master
[16:07:30] dekarl-work: . . . /354667.html
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[16:34:08] superm1: jya: ok cool thanks. so i can make it work with openssl on her ipad (tested it), but there will need to be some code changes for gnutls support to work, can't just drop in replace
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[17:13:12] natanojl: wagnerrp, dekarl-work : It seems like the issue is that a second thread is started for the same task (ArtworkTask in this case) if the first one hasn't completed in 1 minute.
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[17:50:33] jpabq: jya: Is httplivestreambuffer used for anything other than recording? Can I optimize it for recording without worring about breaking it for something else?
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[19:22:51] stuartm: dekarl1: so, do you fancy writing a Music Brainz album art grabber for mythmusic? Obviously we'll need to agree on an API for music metadata scripts and actually added support for importation of that metadata
[19:23:44] stuartm: has to be an improvement on the current album art search which just opens Google Image in a browser widget :)
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[19:26:20] stuartm: wagnerrp: around?
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[19:42:17] dekarl1: stuartm: yes I fancy writing a Musicbrainz album art script. But I lack the Python skill and Time :D
[19:42:23] dekarl1 is now known as dekarl
[19:43:48] dekarl: Obviously the next thing I fancy is the musicbrainz script to include
[19:48:42] stuartm: dekarl: doesn't have to be in python :) but I can't do anything about the Time issue :)
[19:49:20] dekarl: next up would be flickr e.g. . . . 9eb7d503f64c and making sticking the art into a visualization of some kind :)
[19:50:10] dekarl: stuartm: Oh, I thought it would be nice to not add YetAnotherLanguageCoughPerl to the mix to keep the barrier of entry low... hmm not raise it at least
[19:51:18] stuartm: you'd be lowering it for all those prospective devs who have lots of perl experience but no knowledge of python :p
[19:52:49] dekarl: but otoh might as well put it in C++ as with music we get the primary keys from the files... so metadata collection works completely different for music
[19:53:04] dekarl: might even create them ourselves in our ripper.
[19:53:23] ** dekarl really should start writing all the concepts into the wiki.. **
[19:54:46] stuartm: well one of the reasons for the whole script system in the first place was that it allowed people to swap in scripts for their favourite sources and more easily fix breakages relating to API changes without need all new-binaries (particularly for distros which don't ship official updates)
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[20:49:54] stichnot: stuartm, danielk221: fyi, a few observations on the sluggishness of pbb navigation with preview generation that I brought up a couple days ago. (1) There's some local/UTC mismatch such that the backend reports its preview timestamp in local time but the frontend interprets that as UTC and back-dates the timestamp on the local cached file. The result is that the frontend thinks the...
[20:49:56] stichnot: ...backend's version is newer and it keeps trying to fetch the new version. (2) The new preview image doesn't seem to get displayed in the PBB until restarting mythfrontend (not even exiting and re-entering the PBB makes it refresh). I assume the in-memory cached image isn't being invalidated. (3) For reasons I haven't discovered yet, the UI experiences about 0.5 seconds delay when...
[20:49:57] stichnot: ...reloading the image. I assume it's either to do with the transfer from the backend, or loading/rescaling into the in-memory cache. (4) Wondering if the theme had anything to do with it, I tried using MythCentre-Wide. The same sluggishness/delays were there even when the theme chose to display the coverart (or whatever) instead of the preview image.
[20:58:43] stichnot: Oh, and the other thing that I think one of you mentioned – kind of silly for the GENERATED_PIXMAP message to include the entire image in base64, instead of returning a filename relative to the SG.
[21:00:25] skd5aner: dekarl, stuartm: I'd be willing to help if I can
[21:01:05] dekarl: ^- wrt integration of musicbrainz I guess?
[21:01:22] skd5aner: sure, what the heck
[21:01:31] skd5aner: I talk it up enough, might as well contribute
[21:02:06] skd5aner: that said, my scripting skills are mediocre and my C++ skills are non-existant :)
[21:02:48] dekarl: hmm, how about userjob script for aacgain or similar? (the lossless thingy that makes pop music about equally loud, removing clippings as a side effect)
[21:03:21] skd5aner: dekarl: btw, that music fanart is pretty cool
[21:03:26] skd5aner: I hadn't seen that in a while, forgot about it
[21:03:42] skd5aner: seems to be sporadic though, some bands have a lot, some bands have none
[21:04:21] skd5aner: dekarl: also, you are aware of this, right?
[21:04:25] dekarl: likely a chicken vs. egg issue
[21:04:51] dekarl: skd5aner: I think thats what stuartm was refering to actually
[21:05:22] skd5aner: yea, they been using bots to fill the cover art archive project for the last year, it's gotten pretty good
[21:05:51] skd5aner: I've contributed as well
[21:07:49] skd5aner: I wonder how mnay people use mythtv to actually rip and import music... I'd have to imagine it's small now-a-days
[21:08:17] dekarl: man, looking at the new stuff at musicbrainz makes it obvious that I should try to rally up some tvbrainz support for gsoc2014 or similar... e.g. they have a proper user mainainted list of territories instead of a random list of countries that someone thought was good
[21:08:57] dekarl: sort music by proximity :)
[21:10:57] dekarl: I even ordered discs just to add covertart and acoustic fingerprints . . . de/cover-art <- our anthem
[21:11:39] skd5aner: did I tell you they actually own :)
[21:14:22] stuartm: wagnerrp: I'm going to go ahead and revert f4669d6c for now, get un-broken packages built for ubuntu
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[21:21:13] skd5aner: dekarl: interesting... lastfm has actually created a library for the coverartarchive (in java) – but seems to be "official" from lastfm. I know musicbrainz sent someone to sit onsite at their headquarters earlier this year – glad to see they're re-integrating again
[21:21:49] skd5aner: speaking of which – would love to get scrobbling in to mythmusic someday. I wonder if the lastfm api provides fanart as well, since there's generally a LOT there.
[21:24:11] stuartm: fastest way to get scrobbling in would be to add a system event for MUSIC_TRACK_PLAYED (might be able to come up with a better name)
[21:24:34] dekarl: aye, some nice mythical use cases jump into the eye. Like throwing some files into your "new music" folder and having some job try to recognize it, run aacgain, collect metadata and move it into your library. Add duplicate matching based on fingerprints... basically a music librarian
[21:25:32] stuartm: dekarl: see the Music Import screen
[21:26:45] dekarl: its not just for discs? /me wanders off to take a look
[21:33:36] stuartm: nope, imports music from a given location, moving it to your music storage location while renaming it to comply with your given preferences – will also add artwork but currently that's a bit clumsy (see aforementioned Google Image search reference) and not automatic
[21:34:32] stuartm: add the lookup for additional metadata/artwork and that's pretty much what you just described
[21:35:21] natanojl: dekarl, wagnerrp: Perhaps this would work
[21:35:47] stuartm: e.g. I have it configured to store music using the following format – GENRE/ARTIST/ALBUM/ARTIST – TRACKNAME.mp3
[21:36:12] stuartm: it pulls the relevant info from the tags and handles the import for me :)
[21:37:54] dekarl: will have to test it with our two collections and see how it handles duplicates :)
[21:38:05] dekarl: still have to find the screen though :/
[21:38:45] stuartm: it does handle duplicates, at least it knows what it's already imported and what it hasn't (based off final storage location)
[21:39:00] stuartm: dekarl: Setup > Music Tools > Import Music
[21:39:32] skd5aner: man, if one thing holds true – everyone wants their filename and dir path format slightly different for music :)
[21:39:59] stuartm: it shouldn't be so hard to find, but some genius re-organised the menus and decided that 'Ripping' and 'Importing' music should be hidden under Setup
[21:40:34] dekarl: stuartm: ty. menu themes + translation make communication about locations of functions... interesting ...
[21:41:00] stuartm: not sure how well it handles duplicates in the 'incoming' list
[21:41:20] stuartm: dekarl: aye
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[22:07:28] wagnerrp: natanojl: yeah, that's needed, but it doesn't explain the segfault
[22:07:57] wagnerrp: probably better to put it in an if statement since there are now multiple clauses
[22:12:20] wagnerrp: natanojl: nevermind, that would do it
[22:12:52] wagnerrp: since i never called the parent method, it bypassed the checks that would otherwise prevent it from being run twice
[22:14:58] wagnerrp: i should probably put some stricter checking in there to ensure a subclass cannot do that
[23:00:59] wagnerrp: stuartm, dekarl, natanojl: ok, added back, but properly this time
[23:01:31] wagnerrp: with an additional check to make sure other child tasks cannot reproduce this issue
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