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Wednesday, October 9th, 2013, 00:12 UTC
[00:12:11] jya: jpabq: in your theme; when I do a photo sharing session, the image should be full screen; yet I have a turquoise box underneath the photo that takes about 1/4 of the space. Reducing the amount of space for the photo
[00:12:32] jya: in image full screen mode; there should be nothing else displayed but the photo
[00:13:00] jya: or more likely, if none of the text field are set, there should be no boxes :)
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[03:41:43] skd5aner: can someone change the component of #11900 to either "MythTV – mythtv-setup" or "MythTV – User Interface Library" for me please?
[03:41:43] ** MythLogBot **
[03:42:18] skd5aner: or " – general" or that matter
[03:42:32] skd5aner: thanks in advance
[03:45:32] wagnerrp: done
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[04:46:16] wagnerrp: what's the word for ABI updates in the -fixes branch?
[04:49:36] wagnerrp: nevermind, header changes in the programs don't matter
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[07:47:33] stuartm: wagnerrp: no restriction on ABI changes in -fixes
[07:47:53] stuartm: if third party apps were using our libs it might be a different story
[07:49:59] stuartm: it's assumed that users are installing apps/plugins from the same source as the libs (per machine, obviously ABI changes won't affect remote frontends/slave/backends)
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[09:01:58] stuartm: wagnerrp: it's funny you should mention forcing something to run on startup, I was thinking that was exactly what was needed for the MFDB task when we've started up the backend explicitly to grab guide data – there's currently still a possibility that it won't run even with the 'suggested' time set because of the randomness added by the run window
[09:02:35] stuartm: ideally we'd start the backend, then immediately start MFDB
[09:03:49] stuartm: or more accurately ignore the window entirely under those circumstances, so that the suggested time is honoured to the minute
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[09:29:48] stuarta: stuartm: i was looking at wagnerrp's housekeeper devel branch the other day. I can see a way of evolving that to do what you are suggesting above, and also to hook in some other stuff i was thinking about (such as background channel scanning)
[09:31:01] stuarta: maybe housekeeper is the wrong name for it going forward, maybe it should be a task manager
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[11:24:06] wagnerrp: stuartm: best option would probably be to pass HouseKeeperStartup into DoCheckRun, and let the class decided if it wants to proceed based on the mode
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[15:05:40] jpabq: jya "photo sharing"? Is that using the Image Gallery, or is this part of the Notifcation stuff? How do I reproduce?
[15:06:20] jya: jpabq: with an iPhone, using airplay. use the photo app . select airplay, choose a myth frontend and start browsing photos on your iOS device
[15:06:34] jya: the images are now displayed on the myth frontend, in full screen
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[15:08:20] jpabq: Hmmm. I don't have an iPhone. I assume mythcenter-wide does it the way you want?
[15:08:37] jya: no idea...
[15:09:22] jpabq: I will see if I can figureout which "window" is controlling that display, but it doesn't sound like I can /directly/ reproduce it.
[15:09:26] jya: you should put a dependency on the various text field (you can do depend=txt1|txt2|txt3) etc...
[15:09:53] jya: you can simulate it using the service API and the notification service
[15:09:56] jpabq: So, this is part of the notification stuff?
[15:10:03] jpabq: okay
[15:10:04] jya: yep.
[15:10:18] jya: check the wiki on the frontend API and the notification stuff
[15:10:40] jya: here you would do a fullscreen image notification, with no text whatsoever
[15:11:00] jya: the aim is to display the image in full screen; not have it tiny above the text
[15:11:10] jya: how, well, of course you can..
[15:11:34] jya: but it makes the photo sharing app not great as the image is small ..
[15:11:47] jpabq: Yeah, I can do that. I just wasn't clear if this was the image gallary or notification window.
[15:14:57] jpabq: I don't think it can be done with a depends, though. If I remember correclty, you cannot define an element more than once — so I could not do <element name="image" depend=blah> and then do it again with <element name="image">.
[15:16:45] jpabq: So, I could draw the image full screen, and use depends to determine if text is drawn over the top of it or not — But didn't you already complain about text being drawn over the top?
[15:19:09] jpabq: I am pretty sure it orginally was full screen, with text on top. Then I changed it because you didn't like the text covering the image. However, it probably didn't use depend so it was always drawing the shape around the text.
[15:25:01] jya: jpabq: I added the | and & operator in the dependency check
[15:25:26] jya: so if you want to say your widget is to be displayed if widget A or B is displayed
[15:25:34] jya: then you do depend="A|B"
[15:26:21] jya: jpabq: here the issue is we have no text, but there's a blue box showing and going around what would otherwise display the title, description etc...
[15:27:38] jya: it is great not to always have the text on top (of course some text settings could be used that would make the text visible over the image regardless)
[15:27:53] jya: let me try something
[15:30:44] jya: weird.. it's all showing okay now...
[15:30:52] jya: don't get it
[15:33:24] jya: ah ok...
[15:33:28] jya: nm
[15:44:30] jya: jpabq: the changes aren't as simple as I thought it would be... the dimension of the image, would have to be set in your steppes-notice.xml instead of like you've done in notification-ui.xml.
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[15:53:28] jya: it probably would be much easier and more universal to have the image in full screen, and have the steppes-notice box only be displayed if the various text widgets are actually in use
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[16:42:46] jpabq: jya: agreed. With some code changes we could probably make it work better, but for now I think that is the best option. I sent you a patch to try.
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[17:30:50] warped_: Evening all!. I'm still trying to move forward with 11882 and as time goes I more tend to think issue is within mythplayer. When I look on H264 Picture Parameters Set inside rec. files and compare them with recordings from good channels – bad channels have usually much more extensively defi0ned H264 parameters. Finding relevant delta causing mythplayer to fail is beyond of my knowledge H264&mythtv. Is it possible that someone better in H264-
[17:30:51] warped_: will look on it?
[17:42:18] jpabq: warped_: I will, but work has me overloaded. By the end of the day, my brain is mush. I know you want it fixed ASAP, and I will try to set aside some time for it this weekend.
[17:46:24] warped_: jpabq: sorry. I absolutely don't want to push. Only my 8y lady asking me 3–10 times per day "dady when You fix our TV?" :-P
[17:51:20] jpabq: warped_: If you want to become an H.264 expert: . . . p;type=items  ;-)
[17:52:09] jpabq: Everytime a H.264 issue comes up, I have to re-read that document. Comples stuff.
[17:57:34] skd5aner: jpabq: while you're at it... #11886 – hehe :)
[17:57:34] ** MythLogBot **
[18:03:33] jpabq: skd5aner: It would be nice if they were the same problem.
[18:03:40] skd5aner: :)
[18:03:57] skd5aner: oddly enough, when I do a DD and split the first 100MB off, the file playsback just fine
[18:04:05] skd5aner: but, the file as a while doesn't
[18:04:10] skd5aner: *whole
[18:04:54] jpabq: I actually know very little about ffmpeg. I wrote the (very limited) H.264 parser that Myth uses to mark keyframes *during* the recording. I am pretty good at the recording aspects of Myth. I am almost useless when it comes to the playback aspects.
[18:05:16] skd5aner: !seen kormoc
[18:05:16] MythLogBot: kormoc was last seen 49 days 18 hours 18 minutes 49 seconds ago
[18:06:21] jpabq: skd5aner: Athough it is odd. It is not like the HD-PVR suddenly is producing different H.264 than it used to...
[18:06:54] jpabq: For warped_ it sounds like his provider is producing a different H.264 structure of some sort.
[18:09:04] jpabq: skd5aner: It is also odd, that I have not noticed a problem with any of my HD-PVR recordings
[18:09:30] skd5aner: jpabq: yea, it's not ALL of my recordings, just a select few
[18:09:35] skd5aner: I'd say 10–15%
[18:09:40] skd5aner: sporadic
[18:09:47] skd5aner: and not any specific network
[18:10:57] jpabq: Yeah, but I have not seen it at all... I wonder if the STB comes in to play here.
[18:13:15] jpabq: I really wish the HD-PVR handled garbage-in better than it does. Instead of garage-out, it would be nice if it produced a blank frame, or something.
[18:13:42] stichnot: skd5aner, jpabq: just a drive-by comment here, but ffmpeg (usually? sometimes?) starts by seeking to some delta from the end of the file and probing there, combined with an initial probe, to calculate things like framerate and length. Any chance the recordings are failing playback because the end region?
[18:14:21] stichnot: running with -v libav --loglevel debug might reveal some problem like that
[18:14:46] skd5aner: stichnot: yea, I'll try to grab some logs with -v libav a little later this afternoon
[18:14:50] skd5aner: thanks
[18:14:58] skd5aner: any other flags?
[18:15:34] jpabq: stichnot: doing "mythavtest -v libav --logleve debug file.mpg" should work, right?
[18:15:55] natanojl: stuartm: I think the image mask functionality may have been broken with dfd97aa0
[18:16:39] stichnot: jpabq: yeah, I think that should have the same effect, except if things like bookmarks or seektables or other markup are involved
[18:17:07] stichnot: skd5aner: -v playback is always good for these issues, so -v playback,libav --loglevel debug
[18:17:30] skd5aner: yea, I did -v playback originally, that's what's on the ticket
[18:31:50] jpabq: warped_: have you tried running 'mythcommflag --rebuild" on the problem files? That uses a different method to find the keyframes, than is used during the recording. It would be interesting to know if it gets them right.
[18:33:53] warped_: jpabaq: regarding H264 different structure: interesting is that my provider has 2.5M subs and 20–30% of them have their own STBs. Many of those STBs are old (produced at least few years ago). I'm pretty sure many of such users not done any firmware updates. So there is high probability that recent H264 changes are pretty within even old H264 specs because there is no any complaints on forums about this change. Also mplayer plays my samples O
[18:37:53] warped_: jpabq: not for samples I put Yesterday – but for previous samples – yes. No change. Interesting is that mythpreviewgen produces correct previews. All this pretends like only mythplayer can't deal with those rec. and always produces "Waited xxxms for video buffers AAAAAAAAAAAAAA"
[18:38:40] warped_: I just started dev box and will try. Give me sec.
[18:40:25] Chutt (Chutt! has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[18:40:52] skd5aner: warped_: same in my case... I get previews generated no problem
[18:41:06] skd5aner: warped_: have you looked at my ticket? Do the logs compare?
[18:42:19] warped_: jpabq: interesting: for BBCHD mythcommflag returns "No I-frames found, rewinding…"
[18:42:39] jpabq: warped_: That is normal
[18:42:44] jpabq: with BBCHD
[18:44:28] jpabq: That is part of the problem with H.264. There are several different ways to designate a keyframe. IDR frames are the prefered way, but for some reason BBC decided to not do it that way.
[18:44:34] stuartm: natanojl: can you try this patch?
[18:46:31] stuartm: btw, I made the BBC HD test card (and audio sync check) available in my account
[18:47:10] stuartm: useful tool for calibrating etc
[18:47:11] warped_: jpabq: "No I-frames found" are on all channels from the same molex. It looks like my provider reencode all channels before muxing them and feeding to satellite. This can explain why ALL channels on given molex have the same problem...
[18:47:22] warped_: s/molex/mplex
[18:49:11] stuartm: wagnerrp: that thread about adult fanart being fetched accidentally, did we not add a check to prevent any artwork being fetched for 'adult' films some time back? Or am I imagining that?
[18:51:16] jheizer_ (jheizer_! has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[18:52:03] warped_: jpabq: for second mplex 1 from 3 channels becomes OK and there is no any complains about lack I-frames.
[18:52:54] jpabq: Even when it does not find I-frames, is it putting keyframe entries in the DB?
[18:53:12] superm1: jya: the airplay stuff needs OpenSSL specifically right? Can't use GNU TLS?
[18:53:44] Chutt (Chutt! has joined #mythtv
[18:53:58] warped_: skd5ander: yes – initially I was thinking that 11886 is similar but now not so sure. For those bad rec. – an You play them without problem on mplayer/VLC?
[18:55:44] warped_: jpabq: Well – I'm not sure how to check this. I put mythutil's markuptable exports in ticket. Should I look for type9 with offset=0?
[18:56:58] jpabq: Yes, comparing what is in recordedseek before and after running mythcommflag --rebuild would tell us if it is finding different keyframe locations. I assume after the --rebuild it still won't play...
[19:00:35] natanojl: stuartm: Yes, it seems to be working now
[19:01:17] warped_: jpabq: Yes: after --rebuild no playback and the same errors in fe log.
[19:03:38] skd5aner: stuartm: I've had the adult artwork problem hit me before, and mine was much more explicit than the one the guy saw on the list, and for a very very popular show here in the US: Sportscenter
[19:03:57] stuartm: natanojl: thanks
[19:04:12] skd5aner: It has an inetref of 77967, which should return
[19:04:34] skd5aner: but, instead, returned
[19:04:59] skd5aner: guess it wasn't that much more explicit, it must have been a different one I can't remember where it was full blown porn artwork that appeared
[19:07:00] stuartm: I think maybe the checks that were added were to prevent _matches_ against adult films, but maybe not fetching artwork where we already have an inetref (even if it's the wrong one)
[19:08:42] skd5aner: warped_: yes, mine play back fine in mplayer. Out of curiousity, what happens when you do a dd if=originalbrokenfile.mpg of=brokenplayback.mpg bs=1MB count=50 ?
[19:09:23] skd5aner: warped_: my original recordings won't play back in either the watch recordings screen or in video library, but when I take the first 50MB, they playback fine within the video library
[19:10:22] skd5aner: stuartm: yea, I think the issue is that it'll get the right inetref from one system of record, but then actually fetch from the wrong one
[19:11:19] skd5aner: cause the inetref was correct in my case
[19:11:33] skd5aner: it was just grabbing artwork from tmbd vs tvdb
[19:12:10] stuartm: skd5aner: that is the issue here, I just thought we had the safeguard of not honouring requests for those images (they are clearly marked as 'adult' on tmdb)
[19:12:12] warped_: jpabq: seek tables differ after --rebuild.
[19:12:39] skd5aner: stuartm: perhaps, I've never ran in to that situation since I don't have adult content in my libraries :)
[19:13:00] skd5aner: and, I suppose, it has to be properly marked as adult
[19:13:28] jpabq: If the --rebuild fixed the problem, then it would be useful to know what the differences are. Since --rebuild doesn't fix the proble, though...
[19:13:32] skd5aner: and... this was at least 2–3 years ago where that scenario bit me... but I still get new recordings that will sometimes pull artwork from the wrong system
[19:13:42] skd5aner: doesn't happen as much as it used to for me
[19:14:36] warped_: jpabq: pls look: and bbchd-before-rebuild.txt
[19:15:04] warped_: s/bbchd-before-rebuild.txt/bbchd-after-rebuild.txt
[19:16:02] warped_: jpabq: just 1 thing: --rebuild is not fixing problem on 5 channels and fixing on 1
[19:18:14] skd5aner: warped_: ^ if you have a few mins, can you try the dd command (switching out your files/locations) I listed above on a recording that doesn't work, then importing the output file in to your video library and seeing if it'll play back
[19:21:09] warped_: skd5ander: if I got it correctly You want test with truncated beginning of file – right?
[19:23:24] dekarl: hmm, master on packaging is still v0.26? (looking at the commit mail)... Had me wondering if I pushed to the wrong branch for a minute :/
[19:24:48] stuartm: dekarl: last tag was 0.27pre
[19:25:20] stuartm: and if I run git describe that's what I get
[19:34:05] dekarl: stuartm: ty
[19:39:01] stuartm: tagged 0.28pre and 0.27 on that repo
[19:39:39] skd5aner: warped_: correct
[19:47:54] warped_: skd5aner: I do test with 20M of copied data. Issue is exactly the same: back screen and ""Waited xxxms for video buffers AAAAAAAAAAAAAA"" in logs
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