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Tuesday, October 8th, 2013, 21:50 UTC
[21:50:26] superm1: so there's something fun going on with . . . meo_data.pyc . it's pre-compiled for python2.6. it won't actually run on modern distros that don't ship python2.6. dekarl and I were talking and it's entirely possible to decompile it so that it will be
[21:50:26] superm1: compilable on any version of python (we tested it) but that will reveal the two part API key out in the open
[21:50:42] superm1: wagnerrp: ^
[21:52:08] superm1: when it's decompiled it is in an obfuscated form, so that might be acceptable still
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[21:59:50] wagnerrp: !seen IReboot
[21:59:50] MythLogBot: IReboot was last seen 9 days 10 hours 51 minutes 22 seconds ago
[22:00:13] wagnerrp: superm1: he's the one you need to talk to about that
[22:00:38] wagnerrp: i'm not sure the rules concerning that key
[22:01:14] superm1: what do other projects that use vimeo do i wonder
[22:03:03] superm1: makes the user set up their own key it looks like
[22:04:18] dekarl: superm1: but thats a library for developers of actual applications, so it makes sense for the developer of each individual application to have its own key
[22:05:02] wagnerrp: i'd prefer not to require users have individual keys, except for something like Amazon that would require logging into an account
[22:08:41] superm1: for XBMC they seem to keep their key out in the open actually
[22:08:42] superm1: . . . /

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