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Tuesday, October 8th, 2013, 00:16 UTC
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[00:40:41] pvr4me: jya: I've now got .27 on my 'production' machine but AirPlay photo sharing has stopped working. I know I played with it a few weeks ago. Now, I get a big red O with a slash through it. Log at
[00:40:45] pvr4me:
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[00:41:36] jya: which theme are you using?
[00:41:51] pvr4me: MythCentre-wide
[00:42:35] jya: something very fishy with your logs...
[00:42:52] jya: seems that the airplay client is disconnecting as soon as it sent the photo.
[00:43:01] jya: that would cause the image to disappear
[00:43:13] jya: what ios device are you using?
[00:43:21] pvr4me: Never saw the image on screen
[00:43:31] jya: probably don't have time to see it
[00:43:52] pvr4me: It is an iPhone 5 running iOS 7
[00:44:01] jya: let me check on my box... maybe iOS 7 has changed something..
[00:44:06] jya: haven't tested it in a while
[00:44:19] jya: but first... where is my #$%@#% phone
[00:48:11] jya: tried on the latest 0.27, and iphone 5S with 7.0.2
[00:48:13] jya: works fine
[00:48:22] jya: It did disconnect after sending the first image
[00:49:35] jya: so I only saw very briefly the first image.
[00:49:48] jya: after that though, I continued swiping images and it was all fine
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[00:52:38] pvr4me: Strange. Just started mythfrontend again and now it doesn't even show up as an AirPlay destination in Photos app?!?
[00:53:12] jya: in iphoto
[00:53:24] jya: rhaa... where's my phone again
[00:53:28] pvr4me: It does show up in the Control Centre (think that's the right name; where you get when you swipe up from the bottom of the screen.)
[00:53:45] pvr4me: Oh, I don't have iPhoto on my phone
[00:53:50] jya: i've seen that before , when it only see the audio part of it
[00:53:57] jya: ok
[00:53:58] jya: so photos
[00:54:03] jya: it's free iphoto now BTW
[00:54:11] jya: but photos is good
[00:54:13] jya: I do this:
[00:54:25] jya: I press the little share icon at the bottom left.
[00:54:48] jya: you have the option in the icons at the bottom: copy , slideshow, airplay
[00:54:56] jya: select airplay.
[00:55:07] jya: the list of myth frontend should appear
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[00:55:24] jya: I find it never works well to select the myth frontend in the control center
[00:55:47] jya: this is more for things like screen sharing, which we don't support (and never will until someone crack Apple's DRM)
[00:58:07] pvr4me: Yeah, I'm doing what you described (share icon; lower left) but the frontend on my laptop is not listed as a destination now. I'll try quitting and re-launching it
[00:58:32] pvr4me: BTW, I've found the Control Centre AirPlay stuff works fine for Music
[01:01:59] pvr4me: After re-launching the frontend, it showed up in the list of AirPlay destinations but still only displays the slash-O.
[01:02:20] pvr4me: Be back in a few
[01:19:49] pvr4me: Back. BTW, I'm using .27-fixes as of Sep 19. Browsing the commits, there doesn't seem to be anything AirPlay-related since then.
[01:20:07] pvr4me: Any other suggestions? More detailed logs?
[01:20:22] pvr4me: jys^^
[01:20:38] pvr4me: jya^^ (darn fat fingers ;)
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[01:21:27] jya: pvr4me: I would try with a different theme...
[01:21:52] pvr4me: What theme do you use?
[01:22:17] jya: Steppes is the one that has implemented all the new notifications templates
[01:22:31] pvr4me: OK...try that now...
[01:22:52] jya: but I use MythAeon on my frontend, which would revert to the default widgets
[01:22:59] jya: not the prettiest for notification.
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[01:28:41] pvr4me: jya: Steppes didn't display any Photos either. Instead of the slash-O, I got a Star-Trek-like look of "MythTV" going to warp speed! I can post the log, if you want.
[01:29:07] pvr4me: MythAeon is not a choice on my system.
[01:29:56] pvr4me: BTW, I do get some Notifications re Airplay clients connecting and disconnectiing
[01:30:51] jya: pvr4me: I don't know why your phone is connecting, only to disconnect a few seconds later.
[01:31:30] jya: it should only connect once, send the photo as required, and only disconnect when you quit the photo application or leave the phone idle for too long
[01:32:49] jya: why it doesn't do that for you I can't explain
[01:33:06] pvr4me: no logging that might help track it down?
[01:34:56] pvr4me: Hmm, I do have a non-Apple AirTunes device: a Marantz Network receiver. I guess I could power it down and see if that makes a difference. (Although, I think you've said that AirTunes and AirPlay are pretty different. Could one stomp on the other?)
[01:35:46] pvr4me: The weird think is, I know this was working nicely a few weeks ago (early-mid September?)
[01:35:55] pvr4me: s/think/thing/
[01:36:26] jya:
[01:36:35] jya: here is a copy of my entire frontend session
[01:36:42] jya: as you can see, my phone only connects once
[01:37:13] jya: it doesn't disconnect...
[01:37:32] jya: the photos also are sent by block of around 20kB at a time.
[01:37:57] jya: start you frontend -v playback --loglevel=debug can see what's going in more details
[01:39:04] jya: looks like you tried to do a slideshow, this will not work...
[01:39:11] jya: you must browse the photos one by one on the phone
[01:39:44] pvr4me: Nope, no slideshow. Brought up one photo and then tapped the share icon.
[01:40:17] pvr4me: I'll go do it with the logging you suggested...
[01:43:38] jya: well, according to your log, it's a slideshow it's attempting to do
[01:44:04] jya: only way I've seen this happening is if you select slideshow in the icon at the bottom
[01:44:56] jya: should move into #mythtv-users
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[01:45:30] pvr4me: Consistently (tonight, at least) every second time I start the frontend, it does not appear in the list of AirPlay destinations. Following is a playback/debug log of that:
[01:45:41] pvr4me:
[01:46:23] pvr4me: I'll try again and post to -users
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[05:40:33] dekarl: sounds like we may have to decide on a default tv data provider soon... It was to easy when there was one database each. (skd5aner, oh noes, yet another tv database)
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[06:07:46] dekarl: jya, I don't understand if they licensed or hacked the screen mirroring, but they market their beta all over the forums . . . amp;id=10991
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[06:16:16] jya: well, they have obviously figured out something I haven't... As soon as I turn the bit to say we support video mirroring, the first thing I receive from the apple device is a fair play packet. And if you fail to respond properly, you don't appear in the list
[06:16:37] jya: that say, the protocol itself is rather simple, it's a h264 mp4 stream
[06:18:00] dekarl: hmm, maybe there is a "mirroring without drm" bit? though I don't believe that
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[06:19:33] jya: dekarl: actually, you don't even need to say you support mirroring.
[06:19:47] jya: you need to say you support FairPlay
[06:20:10] jya: my guess is that as all devices supporting fairplay also supports mirroring, they didn't see the need to do so
[06:21:01] jya: I may be wrong, I also though photo sharing needed fairplay, but it turned out you didn't. so I implemented that
[06:22:03] dekarl: if they figured something out its going to be reverse engineered soon enough after general availability :)
[06:24:02] jya: . . . rplayservice
[06:24:13] jya: ah there is a "screen" mirroring bit
[06:24:23] jya: bit 7
[06:24:43] jya: will have a try again
[06:25:04] jya: I got so frustrated with the pi... i need something to work on that I may be able to resolve
[06:25:33] jya: can't even do plain airplay audio, it stutters like crazy... the CPU isn't even fast enough to decode ALAC :(
[06:26:18] dekarl: ouch, so mine will keep collecting dust and I'll look into wandboard quads instead if I ever get time to look into enhancing ARM support
[06:27:41] jya: I'm still very keen on adding support for OMX; but there's so many stuff to resolve first. opengl 2 code, running without X, reducing the memory footprint, reducing CPU usage..
[06:27:44] jya: that all adds up
[06:27:55] jya: and it takes a good one hour to test any code
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[06:59:29] peper03_: stuartm, wagnerrp: The problem with pausing the idle timer was not when it was trying to shut down. It was calling MythShutdown --check to see whether it was possible to perform a shutdown. By pausing the idle timer, it kept shooting itself in the foot every 30 seconds.
[07:01:22] peper03_: All a bit quantum really. By looking at the state, you change it...
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[07:06:49] vijaya_: I have followed the steps described in the following link but after running the ./ script the binaries are not created in the directory, how to get the binaries properly
[07:06:58] vijaya_: . . . _on_the_slug
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[08:20:40] vijaya_: I have followed the steps described in the following link but after running the ./ script the binaries are not created in the directory, how to get the binaries properly, . . . _on_the_slug
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[11:11:34] wagnerrp: vijaya: that page seems to give directions for MythTV 0.20, we're currently on 0.27
[11:11:40] wagnerrp: there's a good chance it won't work
[11:12:49] wagnerrp: frankly, i'm surprised MythTV would ever compile on such little memory
[11:13:08] wagnerrp: i recall a few objects in the past that have required over a GB of memory each
[11:19:20] wagnerrp: nevermind, it's cross-compiling
[11:19:59] wagnerrp: i expected cross compiling to be faster when it says "it takes about 2 hours"
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[11:54:07] stuartm: sounds like they were compiling it on something even slower than the target platform :)
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[13:43:25] stichnot: stuartm: regarding yesterday's observation about sluggish frontend pbb over wireless. It seems to be that in RemoteGetPreviewIfModified(), the protocol response is a WARNING (that the preview image is larger than the max size), therefore the caller PreviewGeneratorQueue::GeneratePreviewImage() thinks that its cached preview is invalid.
[13:43:53] stichnot: and this is almost certainly caused by the change to not limit the preview size to 320x240
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[13:44:12] stichnot: I'll try to work out the best fix, since it's easy to reproduce here
[13:45:33] stichnot: oh, and if I change the max size in RemoteGetPreviewIfModified() to 2000 KB instead of 200 KB, no more sluggishness (except for the first time the preview image is generated)
[13:47:00] stichnot: of course, the fact that it's sluggish and blocks the UI during the first preview image load is another issue...
[13:49:30] stuartm: we might be able to dispense with that 'RemoteGet' stuff, MythUIImage will happily load from a remote storage group
[13:50:19] stuartm: don't need special behaviour for previews, except to generate them if they aren't present
[13:53:20] stichnot: except that the UI code would have to try loading the preview image more than once if it hasn't been generated the first time ,right?
[13:55:05] stichnot: In this particular case, the backend sends a WARNING response in two cases: the preview file is too big, or the file somehow couldn't be found. I think the caller could just ignore the first case.
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[13:58:51] stichnot: actually I'm not sure why we would want to limit the preview size at all since we ultimately refetch it anyway. Maybe danielk221 can comment? (this is his code unchanged since 2009)
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[14:03:36] stuartm: if we really wanted to limit the size, we'd call the preview generator with the size of the preview imagetype, but that's not as simple as it first sounds – there may be multiple image types on-screen e.g. a smaller thumbnail and a larger one outside the list
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[14:04:37] stuartm: not that I'm saying it's difficult ...
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[14:16:33] danielk221: stichnot: The preview download transfers the preview image in the UI thread. This made the UI snappier, but obviously if you download something huge while blocking the UI it will make the UI non-responsive.
[14:18:55] danielk221: I thought it was also possible to just trigger the generation of the preview without actually downloading it in the UI thread. Probably a param value, but possibly a different call.
[14:23:53] stichnot: danielk221: thanks, I'll investigate with that in mind.
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[14:53:13] stuartm: dekarl1: one of the ways of displaying those images would be to download them as screenshots (as we do for videos), then add a screenshot imagetype to the theme and add a !screenshot dependency to the preview imagetype
[14:53:52] stuartm: that would permit themers to use only our generated previews where they want a larger image than the screenshot allows
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[14:55:31] stuartm: it would also give you fallback to the preview if the screenshot isn't available or even the option of showing both – I know some people like the preview image to show them where in a recording they are at (preview from bookmark setting)
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[15:01:48] dekarl-work: stuartm, but that would result in a design that breaks as "soon" as picks up episode images for us to use (which would be attached to thetvdb's ids and easy to pull in, if I understand Python some distant day)
[15:03:14] dekarl-work: I don't have a good concept how automatic screen shot, screenshot picked by an editor (at a tv station, thetvdb or similar) and the screenshot at the bookmark fit together
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[17:35:35] stuartm: to anyone who is thinking of contributing patches, please consider that your work is much more likely to be accepted if you multiple small patches, each addressing a specific verifiable issue than if you submit one big patch containing all those same fixes – bigger patches are much harder to review as it's often difficult to split out the unrelated changes from each other and they are harder to commit, as everything needs to be applied at once (
[17:35:37] stuartm: and everything gets reverted if _any_ breakage occurs)
[18:58:00] skd5aner: dekarl: heh, everyone thinks they can do it better I suppose... problem is, most don't
[18:59:05] dekarl: it feel almost as if the commercial providers had some divide et empera strategy running
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[19:16:54] stuartm: it's a shame that all the talk of improving advert detection for the UK never came to anything, there were some interesting ideas for novel methods being proposed
[19:17:18] stuartm: if we could markup adverts then we'd avoid those when grabbing a preview
[19:18:15] stuartm: for that matter, what happening to making use of the 'is running' flag for DVB? That seems like it should be relatively easy to implement
[19:28:47] skd5aner: ironically, commercial detection in the US got pretty good, but it's gotten worse for several networks over the last few years... also, my HD-PVR recordings are pretty terrible when it comes to flagged commercial breaks
[19:29:12] skd5aner: the two most used buttons on my remote have to be skip back to the last skip point and skip forward to the next skip point
[19:36:22] stichnot: skd5aner: fwiw, my HD-PVR recordings seem to get better commflagging than like a year ago (DISH network, fixed 720p STB output). Networks like AMC and BBCA used to be terrible for commflagging, but now it's practically as good as the broadcast networks.
[19:36:58] skd5aner: stichnot: I don't lock it to 720p, I let it dynamically choose the resolution
[19:37:05] stichnot: Part of it, I think, is the improved accuracy in keyframe detection and seektable generation
[19:37:05] skd5aner: that could make a difference I suppose
[19:37:34] stichnot: My STB forces me to pick one or the other, no passthrough option
[19:37:49] skd5aner: I find that my commercials are now skipping about 1–4 seconds before the actual commercial break...
[19:39:07] stichnot: This is with recordings made under 0.27?
[19:39:38] skd5aner: stichnot: honestly, I've gotten so used to it, I don't know if I've paid attention after 0.27... I'll try to give it a week and see how it works
[19:41:34] skd5aner: BTW, my wife and I had a baby 2 weeks ago, so I've been a little pre-occupied recently :)
[19:42:05] stichnot: Congrats! Those late-night feedings/soothings are when you'll really want your reliable MythTV :)
[19:48:41] skd5aner: yea, and we've had in-laws coming and staying who have already seen the mythbox crash 3 times in 4 days :P
[19:49:28] skd5aner: needless to say, they assume our "TV breaks" daily... not a good impression for non-mythtv users
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[20:17:10] dekarl: Congrats! And enjoy the kid :)
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[20:35:47] skd5aner: stichnot, dekarl: thank you! :)
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[21:50:26] superm1: so there's something fun going on with . . . meo_data.pyc . it's pre-compiled for python2.6. it won't actually run on modern distros that don't ship python2.6. dekarl and I were talking and it's entirely possible to decompile it so that it will be
[21:50:26] superm1: compilable on any version of python (we tested it) but that will reveal the two part API key out in the open
[21:50:42] superm1: wagnerrp: ^
[21:52:08] superm1: when it's decompiled it is in an obfuscated form, so that might be acceptable still
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[21:59:50] wagnerrp: !seen IReboot
[21:59:50] MythLogBot: IReboot was last seen 9 days 10 hours 51 minutes 22 seconds ago
[22:00:13] wagnerrp: superm1: he's the one you need to talk to about that
[22:00:38] wagnerrp: i'm not sure the rules concerning that key
[22:01:14] superm1: what do other projects that use vimeo do i wonder
[22:03:03] superm1: makes the user set up their own key it looks like
[22:04:18] dekarl: superm1: but thats a library for developers of actual applications, so it makes sense for the developer of each individual application to have its own key
[22:05:02] wagnerrp: i'd prefer not to require users have individual keys, except for something like Amazon that would require logging into an account
[22:08:41] superm1: for XBMC they seem to keep their key out in the open actually
[22:08:42] superm1: . . . /
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