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Sunday, October 6th, 2013, 00:44 UTC
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[04:54:37] stichnot: stuartm, others: A recent thread in mythtv-users suggests that for mythcommflag, mythpreviewgen, etc., the player shouldn't be enabling mheg even if the settings say to enable mheg.
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[09:06:04] stuartm: that would be correct
[09:06:52] stuartm: well, except that it would be good to show the mheg in the preview image for radio-only or mheg-only channels
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[15:43:42] stuartm: stichnot: will commit a fix later today, already written, just needs testing
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[16:59:35] stichnot: stuartm: thanks!
[17:09:58] warped_: jpabq: referring to #11882: I looked on good/bad rec. samples under mpeg2 analyser (elecard stream analyser). All good rec. have H264 related packets at very beginning of file (offsets like 0x19D, etc). Sample from bad channel has first H264 packets at 0x6609B (417947 bytes from start). Is it possible that this is too far from file beg?
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[17:24:10] jpabq: warped_: And yet they play after the recording is finished?
[17:25:19] warped_: jpabq: if I understand q correctly: yes. I can play recording correctly but only when bookmark is far enough from file beg.
[17:26:11] jpabq: Oh, so a bookmark must be set first
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[17:27:11] warped_: yes. Below given threshold decoder hangs with "Waited 111ms for video buffers AAAAAAAAAAAAAA" in log
[17:30:57] jpabq: warped_: this started after Sep 21 ?
[17:32:08] warped_: Yes. It started from Fri/Sat week ago. Why You asking about 21/09?
[17:33:10] jpabq: Only change in the myth code that I can think of that might cause something like this, is [e35a8bd2]
[17:34:40] jpabq: warped_: I can send you a patch to revert that commit, if you want to try it.
[17:35:51] warped_: Hm – interesting. But I'm on 0.27-fixes and week ago I didn't do any upgrades….
[17:37:31] jpabq: Ah. So, we are back to assuming your provider changed something.
[17:37:57] jpabq: Sounds like we are detecting a keyframe, that is not really a keyframe.
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[17:38:10] warped_: Yes. I'm quite sure that "change" arrives from air.
[17:39:18] warped_: Yes. I remember out chat from Friday: we verified that marketable has type9 and first rec with type9 is 0
[17:39:30] warped_: s/out/our/
[17:44:44] jpabq: I have a test rig for the H.264 keyframe detector. I will have to dust it off and get it compling with myth 0.27. Then I can run your sample through it and hopefuly determine why it thinks there is a keyframe at the beginning.
[17:45:23] warped_: oh. great!
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[19:15:05] knightr: stuartm, sorry, I had to work late a few days last week and it's proving to be more of a pita than I tought to fix those setting pages...
[19:18:41] knightr: it looks like he added some settings which did not already exist (Playback group settings?) which make it difficult to track down what was a settings which was removed since he wrote that patch and what is a setting he added...
[19:19:50] knightr: (I'll have a lot of comparing to do after I have completed fixing it to track down those...)
[19:20:25] stichnot: wagnerrp, others: Can you try out the new "mythutil --getmarkup" that I just committed, and check for any problems or inconsistencies in the output? I tried to make it similar/compatible with
[19:21:19] stichnot: After it settles, I plan to commit to 0.27 as well, so that it's practical to get recorder seektables for relevant tickets.
[19:30:13] stuartm: playback group settings do already exist, but off-hand I can't remember where
[19:31:02] stuartm: unless you're saying he added additional settings to the playback group stuff, which sounds familiar
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[20:01:01] wagnerrp: stichnot: meaning it will produce xml containing the assorted metadata?
[20:02:03] stichnot: wagnerrp: yeah, here's an example:
[20:06:31] stichnot: There's a set of <mark> and <seek> elements nested under the <markup> element, corresponding to recordedmarkup and recordedseek respectively.
[20:07:30] knightr: stuartm, OK, looks like he merged in globalsettings.cpp stuff which was in libmythtv/playgroup.cpp
[20:09:08] wagnerrp: oh, that's for the seektable/skiplist/cutlist/etc... i thought you meant it was to generate the mxml files
[20:12:11] stichnot: right. The idea is that if mxml files were to include that markup as well, it would be in this format, i.e. <metadata> <item> <markup> ... </markup> </item> </metadata>, compatible with the rest of the mxml.
[20:12:29] wagnerrp: i get it
[20:12:41] Darkchaos: Does anyone know: Is there a short bash command or smth, using mythfrontend to stream H.264 of live-tv?
[20:13:10] wagnerrp: you want to stream h264 to mythfrontend?
[20:13:31] Darkchaos: from frontend
[20:13:41] wagnerrp: why would the frontend stream anything out of it?
[20:13:45] Darkchaos: the Problem is there is no good and alive mythfrontend to Windows
[20:14:04] wagnerrp: the frontend is only supposed to operate as a server for purposes of remote control
[20:14:05] Darkchaos: So I'd do something like "mythfrontend | vlc-stream"
[20:15:28] Darkchaos: so is there no way to maybe read /dev/tty (or how you may access the screen under linux)
[20:16:11] wagnerrp: you could use the HLS server in the backend, or you could use UPNP, or you could simply use to make human-readable links to the recordings and mount that on your windows machine
[20:16:23] wagnerrp: but none of this sounds like it's related to development
[20:17:09] Darkchaos: Yes but you guys have the most knowledge of mythtv :)
[20:17:31] wagnerrp: and many of use are in #mythtv-users too. this channel is only supposed to be discussion of ongoing or future development
[20:19:07] Darkchaos: oh ok :9
[20:19:09] Darkchaos: :)
[21:22:23] gigem: stuartm: I saw the commits list. I'll look at it tomorrow.
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[21:56:26] wagnerrp: stichnot: you've mixed the seek data in with the rest of the markup
[21:56:39] wagnerrp: i know we normally keep the two in separate tables, but... i honestly have no idea why we do that
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[22:21:22] stuartm: wagnerrp: performance/storage reason I was the one who split them out originally, although it was something Isaac and others had talked about doing for a while
[22:23:05] stuartm: basically the seek table is by far the largest table created/used by myth, and there were columns used only for the markup stuff that wasted a lot of space
[22:24:36] stuartm: the _exact_ details are pretty hazy now, it was a very long time ago
[22:24:43] jya: dblain, stuartm: following a post on the user list, I tried browsing the backend via upnp
[22:24:58] jya: and I too only get an warning symbol and no data.
[22:25:12] stuartm: jya: which client?
[22:25:16] jya: VLC
[22:26:02] jya: . . . /354486.html
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[22:29:01] stuartm: jya: I'll take a look, although I believe the only changes which touched upnp in 0.27 were compliance fixes
[22:29:12] jya: thanks...
[22:29:53] stuartm: was the main one
[22:44:36] stuartm: strange, the error from VLC is "UPNP_E_BAD_RESPONSE when trying the send() action with URL:"
[22:44:59] stuartm: but the control URL is "CDS_Control" ... wonder where it's getting that 'sc' from
[23:21:15] stichnot: wagnerrp: for recordings, the markup is split between recordedmarkup and recordedseek, but for videos it's all combined into filemarkup. It's not quite equivalent because recordedmarkup and recordedseek can both have a MARK_DURATION_MS mark for a particular frame but obviously filemarkup can have only one, so the mark in recordedmarkup doesn't go into filemarkup.
[23:22:20] stichnot: For ticket debugging purposes, I want to be able to get all the markup – mostly recordedseek but the MARK_DURATION_MS from recordedmarkup can also come into play.
[23:23:43] stichnot: I feel that logically the different markup types are equally part of the whole picture, which is why I put it all under the <markup> element, though for accuracy they are still distinguished by <mark> vs <seek>.
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[23:50:07] stuartm: jya: it's looking like a VLC bug atm, if the error it's producing is accurate then it's not calling the url it was provided with – first it tries calling CDS_Controlsc instead of CDS_Control, then it tries subscribing to CDS_EventDesc when the event url is given as CDS_Event
[23:50:29] jya: why would it work with 0.26 ?
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[23:52:05] stuartm: no idea, are we sure the same version of VLC was used in both cases? having gone back over the logs the only possible related change was , otherwise upnp remained pretty much untouched between 0.26 and 0.27
[23:52:16] stuartm: all the recent changes went into master only
[23:56:28] stuartm: I've no idea, why it would be trying Contentsc and EventDesc – our responses contain the correct URLs, I've been over and over the specs and there's no mention of 'EventDesc' anywhere

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