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Tuesday, October 1st, 2013, 00:03 UTC
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[01:13:01] skd5aner: jpabq: ping
[01:17:26] skd5aner: OK... so, I have a strange problem with some (not all) of my HD-PVR recordings playing back in the Watch Recordings screen...
[01:17:37] skd5aner: this is 0.27-fixes...
[01:19:17] skd5aner: A few of them take about 5+ seconds to start playing back, then it just immediately displays a frame of video with the "End of Recording" dialog with the save, delete, delete + re-record options – no matter what, it always does that...
[01:19:48] skd5aner: so, I use dd to copy the first 50MB of the file, and place that file in the videos SG, and load it in the video galary – plays back fine every time!
[01:20:17] skd5aner: er... gallery, but really should have said "watch videos" screen
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[01:29:59] skd5aner: whoa, ironically enough – when I copy the whole file in to the video library, it doesn't play back at all
[01:30:10] skd5aner: so much for sending a small sample :(
[01:35:37] skd5aner: mplayer plays it back fine... ok, off to submit a report
[01:35:50] skd5aner: jpabq: ^ in case you were wondering based on your question earlier
[01:45:01] skd5aner: #11886, let me know if anyone has any questions or wants me to try and troubleshoot anything – thanks in advance guys
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[02:01:17] wagnerrp: jya: other than 'uname'?
[02:02:27] jya: wagnerrp: you'll just have to specify which make to use in the configure
[02:02:36] jya: easier that way, and more universal
[02:02:57] wagnerrp: that's what i've been doing (although just during make, not in the configure)
[02:03:58] wagnerrp: anyone compiling on their own should be able to figure that part out
[02:04:08] wagnerrp: and if you're using the ports tree, someone else will have figured it out for you
[02:04:15] jya: skd5aner: looks like an issue in the handling of myth:// access ; why is it taking so long
[02:04:37] jya: wagnerrp: exactly , that's why I can't be bothered trying to guess which configuration should be used
[02:05:53] jya: skd5aner: does the file exist ?
[02:11:33] wagnerrp: my only real issue with freebsd is that it's not picking up dependencies in /usr/local
[02:11:47] wagnerrp: so i have to force -I/usr/local and -L/usr/local
[02:12:11] wagnerrp: which in turn causes complications as it tries to link against any installed version of mythtv rather than the ones in the build tree
[02:12:58] wagnerrp: i believe decke fixed that issue in ports a while back, but it hasn't been enough of an annoyance for me to figure it out
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[02:45:23] skd5aner: jya: yup
[02:45:28] skd5aner: jya: file exists
[02:48:15] skd5aner: I'm surprised to see how many people on the mailing list don't want metadata... I suppose I can understand the personal preference, and the fact that if it's turned off, it definitely shouldn't do it – but, there seems to be several folks out there who prefer no metadata or artwork
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[03:10:23] xris: skd5aner: it's probably the "do not track me" crowd.
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[03:30:46] wagnerrp: the only reasonable explanation i've heard is that can make it difficult to read text
[03:31:20] wagnerrp: on that note, i should add something into the screen setup wizard to give some additional contrast on the instructions
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[04:16:52] jya: wagnerrp: is there a way to pass extra arguments, not to be handled by the mythconfigparser bit ?
[04:17:06] jya: like adding – followed by other parameters
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[08:07:29] stuartm: wagnerrp: some themes overuse the artwork, and it's distracting
[08:09:12] stuartm: if there was a way to get the metadata without submitting my tv/video viewing preferences to TMDB/TVDB then I'd definitely use that instead
[08:27:00] jya: what viewing preferences are you providing?
[08:27:10] jya: the query only contains the title
[08:29:08] stuartm: right, of everything you record – yes, some of those are ambiguous, most are not
[08:32:40] stuartm: I know that not everyone considers that private information, but a lot of people do – especially if it's then sold to third parties (that's not happening yet, that we know of) where it's collated with other information they have on file for your IP
[08:34:07] dekarl-work: stuartm, I'd love to see someone take on the tvbrainz project :-p
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[08:45:05] Merlin83b: dekarl-work: How would people rate shows? A popup whenever you left watching something seems like it'd be a bit intrusive.
[08:45:16] Merlin83b: If that's how TiVo do it? (kind of the only comparison I'm aware of)
[08:45:36] dekarl-work: Merlin83b: the same way as it is without?
[08:46:11] Merlin83b: Sorry, not sure what you mean – as in they wouldn't rate shows?
[08:47:56] dekarl-work: Merlin83b: I hinted that I'd prefer tvbrainz over the databases we have today. I understood your question to be in relation to that. How does voting work with tmdb/tvdb? They do have an API for us to use, but I think you have to manually go to their site to vote with mythtv atm
[08:49:38] Merlin83b: Ah right, thanks :) I'd imagined it needing to be integrated in to the FE somehow, like a popup after watching asking the user to rate the show.
[08:50:07] Merlin83b: I've pondered on this one for years but never done anything about it.
[09:01:00] dekarl-work: Merlin83b: I can't find anything on voting with xbmc either, only that users want data from themoviedb (aka nice pictures) with votes from imdb (more votes). But not that they are interested in voting themselves
[09:04:37] Merlin83b: Shame. As I say, something I've mullled over for years.
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[09:13:26] stuartm: popup might be a bit intrusive, but you could lift the rating feature from mythmusic and use it for videos/recordings with very little effort
[09:14:36] stuartm: heh, I didn't mean to parrot Merlin83b almost word for word, hadn't read what he first wrote before I replied hence it's entirely coincidence
[09:15:13] Merlin83b: :)
[09:15:30] Merlin83b: I haven't used mythmusic at all, perhaps I should take a look.
[09:15:45] Merlin83b: But this will be another of those things that I spend time thinking about but never get hacking on code for.
[09:16:08] stuartm: rating in mythmusic is done with two bindings, defaults to 7 and 9 – 9 increases the rating, 7 decreases it
[09:16:25] Merlin83b: While you're watching/listening?
[09:16:42] stuartm: yes, or when viewing the item in the playlist
[09:16:46] Merlin83b: That's quite elegant :)
[09:17:51] stuartm: if you could rate recordings, then that raises an intriguing possibility of linking it to the recording priority or even replacing recording priority – the higher episodes of a show are rated, the higher it's recording priority would be
[09:19:12] Merlin83b: I hadn't even considered that, I've always thought straight down recommendation lines. But that does sound like a great feature, of course so long as it doesn't result in lower rated things not getting recorded at all, but the scheduler already takes care of that.
[09:19:41] stuartm: you'd end up with a quite natural priority system – if I give a new series a rec priority of 0 but after watching episodes it starts to become really interesting and I rate it accordingly then the priority would be increased
[09:21:07] stuartm: you wouldn't need to keep going back to the recording rule editor to adjust the priorities
[09:21:53] Merlin83b: That actually sounds easier than the recommendation stuff – no need to maintain a central database of viewing habits and work out an algorithm to make the recommendations!
[09:24:23] stuartm: well what I'm currently imagining would be entirely local, not based on the ratings from third parties – but yes, users could opt-in to adjusting the priorities based on the opinions of others and it would be able to use the exact same mechanism with very little additional code to support it
[09:25:33] Merlin83b: Not quite what I meant – the recording priorities I'd have thought would need to be local – each person will have their own preferences. The remote stuff I was envisaging as a rival to TiVo's crowd sourced show recommendation service.
[09:26:08] Merlin83b: eg. you like x factor and strictly so the system might recommend you watch britain's got talent.
[09:26:33] stuartm: Merlin83b: ah ok, that sounds better than what I thought you were suggesting :)
[09:35:13] dekarl-work: but all the cool stuff needs one (or more) central databases... hence me tooting the "SD / XMLTV + Atlas / tvbrainz = cool stuff" horn, add in tvwish for glitter
[09:35:38] dekarl-work: the tmdb/tvdb votes come down the xmltv pipe if you use my guide already
[09:36:05] dekarl-work: Atlas people are looking into hooking up tvdb, too
[09:37:09] Merlin83b: Hah, it's been done, of course!
[09:38:31] dekarl-work: need to get rkulagow on board ;)
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[10:14:45] jya: dblain: I upgraded with you changes to FFmpeg, and FFmpeg doesn't compile for me here, I believe it's the change to the configure and how the lib are linked...
[10:32:23] jya: also, if modifying FFmpeg original file, the changes should be added to README.sync, so I can track the files that need extra attention when I do a resync
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[10:58:43] wagnerrp: jya: see allowArgs(), allowExtras(), and allowPassthrough()
[10:59:16] wagnerrp: allowArgs() lets you pass values with no prepended '-/--', and stores them to a list
[10:59:54] wagnerrp: allowExtras() lets you supply arbitrary -/-- keys, with optional values, stored to a map
[11:00:37] wagnerrp: allowPassthrough() lets you capture everything past '--' with no key, and stores it to a string
[11:02:23] jya: i just want to pass the arguments that would be used by Qt and the QApplication constructor
[11:04:42] wagnerrp: probably allowExtras()/getExtra()
[11:05:35] wagnerrp: or, define the specific arguments you want to allow as CommandLineArgs
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[12:04:08] dblain: jya: you were trying to compile FFmpeg using it's configure? The changes I made to it brought it closer to what it had up stream. (with modifications to prefix each library with 'myth')
[12:05:22] dblain: I'll update the README.sync.
[12:08:01] jya: wagnerrp: problem is that the argument are in the -command value type; not --
[12:14:49] dblain: jya: I didn't expect anyone to use that configure since everyone would normally use mythtv's version. It's possible I missed a needed change to the linux section since I only tested it on windows.
[12:15:26] dblain: let me know what you're using for parameters to configure and what the error is and I'll try to help fix it.
[12:16:09] jya: dblain: don't worry about it.... i'll look into it later... i'm in the middle of a few changes to adapt myth to run directly on an frame buffer and compile on the rpi
[12:23:41] jya: dblain: it's been about 3 hours, and I'm up to libavcodec/evrcdec.o :)
[12:24:00] jya: won't know if it links properly again for another 2–3 hours...
[12:25:13] dblain: jya: so you're compiling directly on the Pi?
[12:25:25] jya: with the help of distcc
[12:26:01] jya: I haven't managed to cross-compile properly... always getting problem when linking against external lib... need to find out how to do it... but after wasting a day on this, i've given up for the time being
[12:26:10] jya: Qemu on my PC is even slower
[12:26:25] dblain: If it wasn't such a distraction from everything I'm currently working on, it would be fun to dust off my Pi to help.
[12:27:11] jya: can't have that much dust on it..... not that old !
[12:29:53] dblain: I was hoping to use the Pi as a controller for a robotics summer program I was running. It was going to need a custom servo controller board so we went in a different direction this year (will revisit for next summer) Didn't even think of running mythtv on it due to our resource needs.
[12:30:08] jya: right now, I get a segfault on lib crypto... not sure why... the only thing using lib crypto in myth is airplay.. so may have to disable it...
[12:31:02] jya: dblain: re-resources, I'm hoping that without the need for X, directly working in an OpenGL ES frame buffer it will drop significantly
[12:31:26] jya: then I need to write the openmax support so we can use the hardware accelerated decoder/renderer.
[12:31:54] jya: I'm not sure what deinterlacer they are using... but with xbmc and cmyth, the picture was perfect
[12:31:56] dblain: Openmax is definitly a nust have,
[12:32:11] dblain: that's promising.
[12:32:30] jya: yeah, that will open a lot of embedded platforms ; there's a few machines out there with openmax support...
[12:32:39] jya: Android 4.2 supports it too on some hardware
[12:33:13] jya: problem is that I have no clue on how to write the decoder or the renderer... going to be a massive learning curve
[12:33:32] jya: that's if I pass the no-x11 first, which isn't guaranteed yet
[12:33:47] dblain: you may need to look at the sheer number of theads we use. when I brought up mythbackend in the msvc debugger, there had to be ~20 threads... most waiting, but it's still a lot. Haven't looked at the frontend yet... hopefully it's less.
[12:35:05] dblain: (at least you have access to the xbmc source... for insperation :) )
[12:35:45] stuartm: at least four or five of those were logging related, I know there are four nzqm threads used
[12:36:28] jya: can be up to 3 logging thread, could drop that by one if we dropped mythlogserver or I rewrote it so there's less common code
[12:36:43] dblain: stuartm: and upnp/ssdp/http/services uses a few too (which I was responsible for adding)
[12:37:12] stuartm: some of the threads will be for the thread pool – i.e. not used all the time, but there is reserve for one-off threaded tasks
[12:38:18] dblain: If they all behave, the number shouldn't be a problem for the pi, but it's something to be aware of on a resource constrained platform.
[12:38:19] jya: dblain: there's omxplayer:
[12:39:01] jya: but I'm not sure this will be easier to use than the plain spec (the api and doc is available easily and free)
[12:39:43] dblain: jya: I need to head to work. Let me know if you need help with FFmpeg.
[12:39:47] jya: the omxplayer is one big file doing all the decoding + rendering at once... a bit hard to read through
[12:40:24] jya: well, if you know of a guide on how to cross-compile mythtv on a completely different architecture, I'm all ears
[12:41:54] jya: ok... back to my movie: olympus is falling, it's not that bad... always like how one guy always manage to save the day
[12:42:00] jya: and a Brit at that :)
[12:43:05] jya: stuartm: any idea what could cause "vertex shader compilation error" message when starting myth in my ogl frame buffer ?
[12:43:33] jya: don't know where that message come from
[12:44:25] stuartm: mythrender_opengl2es.cpp probably, but I know absolutely nothing about shaders :/
[12:46:38] stuartm: believe all the shader stuff is in mythrender_opengl2* anyway so that's where you'd need to look, the actual message will be coming from the system opengl libs and it suggests that it doesn't like one of the shader definitions
[12:48:25] stuartm: yeah, all the actual shaders are defined at the beginning of mythrender_opengl2.cpp
[12:49:58] jya: i see... thanks for the hint...
[12:51:46] jya: so if I start mythfrontend with -O ThemePainter=opengl2 that should use the opengl2 code ?
[12:52:20] jya: hopefully it fails there...
[12:53:00] jya: didn't markk managed to run a frontend on an ipad and using OpenGL es ?
[12:53:12] stuartm: I don't remember
[12:54:06] stuartm: shaders aren't used at all with the OpenGL1 renderer, only with gl2 and gl2 es
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[13:05:13] jya: stuartm: but until recently this all worked well for you...
[13:08:49] stichnot: stuartm: I think you forgot to update SCHEMA_VERSION in the perl and python bindings
[13:16:30] stichnot: And in those bindings, there are some other interesting lines: "$VERSION = '.26git';" "OWN_VERSION = (0,27,-1,0)"
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[13:31:27] stuartm: jya: the opengl2 painter was working, on a standard desktop with nvidia driver, yes
[13:32:48] stuartm: I assume it was a driver upgrade that broke it, but I'm not certain, I'm not even sure whether the driver was upgraded between the point where it worked and where it stopped working
[13:33:41] stuartm: I pull in updated packages all the time without paying much attention :)
[13:34:14] stuartm: jya: let me try again, at the time I just switched back to the opengl painter and left it there, haven't re-tried since
[13:35:59] stuartm: OK, it's working again – either another reboot made some difference or the stars just happen to have been mis-aligned on the day that it stopped working :)
[14:00:40] jya: ok.... well, at least that say that something is okay in that code....
[14:01:56] jya: looking at the Torc source code, markk has made a few updates on it, and that code has remained in his new code... so i can see what can be reused of his changes.... still shooting blind there... no idea how that works
[14:02:31] jya: stuartm: could you confirm that if I started with -O ThemePainter=opengl2 then it would use the new one ?
[14:03:35] stuartm: jya: yes, the log will also be slightly different, there should be a line such as "OpenGL2: GLSL supported"
[14:04:23] jya: ok.... good to know
[14:12:13] stuartm: after the commits I just made, it can be selected from the Appearences menu
[14:14:43] jya: yes just saw that
[14:15:05] jya: I'm not much of a fan of a code no one understand how it works :)
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[14:23:19] stuartm: I almost bought a book on OpenGL a few years back, maybe it's time to finally do my homework :)
[14:23:30] stuarta: haha
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[14:40:23] jya: stuartm: for consistency, should have been called OPENGL2_PAINTER and not OPENGL_PAINTER2
[14:41:49] stuarta: sed -e 's/OPENGL_PAINTER2/OPENGL2_PAINTER'
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[14:43:33] stuartm: ^^
[14:43:52] stuartm: I've got somewhere to be for the next hour
[14:46:30] jya: i can modify it no worries...
[14:46:38] jya: glad to report that it seems to work on a mac
[14:46:43] stuarta: \o/
[14:49:52] jya: stuartm: for video playback, I see that for renderer it display OpenGL and osd: opengl2... can this be made all opengl2?
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[15:25:41] jya: stuartm: i made the change so you could set the opengl2 renderer with the various decoder... that seems to work okay too... will have to check on how much better with ATI that work
[15:25:59] jya: what about dropping opengl1 stuff altogether ?
[15:27:56] stuarta: clearly we need to understand the implementation matrix
[15:28:39] stuarta: but i'm guesing, since until recently, opengl2 had to be tweaked magically, it hasn't had wide testing
[15:31:17] jya: stuarta: what type of tweak?
[15:31:38] stuarta: didn't i read earlier you had to manually set it via the DB or the command line?
[15:31:46] stuarta: if not, ignore me
[15:31:57] jya: ah that... yes, it wasn't available from the GUI
[15:32:11] jya: and you still can only set the painter to the new code
[15:32:34] jya: the renderer (video playback) need more modifications than that to allow to be used there
[15:32:38] CeilingKitten (CeilingKitten! has joined #mythtv
[15:33:23] jya: otherwise it only uses v1
[15:33:27] stuarta: sounds like there is still some work to be done then before we could drop v1
[15:36:18] CeilingKitten (CeilingKitten! has quit (Max SendQ exceeded)
[15:36:48] jya: stuartm: there are shaders used in the OpenGL v1 code, the renderer that is (and deinterlacer)
[15:40:18] sraue_ (sraue_! has joined #mythtv
[15:41:30] FabriceMG (FabriceMG!~Thunderbi@ has quit (Quit: FabriceMG)
[15:42:55] stuarta: not knowing GL in the slightest, is it possible to determine the capabilities of the available hw and use "the best"
[15:43:22] sraue_ is now known as sraue
[15:43:30] sraue (sraue! has quit (Changing host)
[15:43:30] sraue (sraue!~stephan@xbmc/staff/sraue) has joined #mythtv
[15:43:45] jya: you can determine the version of the OpenGL lib yes
[15:44:08] jya: and then you can check for the capabilities of the adapter
[15:44:40] jya: however, that won't tell you how fast the gpu is... for the yadif 2x deinterlacer for example, you need a very powerful graphic card.
[15:44:59] jya: yet all the OpenGL features used are available on most platform
[15:53:00] stuarta: i'm curious what we gain from v2
[15:53:01] stuartm: jya: the aim is definitely to drop v1, but we need to know that v2 is stable/bug free first – especially since no-one has the necessary knowledge to fix it promptly :)
[15:53:16] stuarta: or know wtf it is doing
[15:54:44] CeilingKitten (CeilingKitten! has joined #mythtv
[15:54:52] jya: stuarta: hopefully it will be more driver friendly... as it is today, with my ATI card, I can only use the Qt painter
[15:55:06] jya: i get a black screen when using the OpenGL one
[15:55:41] jya: will test tomorrow
[15:56:19] stuartm_ (stuartm_!~stuartm@mythtv/developer/stuartm) has joined #mythtv
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[15:58:58] stichnot (stichnot!~stichnot@mythtv/developer/stichnot) has joined #mythtv
[15:59:33] jya: damn.... my compile on the pi failed... disabling x11 didn't disable vdpau nor vaapi, and those two uses code defined in the x11 code...
[16:07:34] gigem: skd5aner: I need logs. If it would help, I can generate a patch for you to automatically enable/disable the desired logging in the interesting section of code.
[16:09:31] stichnot (stichnot!~stichnot@mythtv/developer/stichnot) has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[16:15:58] stuartm_ (stuartm_!~stuartm@mythtv/developer/stuartm) has quit (Quit: Bye)
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[16:36:12] knightr: Anybody else got contacted by somebody searching for a MythTV programmer (apparently for a commercial product based on MythTV)?
[16:36:33] knightr: What was the site/list we refer those to?
[16:36:52] knightr: s/was/is
[16:36:52] stuartm: not I
[16:37:33] stuartm: did they say specifically what they were wanting help with?
[16:38:25] knightr: "eeking to identify a very good MythTV programmer with strong Linux skills with whom we can establish a business relationship to help perform programming maintenance for a newly launched commercial product based."
[16:38:38] knightr: s/eeking/seeking
[16:39:10] knightr: (I guess he meant based on MythTV but the sentence ended like that...)
[16:39:50] stuartm: hmm, a little vague, sounds like they would want someone who can work on all areas of the code
[16:39:57] knightr: I checked their site and it is "down for technical issues..."
[16:40:29] knightr: my guess is you are right Stuart...
[16:41:49] knightr: what exactly are they allowed to do commercially, isn't there something in the GPL that kinda force them to contribute back or something?
[16:41:58] stuartm: I for one prefer clearly defined goals so I know what I'm letting myself in for
[16:42:55] knightr: Should I ask them for more info or do we still have that group/list where we could refer people to?
[16:42:56] stuartm: knightr: GPL doesn't force you to contribute back, only to release the source code for your changes to those who ask for it
[16:43:36] knightr: ah, OK, not exactly the same thing...
[16:43:40] jheizer (jheizer! has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
[16:44:17] stuartm: that group was a Google Group thing, which I've never used because I don't have a Google account, a mailing list would be better but it doesn't exist atm
[16:45:35] skd5aner: gigem: it's hard to replicate... I'm not sure of the exact state to do it on demand, it just seems to happen every so often. Perhaps I can keep logs running all the time, but they'll get fairly verbose. What verbose settings would be best if I can replicate scheduled recordings stealing live tv tuners?
[16:46:01] knightr: ah... I guess I could ask more info and send it to -developers?
[16:46:46] jheizer (jheizer! has joined #mythtv
[16:46:53] skd5aner: gigem: oh, didn't read your whole comment – if you can implement a patch to enable the logging on demand there, that'd be awesome... It usually only happens once every 2–4 weeks randomly
[16:48:27] skd5aner: gigem: also, not sure if you saw my other comment – but I have a custom rule, a pretty simple one, that also is set to extend recording time by 60 minutes, but it never adds the 60 minutes to the recording... it just records the scheduled length
[16:48:52] stuartm: knightr: wouldn't hurt to pin them down a little more, what areas are they expecting 'maintenance' on?
[16:49:57] stuartm: by maintenance do they mean back-porting bug fixes to their fork? Or something else?
[16:49:57] skd5aner: dekarl1: btw... the musicbrainz foundation owns I stumbled on that the other day
[16:50:11] knightr: stuartm, OK, I will ask for more info and relay back the info once I have more info...
[16:53:18] Merlin83b (Merlin83b!~Daniel@2a00:1ee0:3:1337:5535:bbef:357b:ed51) has quit (Quit: Leaving)
[16:53:42] skd5aner: stuartm: (catching up on backlog here) – one thing I really appreciate is that the linear priority scale offers negative values in addition to positive ones. I suppose everything is relative, but I like that I can have new rules start at 0, and if I like it, bump it up...
[16:54:27] skd5aner: and for shows that dont' matter that much, I can put negative priroity on. Very good for things like Sportcenter, or the news... where I want it to conflict with nothing else, and I want it to autoexpire first, but I still want it to record
[16:54:42] stuartm: skd5aner: the scale could go from 0–100 and start at 50, it would offer the same functionality
[16:55:04] sraue (sraue!~stephan@xbmc/staff/sraue) has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
[16:55:28] stuartm: hell, even 3000–5000, starting at 4000 :)
[16:57:18] knightr: stuartm, gut feeling is that they need somebody to add new features. Their site is currently down but I think I found their product and they talk of automation, hom security, and obviously home entertainement and media servers...
[16:57:30] knightr: s/hom/home
[16:58:12] skd5aner: knightr:!forum/mythtv-contractors
[16:59:38] knightr: if's that all MythTV based at the core there's some of those things are barely supported by stock MythTV...
[16:59:44] knightr: skd5aner, thank you!
[16:59:44] skd5aner: stuartm, the last person on the face of the earth without a google account... lol :D
[17:00:02] knightr: skd5aner, I don't have one either...
[17:00:04] jya: wagnerrp: in ecfa569b5df0ce761cda08a211f31b9cfc3ca1fd , you added the option: to propagate logs; , the test to propage the quiet flag however seemed to have been reversed: if (!logPropagateQuiet())
[17:00:07] knightr: :)
[17:00:49] skd5aner: I don't know how I'd live without mine – they've properly assimilated for a decade
[17:01:16] knightr: skd5aner, I don't know why but I don't want google to parse my emails to send me ads and other things like that...
[17:01:24] skd5aner: Google+, however, is something I avoid like the plauge... it's worthless
[17:01:47] jya: according to the documentation you wrote then, it shouldn't have been negated; so as I couldn't pass --quiet when it was added to the backend command line to the other myth commands, so i inverted the test in a74baed2bbf3a72f2af58fe684398d3fdd01f256
[17:01:52] skd5aner: knightr: unless you roll your own, there isn't a web-based provider that doesn't do that anymore
[17:02:16] jya: however, this causes another issue, when the backend is started with --quiet, then another --quiet is added, and as such, all logs stops
[17:03:01] knightr: skd5aner, I used to roll my own, I guess I should rebuild that server one day (but I have to rebuild my firewall and DMZ before that... :-)
[17:03:14] jya: now, i'm wondering what's the point of propagating the log options when they are already added to the list just above (command += logPropagateArgs). logPropagateArgs would already contain a --quiet argument
[17:03:35] skd5aner: stuartm: yup, that scale makes sense – like I said, all relative :) I just really take full advantage of having a "negative" scale from the default starting point – I suspect that several people only raise priority and don't recognize the benefits of negative priorites around scheduling and auto-expire
[17:04:06] skd5aner: knightr: I did too, and I haven't done it in a while – although, honestly, I've thought about just letting google run email for my domains... lol
[17:05:38] jya: wagnerrp: so if you remember what you had in mind when you added that option...
[17:05:41] knightr: skd5aner, anyway for now it wouldn't be a good idea to run it off the small router I currently use, I really need to rebuild that firewall (probably based on pfSense this time...)
[17:07:25] ** jheizer just came back online from a pfsense update. They finally added IPv6 support :) **
[17:09:14] knightr: :)
[17:09:45] dekarl1: knightr: stuartm: from my understanding you only have to give the sources, under GPL, to the people that you gave the binaries to. They can then do whatever the GPL allows with it. So if you and your customer are both not interested in contributing back that's fine, too. At least according to the letter of the license.
[17:09:48] skd5aner: I ran ipcop for EVER... finally got rid of that last year
[17:09:52] dekarl1 is now known as dekarl
[17:10:52] knightr: dekarl, ah thanks for the info!
[17:11:34] knightr: skd5aner, I was running Leaf (linux based for a while). The firewall part was iptables/Shorewall based...
[17:11:38] knightr: ooops, gotta go...
[17:11:42] knightr: ttyl...
[17:11:59] skd5aner: yea, I gotta run too – later folks
[17:19:04] jya: wagnerrp: ohhhh... i get it... the idea is to make the app launched always quiet...
[17:24:49] stuartm: skd5aner: I pay a few dollars a year for good old fashioned shared hosting and a domain name, I use imap so my mail is accessible from my phone, tablet and desktop – if I really need to then I can also access it via a webpage, but that has never happened
[17:25:42] jya: i like gmail.... i never delete an email... when I'm on the move, i can easily search throughout my very long history
[17:25:56] stichnot (stichnot!~stichnot@mythtv/developer/stichnot) has joined #mythtv
[17:26:10] jya: i've subscribed to a dozen distribution list; searching through them that way is trivial
[17:26:16] stuartm: never used a webmail service, likely never will, can't see any benefit to it and there are negatives
[17:26:35] jya: no way imap would give you that flexibility (and I too use my own server and imap service)
[17:27:12] stuartm: jya: well what you're describing is pretty much exactly what I get from imap
[17:27:44] jya: i don't see how your mobile phone would allow to easily and conveniently search through GB of mails
[17:28:04] stuartm: well, not full text searching of un-cached mail on the go, but I've never had need of it
[17:28:06] jya: not even my desktop mail client gives me as good searching option as gmail....
[17:29:07] jya: yeah, I use it a lot... i find that while I don't remember as much things as I used to, i do recall excessively well how I can access again to that information and where to find it...
[17:30:27] stuartm: not criticising anyone for using gmail, if they are aware of the implications, it's just not for me
[17:30:27] jya: anyhow, each to their own... i like it
[17:31:12] SteveGoodey (SteveGoodey! has joined #mythtv
[17:31:34] jya: like searching through mythtv user list.... i have at least 10 years of history in there... searching is trivial, especially when you have not sphery around (who finds stuff even quicker than gmail)
[17:33:37] stichnot: Apparently gmail must pre-delete high-probability spam. Usually I have very little, then suddenly went up enormously and I found it was all to my address
[17:33:51] stichnot: that's another thing very good about gmail – spam filtering
[17:34:11] stuartm: aye, I have a decent search facility on my desktop/laptop, just never had much use for it from my phone – I guess I don't travel as much as some people
[17:34:19] stichnot: I agree with jya about searching – it puts me on the same plane as sphery
[17:35:03] stuartm: there'll likely be some people who are reconsidering webmail services in the wake of the Snowdon revelations, although I can't understand how so many people are surprised, wasn't it XKCD that branded google Echelon 2.0 years and years ago?
[17:35:27] stichnot: On the iPhone, using the built-in imap app for searching is ungodly terribly slow. I don't know about the actual gmail app, but searches are fast on the android app
[17:35:29] drrngrvy (drrngrvy! has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[17:36:01] stuartm: stichnot: the built-in email app on Android is very likely worse than the iphone one, it's god-awful
[17:36:14] jya: stichnot: the gmail app on iphone seems to be just a web view
[17:36:37] ** jya never understood how email on android can be so terrible... **
[17:36:43] stuartm: currently using Aquamail on Android, so much better
[17:36:53] stichnot: jya: I would believe it, it's probably the sensible way to go
[17:36:53] jya: and still no official API to send an attachment
[17:36:59] stuartm: jya: because Google _want_ you to use the GMail app instead
[17:37:25] stuartm: they aren't interested in providing a good pop/imap experience
[17:37:59] jya: when you want your app to send an attachment, you get the list of mail app ; none of them will work the same way with the attachment you pass... spent days trying to get around.
[17:38:20] stuartm: I should play with the AquaMail search features, only been using it for about three weeks
[17:38:25] jya: the most common work-around seems to be to use a sendmail library and use a 3rd party mail server instead
[17:39:51] stichnot: stuartm: did you see my note a few hours ago about out of date SCHEMA_VERSION in the perl and python bindings after the initial image gallery commit?
[17:40:04] stuartm: with Jellybean, and Aquamail attachments just work, can send them from most apps using 'Send to/Sync to'
[17:40:10] stichnot: I'm happy to commit the updated versions
[17:40:56] stuartm: stichnot: saw it, would you mind? I've got commits and other changes in my tree at the moment which would need to be stashed before I can do it myself
[17:43:52] gigem: skd5aner: I'll try to get you the patch this afternoon. I didn't see your other issue. Do you have an URL?
[17:47:49] jya: duh! no wonder my build on the pi was the slow, somehow my distcc server was only compiling intel code, so it was always failing
[17:48:10] stichnot: stuartm: will do.
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[18:58:24] dekarl: knightr: sounds like pluto home
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[19:18:24] kenni: stuartm: Nope, it wasn't me who knew Xavier Hervy.
[19:22:19] stuarta_ (stuarta_! has joined #mythtv
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[19:58:00] stuarta_ is now known as stuarta
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[20:09:52] ghoti_ is now known as ghoti
[20:10:50] stuartm: kenni: ok thanks, I'll give up on that approach then :) He's not yet responded to the update tickets, so for now we'll just have to go on without his help
[20:11:53] kurre2 (kurre2! has joined #mythtv
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[20:28:25] skd5aner: gigem: URL for? I haven't submitted a bug report yet, if that's what you're asking for
[20:31:34] skd5aner: gigem: I had mentioned it in the users room the other day
[20:31:45] skd5aner: and tagged your name, so wasn't sure if you saw it :)
[20:34:53] stichnot (stichnot!~stichnot@mythtv/developer/stichnot) has joined #mythtv
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[22:19:26] gigem: skd5aner: Any URL for IRC log, email log or whatever. I'll go look in #mythtv-users now. I stay joined to the channel, but never go there unless I have a reason or am exceptionally bored.
[22:20:26] gigem: skd5aner: The patch is at . Run with -v whatever,schedule --loglevel info. The patch will change the loglevel to and from debug as needed.
[22:22:27] skd5aner: -v whatever, is that new? ;-) heh
[22:24:04] skd5aner: gigem: &ndash ; starts around 21:34
[22:28:48] gigem: skd5aner: No, the "whatever" is whatever other verbose option you normally use. IOW, just make sure schedule is included.
[22:29:07] skd5aner: I know, was just pulling your leg :)
[22:31:04] gigem: :) FYI, I need to run now and will be afk for a few housrs.
[22:31:32] skd5aner: thanks for the patch – I'll try it tonight – I'm assuming, sincewe're talking about 2 different things, the patch will assist with trying to capture what's needed when LiveTV is asked to give up a tuner when it shouldn't have to
[22:31:45] skd5aner: s/needed/happening
[22:31:51] skd5aner: gigem: np, talk to you later – thanks
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[22:53:23] knightr: stuartm, if you mean help to convert to mythui I could try it, I had looked at his patches and it *seemed* to be relatively straightforward to do. It would also have the advantage that I would learn more how the UI works...
[23:00:55] sraue (sraue!~stephan@xbmc/staff/sraue) has joined #mythtv
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[23:21:29] wagnerrp_: jya: the intent was to pass on the exact parameters used on the parent to the child process
[23:21:53] wagnerrp_: i seem to recall some issue with the logic that required reversing it, but i don't recall the reasons off hand
[23:21:58] wagnerrp_: i would need to look at the code
[23:22:13] wagnerrp_: as for the commandlineparser, there are two types of arguments
[23:22:34] wagnerrp_: ones preceded by one or two dashes, and ones with no dashes
[23:23:16] wagnerrp_: there are two different options, one that allows all arguments with no dashes to be added to a QStringList, and one that allows all arguments with dashes to be added to a QMap
[23:24:04] wagnerrp_: there is a third option that allows constructions like "mythfilldatabase --some_option — --some_arbitrary option"
[23:24:34] wagnerrp_: where everything past the " — " is unprocessed and tossed into a QString
[23:25:11] wagnerrp_: in that scenario, it was to allow passing arbitrary options to xmltv grabbers
[23:29:35] stichnot (stichnot!~stichnot@mythtv/developer/stichnot) has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
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