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Sunday, September 29th, 2013, 00:00 UTC
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[00:13:46] skd5aner: jpabq: I could probably get you a sample of the first 10 seconds of the video, I'm sure that'd be enough for you to replicate it
[00:24:40] stichnot: skd5aner: Long shot, but make sure you don't have any 0.26 libraries or plugins lying around?
[00:25:04] skd5aner: stichnot: I check everytime before upgrading... I'm pretty sure that's nothign to do with it...
[00:25:23] skd5aner: everything plays back fine otherwise, just about 1/10 of my HD-PVR recordings fail like this
[00:25:41] stichnot: also, taking a peek at -v playback logs (possibly with --loglevel debug) would be good
[00:25:54] skd5aner: I'm pretty confident I know the cuase, but not the fix...
[00:26:35] stichnot: but yeah, if you can cut 10 seconds, drop it into Video Gallery and reproduce it there, it ought to be small enough to attach to a ticket.
[00:26:48] skd5aner: When my STB changes channels, it takes time for it to stabilize the signal – sometimes there can be slight corruption for a second or three on the HD-PVR recordings – I don't think MythTV is handling these blurps as well in 0.27 as it did in 0.26
[00:27:47] skd5aner: For whatever reason, the player is not capable of getting past these first few frames, and for whatever reason it then shows the "end of recording" dialog
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[01:28:02] jya_: tried to play a bluray yesterday: the lorax. I've never seen audio and video to be so out of sync: close to a minute !
[01:29:56] wagnerrp: back when i used to transcode my movies, i always found disney stuff to be particularly bad about that
[01:30:14] wagnerrp: something they did to them, the transcoder couldn't handle it, and they would be several minutes off by the end of the film
[01:40:53] jya_: my bd player has no issue with that movie.. i had never seen that before..
[01:41:21] jya_: too bad because it takes a good 2 minutes for the BD to start playing that movie, while myth does so in around 10s (that's when it doesn't crash)
[01:41:33] jya_: libmythbluray doesn't seem to be the most reliable thing ever
[01:54:12] jya_: distcc works quite well... 54s to compile libmythtv/dbcheck.cpp vs 5.2s with
[01:54:46] wagnerrp: this is crosscompiling on an ARM?
[01:55:16] wagnerrp: s/on/for/
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[02:07:58] jya_: wagnerrp: yes, I installed the arm toolchain on a spare linux machine (i5–2300) running distcc
[02:08:06] jya_: and I make the pi use distcc
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[02:08:41] jya_: a tad annoying, any small changes cause ffmpeg to be recompiled from scratch... something have been changed; never used to do this...
[02:08:58] jya_: dblain: did you change something in the dependency of ffmpeg that could cause this?
[02:09:37] jya_: wagnerrp: I'm currently reading on openmax to see what's required to add support to myth
[02:10:10] jya_: they also have their own OpenGL extensions, as well as various hardware accelerations for scaling and decoding various image formats.
[02:11:02] jya_: openmax is both the decoder and the rendering... going to complicate things; as I'm not familiar with myth architecture when it comes to rendering...
[02:11:47] jya_: rhaaaa. damn libcec crashing... got to recompile again :(
[02:12:20] wagnerrp: libcec has direct support for the rpi, right?
[02:12:35] wagnerrp: no need for the external adapter (that actually costs more than the rpi)
[02:12:56] clever: i have used libcec directly on my pi before
[02:13:17] clever: it was somewhat crashy, but that was many many months ago, should be better now
[02:13:38] clever: the default firmware will also force the pi to be the active device, using cec commands, every time you boot it up
[02:17:48] jya_: wagnerrp: that may be the case, but each time I run mythfrontend it crashes with 2013-09–29 12:01:44.030649 E CECAdapter: Failed to find any CEC devices. and segfault
[02:18:18] clever: i do remember having to compile libcec with the rpi flag enabled
[02:18:23] jya_: so my solution to this is simply rebuilt without libcec
[02:18:45] jya_: clever: i use libcec that comes with the debian distribution for it... i haven't attempt to build any 3rd party tools
[02:18:56] clever: that might be the issue
[02:19:19] jya_: lightdm is surprisingly responsive on the pi... haven't figured out how to change the screen resolution yet.
[02:19:44] clever: hdmi or composite out?
[02:19:45] jya_: clever: which display manager are you using on the pi? i started lightdm because that's the one mythbuntu uses by default
[02:19:47] jya_: hdmi
[02:20:17] wagnerrp: they don't use xfce anymore?
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[02:20:20] clever: i'm just using whatever came default, i havent modified the gui too heavily
[02:21:02] clever: CEC Parser created – libCEC version 1.8.1
[02:21:15] clever: what version do you get when you run cec-client?
[02:22:09] jya_: clever: no cec-client installed
[02:22:17] jya_: i only installed libcec-dev
[02:22:27] clever: ah, dpkg should tell you directly
[02:22:47] clever: dpkg -l|grep cec
[02:22:47] jya_: i listed all the dependencies on mythtv on the mythbuntu packages, and installed those on the pi
[02:23:18] jya_: 1.6.2–1.1
[02:23:36] clever: so it could be too old, or the debian build has rpi features disabled
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[02:25:18] jya_: which distrib are you using on your pi?
[02:25:33] jya_: seems everyone uses debian
[02:25:37] clever: rasbian i think
[02:25:42] jya_: certainly the one that is the most documented
[02:25:53] jya_: yeah, that's it "rasbian"
[02:26:03] clever: i think i just installed libcec directly from
[02:26:52] jya_: i see...
[02:27:06] jya_: oh well, will look into libcec at a later stage...
[02:27:10] clever: checking the git history on there, i can see that rpi support was added in 1.8.1–1
[02:27:15] clever: so 1.6 is too old, it wont work at all
[02:27:37] clever: that also explains why it was so unstable for me, alpha version!
[02:30:05] clever: let me try updating and see how it works
[02:37:56] clever: jya_: i think i need to update the firmware header files, hmmm
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[03:00:31] jya_: wagnerrp: if the pi is cheaper than a cec adapter, could be a worthy project to transform the pi into cec adapter
[03:01:56] clever: i found the issue, the firmware headers arent in the include search path
[03:08:54] jya_: where are those (so I know for the time I need it)
[03:11:43] clever: they are all under /opt/vc/
[03:12:16] jya_: hmmmm... now it's crashing in lib crypto before anything is loaded :(
[03:14:57] clever: i also ran into a strange problem in the frontend a month ago, it didnt flush the log output upon exit(-1)
[03:15:06] clever: so the error telling you why its quiting, never got printed
[03:19:01] clever: jya_: i think this is everything you need to get it to configure properly, then just make ; make install
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[03:31:39] clever: CEC Parser created – libCEC version 2.1.3
[03:31:56] clever: no serial port given. trying autodetect: path: Raspberry Pi com port: RPI
[03:31:58] clever: jya_: looks like its working :)
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[03:45:09] jya_: great
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[03:52:54] JennieL: Hi. Where in MythTV — frontend, setup, etc — do I set/change the RECORDING quality level? Specifically, I want to change the setting for the 'Default' template. I've been going nuts trying to find it ... probly right in front of my nose :-/
[03:55:57] wagnerrp: what type of tuner?
[03:56:12] wagnerrp: also, you want the #mythtv-users channel
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[04:06:37] clever: jya_: and now its time to fight with cec again, every time i switch inputs, the dvd player kicks in and steals focus!
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[11:43:01] jya_: what's left to be done to use myth against qt 5.x?
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[15:58:47] gary_buhrmaster: jya_: There are (last I looked) a couple of functions/features not being compiled if one is using Qt5 (in the .pro files). mythrssmanager and mythuibrowser are the ones I seem to recall off the top of my head.
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[19:07:02] knightr: dblain, I tracked down what's happening, the info that's passed to the service is, I believe, incorrect (it's passing the complete path of the file as if there was no storage group to something that expects storage groups)... what is done with it is weird though, it appears to be concatenating the filename with itself so it fails (and unfortunately silently...)
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[22:04:26] stuartm: patch removing use of LoadScaleImage() from use in mythui, needs testing on a wide variety of themes, screen resolutions –
[22:05:09] stuartm: requires the themecache to be cleared before use (otherwise we won't get clear results)
[22:06:00] stuartm: might marginally improve the loading times of images from the disk (uncached) as it avoids scaling them twice
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[22:17:22] stuartm: knightr: fwiw, I'm aware of path issues in the new gallery, just need to find time to fix them
[22:18:27] stuartm: the funny thing is that when I tested the patches 6 months ago it seemed to work pretty well, but having merged it into master I keep finding new bugs :/
[22:19:44] stuartm: still, it has advantages over the old plugin and the problems aren't difficult to fix
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[22:29:40] knightr: stuartm, I wasn't sure if the problem was specific to my config so I tracked it down. I didn't know you knew about issue with it though, only that you wanted to make a special storage groupe for it.
[22:30:36] knightr: that said, I think it uncovered a bug in code that existed before it was added I think...
[22:31:31] knightr: (the path it generates it very weird, looks like the filename with path times 2)
[22:32:28] knightr: I have some translation fixes, I'll commit those now that I know the problems I had are unrelated to it..
[22:33:45] knightr: it does has advantages though but still neeed some polishing..
[22:34:39] knightr: anyway it's master so some things are expected to be not entirely completed/polished...
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[22:51:55] knightr: stuartm, that's what I got when I enabled logging. It doesn't pass the storage groupe to DeleteFile (and most likely to other services as well) and past the path with the storage group ressolved as you noticed but the weird thing is the path it tries to use once it has tried the path of all the other storage groups...
[23:07:47] skd5aner: Would anyone be opposed if I submitted a patch for mythweb that still displayed the callsign in the EPG even if a channel icon is present? Right now, it will list the callsign if an icon isn't present, but if an icon is present, it just shows the icon and channel #
[23:08:24] skd5aner: This makes it impossible to find a channel by name by searching the page if you have a channel icon
[23:22:52] jya_: gary_buhrmaster: thanks...
[23:24:03] knightr: stuartm, it must have worked OK at a certain point in time though, I doubt he would have issued that pull request if it didn't. (or maybe he forgor to submit a commit...)
[23:24:16] jya_: need to find a different way to compile for the pi... this is taking way too long
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