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Friday, September 27th, 2013, 00:03 UTC
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[00:45:59] stichnot: "Microsoft SE Keyboard" – . . . Eastwood.jpg
[00:46:32] ** knightr is ROTFLing... **
[00:51:17] gary_buhrmaster: stichnot: While that is funny, as I recall, on the IBM 5150 keyboard, it was not possible for people to hit C-A-D with a single hand. I believe the differently able were very unhappy with that.
[00:56:37] gary_buhrmaster: stichnot: Eventually, even with keyboard enhancements (a C-A on the right side), there were still issues for those with physical challenges. It was one of the reasons for "sticky keys" (which I still occasionally get "stuck" on :-)
[01:17:55] wagnerrp: you can disable those
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[01:22:46] dblain: jya: I did make a change to configure & common.mak located in the FFmpeg directory- It was a minor change to prefix the libraries with myth. 1 common change, the reset isolated to windows.
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[07:04:52] jya_: what's the easiest/best/recommended way to cross-compile mythtv ?
[07:05:09] jya_: trying to compile myth on my raspberry pi but this is taking forever....
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[08:14:35] stuarta: jya_: i've not done it, but i'm guessing it would be the usual, get/build a cross compile tool chain, then libs, then build app
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[08:39:26] stuartm: gary_buhrmaster: and it was a very good job that he was 'stuck' with C-A-D, the idea of a single key on the keyboard to reboot seems like the single worst idea possible
[08:41:05] stuartm: C-A-D was originally meant to be C-A-Esc but it was found that even that was too easy to hit by mistake because it was all on the same side of the keyboard
[08:41:53] stuarta: C-A-D however is a little difficult if you only have 1 arm...
[08:42:08] stuarta: not that i know anybody in that situation
[08:43:56] stuartm: but for me, it was Bills tacit acknowledgement that you would _need_ to reboot so often that they wanted a dedicated single key which although not entirely MicroSofts fault (early memory/processors not having the fault protection of later hardware), still says a lot about his approach to problem solving
[08:46:42] stuarta: paper over the cracks rather than fix it
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[08:49:41] stuarta: one of the reasons their new versions fall flat is the always seem to focus on new ui bling rather than stability
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[08:54:26] stuartm: I heard stories that parts of the window's kernel where such a convoluted mess that it effectively became policy not to touch them because of the potential for breakage, as a result they endeavoured for a long time to workaround problems deep down in the kernel at a higher level, or even in user-space
[08:55:10] stuarta: it's a shame, because the core kernel design was a good one.
[08:55:29] stuartm: which of course would only have meant that as time passed, fewer and fewer people actually knew and understood that code
[09:13:49] jya_: stuarta: thanks... I'm currently following a blog that use distcc ... will see how it goes
[09:16:49] jya_: stuartm: that sounds like mythtv :)
[09:22:43] stuarta: haha
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[10:38:04] jya_: stuarta: do you have to built all dependency libs locally when cross-compiling ????
[10:38:09] jya_: that will take me forever :(
[10:39:15] stuarta: or somebody has to have done it for you
[10:39:36] stuarta: it's been a few years since i've done it
[10:39:42] stuarta: like 15+ :)
[10:46:14] stuarta: jya_: you may be able to install the packages for the destination device into a chroot and use those
[10:55:45] jya_: distcc is working here... not sure how much quicker it makes everything.. the pi has a rather slow ethernet connection
[10:55:56] jya_: having said that, it's probably not much slower than the SD card I'm using
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[12:09:35] jya_: stuartm: how do activate the OpenGL 2 code ?
[12:10:49] jya_: and additional question: do we support using OpenGL ES in place of OpenGL ?
[12:11:40] stuarta: configure looks for opengl es so in theory it should work, markk did a fair bit of work on that
[12:12:12] stuartm: jya_: you need to change the ThemePainter from opengl to opengl2 in the database (it's not currently offered as an option in the UI)
[12:12:45] stuartm: I was using it for months until last week when it suddenly stopped working, all I would get was a black screen :(
[12:12:49] jya_: stuarta: and you need qt to be compiled with OpenGL es isn't it ?
[12:13:51] stuartm: opengl2 es is an option, but I've never tried it for the UI
[12:36:43] jya_: stuartm: what are the advantages of opengl2 vs OpenGL code ?
[12:41:20] stuartm: I don't know what all the advantages are, but it makes better use of opengl for the rendering of things like shapes (uses shaders etc)
[12:43:03] stuartm: should produce much better results for round/rounded shapes
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[16:06:16] jerrymr: stuartm: I think Bill meant he wanted a single button to bring up the login window, not a single button for reboot.
[16:40:26] stuartm: he didn't mean that, he was talking about IBM refusing to add a single button for rebooting the system – when it came to NT (several years later) they could have chosen any key/key combination to bring up the login window
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[16:43:49] stuartm: at least that's the context given in all the media reports (I wasn't there :) )
[16:45:14] stuartm: in the words of the IBM guy who designed the keyboard layout, "I may have invented it, but Bill made it famous"
[16:46:16] stuartm: a joke which apparently Bill took badly :)
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[19:30:00] johanbr: Hi. I'm trying to get myth to scan for EIT less often. In eitscanner.cpp, I've changed activeScanNextTrig = MythDate::current() into activeScanNextTrig = MythDate::current().addSecs(3600); and this delays the initial scan, but once that happens Myth continues to scan continuously.
[19:30:26] johanbr: Does activeScanNextTrig get set somewhere else, or is it just the scan never terminates? Any pointers would be appreciated.
[19:31:14] danielk22: johanbr: did you try the EIT settings in mythtv-setup in the General section?
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[19:35:16] johanbr: danielk22: I guess you're referring to "Backend idle before EIT crawl" ? If I've understood correctly, that only applies if there are recordings scheduled.
[19:35:37] johanbr: I.e, if there are no recordings, there'll still be continuous EIT scanning
[19:39:46] johanbr: By the way, the reason I want to avoid the continuous scanning is that it makes my HDHomerun tuner pretty hot, it takes CPU on the backend, and it means there's a continous 18 Mbit/sec stream on the lan.
[19:39:50] danielk22: The backend idle only applies when there are no recordings. But what you really want is for the EIT scanning to stop once a complete set of programs has been collected. That is something that was discussed a long long time ago, but it was never high priority enough to get implementd.
[19:44:43] johanbr: Right. I've seen some patches on trac, but they appear to have bit-rotted by now.
[19:46:43] johanbr: I wouldn't mind playing with this a bit, but I'm not familiar with the Myth code base and don't have much time so progress is likely to be slow.
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[22:10:12] wagnerrp: web server is unresponsive, restarting httpd
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[22:27:09] papertigers_: have you guys seen a leak in fds? mythbacke 23133 mythtv 160u a_inode 0,9 0 5473 [eventfd]
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[22:35:49] stichnot: papertigers_: what version?
[22:39:47] papertigers_: stichnot: MythTV Version : 5b917e8
[22:39:48] papertigers_: MythTV Branch : fixes/0.27
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[22:42:30] papertigers_: which then leads to, (process:23133): GLib-ERROR **: Creating pipes for GWakeup: Too many open files
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[23:10:30] papertigers_: If i can find where this system is coring to, I will create a bug for it I guess
[23:11:58] stichnot: In your example, is it saying 5473 fds?
[23:13:54] stichnot: My backend has been running for a week and has 179 fds (as measured by ls /proc/`pidof mythbackend`/fd | wc -l
[23:13:55] papertigers_: stichnot: what do you mean
[23:14:10] stichnot: I mean, how many is too many? :)
[23:14:12] papertigers_: oh it was growing…400 then 500
[23:14:19] papertigers_: and then it cores
[23:14:24] trace_: Hi all. First of all thanks to the people working on MythTV. I have a question that I could not find the answer to myself (MythTV docs and google). The control communication protocol between backend and frontend seems well documented. However, I can't find information regarding which protocol is used for video transportation in live tv. It myth using standard protocols as rtsp, rtmp, http or similar? I apologize in advance if the question seems d
[23:14:24] trace_: umb.
[23:14:57] trace_: it=is
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