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Wednesday, September 25th, 2013, 00:02 UTC
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[07:58:47] stuarta: wagnerrp: i don't see how the path comes into it at all, other than, you check them all and if you see the same signature then you know it's the same storage
[08:00:37] stuarta: multipath does exactly that, and it works just fine
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[10:25:28] paul-h: jya, wagnerrp: Re ticket #11878 from the user list
[10:25:28] ** MythLogBot **
[10:45:41] paul-h: stuartm: are you able to reproduce #11877?
[10:51:42] wagnerrp: stuarta: you're saying to put a file into the root of the storage group, and use that to recognize if that same root is used elsewhere, right?
[10:52:59] wagnerrp: that wouldn't work for detecting multiple paths defined on the same partition
[10:57:43] stuarta: then put one in each of the path on the same partition rather than the root of the SG
[10:58:22] stuarta: it's the equivalent of creating an LVM PV on the whole disk, versus in partitions 1,2,3 & 4
[10:58:48] wagnerrp: so scan up to find the root of the partition, and then recursively add some identifier to every single directory we have write access to?
[10:59:43] stuarta: i wouldn't say every directory, should 1 level deep be sufficient?
[10:59:58] stuarta: and i would also advocate, putting it only in the deepest directory
[11:00:42] stuarta: so say you had /myth/1/ /myth/2/ /myth/3/. you can either have 3 SG's or 1 at the toplevel /myth
[11:00:42] wagnerrp: that still does nothing for ZFS, where your pool structure and your filesystem structure are completely independent
[11:01:00] stuarta: okay i don't understand the zfs use case then
[11:01:13] stuarta: i've not looked at zfs
[11:01:19] wagnerrp: it just seems more fragile than the current method of matching total and free space
[11:01:33] stuarta: doesn't that fail on zfs anyway?
[11:01:40] wagnerrp: yes
[11:02:31] stuarta: okay, so it works for the existing use cases, but not the new one, and neither does the existing
[11:02:37] stuarta: +method
[11:20:12] wagnerrp: consider ZFS to be similar to a bunch of "bind" mounts
[11:20:40] stuarta: right, so they all report the same free space
[11:20:47] wagnerrp: using traditional methods, you wouldn't be able to see past the bind
[11:20:55] wagnerrp: except it goes a bit further than that
[11:21:19] wagnerrp: for each of these mounts, you report the total space as the space used in that specific mount, plus whatever free space is available in the pool
[11:21:37] wagnerrp: so while they do all report the same free space, they report different amounts of total space
[11:21:53] stuarta: gotcha
[11:22:31] wagnerrp: the existing method generally works well, except for the case of ZFS, and when you have identical, completely empty disks
[11:22:53] stuarta: i need to build an environment in which i can test this
[11:23:36] stuarta: cause i can still see ways that my theory will work
[11:24:33] wagnerrp: one mount wouldn't have any way to traverse to another for your theory to work
[11:25:19] wagnerrp: you would have to look at where it's mounted from
[11:29:49] stuarta: is this in the case where you have 1 SG with multiple directories?
[11:32:11] wagnerrp: no
[11:32:50] wagnerrp: i'm just talking about the general usage of storage among the whole cluster, but local and remote
[11:33:24] wagnerrp: and just coming up with some slightly more robust means of doing it than total and free
[11:33:57] wagnerrp: total and free generally works well, but it falls through in things like zfs (and presumably btrfs)
[11:34:30] wagnerrp: on the other hand, pretty much everything else falls through in complex situations elsewhere
[11:35:11] ** wagnerrp needs to get to work **
[11:36:52] stuarta: i'll think about it some more
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[11:39:58] stuarta: does anyone know of a good page for setting up a backend with only virtual tuners (for testing) ??
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[11:51:48] knightr: Do I need to drink more coffee or is the new MythImage/MythGallery plugin using (web) services which don't currently exist?
[11:52:42] knightr: (I have something I want to commit but I want to make sure I don't break anything that wasn't previously broken...)
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[11:53:46] knightr: :)
[11:55:57] stuarta: anything is possible stuartm care to comment?
[12:01:13] knightr: stuarta, thanks!
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[12:01:50] knightr: The (apparently) unimplemented services are called from galleryfilehelper.cpp...
[12:06:51] drrngrvy: hi all.
[12:07:33] drrngrvy: I'm trying to figure out how bullet proof the EIT parsing is in MythTV.
[12:11:44] drrngrvy: Is it a custom parser or based on some other open source one? I'm aware of libusci, which is part of dvb-apps (, but that doesn't seem to be used. Does anyone know if there's a reason for that?
[12:13:25] stuarta: we wrote our own
[12:13:46] stuarta: and it's pretty good. i use it all the time
[12:14:30] stuarta: the main issue we have is every now and again, the people typing in the data that is broadcast, change the way they are doing it, requiring us to tweak our fixups
[12:18:29] drrngrvy: stuarta, thanks. Is there anything in the way of a list of supported countries? I'm looking for the sort of thing that might convince a nervous non-developer.
[12:19:25] paul-h: knightr: it's the MythTV way take something that's simple and works and make it complicated and broken :)
[12:19:55] drrngrvy: Is libmythtv/eithelper.cpp the place in the code a good place to start?
[12:20:18] paul-h: knightr: Looks like RenameFile and DeleteFile are at least missing
[12:25:27] stuarta: drrngrvy: yes it is, essentially try it and see if you get any data, if the data needs modifying, then we can look into fixups for that country. Which country btw?
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[12:30:29] stuarta: his ip was in the uk, so he should be fine
[12:33:22] stuartm: can you name an example? the merge of the new code included additions to the services which haven't yet been documented, could that be what you are seeing?
[12:34:02] stuartm: paul-h: hmm, could have missed a commit in the merge
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[12:48:38] stuarta: drrngrvy: i believe you are in the uk. eit works fine here
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[13:12:54] stuartm: knightr, paul-h: fixed
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[15:22:57] paul-h: stuartm: this is where things go wrong when viewing image on a remote FE . . . get.cpp#n561
[15:23:49] paul-h: the created url ends up looking for the image on the FE IP address not the BE one
[15:28:51] paul-h: Things are made more complicated because the filename stored in the DB is the full filename including the storage group path otherwise you could do somting like this instead QString url = gCoreContext->GenMythURL(gCoreContext->GetSetting("MasterServerIP&quo t;), gCoreContext->GetNumSetting("MasterServerPort"), fileName, m_gvh->m_sgName);
[15:33:12] paul-h: Probably should also store the host where the image was found rather than assume all images are on the master BE
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[15:38:59] stuartm: paul-h: thanks for tracking that down, I already intended to change the filename in the db to be relative so that makes it easier to fix
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[16:14:50] knightr: paul-h, stuartm, thank you! There were the ones I noticed as well.
[16:15:13] knightr: s/There/These
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[16:21:54] knightr: BTW, the calls were silently failing, it might be a good idea to have them use jya's notifications if that's possible...
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[21:52:43] jya: paul-h: it's raining today and i can't finish oiling my deck, so will do some myth… will go over #11878
[21:52:43] ** MythLogBot **
[21:54:33] ** jya thinks ZFS is the best thing invented since butter **
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[22:47:15] danielk22: jya: btrfs was invented after ZFS :)
[22:47:40] jya: and is still nowhere as good nor as efficient
[22:48:54] wagnerrp: or commercially tested
[22:49:03] danielk22: Heh. I'm still happily using XFS outside of some test systems, but someday...
[22:49:46] danielk22: wagnerrp: That doesn't really mean much. ext3 is commercially tested, but it is still awful.
[22:50:12] wagnerrp: awful, sure, but you can trust it's not going to eat your data
[22:54:37] danielk22: Do you know anyone outside a kernel developer that has lost data to any filesystem in the last 5 years? (Not counting hardware/power failure).
[22:55:10] wagnerrp: do you know many people outside a kernel developer that has used btrfs?
[22:56:28] danielk22: Well a few, but I spend time with devs and ops :) One of my MythTV frontends uses btrfs.
[23:03:26] jya: wagnerrp: lol
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