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Tuesday, September 24th, 2013, 00:04 UTC
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[00:07:01] wagnerrp: stichnot: the mxml file is nothing more than the format returned by the metadata grabbers
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[02:11:45] moeSizlak: hello, i have mixed the iodine and red phosphurous in the correct ratio but the resulting black sludge is steaming and releasing some sort of noxious fumes, is that normal?
[02:14:38] wagnerrp: breathe in deeply
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[10:38:56] stuartm: I think I've had it with the Dome, where did a delivery lorry come from? They are inside a dome completely cut off from the outside world without electricity but an appliance delivery lorry just happens to be speeding through the town?
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[10:43:02] stuartm: throw in terrible pacing, lousy scripts and terrible acting – how did this even get greenlit?
[10:43:55] stuarta: wtf?
[10:49:01] stuartm: it's such a movie/tv cliche that I feel like the driving test in the US must contain the following question: "A pedestrian steps into the road some distance ahead of you, do you: A) Turn 90 degrees to the left or right, braking only once you've left the road B) Perform an emergency stop C) Keep going until you hit the pedestrian and then brake"
[10:49:22] stuartm: with accepted answers being A or C, but never B
[10:52:31] stuarta: D) floor it and get past them before the make it into your lane
[10:52:36] stuarta: *they
[10:56:59] Merlin83b: I didn't see last night's yet, stuartm, but I'm not hating it – it's certainly not the finest example of US drama, but I'm finding it pretty watchable.
[10:58:38] stuarta: i started watching defiance, until i came to the conclusion the plot is terrible and it looks like a trailer for a video game.
[10:58:54] stuartm: wish I could look past the flaws :/
[10:59:00] ** stuarta thinks we should take this to -users **
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[13:47:18] stuarta: wagnerrp: the how to identify different storages just came to mind. generate a uuid and save it in a file, then just look at the uuid
[13:47:23] stuarta: simples!
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[14:13:38] Oleg_: folks, why do you have this code in mythtv/libs/libmythbase/logging.cpp: for (syslogname = &facilitynames[0]; ?
[14:13:52] Oleg_: this code produces a compiler error with both gcc and clang
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[14:18:10] stuarta: really, all the builder are building the code fine
[14:18:32] stuarta: including clang
[14:18:49] stuarta: Oleg_: can you pastebin the compiler error?
[14:24:10] Oleg_: logging.cpp:876:25: error: assigning to 'CODE *' (aka '_code *') from incompatible type 'const CODE *' (aka 'const _code *')
[14:24:10] Oleg_: for (syslogname = &facilitynames[0];
[14:24:10] Oleg_: ^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
[14:24:51] stuarta: i said pastebin, with the whole compile command and the full output please
[14:25:48] Oleg_: compile command? it was gmake -j3
[14:26:06] stuarta: it'll turn into 'gcc .......'
[14:26:20] stuarta: g++ actually ;-)
[14:26:37] stuarta: 'g++ .... logging.cpp'
[14:26:55] Oleg_: oh, I see
[14:28:29] stuartm: gmake?
[14:28:48] Oleg_:
[14:29:02] stuartm: n/m
[14:29:57] Oleg_: If I simply put comments around that code, then clang can compile mythtv and I am able to run it
[14:30:13] stuartm: seems like a genuine issue, const pointer being assigned to non-const pointer
[14:30:37] stuartm: you'd need to const_cast() around that if it was intentional
[14:30:54] stuartm: but I'm not really familiar with that code
[14:38:42] Oleg_: same issue on line 1016: for (i = 0, name = &facilitynames[0];
[14:40:40] Oleg_: the code in this file is needed for keeping some sort of logs?
[14:43:18] stuarta: okay, that code has been there for 2yrs
[14:46:13] Oleg_: well, on my system, both gcc and clang have a problem with it
[14:48:19] Oleg_: fortunately, putting /* and */ around it resolves the issue
[14:50:07] stuarta: what distro etc are you running?
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[14:51:27] Oleg_: freebsd 10-alpha1
[14:53:54] Oleg_: by the way, recently I was told that mythtv is not tested with clang, but on my system, after I compile mythtv with clang, it runs perfectly fine, but it produces a segmentation fault when compiled with gcc48 or gcc46
[14:54:52] stuarta: interesting, we have freebsd builders, and clang builders
[14:55:09] stuarta: ah freebsd 9.0
[14:55:26] stuarta: might be time to spin up a freebsd 10 builder
[14:56:38] Oleg_: if that code violates the rules of the standard C++, why is it there?
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[15:10:01] stuarta: hmm, that's alpha, so probably a f20 builder would also be in order
[15:19:15] stuartm: Oleg_: seems that the pointer is only const on some platforms
[15:19:35] stuartm: so it's only an error on FreeBSD, not linux/OSX etc
[15:19:50] stuartm: and seemingly only FreeBSD 10
[15:19:55] stuartm: not earlier releases
[15:21:17] Oleg_: stuartm, oh, that constant pointer doesn't have anything to do with mythtv itself? I mean, is it declared in a system file that comes with a basic OS installation?
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[15:21:59] stuartm: yeah, it's defined in syslog.h
[15:22:07] stuartm: part of the system logging
[15:22:56] stuartm: but we can fix it from our side by always assigning to a constant pointer, it's OK to assign a non-constant pointer to a constant one but not the other way around
[15:24:58] stuartm: OK, fix pushed
[15:25:14] Oleg_: the only purpose of this code is to produce logs? I mean, those logs are just messages that a person can read?
[15:25:27] stuartm: yes
[15:26:16] stuarta: gotta work out what it's doing somehow
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[15:40:50] stuartm: should be fixed in master
[15:43:40] stuartm: although I've got zero idea what purpose those lines serve
[15:45:12] stuartm: well actually no, I have some idea after all, it's just a slightly opaque construct to match a particular syslog facility
[15:45:36] coling: journal support would be nice ;)
[15:45:56] coling: stuartm, if you get a mo' can you git am this bad boy: . . . &view=co
[15:46:13] coling: Just a simply build fix found when dealing with the new combined tarball approach.
[15:46:33] coling: *simple
[15:47:12] stuartm: coling: thanks, will commit later
[15:47:24] coling: No problemo :)
[15:47:35] coling: Thank you for your advice the other day.
[15:47:49] stuartm: fwiw, we're suggesting that packagers disable the logserver (seems to cause problems for some)
[15:48:01] coling: stuartm, OK, noted.
[15:48:13] stuartm: --disable-mythlogserver
[15:49:03] coling: I presume there is still no interest in upstreaming "no mp3 encoding" patches we still carry/rebase each release?
[15:49:14] coling: ( . . . &view=co and . . . amp;view=co)
[15:50:31] coling: I'm not super fussed personally and it's a bit ifdef-fugly ;)
[15:50:45] coling: But would be one less thing I'd need to do each time :)
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[15:51:33] stuartm: will have to discuss that, on one hand the analogue framgrabber usage has declined to the point where I don't think it would be a problem, on the other I think some of the HLS stuff might now be using mp3 because of it's wide device support
[15:52:08] ** stuarta is curios what the other 105 patches are... **
[15:52:46] stuarta: stuartm: i wouldn't mind making lame optional
[15:52:53] stuartm: and of course, without lame mythmusic can't rip to that format (users love to disable things without considering the repercussions, then they blame the software)
[15:53:09] stuartm: especially gentoo users
[15:54:09] stuarta: meh, let it rip to flac or ogg and be done with it
[15:54:55] stuartm: Gentoo user: "MythTV sucks, it doesn't support ripping to mp3" – Us: "You've built without lame support" – Gentoo user: "What's that got to do with it?"
[15:55:25] stuartm: which although abbreviated is a conversation I've had far too many times in the past
[15:57:18] stuarta: so we change the UI, if LAME is disable print up a message saying, you built this without LAME support, you cannot rip to mp3, please rebuild it
[15:57:42] ** stuarta ponders #ifdef GENTOO **
[16:00:48] stuarta: coling: it looks like you are carrying quite a few things there that could be merged dns-sd detection for one
[16:01:13] coling: stuarta, I was going to suggest that one too, but I think it's technically wrong in our avahi packaging.
[16:01:39] coling: stuarta, which I've just fixed about 10 mins ago... I will rewrite that package to use pkgconfig if it exists to get more info and then it should be upstreamable.
[16:01:49] coling: *rewrite that patch
[16:02:11] coling: Once it's done it won't mention avahi in the configure checks which I think makes sense.
[16:02:26] stuarta: stuartm: this makes me wonder if a mageia builder is worth it?
[16:02:51] coling: (also it currently doesn't actually use the --libs flags which is wrong too even if it doesn't matter in my case :))
[16:03:19] stuarta: coling: do you guys have a git repo, or just an svn repo?
[16:04:10] coling: We have git for software stuff (I've just recently had the "fun" job of merging two different subversion histories (Mandriva + Mageia) into one git history... that wasn't much fun!
[16:04:27] coling: stuarta, but for packages it's currently all svn with a goal to move it to git at some point.
[16:04:50] stuarta: ok, having a git repo makes merging stuff much easier...
[16:04:54] coling: (probably approximately mirroring the fedora packages git layout)
[16:05:15] coling: Yeah, I think doing stable updates/backports etc would be much easier if we had git.
[16:05:57] coling: But it'll take a bit of scripting and a loooong time to run, plus lots of tools need updating to cope with the change too – so it likely won't happen for 6+ months at least.
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[16:52:09] stuartm: stuarta: I'd back a mageia builder, although as I've previously said I just don't have the hardware to host it
[16:54:36] stuartm: that said, there really isn't any particular issue with building from source on Mageia, I do it all the time :) I've not seen the patches coling is applying for the packages but I'm guessing most of those are there to ensure compliance with the distro rules (what files go where etc) or to enable building of features I don't use
[16:56:13] stuartm: I'd be much more interested in seeing builders which test various combinations of build configurations, e.g. features which default to off enabled and features which are enabled by default disabled, since this is still where things can and do get broken from time to time
[16:58:16] stuartm: if it were possible to submit multiple coverity builds, it would be great to have windows/osx builds simply because coverity tests code pathways based on what you actually have enabled – the windows stuff doesn't get looked at because I'm not building for windows
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[17:42:05] bindi: MTV3 MAX Sport 2 HD;Anvia:266000:M256:C:6875:3432:3433:3434:b00:334:70:22:0
[17:42:13] bindi: oh, wrong channel, i'll see my way out
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[23:03:32] wagnerrp: stuarta: that would only detect if they were using the same exact path
[23:03:42] wagnerrp: it wouldn't work at all
[23:17:39] jya: stichnot: I played a movie last night, with subtitles (srt), they were spot on, after rewinding 10s, it was then delayed by a few s (maybe .5 not sure)… Trying to adjust them seem to make no logical difference whatsoever. That the window to adjust stay there until you validate is great… except I couldn't make out the logic (if there was any) on how to adjust the movie.
[23:18:03] jya: what is sure is that every time I would FF or rewind, the delay would change….
[23:19:02] jya: Also, what is this in the user list about the need to clear the seek table from the database… what's the point of having the seeking information in a database? how can all other media players manage to seek just fine with just the file ?
[23:24:20] stichnot: I wonder if there was some discrepancy between the actual timecode being played and the timecode the mythplayer thought it was
[23:25:03] stichnot: The srt display code is pretty simple – given the current timecode, find a subtitle that matches, which includes synthesized empty subtitles for the gaps
[23:28:51] stichnot: As for the user list discussion, it seems this user has used an external tool to transcode his recordings and replace the existing file with the smaller version. Of course this invalidates the seektable that was generated by the recorder. That can be reset by mythutil --clearseektable, but for some reason there was extra markup left over that couldn't be removed.
[23:29:20] stichnot: Like all these mailing list discussions, there are lots of unknowns that are left out of the discussion
[23:30:04] stichnot: The transcoded format is not a transport stream, and so a seektable is unnecessary, but the extra markup is still getting in the way, making mythfrontend think it's a 1-second recording
[23:32:39] stichnot: The nice thing about a seektable is that it makes the frame-based cutlist editor very straightforward. I'd like to support cutlist editing without a seektable, but this will be a bit more complex
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[23:45:05] stichnot: jya: in case it wasn't clear, we need the seektable for transport streams definitely because of timecode discontinuities, and possibly because of framerate changes. If you play TS files in other players without a seektable, I think you can see odd position/duration information (I don't remember whether seeking works consistently).
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