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Sunday, September 22nd, 2013, 00:01 UTC
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[01:03:47] TrumpetX: evening everyone, I'm doing some reading re: HTTP Live Streaming Server and it implies that myth streams h.264, is this correct?
[01:04:50] TrumpetX: long story short, I'm unimpressed with the need to transcode videos for the roku mythtv channel and I was reading the release notes of .27 and that led me to the streaming http API
[01:05:24] TrumpetX: roku supports h.264, but does not support mpeg2
[01:06:00] wagnerrp: the HLS support was primarily designed for devices like ipads and iphones, which only support h264
[01:06:59] wagnerrp: and while android devices are generally more capable, you still want h264 for bandwidth concerns
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[01:07:26] TrumpetX: cool, that's what I was inferring – next question if you have an answer...
[01:07:33] wagnerrp: of course do understand real-time transcoding to h264 requires a fairly substantial processor
[01:07:38] TrumpetX: yep
[01:07:50] TrumpetX: I'm not getting a response from the "fullURL"
[01:07:53] wagnerrp: and there is no linux support for things like quicksync
[01:08:03] wagnerrp: none publically available anyway
[01:08:20] TrumpetX: it appears to work in the test page, but when I feed it to the roku "sample video player app" it crashes
[01:08:38] TrumpetX: ex/ http:\/\/\/Content\/GetFile?StorageGroup=Streaming&FileName=1 181_20120608130000.mpg.480x0_800kV_64kA.m3u8
[01:08:41] wagnerrp: i know the general operation, but i don't know any specifics about HLS
[01:08:46] TrumpetX: ah
[01:08:54] wagnerrp: why all the escapes?
[01:09:03] TrumpetX: JSON copy/paste
[01:09:07] TrumpetX: i removed them for the roku app
[01:09:59] TrumpetX: I was hoping to test in a different streaming application – VLC didn't work from my windows box
[01:22:28] dblain: Anyone familiar with this line from AudioOutputSettings?
[01:22:31] dblain: m_sr_it = m_sr.begin() + (rhs.m_sr_it – rhs.m_sr.begin());
[01:23:11] dblain: I'm getting a "vector iterators incompatible" error.
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[10:25:02] paul-h: stuartm: where would I find the menu item for the new gallery
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[10:25:53] stuartm: in the default Menu, it's under Media Library "New Image Gallery" (obviously a temporary name)
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[10:27:27] stuartm: you'll need to create a storage group – currently there is no hardcoded Images storage group but there will be one by the end of the week – currently it allows you to call the storage group whatever you like and you then enter that name under in settings screen
[10:27:29] paul-h: I use the classic menu layout and don't see it anywhere
[10:27:54] stuartm: paul-h: ah, maybe it wasn't added to that menu, I'll fix that tonight
[10:30:16] stuartm: I've got household repairs to do for the next few hours, but I'll be around later to discuss any other issues
[10:32:44] paul-h: do you know if it was fixed to work with remote FE's?
[10:34:11] paul-h: Doesn't want to play ball 'No images in the database found'
[10:35:56] paul-h: Don't see anything in the log to tell me what it's doing at least with the default logging
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[12:47:36] stichnot: jpabq: I'm looking into a seektable problem from a user, who is using Handbrake to create an mp4 file from a recording. mythcommflag --rebuild is failing to find any keyframes. It appears this is because it is hitting the initial code in AvFormatDecoder::H264PreProcessPkt(), with the comment "crude NAL unit vs Annex B detection. the parser only understands Annex B". This block calls...
[12:47:38] stichnot: ...HandleGopStart(pkt, can_reliably_parse_keyframes=false) which effectively prevents position/duration map entries from being created.
[12:48:10] stichnot: I was wondering if you have any thoughts about that NAL unit / Annex B code.
[12:49:56] stichnot: He says he's transcoding with this command: /usr/bin/HandBrakeCLI -i $MYTHDIR/$MPGFILE -o $newname -e x264 -q 20.0 -l 480 -a 1,2,3,4 -E faac -B 160 -R Auto -f mp4 --detelecine --decomb -m -x b-adapt=2:rc-lookahead=50
[12:51:28] stichnot: I haven't used Handbrake, but maybe there's some option that prevent NAL units or whatever makes it hit that section of AvFormatDecoder::H264PreProcessPkt()
[12:54:40] stichnot: At a higher level, I believe that this mp4 file shouldn't need a seektable. He is apparently trying to generate a seektable because otherwise mythtv thinks the length is 0 seconds. This probably means he has some other markup cruft lying around.
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[13:02:08] stichnot: Captain_Murdoch: When you committed . . . 34ebebd48ec0 , the commit message says "It does not remove any other markup items such as duration." Why not delete the duration mark from recordedmarkup/filemarkup as well?
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[13:51:24] stichnot: jya: I still can't reproduce the issue of a rewind in Live TV taking you all the way to the beginning of the previous recording. Do I need (to have the patience) to wait for the next program on the current channel? I've been changing programs through channel changes, and rewind always works (keeping in mind that by design it jumps to 30s from the end of the previous recording)
[13:52:41] jya_: stichnot: in the few conditions it has happened: it was on the same channel, just going from one program to the next
[13:52:55] stichnot: A log of "-v playback --loglevel debug" might have more info if it's a seektable update issue
[13:53:13] stichnot: ok, I guess I can be patient for the next 7 minutes :)
[13:56:22] jya_: stichnot: I need to find a way to start this fronted with extra log verbosity, it's just my main tv plugged to it and a remote control
[13:56:37] jya_: i don't usually tinkle with it much
[13:57:16] stichnot: I'm having a look right now (the "news" on live TV is currently about latest lottery numbers :( )
[13:57:27] jya_: stichnot: sometimes also what i've seen is if you were to press pause now, wait until a new program start... press play again
[13:57:44] jya_: now rewind, and you find yourself right a the beginning of the program, rather than 30s before
[13:58:47] stichnot: ok I'll try pausing now before the hour
[13:59:34] jya_: tbh, it is more annoying that a blocker.. just that sometimes i pressed paused for a while, new program has started... suddenly i'm in the new program (but a good 10–20 minutes from the end), listening to something interesting. my wife then think of something that can't wait whatsoever , so i rewind because i missed what the guy just said on TV...
[13:59:55] jya_: and from that point finding where I was just before I rewinded can take a fair while
[14:04:13] stichnot: hmm, I started playing before the hour, paused before the transition, waited a minute after the hour, unpaused, skipped back, and it worked fine. Skipped forward into the next program, and skipped back (within the program, and also into the previous program) and it also worked
[14:04:48] stichnot: maybe the pause case also only happens when done during the second program?
[14:05:35] jya_: not sure... i never really paid attention on when it actually occurred... only that something very weird occurred after I rewindws
[14:05:48] stichnot: I need to dig up danielk22's patch that forces a program change every ~30 seconds
[14:07:59] stichnot: jya_: no dev frontend for testing live TV?
[14:09:21] jya_: no... my dev frontend is my mac and use the backend also on the mac with HLS recorder.. there's no tv guide there...
[14:09:34] jya_: I guess I could change the configuration to connect to another backend
[14:10:04] stichnot: yeah – I have two versions of config.xml and I flip a symlink depending on which backend to use
[14:10:19] stichnot: and make sure I have different mysql passwords on the dev and production systems :)
[14:11:32] jya_: stichnot: I've been caught in the past where my dev unit upgraded the database on my production system
[14:11:40] jya_: rendering all the front ends on my tvs useless
[14:13:20] stichnot: I thought that these days, the frontend is no longer allowed to upgrade the DB, maybe something sphery added
[14:14:54] jya_: i watched a movie last night... very weird... every 4–5 minutes audio would become greatly out of sync... i had to press ENTER, exit and resume from bookmark: a/v sync would be good again
[14:15:27] jya_: stichnot: that's certainly true with the fronted, but then I start mythtv-setup and bang
[14:15:40] jya_: or the frontend update the myth music database, stuff like that
[14:16:03] jya_: sometime i have started the backend on my mac, which update the database of the production system..
[14:16:21] jya_: i mean: plenty of ways for a dev system to corrupt another system.....
[14:17:35] stichnot: ok, true...
[14:18:47] jya_: well... here I can't rewind at all from the beginning of the program...
[14:18:55] jya_: started TV on channel 10.
[14:20:15] jya_: watched about 1m, change to channel 7. it was 12:10... there was a new program starting at 12:15
[14:20:32] jya_: it's 12:20 now, and i'm stuck in the last program... can't rewind
[14:21:17] jya_: nothing on the fronted log
[14:21:55] jya_: too late now for me.... going to bed... good night
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[16:29:43] stuartm: paul-h: first I've heard about the remote frontend problem, sounds like it's not using the storage groups properly, I'll try and fix it although I don't currently have a remote frontend to test
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[16:37:48] paul-h: stuartm: one problem is triggering the 'Start Synchronisation' doesn't seem to work from remote FE's
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[16:38:53] paul-h: It did work on the master BE but the there was other problems so I gave up
[16:40:01] paul-h: There's a problem with what I think should be the folder thumb nail it's always blank for me
[16:40:39] Leon80: Hi there. Altough this is generally a theming question, maybe there's someone here who knows the answer anyway as the theming-channel seems to be empty. As putting translations directly into the xml files of the theme by using the lang attribute of the text tag seems to be deprecated in the meanwhile, where are the translations located now? Anyone knows?
[16:40:43] paul-h: The other thumbs only update if you scroll in the grid
[16:42:19] Leon80: Unfortunately the Menu theme development guide just tell me that it is deprecated, but no info how to do this in recent versions.
[16:43:13] paul-h: Once I managed to get the sync to start I did get something on the remote FE but selecting an thumbnails to show the image just shows a blank screen
[16:43:45] stuartm: paul-h: ok, plenty of work to be done then
[16:44:22] paul-h: Yeah I'm not complaining I know it's a work in progress :)
[16:44:28] stuartm: folder thumbnails work here
[16:45:37] paul-h: They are just blank here
[16:45:38] stuartm: I ran across a bug in designating 'back' nodes while fixing up the sql queries to use bound parameters, intend fixing that tonight
[16:46:55] knightr: Leon80, they are in the translation files of each language... Let's go to the theming channel...
[16:49:14] paul-h: stuartm: do the folder images get cached if so where?
[16:49:18] Leon80: knightr: Strange... I keep receiving this message by trying to post anything: Cannot send to channel: #mythtv-theming
[16:50:26] wagnerrp: are you registered with freenode?
[16:50:41] Leon80: wagnerrp: no, just using the webchat
[16:51:09] wagnerrp: that might be it, there's something screwy with the configuration of that channel
[16:51:17] paul-h: I think you have to have a registered nick to talk in there for some reason
[16:52:23] Leon80: wagnerrp,paul-h: Thank you for clarifying :)
[16:52:46] knightr: wagnerrp, yep, you are right, I believe I had the same problem when I had some problems with my nick...
[16:52:50] Leon80: knightr: Hope you are still reading here...
[16:53:02] knightr: yep
[16:53:03] stuartm: paul-h: the images that make up the folder image are cached (it shows four images from the folder) but it doesn't look like the image created is cached that I can find
[16:53:04] knightr: Leon80, the strings from the themes we translate are transferred into the mythfrontend and plugins translation files.
[16:53:15] knightr: the old way is still available though but the only reason why it still there is usage of MythTV for (very) customized installations...
[16:53:53] stuartm: caching is under ~/.mythtv/MythImage/
[16:54:45] knightr: Leon80, is this for an existing theme or one you are developing?
[16:54:59] stichnot: stuartm, paul-h: I saw pretty much the same problems the only time I tested, fwiw
[16:55:03] Leon80: knightr: So the – let me call it "default translations" e.g. for German – now are hardcoded and located somewhere in the C code?
[16:55:26] knightr: Leon80, yes and no...
[16:56:15] knightr: we extract them into files that look like C++ code and then we use the Qt translation tools to extract them...
[16:56:28] knightr: (since we can't parse the theme files directly...)
[16:57:17] Leon80: knightr: At 0.23 or so I added a custom Blu-Ray Player script to the menu and therefore used the translation parameter. I just wondered about where all the translations ha been gone. :)
[16:58:23] knightr: we extract them (usually) when we are close to a release and put them into these source code files and the translators extract them with the Qt tools...
[16:58:39] knightr: Leon80, as far as I know it still works...
[16:58:48] Leon80: knightr: So if I would like to override a translation for a menu item (button), I can keep using the lang parameter, right?
[16:59:06] knightr: but the old way became entirely unmatainable when we started having too many translators and themes...
[16:59:25] knightr: Leon80, yep, it should still work...
[16:59:26] wagnerrp: we're Qt 4.8 now, right?
[16:59:51] knightr: wagnerrp, pretty sure that's the currently listed required...
[17:00:16] knightr: s/required/requirement
[17:00:51] wagnerrp: trying to merge things from our ebuild and gentoo's downstream version
[17:01:04] knightr: "The current development version of MythTV requires Qt 4.8, so check your calls against the Qt 4.8 documentation so you don't break things. "
[17:01:11] knightr: (from the coding standards...)
[17:01:16] wagnerrp: thanks
[17:01:20] knightr: np
[17:01:21] Leon80: knightr: Thank you very much for clarifying. :)
[17:01:39] paul-h: configure says 4.8 also
[17:02:03] knightr: Leon80, np, if it doesn't work ping me again and I'll explain how to do it the other way...
[17:02:28] Leon80: knightr: ok, thanks again :)
[17:03:05] knightr: (you might have to resort to downloading the source code for that but not actually compile from soure...
[17:03:08] knightr: np...
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[17:03:52] wagnerrp: bah, i never recommitted the smolt fix that removed urlgrabber
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[19:46:35] Captain_Murdoch: stichnot, goal at the time was to allow people to remove a seektable to allow the internal ffmpeg seek to be used instead, while duration was assumed to be accurate enough to keep. If we can accurately determine duration without a seektable then I'd be fine with removing it. I can't recall if there were other concerns with deleting the duration.
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[20:56:00] stichnot: Captain_Murdoch: Thanks. I'll think about whether it ought to be more aggressive. BTW, I also want to add --getseektable and --setseektable (reading/writing from/to an external file) to make it easier to move videos between separate myth systems.
[20:56:31] stichnot: Or maybe calling it --getmarkup and --setmarkup is better, since you want the complete markup, not just seektable.
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[21:24:35] Captain_Murdoch: stichnot, for that purpose, and for importing of archived recordings, I'd like to support the ability to dump/restore a .xml file on demand. I actually played with a patch one time that supported offline media. you pop in a DVD or CD with A/V files and their corresponding metadata .xml files and they'd show inline with the recordings on the system. I was thinking of a way to archive recordings to DVD/CD, but as drive space go
[21:24:35] Captain_Murdoch: t cheaper I lost interest. :|
[21:26:12] wagnerrp: yeah, i used to do that, but when it comes time to try to get stuff back off them...
[21:26:28] sphery: stichnot: Frontend can't upgrade the database, unless the user uses the -u (--upgrade-schema) argument, which is never recommended, but was left in place "for users who just use plugins/don't do TV" (though anymore running mythfrontend without mythbackend doesn't really work, even for plugins, due to the backend support expected by plugins). It will never automatically upgrade the database, though. Only the master backend (mythbackend running ...
[21:26:34] sphery: ... on the master host) will automatically upgrade the database, and mythtv-setup remains the preferred approach. I'd like to change it so that /only/ mythtv-setup can upgrade (and never mythbackend, nor mythfrontend -u)
[21:27:33] sphery: devs, especially, were against the mythtv-setup only for upgrades idea because they may git pull and pull in an upgrade without realizing it and running mythtv-setup to upgrade would slow them down too much or something
[22:52:38] stuartm: well technically it can and does upgrade the database for plugins, which is logical since plugins are loaded by the frontend only and don't even need to be installed on all frontends, let alone the backend
[22:54:04] stuartm: unless this was changed at some point?
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[22:56:50] stuartm: sphery: in fact the main reason why the master backend needs to be able to upgrade the database is that users installing packages may not be aware that a db update is necessary, and since the backend will refuse to run if an update were required it may consequently result in lost recordings
[22:57:58] stuartm: they may not notice the backend hasn't been started at boot until it's too late
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[23:03:56] sphery: frontend still upgrades frontend plugin schemas, but never tv schema
[23:04:46] sphery: IMHO, users should be expected to start mythtv-setup before running backend/frontend of a different version
[23:05:36] sphery: as it is, the backend starts, and may attempt to upgrade the database, and if anything goes wrong, not only does the backend not run (and, therefore, users who don't actually check to see if things are working after doing an upgrade might miss recordings), but users have no clue what happened because they're not reading the logs
[23:06:02] sphery: whereas with mythtv-setup, there's a GUI that tells them the db upgrade failed and told them about the backup and such
[23:07:26] sphery: regardless, it's doesn't matter that much to me, which is why I haven't fought to change it and just left it with the mess we had, but cleaned up so that only the master backend would ever try an automatic upgrade
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