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Monday, September 16th, 2013, 00:02 UTC
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[00:26:46] ** knightr wonders if he should feel targeted... **
[00:31:45] wagnerrp: ?
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[00:47:31] stichnot: dekarl: No problem with the mythweb fix. As you pointed out, a proper fix may be a bit more disruptive. For example, public function sendCommand() probably ought to take an additional argument indicating whether a listenForEvent() is coming up and therefore how to connect.
[00:47:53] stichnot: jya: I guess I should have fixed the tabs/spaces in a separate commit...
[00:50:08] stichnot: jya: I'll see if I can reproduce your scenario (but I still can't claim to know anything about php...)
[00:52:45] stichnot: jya: One problem I found in the php bindings is that if disconnect() is called, it called fclose() on the file handle but didn't set the file handle to null, so further file I/O might operate on a non-null handle for a file that was actually closed. I don't know what would happen then, but it could possibly explain other reported strange behavior.
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[02:26:33] gigem: stichnot: Thanks.
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[09:01:15] stuartm: gigem: fwiw, CM isn't without it's bugs, while playing around with it yesterday I set an alarm on my Nook, the alarm correctly went off this morning but the Nook refused to wake up so I couldn't turn it off! Finally just kill/rebooted it with a long press on the power button
[09:02:15] stuartm: but CM is a hundred times better than the stock Nook
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[09:19:26] peper03: jya: I tried it a few times and always seemed to end up in the same place. That said, now I can't reproduce it :(
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[11:44:37] amessina: rsiebert: Good morning. Thank you for Blue Abstract, BTW. Do you know what needs to be done to get it included in the Theme Chooser for 0.27?
[13:37:32] stichnot: wagnerrp: In MythCommandLineParser::addRecording(), in the add("--starttime", ...) statement, is there any reason not to append ->SetRequires("chanid") ? So that --starttime and --chanid mutually require each other.
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[15:17:03] gigem: stuartm: Yes, I like having stock, or near stock, Android over the Nook version. I've noticed a few glitches also. For example, do some a few operations in the calculator in decimal and then switch to hexadecimal. The calculator app crashes for me every time I do that.
[15:35:46] stuartm: gigem: interesting, can't reproduce that – which version did you go for, 10.1 or 10.2?
[15:36:00] stuarta: stuartm: are you still thinking of doing the release today, or has something else come up?
[15:36:10] stuartm: The rooting guide I read advised against 10.2 because it was unstable
[15:37:14] stuartm: stuarta: still hoping to do it today, but there are still a couple of bugs I need to look at first – there are patches for them though so it's just a case of establishing that the fix is correct
[15:38:52] stuartm: gigem: I hadn't looked at the calculator before, it's a good one – better than the two free scientific calculator apps I tried out from the Play Store
[15:39:13] stuarta: stuartm: anything we can help with?
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[15:42:11] stuartm: stuarta: #11316 is the big one, but if you have the time, then there are still a few bugs tickets with a 0.27 milestone which could be reviewed, especially if they have patches attached
[15:42:11] ** MythLogBot **
[15:43:38] stuartm: Alternatively the news announcement needs writing, it's not a job I enjoy doing :)
[15:46:13] stuartm: . . . der=priority
[15:51:32] dekarl-work: do we have a ticket for "lossless transcode incl. a cut at the start of the recording makes the recording start without audio until you seek"? I couldn't find one, re . . . /353324.html
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[15:51:56] jpabq: I would be willing to take #11402 except I have no analog stations available where I live anymore.
[15:51:56] ** MythLogBot **
[15:52:59] stuarta: dekarl-work: do you see that too?
[15:53:22] dekarl-work: stuarta: aye
[15:53:27] stuarta: dekarl-work: for me, the audio normally turns up after 5s or so
[15:53:55] stuarta: i'm trying to remember if i've cross checked if the audio is still there, i think it is, but just can't remember
[15:54:21] jpabq: Hmmm, actually tvfool says that I do have some, I will have to look.
[15:54:28] stuartm: jpabq: if you can't identify the problem without access to analogue then so be it, but maybe it will be something you can fix from the bt alone
[15:55:54] dekarl-work: stuarta, I can test it tonight and see if its not there or not selected.
[15:57:46] stuarta: dekarl-work: cool. i am probably going to get an early night. been burning the midnight oil for 2 weeks and need some downtime
[15:59:29] stuartm: there are 50 tickets open against 0.27 still, closing any number of those before the release would be great – even if everyone just took one ticket each (there are enough patch tickets to pick from if you want something relatively easy)
[16:00:36] stuarta: ooo 49, someone must have closed one!
[16:00:59] ** stuarta uses the roadmap on trac for easy filtering **
[16:03:52] stuarta: hmmm, 4 blockers
[16:04:30] stuarta: . . . der=priority
[16:08:32] peper03: I presume #11829 is somehow related to the OSD position changes. I'd be happy to investigate but I've no idea how I could test it. The reporter doesn't mention whether it worked in 0.26 or not.
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[16:10:48] stuarta: hmmm. #11797 looks a lot like #11316
[16:10:48] ** MythLogBot **
[16:10:48] ** MythLogBot **
[16:11:21] stuarta: and #11780 appears to be related to #11797
[16:11:21] ** MythLogBot **
[16:11:21] ** MythLogBot **
[16:14:34] dekarl-work: #11812 and #11813 are easy, just reset to default ticket values and leave it for post-0.27 :)
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[16:16:30] stuartm: stuarta: actually I closed two, one that wasn't going anyway (very old broken channel.conf import ticket) and one that had a 'close me' request
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[16:17:13] stuarta: i need to look into creating a few virtual slaves
[16:17:15] dekarl-work: stuartm, hmm, can we hide channel.conf import for 0.27 and remove it for 0.28?
[16:17:35] stuartm: #11812 is odd since I'd have imagined it would use the QT xml stuff
[16:17:35] ** MythLogBot **
[16:17:47] dekarl-work: I've been told that its not worth fixing because its going away now for quite some time :)
[16:18:05] stuartm: dekarl-work: yes, I was going to suggest that but I wasn't sure what reaction I'd get
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[16:18:57] stuartm: happy to disable it in 0.27 – we want people to report bugs in the internal scanner, not work around them
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[16:31:40] dblain: rounding issues in QDateTime caused equal dates to be concidered != . Ends up why my program guide is blank in mythfrontend. :(
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[16:38:31] stuartm: ouch
[16:39:09] dblain: ouch due to the issue or how bad my spelling was! :/
[16:40:37] stuartm: the issue
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[16:41:18] stuartm: I wouldn't dare throw the first stone when it comes to typos/spelling mistakes
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[16:41:28] dblain: :)
[16:41:55] natanojl: gigem: I have tested your patch at for eight days and it seems to work.
[16:42:11] stuartm: I quite regularly type the wrong word entirely, muscle memory and lack of attention get the better of me
[16:49:33] gigem: natanojl: Have you done any sleep/resume cycles?
[16:50:30] gigem: stuartm: I went with 10.1.3-RC2 since I figured it should be the most stable. I've read some good things about 10.2, though, so I'll probably give it a try sometime soon.
[16:52:19] stuartm: gigem: I'm using a nightly build from mid-August, again only because it was the one that was recommended in the guide I was following
[16:52:42] stuartm: 10.1–20130813
[16:53:24] stuartm: haven't yet upgraded to RC2
[16:53:53] stuartm: will try it later
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[16:55:13] natanojl: gigem: Yes, several. Today it was suspended for > 10 hours. The suspend before that lasted from Friday around noon till Sunday night
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[17:00:38] knightr: wagnerrp, I was able to reset my screen to full size by playing with the screen offsets in another setup screen (as John (I believe) suggested) but mythscreenwizard doesn`t display anything (which I believe it should IIRC) and seems to lock-up on F19...
[17:00:48] aca20031: Doing some research into how to get live TV via comcast cablecard onto XBMC (with MythTV)...from what I'm reading – my best bet is a HDHomerun Prime however I still wont be able to watch premium Copy Once/Never channels no matter what I do?
[17:03:15] knightr: aca20031, you want #mythtv-users as this is the development channel but I believe your assessment is right...
[17:03:26] aca20031: ah, ill double check there then
[17:04:49] knightr: anybody knows if that blank setup screen on Mac was fixed?
[17:07:24] gigem: natanojl: Great. I'll go ahead and commit it now.
[17:09:59] natanojl: gigem: Heard anything from stichnot about it?
[17:17:44] gigem: No, not yet. I'm confident the patch has no ill effects in normal operation, so if it fixes the resume problem for you, it should be good.
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[17:32:26] stichnot: How did I miss that patch! I'll update and see if that fixes the problem I'm seeing.
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[18:11:03] stuartm: paul-h: sorry for not getting back to you on the scan issue, slipped my mind :/
[18:26:33] paul-h: stuartm: NP, Only just got to test it myself. Surprised no one noticed before.
[18:27:17] stuartm: yeah, it is odd
[18:28:06] stuartm: I don't rescan very often any more, I use the import for new tracks, but I recently deleted a bunch of stuff that I no longer wanted and rescanning was the only way to update the DB
[18:28:59] paul-h: Yeah I always import which is probably why I never noticed it
[18:30:44] paul-h: I did notice something strange with the scan though some tracks now have .mp3 added to the track title and have a zero track length which makes me think taglib is failing to read some tags
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[18:40:19] stuartm: trying with the fix now, will let you know if I see the same
[18:42:43] stuartm: no, no track titles with mp3 in them – could be specific to a version of taglib
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[18:51:11] stuartm: guys, I'm going to push back the release by a day, I'm feeling a little rushed and I don't think a release should be rushed :) An extra 24 hours should give those now looking at the remaining tickets time to do something with them, I can write up the release announcement with more care so that the release goes as smoothly as possible
[18:51:49] stuartm: I also need to edit the website so that the download links points to github as discussed on the mailing list
[18:54:07] stuartm: knightr: I don't see a need to change the deadline for translators, no need to mess them around for the sake of one extra day – of course if they supply translations before the release is tagged then they can go in
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[18:55:31] stuartm: tomorrow should be less busy for me (I hope)
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[19:03:19] stuartm: tgm4883: how often are the 0.27 builds? – #11832
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[19:04:56] stuartm: tgm4883: nevermind, I was looking at the wrong branch
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[19:11:13] tgm4883: stuartm, daily
[19:14:08] tgm4883: stuartm, it's slightly more complicated than that, but it should be daily
[19:17:28] stuartm: jya: h264 sse segfault hasn't gone away – unless mythcommflag is using a different path to the one already fixed
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[19:21:53] peper03: Ok, the problem described in #11829 occurs in 0.26-fixes too. Only there the total duration is waaay off (60447:41:16 instead of 10:53).
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[19:44:25] knightr: stuartm, I didn`t ask for a change of deadline...
[19:44:38] knightr: What let you think otherwise?
[19:45:13] knightr: ah, sorry, just read what you said before...
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[19:58:25] stuartm: dekarl: #11213 any relation to the issues you're seeing with mythtranscode?
[19:58:25] ** MythLogBot **
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[21:08:15] stichnot: stuartm: for #11859, there's a reasonable chance that it's an upstream ffmpeg bug. The reporter didn't say whether the crash happens in the middle (likely upstream bug) or at completion (likely mythtv bug). I asked him for the sample.
[21:08:15] ** MythLogBot **
[21:17:55] peper03: In case anyone is interested, I found a Bluray image of 'Sintel' (one of the Blender foundation movies) here:
[21:26:28] sphery: gigem: The secondary priority isn't the same as recpriority_B (which is used along with recpriority to create finalpriority) in programrecpriority.cpp? Even though the Recording Priorities screen was removed after 0.26, it could still be displayed in the Recording Rules screen (which was the same screen but, generally, meant to be themed with less focus on priorities) in some themes. I don't know how most themes handled it, but it looks like, ...
[21:26:34] sphery: ... for example, Mythbuntu theme still has finalpriority in managerecrules (though only has--still hasn't been removed, it seems--recpriorityB in programrecpriority).
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[21:37:15] sphery: gigem: Also, based on the addendum at the bottom of . . . /353361.html , do you think it's worth putting a LOWER() in "Person named in the credits (Data Direct)" custom example? I'm thinking it's not worthwhile since we need to fix to use proper collation and since the example show us capitalizing "Tom Hanks" correctly. (The "Only titles from the New Titles list" is commented ...
[21:37:22] sphery: ... out, but it also uses a column, oldprogram.oldtitle, with a broken collation as a workaround for the old/bad data users had.)
[21:49:52] paul-h: stuartm: I figured out what the problem was – at some point I must have set the 'Ignore ID3 Tags' probably to test something and forgot to change it back
[21:51:27] skd5aner: jpabq: #11402 doesn't impact me with analog via a PVR-500 in current 0.27-fixes
[21:51:27] ** MythLogBot **
[21:55:20] jpabq: skd5aner: that is both good and bad. Good, in that that information is useful (thank you). Bad, in that indicates that the PVR-500 and the HVR-2250 behave differently. I no longer have a motherboard with PCI slots, so I won't be able to test changes against a PVR-500.
[21:55:25] jams: skd5aner, yeah it doesn't affect the pvr line just the 2250
[21:57:52] jams: the live-tv stream never starts(for me at least) , i think daniel said the drivers have different interfaces. Could be wrong about that though
[21:58:11] skd5aner: jams: does Devin still hang out in -users? he would know
[21:58:46] jams: haven't seen him in a bit that doesn't mean much
[22:00:35] skd5aner: <MythLogBot> DEVINHEITMUELLER was last seen 5 days 8 minutes 22 seconds ago
[22:09:59] stuartm: paul-h: still, it sounds like the filename parsing could use some tweaking, at the very least the mp3 extension should be stripped
[22:10:52] stuartm: paul-h: no doubt one of us will get to look at that before the next release :)
[22:12:24] stuartm: stichnot: yeah, it may be upstream, but the last time I tagged that bug as upstream it turned out to be the decoder close issue in our code instead so I'm not going to be so quick on the trigger this time
[22:13:30] stuartm: obviously the decoder close bug was fixed, but it's not impossible that there is another place we're failing to close down the decoder before exiting
[22:13:46] stuartm: or something similar
[22:14:31] stuartm: stichnot: I've allowed another day, so we have a little time to look into it :)
[22:20:19] skd5aner: stuartm: might be a bit pre-mature to ask this, but any chance of looking at the performance of the EPG while in Live TV?
[22:20:55] skd5aner: I know you're worried about getting the release out, so jsut wondering if this is on the radar for 0.28?
[22:23:39] skd5aner: If there was one single category I could pick out where MythTV seems to fail miserably against any given commercial DVR or even STB, it's got to be the performance of the guide and the live video window in the EPG during Live TV – would love to see it get some love
[22:27:55] gigem: sphery: The recpriority2 works as you expect within the scheduler until Scheduler::PruneRedundants(). There, it is overwritten with the difference between it and the highest recpriority2 for that timeslot. That difference is used to identify recordings that get pushed to less desirable inputs, channels, etc. When I added that, most people didn't use recpriority2.
[22:29:14] gigem: sphery: Fix the collation issues instead of adding lower(). FWIW, I've gotten used to using lower() liberally from using PostgreSQL a lot at work.
[22:39:18] sphery: gigem: ah, ok, thanks for the explanation on recpriority2, and just fixing collation issues sounds good to me--we have a good/usable example and keeping it simple is probably best for everyone (and less confusing to change it now and then after fixing the collation issues)
[22:39:19] stichnot: stuartm: I asked the OP for the sample – of course it's 4GB so it may take a while. :( In the meantime, I asked if it's failing at the end or in the middle, but no answer yet.
[22:41:48] stichnot: skd5aner: is there a ticket for the EPG performance? I recently spent some time trying to work on subtitle performance, and there's probably a bit of crossover with the EPG
[22:42:33] stichnot: And it would help greatly if the problems occurred with both Live TV and prerecorded playback.
[22:43:57] skd5aner: stichnot: not sure, I'll look... I can also submit one too if necessary
[22:44:01] skd5aner: got to run though, be back later
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[23:36:27] jya: stuartm: you have another bug report with the sse segfault ?
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[23:37:49] stichnot: jya: #11859, I'm trying to get hold of the 4GB sample
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[23:38:47] jya: I'm going to see if I can reproduce it...
[23:40:42] jya: there's a bug in our current code if there's a change of resolution within playback… it may lead to crashes...
[23:42:17] jya: FFmpeg has a way to do things on what to do when the resolution or format change mid-way, but we don't support that… it used to crash nastily following the multi-thread h264 branch merge… that got improved in FFmpeg 1.1, but we never implemented what's required to do it properly. instead we rely on our special mpeg-ts code to call the appropriate callback.
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