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Friday, September 13th, 2013, 00:06 UTC
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[00:38:35] stichnot: sphery: Regarding --file versus --video. For mythcommflag, it looks like both flags result in the same ProgramInfo(QString) constructor, so they are equivalent in that respect. That constructor automatically figures out whether it's a video file or a file corresponding to a recording, which I think is what you were suggesting. The options --video and --file differ in some other behavior...
[00:38:36] stichnot: mythcommflag, such as whether to use the DB and whether to use an output file. I'm guessing that's for 3rd-party applications that want to commflag a file without having it imported into MythTV as a recording or a video.
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[00:42:02] wagnerrp_: stichnot: so that buildbot failure from earlier today, this one is a bit concerning...
[00:42:08] wagnerrp_: "Sep 12 12:53:10 fserve kernel: pid 76290 (cc1plus), uid 1018, was killed: out of swap space"
[00:43:32] wagnerrp_: it's odd, considering that's on a machine with 16GB of memory, although admittedly no swap
[00:43:57] wagnerrp_: shouldnt have been anywhere near OOM
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[02:03:16] chadmandoo: hello all. Can anyone point me into a direction for an open source channel lineup
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[02:33:12] chadmandoo: anyone used mc2xml!?!
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[07:49:45] MythBuild: build #54 of 0.27-f18–64bit is complete: Success [3build successful] Build details are at . . . it/builds/54
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[11:17:53] JohnBergqvist: Since there isn't an XMLTV irc or anything like that, is there currently any adventage or support for using XMLTV's new "lineups" feature within MythTV?
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[11:21:51] dblain: Thanks to stuarta, the msvc build slave is up. I'd like to merge my branch into master. Any objections?
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[11:39:01] knightr: dblain, unless you are sure that your translation calls are *exactly* the same (right down to the class you call them from if you use tr()) and that you didn't remove any could you please wait after release?
[11:39:27] knightr: (the translators translate against master...)
[11:39:49] dblain: knightr: do we have a new release date yet?
[11:41:08] stuartm: Monday
[11:41:14] knightr: dblain, it depends on the availability of stuartm since he is the one who cuts them for us but last monday it was supposed to be the last week before release...
[11:41:25] knightr: LOL...
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[11:41:48] stuartm: if I don't get run over by a bus or similar, I'll do it Monday
[11:42:16] knightr: stuartm, you can't go parachuting either...
[11:42:33] stuartm: well that's my weekend ruined
[11:43:11] dblain: :) okay thanks
[11:44:37] stuarta: dunno about stuartm, but i'm a firm believer in not throwing myself out of a perfectly good airplane
[11:44:58] knightr: I don't know why but my boss at the time was somewhat stressed when he learned that both me and a colleague of mine went parachuting for the first time years ago (and we were on the same place at the same time...) :)
[11:44:59] stuarta: the first time i parachute will be when i'm in a plane that's going down in flames. then i'll take my chances
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[11:46:17] stuartm: I've never sky-dived, but I would, put my name down a few times on various lists only for the events to be cancelled due to lack of interest :/ That's not to say it wouldn't scare the crap out of me :)
[11:46:37] knightr: stuarta, stuartm, I jumped two times, the second time my ropes where mixed together...
[11:46:58] knightr: I didn't jump after that but not because of that, it's because I left for another company...
[11:47:12] stuartm: I have worn a parachute many times, but that was while flying the aircraft and it would only have been used if something extremely dire occurred
[11:48:35] knightr: stuarm, in the plane I was on (a Cessna I believe) even the pilot had a parachute and it was in case one of our parachute got attached to the plane which would have required everybody to jump...
[11:48:49] knightr: He didn't have a full parachute, more like a little round army-type one...
[11:49:41] stuartm: knightr: yeah the ones I wore weren't the controllable 'wing' type but round save-your-life types
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[11:50:09] knightr: stuartm, yep, that's the kind of parachute he was wearing...
[11:50:22] knightr: and the wing ones were the ones we were wearing..
[11:51:07] knightr: when my ropes got mixed together I had to look at them and kick the other way and wait for then to unmix themselves, that was fun... :)
[11:51:22] knightr: funny thing is I am afraid of heights....
[11:52:28] knightr: but I was only afraid when I was still seeing the ground, after that when I was under the plane wing I was a little afraid but that was a more controllable fear than the fear of heights..
[11:53:19] stuartm: I used to be afraid of heights, but I got over that by climbing and abseiling when I was a teenager, then a few years ago I fell just 7 feet and fractured my neck and skull, since then I'm once again afraid of heights
[11:53:48] knightr: ouch... :(
[11:53:52] stuartm: more of falling from heights, than the height itself – if I'm inside, or secured by ropes etc then the height doesn't bother me nearly so much
[11:54:34] stuartm: knightr: it's on-topic too, since I did it while in London at the Linuxworld Expo with stuarta promoting MythTV
[11:54:55] knightr: ROTFL...
[11:55:58] knightr: oops, gotta go, just saw the time it was... Have a nice day! ttyl
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[12:10:09] MythBuild: build #3 of msvc-f18–64bit is complete: Success [3build successful] Build details are at
[12:11:12] stuartm: f18? This is an msvc build on Fedora?
[12:12:24] stuarta: stuartm: no, dblain's msvc branch to prove it builds pre merge
[12:12:54] stuartm: ah ok
[12:13:08] stuartm: that makes much more sense
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[12:19:44] stuartm: I reckon we should include a 'platform' string in --version output
[12:23:38] dekarl-work: JohnBergqvist: umm, but its not supported yet? The idea was 100% autoconfig for the channel selection. Once everything is in place there is a benefit :)
[12:24:01] JohnBergqvist: ah right. That makes sense
[12:24:09] JohnBergqvist: can't see any advantage to it right now, re. mythtv anyway
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[14:03:56] Tobbe5178: it is not the fall that is dangerous, it is the suddden stop at the end :)
[14:09:28] stichnot: wagnerrp: I'm still hoping to get your quick review of . . . markup.patch . Specifically, for operations on recordings where you would normally provide both (--chanid && --starttime), I would like to express that it requires ((--chanid && --starttime) || --video). Unfortunately, the way the patch works, this logic isn't statically...
[14:09:29] stichnot: ...expressed in the command-line parsing and help message, but rather checked during the later execution.
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[14:36:08] sphery: stichnot: does -v vbi give logging for subtitles... Though the original data came from the DVD's caption track, he extracted it to an SRT, so he's using subtitle code
[14:36:44] sphery: I know that the caption code strips out non-printable chars, but haven't ever looked at the code for supporting the various subtitle types
[14:38:19] stichnot: sphery: srt, cc608, and cc708 all use the same structure and use -v vbi
[14:38:20] sphery: (just wanted to make sure that was clear since he keeps saying caption and the mention of ripping to SRT was a very small part of the message)
[14:38:50] stichnot: then there's the libass stuff, which I bet is where the problem is coming from
[14:39:45] sphery: ok, cool... never payed attention to subtitle stuff, so I figured you'd know, but wanted to make sure you noticed it was subs
[14:39:56] stichnot: but -v vbi should provide a good indication of where the subtitles are coming from
[14:39:59] sphery: and, yeah, that could well be
[14:40:26] sphery: thanks for looking into it, too
[14:42:31] stichnot: but yeah, it's not really clear from his description what captions/subtitles he's trying to display, and I agree it can be confusing for someone without experience in the area :)
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[15:03:48] gigem: stuartm: How are you liking your Nook so far, that is, other than the missing undo? The HD+s looked like they are getting more scarce, so I went ahead and ordered on Monday. It should be on my porch when I get home tonight.
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[16:04:02] stuartm: gigem: if you know it's limits (lack of hardware common on other tablets e.g. gyroscope, gps, camera) ahead of time there aren't many surprises, the Nook software is OK but there are some mildly irritating restrictions – can't customise the home screen so much because the nook 'wheel' widget can't removed and it takes up half the space, you can't load apps that aren't downloaded from Google's Play store and some apps aren't available because
[16:04:03] stuartm: their developers haven't added the Nook to their compatible devices list
[16:04:38] stuartm: once the microSD card I ordered arrives I intend rooting it and installing Cyanogen instead which should give more freedom
[16:06:00] clever: stuartm: i didnt think the play store had any whitelist for devices, i thought it just filtered based on what hardware the app claimed to require
[16:06:27] stuartm: on the plus side, with the VLC app installed it doesn't do too badly for video playback of recordings, but since few Android tabs have hardware mpeg2 decoding support it can sometimes struggle and the picture quality is degraded (probably because VLC is having to skip some parts of the decoding)
[16:06:35] clever: every app ive seen that doesnt work on the kindle, is due to the google maps lib not being installed
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[16:07:01] stuartm: I'm sure once the transcode stuff is in place, then it will do fine
[16:08:15] stuartm: clever: apparently they do have the option of whitelisting devices known to work OK even despite missing requirements, conversely there is also a blacklist for devices which don't work because they have incompatible (manufacturer installed) libs
[16:08:41] clever: ah
[16:10:05] stuartm: gigem: overall I'm happy with it, I'll probably be even happier once I've installed Cyanogen and have more control over what I install/remove, it feels reasonably fast to me, I've certainly not felt it was ever slow to respond
[16:11:14] stuartm: the high-res screen looks good, but until I'm able to think of a reasonable solution for getting my photographs on there it's hard to make an objective assessment
[16:13:44] stuartm: oh, one of the issues I do have with it is the use of a proprietary cable instead of microUSB, that's pain, especially since you must also use their USB charger – it won't charge at all from a standard 2 Amp USB charger which means I have to keep swapping chargers/cables around at the socket
[16:14:15] stuartm: I decided to play safe and bought a spare cable from them just in case (there are no third party ones available)
[16:14:21] jheizer: OT: but I would love to add suport to rsiebert's new gallery to mobilemyth for tablet picture viewing
[16:14:26] ** jheizer has been stalking that ticket **
[16:15:01] stuartm: jheizer: I intend on adding upnp support for that once it's in, that would include additions to the services API that could be leveraged
[16:15:38] jheizer: Nice. Same boat as you. I have a billion pictures of my 10 month old and haven't found a good way for remote access yet.
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[16:16:39] jheizer: Damn, reminds me. While I updated mobilemyth for .27 support, I totally didn't push the update.
[16:17:15] jheizer: Not that very many people use it anyway.
[16:19:06] jheizer: lmao and as we talk I get a lock out notification of some one trying to get into the mobilemyth site. Idiots.
[16:19:08] stuartm: gigem: the actual design of the HD suits me, less flashy than some tablets but with the rubberised trim around the screen it feels more rugged and harder wearing
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[16:21:23] stuartm: the default email app is the same android PoC that I've got on my phone, doesn't handle multi-folder IMAP well, won't even notify you of emails that are filtered into a folder on the server side only those in the root 'Inbox'
[16:21:32] stuartm: yet to find a decent alternative
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[16:24:22] ** dblain was just notified his raid array went degrade. Argh :( **
[16:24:29] stuarta: doh!
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[16:45:17] stuartm: heh, another reason to hate the default email client, won't let me save an email attachment (zipped backup of settings from my phone)
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[18:07:07] stuartm: wagnerrp: wrong ticket?
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[18:54:54] ghoti is now known as constant
[18:55:09] constant is now known as ghoti
[19:05:38] gigem: stuartm: I knew about the missing hardware. I'm treating this purchase as a relatively inexpensive starter tablet to play with and see if I can find a real use for and also to gauge my parents real interest in a tablet as a possible Christmas present. I don't intend to use the stock B&N firmware except for registering. I picked up the uSD card over lunch to install CM.
[19:12:03] stuartm: pretty much the same thing here
[19:13:46] stuartm: I would have already installed CM but it turned out I didn't have a spare card as I thought (at least not one large enough for the job), so I've given the Nook interface a chance while I wait for a new card to arrive (they are half the price online here)
[19:19:21] stuartm: I've always had my doubts that tablets are more than just a gimmick, but I have so far found this one to be more useful for minor task than I expected although I still find the unnecessary restrictions imposed by Android to be frustrating
[19:24:05] amessina_ (amessina_!~amessina@2001:470:c1dc:7779:d6be:d9ff:fe8d:7c1e) has joined #mythtv
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[19:25:37] stuartm: I've found myself surprised that there's no android apps from the likes of KDE, being able to sync/transfer content directly from my desktop computer would be a fantastic capability – e.g. if I want to read a document while away from my desk the option to 'Send to Tablet' from kde apps would radically improve it's usefulness
[19:29:05] gigem: Interesting. I was hoping that since there's some Linux relationship to Android, there would be decent support in Linux for backing up/syncing.
[19:29:51] stuartm: gigem: there may be something, I just haven't found it yet – maybe I'm using the wrong search terms
[19:30:03] amessina_ (amessina_!~amessina@2001:470:c1dc:7779:d6be:d9ff:fe8d:7c1e) has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
[19:31:53] gigem: I haven't search for anything yet myself.
[19:31:57] stuartm: gigem: heh, just searched again and an article dated 1st Sept suggests that someone is working on something for KDE after all – . . . otifications
[19:32:39] stuartm: from the feature list it seems like it has some way to go to match my expectations, but it's a start
[19:33:38] gigem: Cool!
[19:34:58] stuartm: the actual app was only added to the Play Store just 5 days ago
[19:35:51] stuartm: will definitely install it for the clipboard sharing alone (I've been sending emails back and forth just to get urls/passwords etc to the tablet)
[19:36:32] gigem: Uh oh. UPS still doesn't say my package is out for delivery yet, even though it arrived at the local distribution center yesterday morning. In the past, that usually means it will get pushed to the next business day. I hate they way UPS intentionally delays ground shipments so they don't eat into overnight and second day shipping.
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[19:48:06] stuarta: wagnerrp: were those last set of changes meant to be pushed to 0.27? you pushed them to master and 0.26 :)
[19:49:07] dekarl1: stuarta: I got mails for master, 0.27 and 0.26
[19:49:11] dekarl1 is now known as dekarl
[19:49:32] stuarta: hmmm, well why over in #mythtv-commits is there no 0.27 commits?
[19:49:39] ** stuarta scratches head **
[19:50:38] stuarta: wagnerrp: you can ignore that last one. i was going by what the bot said
[19:51:48] stuartm: gigem: yeah, I had the same experience with UPS
[19:52:55] stuartm: although everyone does it, Amazon annoy me with the 'Super Saver Delivery' which is in reality just normal delivery via the same courier but deliberately delayed for 2–3 days
[19:53:54] stuarta: stuartm: at least amazon normally get it in the system fairly quickly, one other supplier i've used didn't even put it in the post for 5 days
[19:55:13] jheizer: Amazon Prime has spoiled me for life...
[19:55:32] stuartm: stuarta: well that's the thing with Super Saver Delivery, they don't get it in the system, usually when I get the dispatch email it's 2–3 days after the order was placed, and it's received a day later i.e. next day delivery
[19:56:31] stuartm: but most of the time I'm cheap enough to opt for the free delivery, saves a few quid and I have patience to wait
[19:57:20] stuarta: although now i have to keep a stack of £5 things on my wishlist, so that when my order isn't >£10 i can add something to qualify for "free"
[19:58:04] gigem: jheizer: I always find it amusing how super saver magically is as fast as overnight when you order on December 23.
[19:58:53] jheizer: Haha, I will 100% agree the super saver is BS. I take it as they put it on the back burner till they have a low order volumne then box it up.
[19:59:17] ** stuarta agrees with gigem **
[19:59:37] stuarta: get that out of here as fast as possible or we will drown in boxes
[19:59:37] jheizer: Once you get use to everything showing up in 1–2 days you get SO spoiled. What Newegg, it'll take 4 days to get here?!?
[20:00:37] jheizer: Off chance it is late they give you $, usually free returns, and I cancelled netflix and in turn got amazon video so it kind of evens out.
[20:01:15] jheizer: And now being a Dad, cheaper diapers than the warehouse stores that show up at my door.
[20:01:28] jheizer: Ok, I'll stop Amazon nut swinging now...
[20:36:36] gigem: Wow, UPS is amazing! They somehow delivered my package without it ever going out for delivery. :)
[20:36:49] stuartm: heh
[20:38:01] stuartm: some freak of quantum mechanics where for a moment your place and the distribution centre shared the same point in space :)
[20:38:54] gigem: Do we have something for quick, one-off threads? I'm mulling over something and am not sure I want to go the "helper" thread route for this part.
[20:40:01] stuartm: the thread pool maybe?
[20:40:39] gigem: stuartm: :) Hey, maybe the trucks all have 3D printers now, and they print the packages at the delivery point.
[20:41:46] gigem: That sounds like what I'm looking for. I'll check it out. Thanks.
[20:47:29] stichnot: gigem: I did something for a one-off thread in the SubtitleLoadHelper class. It makes use of the thread pool.
[20:48:28] stichnot: and as the comment says, I adapted (simplified) it from RebuildSaver
[20:59:29] gigem: stichnot: Thanks.
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[22:20:25] stichnot: Is there anyone who claims to maintain the PHP bindings these days? git log doesn't really show much evidence of an "owner" back to the time it was moved out of the mythweb repo.
[22:38:58] wagnerrp: stichnot: sorry. been out of town all week. taking a look now
[22:43:35] wagnerrp: stuartm: wrong ticket system...
[22:43:47] wagnerrp: the trouble of pulling in commits from a remote project
[22:59:56] dblain (dblain!~dblain@mythtv/developer/dblain) has quit ()
[23:02:06] stichnot: wagnerrp: np, thanks
[23:11:57] dblain (dblain!~dblain@mythtv/developer/dblain) has joined #mythtv
[23:26:24] wagnerrp: stichnot: you can set all three as a child, so that --chanid, --starttime, and --video will all be listed as options that can be used with the cutlist options
[23:26:42] wagnerrp: but there won't be the automatic mechanism to ensure at least one of them has been used
[23:27:14] wagnerrp: it's more the opposite effect, that those three options would only be usable if one of their parents has been defined
[23:32:20] stichnot (stichnot!~stichnot@mythtv/developer/stichnot) has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
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[23:46:18] jpabq: HLS didn't work with 0.26, right?
[23:50:24] stichnot: wagnerrp: I want to have either --video set, or BOTH --chanid and --starttime. Can I say AllowOneOf(video, chanid) and chanid->SetRequiredChild(starttime) in some way?
[23:50:25] stichnot: If you think this is possible, I'll play around some more
[23:51:25] wagnerrp: SetRequiredChild marks the option as one that you must use
[23:51:44] wagnerrp: the problem with AllowOneOf is that it would operate globally for chanid, starttime, and video
[23:51:56] wagnerrp: meaning it would disallow a potential function that would use both of them
[23:52:17] stichnot: right, and I only want it for the "Recording Markup" group
[23:52:39] stichnot: (and JobQueue I think)
[23:52:58] wagnerrp: the closest option would just be to set chanid, starttime, and video as not-required children of all those ptions
[23:53:17] wagnerrp: and if you wanted, do additional checking in main.cpp to ensure proper use
[23:53:53] wagnerrp: that's would be the closest without reworking the rules in the command line parser
[23:54:18] stichnot: There's actually checking once you get into the markuputils code, but it would also be nice to have the options appear in the help message
[23:54:27] stichnot: and no, I don't want to rework the parser :)
[23:54:38] wagnerrp: right. just setting them as children would make them show up as options
[23:54:43] stichnot: ok
[23:55:09] wagnerrp: so that would be ->SetParentOf("chanid") i believe
[23:55:14] stichnot: besides, the chanid/starttime/video is supposed to be unified into a single key one of these days, then this whole problem goes away
[23:55:37] wagnerrp: sort of...
[23:55:43] wagnerrp: there's supposed to be a unified file id
[23:56:04] wagnerrp: but there will be independent recording and video ids
[23:56:16] wagnerrp: since recordings and videos would potentially have multiple files
[23:56:35] wagnerrp: such as a multi-part video, or a recording with multiple pre-transcoded versions
[23:57:56] stichnot: What do you mean by "independent recording and video ids"? From a single key, won't I be able to construct a ProgramInfo that knows whether it's a recording or a video?
[23:58:12] wagnerrp: no

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