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Monday, September 9th, 2013, 00:01 UTC
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[00:47:40] skd5aner: Interesting – smolt was actually retired last year:
[00:48:36] skd5aner: stuartm, jya: updated to latest 0.27-fixes and I'm back in the game. playback is working. YAY! :)
[00:53:46] skd5aner: thanks guys
[01:17:21] wagnerrp: jams: thoughts? ^^^
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[07:22:37] mattwj2002: anyone want to chat?
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[08:39:00] stuartm: skd5aner: thanks, that does help, seems that with the patching we're holding runLock continuously in GetCarouselData(), never yielding it so that when Stop() is called (to stop GetCarouselData) it blocks waiting for the runLock
[08:54:13] stuartm: the addition of runLock to GetCarouselData appears to be wrong – it was actually removed by Lawrence in an earlier patch because it caused a deadlock and the comment for GetCarouselData states that the 'Caller must hold runLock' – if the caller holds runLock, then we don't need to hold it again
[08:55:12] stuarta: stuartm: making progress on the mheg stuff?
[08:55:14] stuartm: additionally, if we're going to be waiting on the engine then it's runLock we need to release, it's the engine which is holding the runLock
[08:56:39] stuartm: stuarta: yeah, it's all working now, just going over the patch from Lawrence that broke things badly for some people – the locking logic is completely wrong (once I knew what to look for)
[08:56:55] stuarta: awesome
[08:57:51] stuartm: the original mheg breakage was caused by the backport of a 'fix' from ffmpeg which ended up discarding all 'data' packets during decoding
[08:58:03] stuarta: doh
[08:58:52] ** stuarta goes to de-wedge backend **
[08:59:58] stuartm: once that was reverted, the carousel was once again being seen/processed and with a different patch from Lawrence, everything was back to full working order – including support for 'Connected TV' channels on Freeview
[09:00:03] stuarta: more specifically, gcore it, so i can debug it later
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[09:45:54] stuarta: ah the good old out of disk space for mysql errors
[09:46:09] stuarta: which btw. stopped a recording from happening
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[11:10:16] stuartm: this current limbo in master is frustrating, been through several feature patches I want to commit but each one has something that prevents it being applied right now – either a new translation or a database update
[11:24:17] stuarta: stuartm: best option is to go for a few devel branches, or even just one...
[11:27:31] stuartm: IMHO we have a devel branch already, it's called master
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[11:28:43] stuartm: ok, so Nook HD (default config, unrouted) has no WPS support which is a PITA considering the WPA key is a full-length random string
[11:28:59] stuartm: who doesn't support WPS?
[11:34:53] stuartm: and it gets better, keyboard has no < character support so I can't enter the current key
[11:37:43] stuarta: send that shite back
[11:39:44] stuartm: well it's only a minor inconvenience, intend on rooting it and putting cyanogen on
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[11:40:03] stuartm: but I want to do the initial registration to get the warranty
[11:40:26] stuartm: besides, I'm a little curious what their interface looks like
[11:40:33] dekarl-work: no more RPi bashing please. I'm proud owner of such a device now and it has a raspberry on it! No device with such sweet stuff on it can be bad, right?
[11:41:16] dekarl-work: does the nook have a camera? might be easier to scan a QR code of the WiFi settings
[11:41:19] stuartm: dekarl-work: my RPi is currently gathering dust on a shelf, I can't decide what I want to do with it
[11:42:22] stuartm: dekarl-work: no it doesn't (which is fine by me as I have a very expensive CSC and no desire to use skype)
[11:42:58] stuartm: but they could have implemented WPS – Kindle does, even my printer does
[11:43:57] stuartm: worked around it for now by temporarily changing the wifi key
[11:44:02] dekarl-work: stuartm: hmm, for a book tablet QR code scanning does allow some nice use cases.
[11:44:45] stuartm: dekarl-work: yeah, I guess so – scanning QR codes on book shelves etc
[11:45:06] stuartm: and even interactive 'addons' if that's your thing
[11:45:24] stuartm: but I guess B&N didn't think of that
[11:52:07] stuartm: dekarl-work: your RPi, is that the new one with 512MB RAM?
[11:53:05] dekarl-work: stuartm, I don't know. It was in a pink box on my presents table... may have been ordered a year ago... But maybe I can run vanilla mythfrontend on it :)
[11:53:42] dekarl-work: it does have wired ethernet, so its a good question
[11:54:17] sphery: stuartm: We don't have a real opengl check--we only have a check for whether the system claims to have a functional, direct-rendering opengl subsystem. Unfortunately, because we can't actually detect broken installs or lying drivers, we had to put back the UI painter setting and the default had to be Qt rather than Auto.
[11:54:55] sphery: so it's up to the user to figure out if it works for them and, if so, to use either OpenGL or Auto UI painter setting
[11:55:19] ** dekarl-work is thinking of this concept . . . /344793.html **
[11:55:24] sphery: if you can come up with a real/better check, I would very much appreciate it (as that's still a /huge/ problem for users, both new and experienced)
[11:56:41] stuartm: sphery: the issue seems to be that skd5aner has the nvidia driver but 'auto' is still detecting it as software, which I thought was the one driver/config that actually was detected properly
[11:57:40] stuartm: dekarl-work: they upgraded the RAM in Oct 12 on the Model B (one with Ethernet and dual-usb), so you're probably OK
[11:57:57] stuartm: I bought mine before then, so I've only got 256MB
[12:00:50] sphery: stuartm: I'd have to see complete logs showing startup to see what's happening
[12:01:26] sphery: I don't see a link to logs above...
[12:01:28] sphery: skd5aner: ^^^
[12:01:48] sphery: (with the Auto setting specified)
[12:02:48] sphery: I'm guessing, though, that he has the nvidia drivers installed properly, but he's using some layer above opengl that's not true direct rendering (i.e. he has a softpipe driver in the way)
[12:04:49] stuartm: sphery: logs are in the ticket, . . . backfail.txt
[12:08:44] sphery: actually, that log shows the driver is flat out saying it's not using direct rendering
[12:09:22] sphery: not sure why we're missing some logging, though-- . . . ngl.cpp#n936 ... I'd like to see the vendor/renderer strings
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[16:20:28] Tobbe5178: dekarl1: if you manage to get a frontend to run on the rpi let me know :)
[16:20:51] stuartm: sphery: we never call init() on MythRenderOpenGL in that pathway, so those logging entries aren't printed
[16:21:17] Tobbe5178: currently i use mine to run irexec and turn on/off all devices as needed, so i can get rid of one or two remote controls
[16:21:36] Tobbe5178: also realy nice that it supports hdmi-cec too
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[16:27:41] dekarl: Tobbe5178: don't expect anything great this side of christmas :)
[16:29:39] Tobbe5178: as i suspected
[16:29:54] Tobbe5178: did a few experiments myself
[16:36:25] stuartm: sphery: for now we could just copy some of that logging to IsRecommendedRenderer()
[16:36:26] dekarl: did you look at the "concept"? Do you think such a thing is useful in itself? I'm not sure if it would be useful to myself and I have a long list of higher priority items on "the list"
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[17:15:55] JohnBergqvist: Evening.
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[17:23:40] sphery: stuartm: ah, yeah, we probably should have at least the vendor/renderer/version/direct rendering info in IsRecommendedRenderer(). I think all of those should work even that early. Not sure about Max texture size/units, but if so, it may make sense to move them all to IsRecommended and get rid of the whole static debugged "only show it once" code (since IsRecommendedRenderer should only be run once, ttbomk).
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[17:24:09] JohnBergqvist: Right. Good. Hopefully my IRC client should be working now.
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[17:30:50] stuartm: the texture stuff is only populated when you init the renderer, and I think before that you may need to create a glcontext, which would probably cause problems
[17:31:00] stuartm: but the texture stuff isn't necessary information for the UI anyway
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[17:52:13] Tobbe5178: dekarl: i looked at the link you posted and yes its an interesting idea, but not sure it would be usefull for me, but on the other hand i already have a teensy (arduino clone) hooked up to a 4*20 lcd display that acts as a temp logger with built in webserver (plots a chart with goolge chart apis) and also acts as a generic lcdproc display (emulates matrix orbital serial protocol)
[17:52:25] Tobbe5178: was thinking of moving it over to the rpi but havent decided yet
[17:56:09] Tobbe5178: because i use lcdproc with it, mythtv can display info on it too and the teensy acts as a tiny lcdproc client connecting back to the computer running lcdproc so the temp can be displayed along with any other lcdproc clients
[18:01:12] sphery: skd5aner: Based on the above, can you set your UI Painter to OpenGL (not Auto) and start mythfrontend at normal log level (no special arguments) and get a log that shows OpenGL vendor/renderer/version info, please.
[18:01:26] sphery: this for ticket #11831
[18:01:26] ** MythLogBot **
[18:05:55] stuartm: sphery: could we improve the auto check by factoring in the vendor? i.e. we know if it's NVidia it should be OK, and Mesa !OK
[18:07:35] stuartm: there's probably an even better way, but not knowing what various drivers might report or do in response to various opengl commands ...
[18:08:15] stuartm: e.g. maybe we could do a simple speed test on startup
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[19:20:45] MythBuild: build #31 of 0.27-freebsd-64bit is complete: Exception [6exception git] Build details are at . . . it/builds/31 blamelist: Richard Hulme < >
[19:21:03] peper03: Great...
[19:21:48] peper03: wagnerrp: "Permission denied"?
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[19:47:00] dblain: I assume, from what I've read here, I should wait another week before merging my msvc branch?
[19:48:13] dblain: For those interested, I updated the Wiki with msvc build instructions... (A work in progress)
[19:49:08] dblain: Also, I have my build slave ready to go... just need to be told how to connect it to the build master. (plus have my changes merged into master!)
[19:58:02] knightr: dblain, there's at least a week left before release, hopefully not more...
[19:58:19] knightr: I wonder if it would compile with the Express versions of the tools..
[19:58:26] dblain: It should.
[19:58:57] knightr: BTW, you might want to s/guild/guide in the "tip".
[19:59:05] dblain: I've been working with Jerry Rubinow and I believe he is using Express
[19:59:44] knightr: I have downloaded it (Express) but have not yet installed it...
[19:59:45] dblain: Thanks, I'm sure there are other issues... I through it together quickly.
[20:01:40] knightr: no problem, that's the problem with writing something like this, it becomes difficult to spot those after a while when it's your own text...
[20:02:04] superm1: is there any concern in distributing mythtv binaries built with express?
[20:02:42] dblain: I'm not distributing binaries. It's a guide to allow the user to compile MythTV with Visual Studio Express
[20:03:36] superm1: ah right
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[20:09:24] dblain: superm1: although I do use a licensed version of Visual Studio Pro on the build slave I've put together... wonder what legal issue there might be if I put a link to the generated exe's? (we don't offer linux build for a reason, right?)
[20:11:01] superm1: i'm not sure the actual reason that linux builds aren't directly offered by still. it might be historical, might be cautious, idk. it would certainly lower bar to entry to advertise easy to use official binary builds
[20:12:14] superm1: i think adopting something like how xbmc does their downloads page ( would be awesome in general though
[20:13:41] dblain: That would be nice
[20:18:38] peper03: jya: mythffmpeg on master loops indefinitely when I try to create an ISO in MythArchive. Nothing gets written. do_video_out seems to be getting messed up with the number of frames (should be about 20950 but nb_frames is 463048) –
[20:19:24] peper03: jya: 0.26-fixes works fine with the same parameters. Any ideas?
[20:28:19] stuartm: dblain: we don't offer binaries because of legal concerns over the codecs in ffmpeg
[20:29:05] stuartm: code is just text, compiled code infringes patents (or so the theory goes)
[20:29:07] dblain: stuartm: thanks... unfortunate, but understandable
[20:30:22] dblain: I guess that's one argument for using unmodified FFmpeg libraries. ( but that introduces a whole other set of issues)
[20:31:32] stuarta: stuartm: also technically the mpeg consortium wants a licence fee for every "unit" shipped
[20:32:23] dblain: I'd be okay with giving them a percentage of profit :)
[20:32:29] stuarta: :)
[20:32:30] superm1: stuartm: so xbmc and vlc and other projects that ship ffmpeg just ignore that in general then?
[20:33:11] stuartm: superm1: they take a risk, but that's up to them
[20:34:04] superm1: i guess debian must have had a calculated risk too when they started carrying ffmpeg packages in the archive as to which codecs they could and couldn't safely distribute
[20:34:41] stuartm: it came to nothing, but MPEG-LA have already sent Isaac an infringement letter, and that's without us shipping any binaries
[20:35:12] superm1: oh geez
[20:40:31] stuarta: stuartm: that was quite a while back wasn't it?
[20:47:28] stuartm: three years ago now
[20:48:59] stuartm: and as I said, it fizzled out after we got the SFLC involved (and offers of help from EFF)
[20:49:33] stuartm: but it was never really resolved, MPEG-LA didn't persue it, but they also didn't give us formal permission to continue
[20:50:16] stuartm: i.e. the legal position is still unclear
[20:50:58] stuartm: of course we believe we're in the right, but so do the other side
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[21:28:03] dekarl: superm1: is there a way to get ppc and armhf builds enabled for your ppa, so everyone can see the logs? IUIC the ppa has to support the new platforms in time for 13.04 anyway?
[21:28:17] superm1: dekarl: did the logs go away?
[21:28:32] superm1: if so that's a mistake because i tried to fix arm build by disabling VAAPI
[21:28:36] dekarl: I just went to the ppa and only see i386 and amd64 builds :)
[21:28:52] superm1: oh i meant those two bugs
[21:29:05] superm1: the PPA doesn't do ppc and armhf currently, not sure if i can get those added easily
[21:29:17] stuarta: that sounds like fun, since we don't even test build on those platforms
[21:29:53] dekarl: I vaguely remember that you can request it somehow. its not enabled automatically
[21:29:54] superm1: i'm really confused why PPC even broke. AFAICT the code there hasn't changed since 0.26 and it worked there
[21:30:45] dekarl: wrt to other platforms, can we not add the builder from dblain to the cluster and have it built his msvc branch and master to give it a worked / head start?
[21:31:01] dekarl: s/worked/work out/
[21:31:21] stuarta: dekarl: of course we can, it just takes a bit of doing since it's a new target
[21:31:54] stuarta: i was going to try and get the windows build back on danielk22's windows VM, but last time i tried i couldn't access it
[21:32:19] dekarl: ohh, so its more like adding another hostname to a list or so :(
[21:32:29] dekarl: s/more like/more then/
[21:33:08] stuarta: adding another linux builder is like that
[21:33:30] stuarta: adding a new type of target, take more work, since you need to sit down and code up the build steps
[21:33:34] superm1: dekarl: according to no PPA's even for powerpc, might be able to request armhf access though
[21:34:26] dblain: stuarta: I have the build steps, and I installed buildbot slave. Just need the connecting pieces configured.
[21:34:32] stuarta: dekarl: although since we already have steps for a windows builder, we have a start point
[21:35:01] stuarta: dblain: ah okay, lemme find a few bits n pieces
[21:35:54] dblain: stuarta: I'd like to work on it asap, however, I need to leave work now and I won't be in front of a computer for a couple of hours.
[21:48:14] stuartm: dblain: I'm planning some improvements to the upnp side of things, starting with music. This isn't something you're already working on is it?
[21:51:09] stuarta: trying to study tonight, just isn't working :(
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[22:27:40] stuartm: stuarta: what are you studying?
[22:27:57] stuartm: or what are you not studying? :)
[22:29:48] stuarta: RH318
[22:30:16] stuarta: got the exam next week and only just opened the book
[22:30:54] stuartm: eep
[22:31:18] _nyloc_ (_nyloc_! has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[22:31:18] stuarta: oh that should be "easy" compared to some of the others i've already done
[22:31:39] stuarta: RH442 is much much harder
[22:32:04] stuartm: well you work at the right place at least, have any questions you can just go ask the guy who wrote the book (and the test)
[22:32:20] stuarta: hehe
[22:33:24] nyloc (nyloc! has joined #mythtv
[22:33:53] stuarta: most of them are in the US
[22:49:52] natanojl (natanojl!~jonatan@mythtv/developer/natanojl) has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
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