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Sunday, September 8th, 2013, 00:00 UTC
[00:00:11] jya: i'm no fan of itunes; especially itunes 11...
[00:00:28] jya: it sucks to search things now...
[00:01:12] skd5aner: how could they mess that up? It "just worked" for the longest time
[00:01:26] skd5aner: Ha – I'm still running iTunes 9
[00:04:06] jya: when you search something now, the result of the search shows up in a drop down list; from that point the only thing you can do is add it to the current playlist. As soon as you click on one item, the result list disappear...
[00:04:33] jya: so you can use the list as a filter anymore, that will stay until you dismiss the search term
[00:05:01] skd5aner: ah – search was awesome in iTunes, I used it as a filter all the time like you stated... yea, that's unfortunately
[00:05:33] jya: s/can/can't
[00:05:56] jya: whomever came with that design, has never used itunes
[00:06:06] jya: or any music player for that matter
[00:13:36] skd5aner: so, I think I'll take the plunge and upgrade tonight
[00:14:01] jya: upgrade what?
[00:15:14] skd5aner: to the current 0.27-fixes branch
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[01:34:20] skd5aner: trac needs a 0.27-fixes version added since that branch has been created for the RCs :)
[01:40:09] skd5aner: FYI – just found an issue with 0.27-fixes. Can't run against my config.xml because it hasn't been "upgraded" yet to the new format... so, I can't backup my database prior to upgrading unless I run the version that shipped with 0.26
[01:40:17] skd5aner: submitted #11830
[01:40:17] ** MythLogBot **
[02:06:12] skd5aner: Well, upgrade is complete – now none of my recordings will playback :'( Just hangs at "Please Wait..." when I try to start one
[02:15:42] skd5aner: Just seeing this in the log with -v playback on mythfrontend: Decoder mythplayer.cpp:3319 (DecoderGetFrame) – Player(0): Decoder timed out waiting for free video buffers.
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[02:24:39] skd5aner: here are my frontend logs, does anyone spot anything that indicates why playback us failing after ugprade to 0.27-fixes (Current RC)?
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[03:57:36] skd5aner: dead in the water with 0.27... submitted #11831, worked great in 0.26 – no video playback for me in 0.27 :(
[03:57:36] ** MythLogBot **
[04:19:52] jya: skd5aner: i would try rebooting
[04:24:41] stichnot: skd5aner: make sure only one instance of the frontend and backend are running? Watch more verbose backend logs to see that the frontend is properly connecting?
[04:25:12] stichnot: test a different playback profile, like Slim, just to be safe?
[04:26:55] stichnot: actually the frontend/backend communication are probably just fine, but do test non VDPAU playback
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[07:51:24] stuartm: skd5aner: there is a driver problem there – "OpenGL: OpenGL is using software rendering"
[07:52:17] stuartm: suggests that it's not using the proprietary driver or that it's not properly installed – try running nvidia-settings and seeing what that says
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[09:52:41] stuartm: jya: I hadn't committed it when I asked, after I realised that you were probably on the plane and couldn't reply I just went ahead, I'd stacked a few additional commits up behind that one in my tree making it awkward to drop it anyway
[09:54:11] stuartm: I did briefly look at an alternative fix, but since we generally prefer to use patches from upstream instead of creating our own fixes I decided against it
[09:57:40] stuartm: before I spend any time on it, would anyone object to adding some colour to the logging to stdout? I was considering denoting errors in red, warnings yellow to help them stand out to users (running from a TTY)
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[10:21:35] stuartm: danielk22: this patch from Lawrence looks interesting:
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[10:22:23] bergqvistjl: Has the mythfilldatabase --update behaviour changed for 0.27? It now tries to update the channel icons with it's own suggestions, which before, using --update, never used to do that?
[10:24:24] bergqvistjl: i've noticed when mythfilldatabase updates, it also removes the pathname in front of the channel icon file for each channel, which I dont think any of the themes support yet.
[10:35:17] stuartm: mythfilldatabase has always updated channel icons, but I'm not sure whether that was always the behaviour with --update
[10:35:22] stuartm: removing the path is correct, icons are now served from a storage group and explicit paths break that
[10:36:42] stuartm: themes don't and never have loaded channel icons directly
[10:40:41] stuartm: looking over the logs I don't see any change in --update handling between 0.26 and 0.27
[10:43:30] stuartm: jya, stichnot: those crashes on exit with H.264 videos? –
[10:53:54] bergqvistjl: well in 0.26, using the --update argument would prevent mythfilldatabase from udpating icons, i can be sure of that.
[10:54:39] bergqvistjl: is there any way to prevent mythfilldatabase updating my icons then, as it gives me the wrong icons half the time, and overrides what i choose in the channel icons page in mythtv-setup anyway.
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[11:01:32] stuartm: ah ok, it was broken in
[11:02:54] bergqvistjl: ahh right, is that 0.27 only?
[11:03:13] bergqvistjl: *is that for 0.27 then?
[11:06:00] bergqvistjl: I've moved my icons to a storage group anyway now, which has got rid of half the problem, but I still feel that --update should prevent Mythfilldatabase from altering channel icons, as it did in 0.26
[11:06:08] bergqvistjl: not sure which is the correct behaviour.
[11:06:42] stuartm: according to the help text for --update it shouldn't touch icons, so that behaviour is wrong
[11:06:54] bergqvistjl: ah ok, that's what i thought :)
[11:07:06] bergqvistjl: somethign must have changed between 0.26 and 0.27 then
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[11:08:09] stuartm: it did, in that patch from Laurence
[11:08:16] bergqvistjl: ahh right
[11:08:39] stuartm: I don't really blame him though, it's confusing behaviour for --update not to perfom a complete update
[11:08:41] bergqvistjl: any chance it can be fixed before 0.27 goes from RC1 to release.
[11:08:48] stuartm: bergqvistjl: working on it now
[11:09:01] bergqvistjl: Well, --update says "perform non-destructive updates" in the help text for it
[11:09:30] bergqvistjl: so if it overrides your icon choices, then one could say it's destructive? xD
[11:09:57] bergqvistjl: Ive always wondered whether that means it doesn't alter guide data, say if there's a correction, though? :/
[11:10:01] stuartm: yeah, but updates what? If you update anything you're overwriting _something_
[11:10:23] bergqvistjl: well its supposed to update the guide data, without over-riding icons? idk
[11:11:07] bergqvistjl: it would make more sense if there was a --ignore-icons option, that performed a bog-standard update i.e. overwriting modified guide data, yet didn't touch the icons at all.
[11:12:11] stuartm: dekarl1: any input?
[11:16:33] bergqvistjl: if we can get --update to not touch icons, for now, then that would temporarily fix the issue at least, but I see what your saying though, re. the behaviour and name of the argument.
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[11:21:41] jya: stuartm: that patch looks right...
[11:23:36] stuartm: bergqvistjl: are you able to test a patch?
[11:23:48] bergqvistjl: not really :$
[11:23:51] bergqvistjl: not at the moment anyway
[11:24:27] bergqvistjl: have you commited the patch? if that's the case, i can rebuild it all this evening and test it?
[11:24:46] bergqvistjl: I just use the mythtv-git package in Arch's AUR, but set to 0.27-fixes.
[11:25:14] bergqvistjl: I mean if i'm able to just rebuild mythfilldatabase, i should be able to do that now, but im not sure how, that's all.
[11:26:41] bergqvistjl: But if you tell me where to get the source from, i'll build it now :)
[11:29:04] bergqvistjl: Where can i get the patch?
[11:29:40] stuartm: bergqvistjl: just compile testing the patch now, I'll commit it once I've done that since it seems correct
[11:30:05] bergqvistjl: where do i get that from, the unstable git repository?
[11:30:42] stuartm: bergqvistjl: details are here
[11:31:15] bergqvistjl: is there any way i can just clone/pull mythfilldatabase code, without building the whole of mythtv again?
[11:31:22] bergqvistjl: *building/downloading
[11:31:52] stuartm: no, unfortunately not
[11:32:06] jya: stuartm (was referring to that one:
[11:32:22] bergqvistjl: ah ok
[11:32:45] bergqvistjl: I won't be able to test it then, sorry :(
[11:33:26] bergqvistjl: ok, actually i'll give it a go :)
[11:35:07] bergqvistjl: once ive cloned the code, is there a way to just build mythfilldatabase on its own?
[11:35:22] stuartm: does anyone know how the command line groups are sorted? I added a new group but it's buried at the end of the --help output
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[11:36:00] stuartm: bergqvistjl: no, we link against the libraries from the same build and that means building those first
[11:36:10] bergqvistjl: ah ok.
[11:36:40] bergqvistjl: well i'll give it a go. i'm DLing from here clone git:// will that include your patch already?
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[11:40:23] bergqvistjl: takes around 15–20 mins to build usually on my system
[11:41:48] stuartm: not yet, just about to push it
[11:42:53] bergqvistjl: ohhh ok
[11:43:44] bergqvistjl: pushed to unstable?
[11:44:13] stuartm: pushed, can backport immediately to fixes/0.27 if you'd like
[11:44:27] stuartm: seems safe
[11:45:08] bergqvistjl: that would be great if you could do that :)
[11:45:17] stuartm: done
[11:45:23] bergqvistjl: to 0.27?
[11:45:26] stuartm: yep
[11:45:49] bergqvistjl: cheers
[11:46:07] stuartm: --update still works but is deprecated, I've added --update-only-guide which does the same thing
[11:46:34] stuartm: err, --only-update-guide
[11:46:38] bergqvistjl: cheers
[11:48:34] bergqvistjl: give me a few mins to build.
[11:51:22] stuartm: jya: I knew which patch you meant, thanks for signing off
[11:51:57] jya: i had suspected a race / threading issue..
[11:52:31] jya: was going to look into it on the plane... will need to find a book now
[11:52:43] stuartm: heh
[11:53:14] stuartm: I know there was a second or even third ticket for that crash, but I can't find them atm
[11:53:26] jya: how many more of lawrence's patches are in the queue?
[11:54:28] bergqvistjl: I shouldn't need to restart the backend or anythig should I?
[11:54:48] bergqvistjl: i should just be able to run mythfilldatabase straight away?
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[11:58:13] jya: stuartm: on second thought, if we enter the case where we get: Failed to stop decoder loop. ; SetDecoder(NULL) will cause a deadlock
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[11:59:18] stuartm: jya: in total, somewhere around 160, but many of those will never be applied – they are his personal changes e.g. one of them specifies a different proxy setting for iplayer so he can get around territorial restrictions now that he lives in France
[12:00:16] stuartm: but his patch stack does need to be looked at, there are a lot of things there which look either useful or which claim to fix bugs
[12:00:43] stuartm: bergqvistjl: shouldn't need to restart the backend, just run 'make install' then run mythfilldatabase
[12:00:53] jya: very good of him to continue supplying patches like that... if so many would be ignored too long, in his place I wouldn't bother
[12:01:48] stuartm: jya: I think he's making money on the side providing mythtv based services for clients
[12:01:48] jya: isn't iplayer a UK things only?
[12:02:36] stuartm: and he wasn't ignored, he just pissed off almost every single developer insisting his patches were correct (when they were sometimes wrong)
[12:02:45] bergqvistjl: the name of that "iplayer" patch is wrong.
[12:02:58] stuartm: jya: exactly, it's only accessible to UK ip addresses
[12:03:01] bergqvistjl: there isn't actually an iplayer app on Freeview (there is on Freesat)
[12:03:13] bergqvistjl: it should be a patch to enable "Connected TV on Freeview"
[12:03:41] bergqvistjl: as that's the actual term used for interactive/internet enabled MHEG apps on Freeview
[12:03:55] stuartm: bergqvistjl: yeah, technicality :)
[12:04:27] wolfgang (wolfgang! has joined #mythtv
[12:04:40] bergqvistjl: its the correct term though
[12:04:42] stuartm: we have support for both now apparently, but I don't actually know how the freeview one is supposed to work (committed the patch on blind faith, without actually testing the functionality)
[12:04:51] bergqvistjl: as ive said, there is no iplayer MHEG app on Freeview
[12:05:02] stuartm: bergqvistjl: I know
[12:05:03] bergqvistjl: so the name of the patch is sort of confusing
[12:05:07] stuartm: bergqvistjl: it is
[12:05:23] kenni: skd5aner: I've created the 0.27-fixes version on Trac
[12:05:24] stuartm: bergqvistjl: but we can fix that in the public changelog when we release 0.28
[12:06:19] bergqvistjl: true
[12:07:13] bergqvistjl: its built, testing mythfilldatasbe now
[12:08:18] bergqvistjl: no, it's still updating the icons :/
[12:08:46] stuartm: bergqvistjl: what does mythfilldatabase --update say, should be something about it being 'deprecated'
[12:09:09] stuartm: do you run "git update" before building?
[12:09:17] bergqvistjl: oh, i tried it with --update, and it updated the icons. it did say it was depreceated though
[12:09:32] bergqvistjl: no I didn't but i downloaded the code in its entirety
[12:09:48] stuartm: bergqvistjl: are you using xmltv or schedules direct?
[12:09:53] bergqvistjl: Xmltv
[12:10:28] bergqvistjl: basically the xmltv icons are wrong (or not what i want to use), which mythfilldatabase uses
[12:10:37] stuartm: can you run with -v xmltv and pastebin the log?
[12:10:46] bergqvistjl: ok
[12:13:06] bergqvistjl: the icon for BBC Four (in this example) is the one it corrects
[12:16:56] stuartm: agh, my mistake
[12:17:39] bergqvistjl: ah ok
[12:17:44] bergqvistjl: tell me when it's fixed xD
[12:17:57] bergqvistjl: whats the difference between git update, and git pull btw?
[12:18:30] bergqvistjl: because the AUR script i use to update the source code when building, uses git pull, to download only the updates, rather than the whole thing
[12:18:47] stuartm: bergqvistjl: fixed
[12:19:15] stuartm: bergqvistjl: I mean "git pull", sometimes I confuse git with svn :)
[12:19:39] bergqvistjl: ahh right
[12:19:40] bergqvistjl: makes sense
[12:20:00] bergqvistjl: can i DL yet?
[12:21:05] stuartm: yes, git pull
[12:21:16] bergqvistjl: cheers
[12:22:14] stuartm: jya: I won't revert that commit immediately, especially as I've asked people to upgrade to 0.27-fixes to try it, instead we can apply a fix to the fix
[12:23:19] jya: that's fine... i had seen the issue before of the decoder not exiting... but at this stage something is already very wrong
[12:25:12] stuartm: now I need to go and mow the lawn :)
[12:26:19] MythBuild: build #2058 of doxygen-master is complete: Failure [4failed git] Build details are at . . . /builds/2058 blamelist: Lawrence Rust < >, Stuart Morgan < >
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[12:32:27] bergqvistjl: built. testing now.
[12:34:06] bergqvistjl: ah good, it's not updating the icons any more :)
[12:34:52] bergqvistjl: thank you
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[13:33:53] skd5aner: jya: I did reboot
[13:34:24] skd5aner: stichnot: I did a non-vdpau test, I used xv-blit
[13:34:50] skd5aner: stuartm: I'm not using opengl in my profile, so I'm not sure why it's throwing that error?
[13:35:39] stuartm: MythBuild: force build doxygen-master now
[13:35:40] MythBuild: build forced [ETA 6m48s]
[13:35:40] MythBuild: I'll give a shout when the build finishes
[13:35:45] skd5aner: also, mind you... that everyting works fine as is in 0.26... that's not to say that there could be some kind of config that 0.26 is lax about but 0.27 is strict about – either way, upgrading broke all ability to playback :(
[13:35:49] skd5aner: (for me)
[13:36:36] stuartm: skd5aner: the opengl error points to some breakage with the nvidia driver, it shouldn't throw that error if the nvidia driver is properly installed
[13:37:14] dgeary2_ (dgeary2_! has joined #mythtv
[13:37:19] skd5aner: stuartm: I manually installed the latest version again last night... the log I attached to the ticket was before the upgrade ot the driver – I can see if it still throws that error, but the installer seemed to indicate that install was successful
[13:37:42] wagnerrp: MythBuild: force build doxygen-master now
[13:37:47] MythBuild: The build has been queued, I'll give a shout when it starts
[13:38:02] skd5aner: stuartm: now I'm curious if it was throwing that error in 0.26 too :)
[13:39:01] dgeary2 (dgeary2! has quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
[13:42:01] MythBuild: build #2059 of doxygen-master is complete: Success [3build successful] Build details are at . . . /builds/2059
[13:42:02] MythBuild: build forced [ETA 6m35s]
[13:42:02] MythBuild: I'll give a shout when the build finishes
[13:42:10] stuartm: skd5aner: it may not be related, but we have to rule it out
[13:43:56] skd5aner: stuartm: yea, agreed... whatever info I can provide I will. I just looked in nvidia-settings. Everything there appears ok... I know there's a cli to test opengl, let me see if I can go find it
[13:44:22] skd5aner: glxinfo
[13:44:43] jarle (jarle! has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[13:46:57] skd5aner: hmmm, that didn't indicate anything broken
[13:47:06] stuartm: nvidia-settings -g will print out information about the current opengl configuration, you're looking for vendor and renderer strings to read "NVidia" and 'direct rendering = yes'
[13:47:10] MythBuild: Hey! build doxygen-master #2060 is complete: Success [3build successful]
[13:47:10] ** MythLogBot **
[13:47:10] MythBuild: Build details are at . . . /builds/2060
[13:48:01] stuartm: sphery: possibility here that the opengl check is broken for whatever version of the nvidia driver skd5aner is using
[13:49:21] skd5aner: currently running 325.15... was running 313.30... both exhibited the same behavior
[13:50:38] stuartm: oh, now that's interesting, the log in the ticket has "AFD: Stream #0, has id 0x1011 codec id H264, type Video, bitrate 0"
[13:50:38] ** MythLogBot **
[13:50:42] stuartm: bitrate of zero?
[13:51:17] skd5aner: stuartm: none of my recordings play back... even ones I played right before upgrading... I know they're not 0 bit :)
[13:51:27] skd5aner: so, maybe it's decoding them wrong?
[13:51:57] skd5aner: fyi – I've tried h264, mpeg2, mpeg4 video... all show the same behavior
[13:52:03] skd5aner: tried recoridngs and videos
[13:52:49] stuartm: hmm, red herring, it's showing bitrate = zero for all my recordings too
[13:52:53] stuartm: but they play fine
[13:53:01] skd5aner: heh :)
[13:53:23] stuartm: I mean it's a bug, but obviously not one affecting decoding
[13:53:34] skd5aner: FYI – I have to leave here in about 10 mins and will be gone for most of the day... anything I can provide you in the interim?
[13:53:51] stuartm: skd5aner: do they play with mythffplay?
[13:54:26] stuartm: assuming you've built with --enable-SDL to include building mythffplay
[13:54:33] skd5aner: haven't tried, let me see... any flags I should put? I haven't used mythffplay in a long while
[13:54:35] skd5aner: I did
[13:55:04] stuartm: no flags, just 'mythffplay {filepath}'
[13:55:10] skd5aner: k, standby
[13:56:01] stuartm: and also try "mythavtest {filepath}" since that would rule out a myth:// protocol issue
[13:58:13] skd5aner: I was able to get 3 different recordings to playback with mythffplay
[13:58:27] skd5aner: want me to try mythavtest?
[13:58:30] stuartm: please
[13:58:33] skd5aner: k
[13:59:01] stuartm: using an absolute path instead of the myth:// url
[13:59:10] stichnot (stichnot!~stichnot@mythtv/developer/stichnot) has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[13:59:50] stuartm: skd5aner: you always seem to run into the strangest bugs that no-one else has encountered :)
[14:00:03] skd5aner: ok... I've never used mythavtest before... it basically launched a mythfrontend like instance and now I see the same "Please Wait..." dialog box with nothing playing
[14:00:44] skd5aner: stuartm: :( I don't know if that's a good thing, or a bad thing... I like to know that I might be able to make things better for all, but if it only impacts me, then that's not really making it better for anyone but me :(
[14:01:00] stuartm: skd5aner: mythavtest just cuts straight to the playback stuff, it's just a useful way of testing directly on a particular file
[14:01:37] skd5aner: so, mythffplay played back... mythavtest launched and is hung on "Please Wait..."
[14:01:53] stuartm: skd5aner: the fact that mythavtest is failing too narrows it down a little, i.e. it's not a streaming failure
[14:02:05] skd5aner: Every 21 or so seconds it comes up with a Decoder times out waiting for free video buffers
[14:02:27] stuartm: I can't even remember anything changing since 0.26 in the videooutput/buffer code :(
[14:02:49] skd5aner: as an FYI... I used the file system path for both... these recordings are stored on the MBE server and shared to this frontend via NFS
[14:08:54] stuartm: hmm, could disable the NFS, that would force them to be streamed using the myth protocol instead which would increase buffers at various places
[14:10:17] dgeary2_ (dgeary2_! has quit (Quit: Ex-Chat)
[14:10:37] Computer_Czar (Computer_Czar!~Unknown@ has joined #mythtv
[14:11:03] Computer_Czar (Computer_Czar!~Unknown@ has quit (Client Quit)
[14:12:20] stuartm: skd5aner: when you get a chance, could you try this patch?
[14:12:48] stuartm: it won't fix the issue, but it should stop it trying over and over and over again indefinitely
[14:13:11] skd5aner: stuartm: I will be happy to,but I'll have to do it in about 7 hours from now :)
[14:13:13] stuartm: which was a bug I've been wanting to fix for a while, I just can't reproduce that state as easily as you can right now :)
[14:13:15] skd5aner: got to head out the door
[14:13:20] skd5aner: lol
[14:13:22] stuartm: skd5aner: np
[14:13:23] skd5aner: np
[14:14:41] stichnot (stichnot! has joined #mythtv
[14:14:42] stichnot (stichnot! has quit (Changing host)
[14:14:42] stichnot (stichnot!~stichnot@mythtv/developer/stichnot) has joined #mythtv
[14:17:01] skd5aner: I'll check back here later – just let me know if there's anything else you can think of you want me to try when I get back
[14:22:31] _nyloc_ (_nyloc_! has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[14:22:59] stichnot (stichnot!~stichnot@mythtv/developer/stichnot) has quit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 23.0/20130803215302])
[14:24:43] nyloc (nyloc! has joined #mythtv
[14:28:07] stichnot (stichnot! has joined #mythtv
[14:28:07] stichnot (stichnot!~stichnot@mythtv/developer/stichnot) has joined #mythtv
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[14:28:22] jarle (jarle! has joined #mythtv
[14:31:03] stichnot: stuartm: I no longer see the crash when exiting Video Gallery playback of h.264 videos.
[14:31:25] stuartm: stichnot: good :)
[14:33:35] jya (jya!~jyavenard@mythtv/developer/jya) has quit (Quit: jya)
[14:33:54] stichnot: I just noticed something weird about my Deleted recording group. It contains 124 recordings, almost all of which were deleted months ago – why are they still hanging around?
[14:34:43] stuartm: they really, really didn't want to go?
[14:34:54] stichnot: Most but not all are the result of recording rules that keep the latest N episodes
[14:41:40] stuartm: I committed a contributed patch a couple of weeks ago relating to the deletion code
[14:42:02] stuartm: at least I remember reviewing it, but not the outcome
[14:42:32] bergqvistjl (bergqvistjl! has joined #mythtv
[14:43:06] stuartm: ah, no wasn't committed, rejected the patch –
[14:43:25] stuartm: it mentions 'max episode' rules
[14:44:22] bergqvistjl: Ever since I applied that commit (although its probably something before then), video playback no longer works.
[14:44:42] bergqvistjl: regardless of what playback method i use (vdpau, opengl) etc.
[14:44:56] bergqvistjl: i get a second of audio, and then silence, and it hangs at the "Please Wait.." screen
[14:45:00] stuartm: bergqvistjl: how strange, you're the second person to report that today
[14:45:57] bergqvistjl: ahhh
[14:46:13] stuartm: must be something recent then as you were previously using 0.27-fixes?
[14:46:16] bergqvistjl: yes
[14:46:24] bergqvistjl: last time I updated was around 2 or 3 days ago
[14:47:17] bergqvistjl: Aha! it works if I disable MHEG in the menus.
[14:47:34] bergqvistjl: I know you've been having trouble with getting those MHEG patches to work.
[14:50:50] stuartm: hmm
[14:50:58] stuartm: I have it all working here ...
[14:51:48] stuartm: guessing it has to be a race > deadlock then
[14:56:28] stuartm: bergqvistjl: if you're willing then I might need you to revert to an earlier version then somewhere between those versions to narrow down which commit is at fault
[14:56:44] bergqvistjl: only if you tell me how :P
[14:56:56] stuartm: git checkout 6070578
[14:57:17] stuartm: that will go back to 8 o'clock yesterday evening
[14:57:43] bergqvistjl: which branch, fixes 0.27?
[14:58:15] stuartm: fixes
[14:58:28] bergqvistjl: ok
[14:58:38] bergqvistjl: is it git clone though?
[14:58:53] stuartm: only if you've deleted your existing copy?
[14:59:18] bergqvistjl: im confused
[14:59:27] bergqvistjl: erm
[14:59:35] stuartm: you should only need to clone once, after that you can switch branches just by using "git checkout fixes/0.27"
[15:00:06] stuartm: a git clone includes all branches
[15:00:09] bergqvistjl: ok
[15:00:18] bergqvistjl: so what is the exact command to check out the revision you want
[15:00:23] bergqvistjl: oh wait
[15:00:25] bergqvistjl: got it
[15:01:13] bergqvistjl: ok, looks like its checking out now
[15:01:21] bergqvistjl: give me 10–15 mins to build and run
[15:02:27] stuartm: that's the first commit before the mheg patches went in, it will give us a clean slate, confirm that it was the mheg changes and we can work forward from there
[15:02:39] bergqvistjl: ah ok
[15:02:46] bergqvistjl: im sure it was
[15:03:11] bergqvistjl: *im sure it was that.
[15:08:39] bergqvistjl: i presume the patches don't affect the backend at all?
[15:10:22] stuartm: no they shouldn't
[15:10:32] bergqvistjl: cool
[15:10:38] stichnot: So this issue with the Deleted recording group gets more interesting. After tidying up with, mythweb reports 123 recordings in the Deleted group, but mythfrontend reports only 47
[15:12:43] bergqvistjl: ok built, testing now
[15:14:00] bergqvistjl: yep, it plays fine with MHEG enabled in that particular build
[15:14:39] bergqvistjl: obviously with MHEG apps not displaying at all though, which I believe was what the patches were meant to fix, along with allowing Connected MHEG apps
[15:15:29] bergqvistjl: does that help?
[15:15:36] stichnot: these extra recordings don't show up in any mythfrontend view, but they exist in the DB and the files exist on disk
[15:20:38] stichnot: ok, these extra recordings all have deletepending=1 in the recorded table
[15:21:08] bergqvistjl: stuartm: Ive built that revision, and the problem isn't there, so it must be those patches then.
[15:37:56] stuartm: bergqvistjl: ok, can we try 6768914a7 next ?
[15:38:21] stoffel (stoffel! has joined #mythtv
[15:38:58] bergqvistjl: unfortunatly I have to go out now :( I can try on monday though :)
[15:40:57] bergqvistjl: actually, its ok
[15:40:58] bergqvistjl: sorry about that
[15:41:05] bergqvistjl: i have an hour to kill
[15:41:07] bergqvistjl: ill try that now
[15:54:10] bergqvistjl: right, built.
[15:54:11] bergqvistjl: testing now
[15:56:53] bergqvistjl: Right, well with MHEG turned off, everything is normal. With MHEG turned on, the video plays fine, but the MHEG application doesn't work or isn't running
[15:57:08] bergqvistjl: stuartm: next build?
[15:58:39] stuartm: 6a2a64412d
[15:59:13] bergqvistjl: cheers
[16:04:03] bergqvistjl: how many builds do you have for me to try?
[16:05:40] wagnerrp (wagnerrp!~wagnerrp_@mythtv/developer/wagnerrp) has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[16:05:58] stuartm: not many, I have ~3 suspect commits, we've already eliminated one, the one you are building now is the next
[16:06:11] bergqvistjl: ah ok
[16:06:34] stuartm: since skd5aner was seeing the same issue, he can help out if you need to go
[16:08:01] bergqvistjl: it should be OK, i can stay until 6:45
[16:08:48] wagnerrp (wagnerrp!48314a03@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #mythtv
[16:09:01] jarle (jarle! has quit (Quit: Leaving)
[16:09:04] stuartm: hopefully it will be one of those I'm looking at, if not we'll have to cast the net a little larger
[16:09:10] bergqvistjl: yeah
[16:09:11] stuartm: wider
[16:09:23] stuartm: cast wider, no larger :)
[16:09:31] bergqvistjl: yeah
[16:09:46] bergqvistjl: i was really looking forward to Connected TV apps too :(
[16:10:21] wagnerrp: theres a difference?
[16:11:39] stuartm: although it probably relates to the mheg commits, I think it has to be one that changes general player code, skd5aner reported that it affected all videos, not just recordings, and those wouldn't have mheg streams
[16:12:13] bergqvistjl: that is true
[16:13:01] bergqvistjl: testing now
[16:13:25] stuartm: could relate to the mheg startup which would occur for all videos, but nothing relating to the parsing of the DSMCC carousel
[16:13:29] bergqvistjl: Right, this is odd
[16:13:42] bergqvistjl: its now played with MHEG, but the notification centre has said the audio is disabled :/
[16:14:06] bergqvistjl: says "Disabling Audio" "Audio Player" "Aborting Reconfigure"
[16:14:55] stuartm: well that is odd, but remaining positive we've narrowed the list of suspects down :)
[16:15:07] bergqvistjl: let me just check to see whether connected MHEG apps work or not
[16:16:16] stuartm: they won't, you've got back to a point before that patch was committed
[16:16:35] stuartm: 3c41c51ce
[16:16:48] bergqvistjl: arctually,they do.
[16:17:03] bergqvistjl: but its also caused the frontend to not detect my HDMI audio out :/
[16:18:22] stuartm: odd, I wonder if the sequence of commits is different to the log that I'm looking at (git logs are a nightmare as the order that commits appear may not reflect their actual order)
[16:18:36] bergqvistjl: so yeah, connected MHEG apps are working fine now (woo!)
[16:19:04] stuartm: 6a2a644 was before f8c9ea4 which added support
[16:19:04] bergqvistjl: ahh, my HDMI out has started working after a reboot
[16:19:20] stuartm: bergqvistjl: what's the output of mythfrontend --version
[16:19:28] stuartm: ?
[16:19:59] bergqvistjl: MythTV Version : v0.27-RC1-42-g6a2a6441-dirty
[16:20:34] stuartm: bergqvistjl: how are the connected apps accessed?
[16:20:45] bergqvistjl: they appear as channels on the EPG
[16:21:10] bergqvistjl: and all those channels contain, are the connected MHEG apps
[16:22:21] stuartm: not the mythtv epg though?
[16:22:28] stuartm: an mheg one?
[16:22:48] rsiebert_ (rsiebert_! has joined #mythtv
[16:22:58] stuartm: sorry to seem dense, but I feel I'm missing something :)
[16:23:20] bergqvistjl: I mean they appear as a regular channel if you do a channel scan
[16:23:31] bergqvistjl: albeit, when you tune to chat channel, it launches the MHEG app
[16:23:55] stuartm: ohh, OK now I'm with you
[16:24:48] stuartm: I was imagining the mheg adding channels automatically to the EPG instead of static channels hosting mheg-only services :)
[16:24:54] bergqvistjl: oh no.
[16:25:16] stuartm: it makes a lot more sense now :)
[16:25:26] wagnerrp_ (wagnerrp_!~wagnerrp_@mythtv/developer/wagnerrp) has joined #mythtv
[16:25:32] bergqvistjl: ok
[16:25:51] stuartm: I'll need unhide those channels then
[16:25:55] bergqvistjl: huh?
[16:26:00] bergqvistjl: unhide what?
[16:26:12] bergqvistjl: also, what build do you want me to upgrade to next?
[16:26:19] rsiebert (rsiebert! has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
[16:26:44] stuartm: bergqvistjl: after scanning I mark most channels as 'not visible' leaving just those I actually use
[16:26:53] bergqvistjl: I actually delete them myself.
[16:26:56] bergqvistjl: Are you in the UK btw?
[16:27:00] stuartm: yes
[16:27:02] bergqvistjl: ahh ok
[16:27:07] stuartm: I probably hid the connectedTV channels without realising what they were
[16:27:19] stuartm: 3c41c51ce
[16:27:22] bergqvistjl: Well I tested it out now with the CCTV channel and it works OK, albeit it doesn't seem to know what aspect ratio its' meant to be at
[16:27:26] bergqvistjl: and frankly, neither do i
[16:27:29] bergqvistjl: xD
[16:27:32] bergqvistjl: ok i'll try that build now
[16:27:51] stuartm: bergqvistjl: hiding works better than deleting as channels won't get re-added the next time you scan
[16:28:04] stuartm: they'll just remain hidden (in theory)
[16:28:49] stuartm: theory and reality don't always intersect when it comes to channel scanning
[16:29:34] bergqvistjl: I just delete them cos i rarely if ever watch them.
[16:29:42] bergqvistjl: rebuilding now btw
[16:30:14] bergqvistjl: Aside from the aspect ratio problems with CCTV, connected apps are working fine on MythTV :D
[16:30:22] bergqvistjl: i havent been able to try out other channels
[16:33:25] bergqvistjl: still unsure about the aspect ratio though
[16:33:48] bergqvistjl: i'm having to rely on youtube vids of people watching it on a regular tv and i still dont know what it should be.
[16:34:47] bergqvistjl: it starts out in 4:3 and stays there if you maximise the video, but if you go back out again, its now in 16:9 and if you maximise the video again, the video is now in 16:9 too, which looks stretched :/
[16:35:07] bergqvistjl: yet the menu screen itself doesn't looks stretched :/
[16:35:44] bergqvistjl: performance of the app itself is a bit... dodgy, but that's all par for the course IMO.
[16:35:59] stuartm: there was a patch from Lawrence which may fix that, but I decided not to commit it because I wasn't sure why it was needed – I'll try it here tonight
[16:36:04] bergqvistjl: ahh OK
[16:36:12] bergqvistjl: to fix the aspect ratio problems?
[16:36:21] stuartm: yes
[16:37:05] bergqvistjl: oh, the aspect ratio fixed itself when i pressed the OK key, to bring up an overlay as part of the app, but if that patch fixes it for good, then that would be even better
[16:37:36] stuartm: I need to re-scan first, the only cctv I have here is on Freesat
[16:37:43] bergqvistjl: i still feel that the menu should be in 16:9, but the video when full screen should be in 4:3
[16:38:22] bergqvistjl: im watching it on freeview by the way, but you need a Freeview HD tuner for it to work (plus internet acces obivously
[16:38:33] wagnerrp (wagnerrp!48314a03@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Quit: Page closed)
[16:41:56] wagnerrp_ is now known as wagnerrp
[16:42:08] stuartm: ah, ok so they are on the DVB-T2 mux
[16:42:16] bergqvistjl: no, but require T2 to work
[16:42:27] bergqvistjl: they're on the DVB-T mux, but require t2 hardware
[16:42:58] bergqvistjl: if you tune to the channel on a -T device, the MHEG app says "hardware not supported" or something like that. Which was what the apps said in 0.26 on mythtv as well, regardless of hardware
[16:43:24] bergqvistjl: I dont think you can get DVB-T boxes with ethernet though, that's probably why the restriction exists
[16:43:47] bergqvistjl: aha, this looks to be the build where the problem has arisen
[16:44:29] bergqvistjl: yep, it's showing the original problem now :)
[16:44:38] stuartm: yeah, seems like an arbitrary restriction and not one that should affect us – but I'll look into it
[16:44:43] bergqvistjl: yes
[16:44:59] stuartm: bergqvistjl: great, to confirm, let's step back one commit
[16:45:02] bergqvistjl: ok
[16:45:12] stuartm: but first what's the output of --version again?
[16:45:36] bergqvistjl: now, it's: MythTV Version : v0.27-RC1-46-g3c41c51-dirty
[16:46:16] bergqvistjl: what did that build fix, out of interest?
[16:46:36] stuartm: ok good – I'm looking at that middle number, in this case 46, that means we're 5 commits ahead of the last one which means the order is correct
[16:46:53] stuartm: bergqvistjl: mheg-only, data only streams
[16:46:58] bergqvistjl: oh
[16:47:10] stuartm: yeah, ironic no?
[16:47:13] bergqvistjl: indeed
[16:47:22] bergqvistjl: given the previous build i just tried finally got those streams to work
[16:48:34] stuartm: well they shouldn't have worked without this commit, but apparently they did which makes this commit redundant
[16:48:38] stuartm: ea77f4246
[16:48:55] bergqvistjl: ok
[16:49:23] stuartm: all though the development of 0.27 those streams – mainly seen when BBC Three and BBC Four are offline wouldn't work
[16:50:01] bergqvistjl: well those non-connected/mheg only streams (the ones for BBC3 and 4) always used to work, but were very dodgy.
[16:50:06] stuartm: there's still a chance that it was one of the other four commits at fault
[16:50:07] bergqvistjl: they'd crash the frontend half the time.
[16:50:09] bergqvistjl: yeah.
[16:50:26] bergqvistjl: building that last one now btw
[16:51:16] stuartm: thanks
[16:51:17] bergqvistjl: by the way, the file extention that mythtv uses to record DVB-T and T2 programs is always .mpg Shouldn't it be .ts? I mean i know they're arbirtary as it's only an extension, but still...
[16:52:33] jya (jya!~jya@ has joined #mythtv
[16:52:53] stuartm: technically yes it should be .ts or .mpg.ts, but strangely although that's technically correct, a lot of media applications refuse to play videos with a .ts extension
[16:53:06] jya: Wifi in the train... Cool... stuartm it may be easier to have him use git bisect.
[16:53:52] stuartm: jya: I had an idea of which commits were possibly to blame, so it was easier to have him try those in turn, a bisect would have taken a little longer
[16:54:18] stuartm: of course it all depends on which two commits you choose to bisect between
[16:54:19] jya: You're sure it works only a few days ago?
[16:55:03] jya: Having trouble understanding why mheg changes would affect playback, and I don't recall significant changes to the player
[16:55:13] stuartm: well this morning it was running an slightly older fixes build and it was fine
[16:55:31] stuartm: jya: it's looking like it might be 3c41c51c
[16:55:49] stuartm:
[16:56:16] stuartm: I don't understand why, it works fine here, but both bergqvistjl and skd5aner have reported the same issue
[16:57:03] jya: stuartm: You're seeing the same playback issue?
[16:57:23] bergqvistjl: yes, even if i play video files, which certainly do not contain an MHEG stream, it hangs on the "Please Wait" part
[16:57:26] stuartm: jya: no
[16:57:35] gigem (gigem!~david@mythtv/developer/gigem) has quit (Quit: WeeChat 0.4.1)
[16:58:03] bergqvistjl: and wiether i use VDPAU or OpenGL, it still has the same issue.
[16:58:10] bergqvistjl: so its not any of those.
[16:58:10] stuartm: I'd be happy to sacrifice that commit if it turns out to be the problem, the problem it fixes only affects a couple of channels when they are 'off-air' for a few hours during the day
[16:58:32] jya: GitHub doesn't open seems to timeout here.. Can't look at that commit. No idea what it's about... Could it be my changes to TFW ?
[16:58:49] gigem (gigem! has joined #mythtv
[16:58:49] gigem (gigem! has quit (Changing host)
[16:58:49] gigem (gigem!~david@mythtv/developer/gigem) has joined #mythtv
[16:59:20] bergqvistjl: I should have tested whether those off air things work, when we had the Connected Apps running, damn, sorry
[16:59:51] stuartm: jya: it could be that other changes, maybe yours, may someone else's mean that patch starts doing something it wasn't intended to do – Lawrence has had in in his tree for months (if not longer)
[17:00:09] stoffel (stoffel! has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[17:00:10] bergqvistjl: right that build is almost finished now. What should I expect?
[17:00:18] stuartm: jya: try this instead – . . . d501ac229a17
[17:00:29] jya: stuartm: Could always narrow the changes to streams actually having mheg data streams, and not all of them
[17:00:33] stuartm: bergqvistjl: hopefully that it works again
[17:00:40] knightr: stuartm, somebody else (from the UK) reported he was seeing the same problem as skd5aner on the ML...
[17:00:40] bergqvistjl: all of it?
[17:00:53] jya: stuartm: Actually, it can't be the changes to TFW, there are no writes occurring
[17:01:00] stuartm: bergqvistjl: well playback for now
[17:01:05] bergqvistjl: ok
[17:01:26] stuartm: knightr: strange, why isn't it affecting me?
[17:01:37] bergqvistjl: Could be a freeview problem, if you're using freesat?
[17:01:45] bergqvistjl: well right now we have 3 scenarios, playback of normal channels. MHEG only non-connected channels, and MHEG-only Connected channels, right?
[17:01:46] jya: Too scared of you :)
[17:02:06] stuartm: bergqvistjl: I'm using both
[17:02:34] bergqvistjl: ok, well im still having the original problem with this build...
[17:02:50] bergqvistjl: this build: ea77f4246
[17:03:01] stuartm: bergqvistjl: it sounds like the connected channels do open video or audio, albeit over http, so that would make them different from mheg-only (no video, no audio)
[17:03:03] bergqvistjl: as in, it's hanging at "Please wait" for every type of video.
[17:03:17] knightr: stuartm, he didn't say much about his config, he does mention having an NVidia card so maybe he's using VDPAU (which you possibly don't), could that play a part?
[17:03:22] stuartm: bergqvistjl: interesting, so it's not that commit ...
[17:03:36] bergqvistjl: knightr: i still had the same problem when not using VDPAU (but with an NVIDIA card)
[17:03:41] stuartm: knightr: I'm using vdpau, and skd5aner could reproduce with xv too
[17:03:56] bergqvistjl: yeh stuart, i should have tested it when we had connected apps working, but with BBC3 & 4 off air
[17:04:10] jya: I rebuilt about 2 days ago, and h264 streams played fine with me
[17:04:28] jya: No mheg anywhere though, just video and audio stream
[17:04:37] bergqvistjl: is MHEG enabled in the settings jya?
[17:04:43] stuartm: bergqvistjl: fd308a75
[17:04:49] bergqvistjl: if you disable mheg in the settings, the problem disappears
[17:05:05] jya: bergqvistjl: Don't believe so... Unless its the default, I never played with this setting
[17:05:17] bergqvistjl: I dont think its the default for it to be enabled
[17:05:37] stuartm: jya: we've narrowed it down to commits made in the last 24 hours, in fact to within 4 commits
[17:05:51] jya: Anything using the qt web browser is borked on the mac, pressing a key as soon as its launched only result in a "beep"
[17:05:54] bergqvistjl: building now.
[17:06:00] stuartm: I'm need to grab something to eat, back in a few minutes
[17:06:02] bergqvistjl: oh god, that QT web browser is a POS.
[17:06:16] stuartm: heh
[17:06:21] bergqvistjl: although the BBC iplayer website crashes chromium on linux, let alone the QT browser
[17:06:31] jya: That only shows how fragile the code is... That something unrelated breaks stuff like that... Not good
[17:07:11] bergqvistjl: you don't say.
[17:07:31] jya: bergqvistjl: They are both WebKit based browser.. Same rendering engine
[17:07:43] bergqvistjl: odd.
[17:07:54] bergqvistjl: well the QT browser was always way more fragile than chrome
[17:08:10] bergqvistjl: but the BBC's flash apps beat both up, QT more so than chrome on Linux though
[17:08:24] bergqvistjl: even when using either pepper or actual adobe flash.
[17:08:54] jya: On mac there seems to be a focus issue... Some widgets caused the keyboard to stop working... Have to start using the mouse. So if you've configured myth to hide the cursor, you're stuck
[17:09:48] bergqvistjl: ahh right
[17:09:50] jya: Still occurs in mythtv-setup, I can't figured out why... I played with the drawing order which helps... But it's still not perfect
[17:09:57] bergqvistjl: i hate that web browser with a passion though
[17:10:11] bergqvistjl: would be better if someone built native plugins for iplayer, and stuff like that.
[17:10:11] jya: Never used it to be honest...
[17:10:56] bergqvistjl: iplayer?
[17:11:00] ** jya I can't believe how green the Hudson River is... It's covered in Lillys **
[17:11:06] bergqvistjl: well if you're not in the UK, you wouldn't.
[17:11:08] stuartm_ (stuartm_!~stuartm@mythtv/developer/stuartm) has joined #mythtv
[17:11:47] bergqvistjl: its funny, the stuff in the US that airs on BBC America, is actually produced and aired on the BBC's competitors here, ITV and Channel 4.
[17:11:50] jya: bergqvistjl: Never used myth web browser... Or anything related (such as mythnews)
[17:11:59] bergqvistjl: ohhh right
[17:12:36] jya: I would probably start fixing problems otherwise... But I never really bothered with stuff I dont use
[17:12:43] jya: So, how is that build going?
[17:12:57] bergqvistjl: takes around 10–12 mins to compile
[17:13:15] jya: You don't have ccache setup?
[17:13:27] bergqvistjl: huh?
[17:13:30] bergqvistjl: whats that?
[17:14:53] jya: Compiler cache.. Even on my 1.8Ghz i5, it only takes a couple of minutes to rebuild with ccache activated under most scenarios... And you change little the headers here, so it would pretty efficient
[17:15:08] stuartm_: sorry I should have mentioned ccache earlier
[17:15:25] jya: Just install ccache, re-run myth configure, and it will be automatically activated
[17:15:40] bergqvistjl: ahh ok
[17:15:42] bergqvistjl: right
[17:15:46] jya: The first build will be as slow as before, future one very fast
[17:15:48] bergqvistjl: I will do next time.
[17:16:13] jya: If you don't touch the headers, it's a good 10x speed factor
[17:16:25] bergqvistjl: so do i just install and thats it?
[17:16:32] bergqvistjl: i dont need to run ccache by itself?
[17:16:35] jya: Yep
[17:17:08] jya: No.. Configure will detect it and set the make file to use it (must do disk clean first)
[17:17:22] bergqvistjl: ah ok
[17:17:38] bergqvistjl: testing build now.
[17:18:42] bergqvistjl: right, OK. Connected apps (CCTV) are working
[17:19:58] bergqvistjl: BBC1 red button is working!
[17:20:04] bergqvistjl: oooh!!! it's a shiney new red button!
[17:20:08] bergqvistjl: never seen that before
[17:20:14] bergqvistjl: that's nice
[17:20:15] stuartm_: Ok that suggests our culprit
[17:20:36] bergqvistjl: let me just check bbc3 offline
[17:20:38] bergqvistjl: *offair
[17:20:39] jya: What about playback?
[17:20:44] jya: Who cares about the red button :)
[17:20:45] bergqvistjl: hang on
[17:20:56] natanojl (natanojl!~jonatan@mythtv/developer/natanojl) has joined #mythtv
[17:21:09] bergqvistjl: the red button menu itself is new (better transparency) but when you switch to the pages itself, they're the same as before
[17:21:19] bergqvistjl: dunno if that's meant to be the case
[17:21:54] bergqvistjl: No sign of a bbc 4 closedown screen though
[17:22:03] bergqvistjl: but they always were slow to appear
[17:22:04] stuartm_: when I'm not having to type at 4 words per minute on my phone I'll revert it
[17:22:07] bergqvistjl: oh wait
[17:22:12] bergqvistjl: something flashed up for a splitsecon
[17:22:15] bergqvistjl: *split second
[17:22:59] bergqvistjl: ah, part of the bbc 4 closedown screen has loaded
[17:23:37] bergqvistjl: its just white text on a black background, with the bbc3 (im on that channel now) logo.
[17:23:53] bergqvistjl: loading a connected app now
[17:24:22] bergqvistjl: for some reason (and this has always been the case), MHEG apps don't like it when the MythTV OSD is running
[17:24:54] bergqvistjl: cctv seems to be working ok
[17:25:16] bergqvistjl: appears to be a tad more responsive.
[17:25:19] bergqvistjl: than before.
[17:26:15] bergqvistjl: not sure if the MHEG remote buttons are working for CCTV though this time.
[17:26:18] bergqvistjl: let me check
[17:28:30] jya: bergqvistjl: So does normal video playback work?
[17:28:37] bergqvistjl: yes.
[17:28:52] bergqvistjl: im just checking MHEG connected apps though
[17:29:47] bergqvistjl: but the red button is important, because it loaded a new red button app when I tried this build, where it didn't before.
[17:30:00] wagnerrp (wagnerrp!~wagnerrp_@mythtv/developer/wagnerrp) has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[17:30:41] bergqvistjl: I must admit though, overall all MHEG apps seem clunkier than before.
[17:30:45] stuartm: jya: this was the commit that seems to be at fault, . . . 586563db9442
[17:31:00] stuartm: I'm wondering if it was just the peek timeout change that broke things
[17:31:02] bergqvistjl: I just tried to change to a different stream on CCTV (from News, to their CCTV 4 channel) and it crashed the stream :/
[17:31:05] wagnerrp (wagnerrp!~wagnerrp_@mythtv/developer/wagnerrp) has joined #mythtv
[17:31:48] bergqvistjl: is there anything else you want me to try stuart?
[17:33:14] bergqvistjl: the CCTV app seems to have less trouble with aspect ratios now. It's staying in 4:3 (like it should) all the time.
[17:33:31] bergqvistjl: Oh no. No it's not.
[17:33:34] bergqvistjl: ignore that last message
[17:33:50] jya: stuartm_: I see nothing in there that would obviously break playback
[17:34:41] stuartm: jya: neither do I, and yet ...
[17:34:43] bergqvistjl: do you have another build for me to try Sturart?
[17:35:30] jya: I guess now in the time to go back to head with just a revert on that commit...
[17:35:38] jya: S/in/is
[17:35:47] stuartm: bergqvistjl: can you "git checkout" then "git pull" ?
[17:35:55] bergqvistjl: ok hang on
[17:35:58] bergqvistjl: just a plain git checkout?
[17:36:01] stuartm: that will move you back to HEAD on that branch
[17:36:03] stuartm: yes
[17:36:13] stuartm: then git pull to get the commit I just pushed
[17:37:06] bergqvistjl: right
[17:37:08] jya: Line 596; don't see the point of locking the mutex just to do wake all
[17:38:04] bergqvistjl: argh its still trying to pull the previous one
[17:38:06] stuartm: actually, no, the peekTimer change wouldn't have been affected by disabling MHEG – so it's something else in that commit
[17:38:31] bergqvistjl: says i'm not currently on a branch
[17:38:36] stuartm: probably a dead lock
[17:38:44] bergqvistjl: can't i just rm it and do a full git clone?
[17:38:51] stuartm: bergqvistjl: git checkout fixes/0.27
[17:39:25] stuartm: I forgot that checking out a specific commit causes it to enter a detached state (for some bizarre reason)
[17:39:37] bergqvistjl: ta
[17:40:09] bergqvistjl: building now
[17:40:13] bergqvistjl: fingers crossed.
[17:40:33] jya: stuartm of all changes in that commit, it's the only one that seems suspicious (other than some styling issues)
[17:41:27] bergqvistjl: what will this do by the way, will this bring me up to date, but with that offending code change reverted?
[17:42:44] jya: . . . b9442#L2L784 there I would change the &m_mutex with locker.mutex() to be consistent with the rest of the code
[17:42:48] stuartm: bergqvistjl: up to date, but with one specific part reverted
[17:43:07] stuartm: bergqvistjl: if that doesn't work, I'll revert the whole commit
[17:43:19] bergqvistjl: ok
[17:45:32] jya: stuartm: Should set a working branch rather than having "tests" commit. Would be more tidy
[17:47:23] stuartm: jya: just to be clear, you are referring to the revert commit?
[17:48:22] jya: the commit you just push to fixes/0.27... My comments otherwise were about commit . . . b9442#L2L784
[17:48:58] jya: If changing a timer test from 5s to 1s fix playback, it only indicates a racing conditions somewhere. It can't be a proper fix
[17:49:20] stuartm: I agree, I was a little hasty in pushing that to fixes/0.27, especially so once I stopped to think about and realised that it can't be the cause of this bug
[17:49:40] stuartm: at least not directly
[17:49:55] jya: Probably only dug up another bug somewhere....
[17:50:28] stuartm: probably a fix for that among Lawrence's patchs ...
[17:51:05] jya: Would be keen on seeing if it changes anything removing that qmutexlocker...
[17:51:27] bergqvistjl: ok, rebooting now.
[17:51:59] stuartm: jya: I was racing a little to try and fix this issue before more people in the UK upgraded to 0.27-fixes, but that's not really a good reason
[17:52:20] bergqvistjl: ahh.. i still have that bug...
[17:52:23] jya: bergqvistjl: Why reboot?
[17:52:38] bergqvistjl: dunno lol
[17:52:42] stuartm: bergqvistjl: ok thanks
[17:52:55] jya: stuartm: So we have you, skd5aner, bergqvistjl .... Who else ? :)
[17:53:30] stuartm: not me, at least I'm not affected otherwise I'd have never pushed that commit :) There's a guy on the -users mailing list apparently
[17:53:47] jya: bergqvistjl: you should just revert that commit... So do git checkout HEAD~
[17:53:52] bergqvistjl: between: fd308a75 and the current, is where the problem lies.
[17:53:54] bergqvistjl: ok hang on
[17:54:10] jya: Then git revert ea77f42462bd1055578131fb64e1586563db9442
[17:54:17] bergqvistjl: no need to pull?
[17:54:24] stuartm: no
[17:54:24] jya: No..
[17:54:27] knightr: jya somebody else on the mailing list mentionned having this problem...
[17:55:10] jya: I may migrate to the UK, can't bear the thought of going back to Oz after those elections
[17:55:11] bergqvistjl: argh
[17:55:44] jya: TV is better there anyway...
[17:55:47] bergqvistjl: I get: "error: Your local changes would be overwritten by revert. hint: Commit your changes or stash them to proceed. fatal: revert failed"
[17:55:59] bergqvistjl: checkout HEAD~ seems to work.
[17:56:06] jya: Do git checkout
[17:56:18] jya: Git reset --hard HEAD~
[17:56:29] bergqvistjl: ok looks like its working now
[17:56:36] jya: Then git revert
[17:56:56] bergqvistjl: with the ea..... stuff?
[17:57:13] bergqvistjl: or just git revert on its own?
[17:57:34] jya: Gît revert ea77f42462bd1055578131fb64e1586563db9442
[17:57:45] bergqvistjl: nope
[17:57:47] bergqvistjl: not letting me
[17:58:08] bergqvistjl: says, my local changes will be overwritten by revert.
[17:58:15] stuartm: jya: one of the local TV pundits remarked that "Abbott apparently has an Oxford eduction, but you may be wondering if that's really true when he manages to confuse the word repository with suppository"
[17:58:35] jya: If you did git reset --hard HEAD~ there's no way you would get that message
[17:58:41] bergqvistjl: i didn't do that
[17:58:52] bergqvistjl: ok, so I do git reset, then git revert?
[17:59:09] jya: stuartm: My guess the only thing related to Oxford he did is playing rugby
[17:59:12] stuartm: after seeing the size (and complexity) of the Australian ballots, there does seem to be something broken with that electoral system
[17:59:38] bergqvistjl: no, it's still not working
[17:59:39] jya: 93 candidates in my electorate for senate :)
[17:59:49] bergqvistjl: tells me to set my git account identity now :/
[17:59:59] jya: Then do that
[18:00:15] stuartm: the state one was 4 foot long?
[18:00:22] bergqvistjl: i have no idea what that is :/
[18:00:27] bergqvistjl: i dont even have a git account
[18:00:45] jya: Or extract the patch with git diff ea77f42462bd1055578131fb64e1586563db9442~ ea77f42462bd1055578131fb64e1586563db9442 > mypatch.diff
[18:00:57] bergqvistjl: youre getting out of my depth now.
[18:01:04] jya: Then patch -p2 -R < mypatch.diff
[18:01:20] jya: stuartm: Just about.. Almost 2m wide
[18:01:55] jya: bergqvistjl: Command above assume youre in the mythtv directory
[18:02:03] stuartm: bergqvistjl: ok, git reset --hard, then git reset HEAD^, followed by another git reset --hard
[18:02:32] jya: stuartm: That would leave remnant of the last commit
[18:03:04] jya: Can do it in one less step.. Im sure by now is at head~~~~
[18:03:41] stuartm: jya: right, I'm just trying to break it down so he's at a known start/end point
[18:03:58] stuartm: it's getting messy :)
[18:04:15] bergqvistjl: "HEAD is now at 6e62a3c Player: Delete decoder after decoder thread stopped" is that OK?
[18:04:18] bergqvistjl: is that the right point?
[18:04:21] stuartm: yes
[18:04:32] stuartm: git status
[18:04:42] bergqvistjl: ok
[18:04:44] jya: Probably better to use git reset --hard last_hash
[18:04:52] bergqvistjl: so i then build, stuart?
[18:04:57] jya: So errors can be made
[18:05:12] stuartm: bergqvistjl: just check that the tree is clean first, git status should indicate that
[18:05:38] bergqvistjl: ah. i'm building now.
[18:05:41] jya: bergqvistjl: That's good yet
[18:05:41] jya: Now do the git diff I mentioned above
[18:05:41] jya: And apply the patch
[18:06:18] jya: stuartm: Why don't you create a branch and push the revert and have him use that... Less error prone
[18:06:20] stuartm: oh right, need to "git revert ea77f4246"
[18:06:24] bergqvistjl: oh ffs
[18:06:28] bergqvistjl: I have no idea where I am now...
[18:06:35] bergqvistjl: right, lets start again.
[18:06:35] stuartm: although you can't without an account, so do what jya suggest
[18:06:40] jya: stuartm: He needs to setup git account first
[18:06:48] stuartm: jya: yeah, realised that
[18:06:59] stuartm: bergqvistjl: wait a minute, I'll do as jya suggested
[18:07:03] jya: I'm on an iPad.. Can't do much
[18:07:05] bergqvistjl: huh?
[18:07:12] bergqvistjl: i have dinner now. I'll speak later.
[18:07:28] bergqvistjl (bergqvistjl! has left #mythtv ("JOIN #mythtv ")
[18:07:32] jya: bergqvistjl: stuartm will set a branch for you.. You'll only have to do git checkout and recompile
[18:07:37] bergqvistjl (bergqvistjl! has joined #mythtv
[18:07:49] bergqvistjl: might start again. re. the source code
[18:08:00] jya: bergqvistjl: stuartm will set a branch for you.. You'll only have to do git checkout and recompile
[18:10:14] jya: I have a lady next row breast feeding her child... What quite disturbing is that the child appears to be about 5 years old
[18:10:31] jya: Certainly older than my daughter
[18:10:40] stuartm: bergqvistjl: git pull then git checkout personal/stuartm/mheg-debug
[18:13:28] stuartm: skd5aner: when you get back, could you try that branch too?
[18:14:24] knightr: somebody else (from the UK) is reporting having the problem too now...
[18:14:47] knightr: (Dave Pearson)
[18:15:03] stuartm: know that name ...
[18:15:12] stuartm: or I think I do
[18:15:42] knightr: so do I (but I don't know why) that's why I mentioned it...
[18:16:19] jya: Hopefully this will not deter too many people from upgrading to 0.27 :(
[18:17:41] stuartm: knightr: since you're subscribed to that list (I'm not) can you advise them just to disable "Interactive TV" for now?
[18:17:58] stuartm: and tell them we're working on a fix :)
[18:18:04] knightr: stuartm, OK, no problem...
[18:20:02] stuartm: thanks
[18:20:40] jya_ (jya_!~jyavenard@mythtv/developer/jya) has joined #mythtv
[18:20:44] jya: Going to test here if I can reproduce the issue with interactive TV enabled... Where is that defined?
[18:20:56] stuartm: jya: hence my hurry – in hindsight it wasn't the best move to push those commits to fixes during an RC
[18:21:10] stuartm: jya: video > osd > first page
[18:22:05] jya_: thanks
[18:22:51] stuartm: got a little carried away, and they seemed safe on the face of it
[18:23:50] jya_: i looked at all of them earlier today, and nothing stroke me as incorrect.
[18:24:01] jya_: and they seem rather isolated to mheg
[18:25:57] stuartm: aye, I reviewed and tested carefully after each one, which is why this has to be a race condition that my machine is too slow (or fast) to trigger
[18:27:06] bergqvistjl: back
[18:27:07] jya_: enabling livetv on my HLS recording changes nothing :(
[18:27:18] bergqvistjl: right, where do I start?
[18:27:23] knightr: stuartm, email sent...
[18:28:28] jya_: I have a BBC recording here... stuartm how do I see if it has a mheg stream?
[18:29:23] stuartm: ffmpeg -i should show DSMCC_B streams
[18:30:05] stuartm: bergqvistjl: git pull then git checkout personal/stuartm/mheg-debug
[18:30:10] jya_: stichnot: why do the teletext subtitles look so different than plain teletext? they like 3 times as big ..
[18:30:41] bergqvistjl: the pull doesn't work.
[18:30:47] jya (jya!~jya@ has quit (Quit: Colloquy for iPad -
[18:30:53] bergqvistjl: says i'm not on a branch.
[18:30:58] jya_: stuartm: would plain ffmpeg shows dsmcc_b stream?
[18:31:06] jya_ is now known as jya
[18:31:18] jya: bergqvistjl: redo a git reset --hard HEAD
[18:31:21] bergqvistjl: ok
[18:31:27] jya: git checkout master ; git pull
[18:31:36] jya: then git checkout personal/stuartm/mheg-debug
[18:31:46] stuartm: jya: err, no sorry, needs to be mythffmpeg or the internal player with -v libav, playback
[18:32:22] bergqvistjl: ok, its building now.
[18:32:24] stuartm: stock ffmpeg doesn't grok dsmcc streams
[18:32:30] bergqvistjl: ccache doesn't seem to have any effect though
[18:32:32] bergqvistjl: still as slow as ever
[18:32:33] jya: hmm... nop.. h264, mp2 (NAR), dvb_teletext, dvb_subtitle and ac3
[18:32:44] stuartm: we should get that submitted upstream
[18:33:02] stuartm: jya: must be an older sample
[18:33:09] jya: bergqvistjl: because you changed branch so the headers changed
[18:33:47] jya: stuartm: do you know of a link to a file with ddmcc streams? I only have another 20 minutes of internet access...
[18:34:00] stuartm: jya: let me check
[18:34:23] jya: would there be one of the samples website?
[18:35:21] stuartm: jya: that's what I was just checking, there is a BBC HD sample there that should be more recent – assuming you have your login details
[18:35:36] stuartm: it's 220 MB, but you'll only need part of it
[18:36:04] stuartm: jya: the playback failure issue apparently affects all videos, not just those with mheg streams
[18:36:31] jya: stuartm: then i can't reproduce the issue :(
[18:36:36] jya: or maybe i need to restart mythfronte
[18:36:55] stuartm: with "Interactive TV" enabled we start the mheg code looking for mheg streams, that's where the problem must be arising
[18:38:23] ** stuartm opens a beer **
[18:38:51] bergqvistjl: building building building..
[18:38:52] bergqvistjl: .
[18:39:02] bergqvistjl: ahh right jya.
[18:39:12] stuartm: bergqvistjl: not fast enough!
[18:39:15] bergqvistjl: lol
[18:39:28] jya: stuartm the bbd sample you mentioned is the the h264_position_bug.mpg one? I have that one already
[18:39:33] bergqvistjl: by the way, BBC HD (on freeview at least) doesn't contain MHEG apparently.
[18:40:12] jya: it's one of the few videos I have, as i worked on the bug for that video on my laptop
[18:40:15] stuartm: jya: oh, no dsmcc in that then?
[18:40:23] jya: nope
[18:40:31] stuartm: bergqvistjl: the sample in question was from freesat
[18:40:38] bergqvistjl: ah ok. then it will do.
[18:40:39] stuartm: since I don't have dvb-t2
[18:40:40] jya: unless mheg isn't built be default
[18:40:51] bergqvistjl: mheg should be built by default, i think.
[18:41:11] stuartm: jya: it's enabled by default, but can be disabled via --disable-mheg or similar
[18:41:15] bergqvistjl: btw stuartm, what should I expect re. the build i'm compiling now?
[18:41:17] jya: yeah, I have CONFIG_MHEG 1; plus i probably wouldn't see the menu in the OSD settings
[18:41:52] jya: bergqvistjl: what you had tried to do with git commands
[18:41:54] stuartm: bergqvistjl: hopefully, if we've got this right everything will be working
[18:42:05] bergqvistjl: ok.
[18:42:14] jya: then we can attempt to identify the actual problem
[18:42:25] jya: wish we don't simply have to revert it
[18:42:28] stuartm: --version info would be helpful when you've finished building
[18:42:43] bergqvistjl: will it have those patches you mentioned earlier (which was authored by lawrence someone?)?
[18:42:59] stuartm: jya: best course for now seems to be reverting, then we can take our time to figure out the issue
[18:43:12] stuartm: bergqvistjl: all except one of them
[18:43:23] jya: but who is going to be willing to test ?
[18:43:43] jya: if none of the devs see this ...
[18:43:45] stuartm: jya: skd5aner will do it, he's a good guy
[18:44:05] stuartm: and I'd owe him a beer
[18:44:51] stuartm: jya: alternatively we could revert only in fixes, leave master broken
[18:45:35] jya: attempted to have a beer with danielk22 ; but that didn't pan out :(
[18:45:51] stuartm: :/
[18:45:56] jya: ok.. I see people packing.. so maybe I should too... ttyl
[18:46:23] jya (jya!~jyavenard@mythtv/developer/jya) has quit (Quit: jya)
[18:47:58] stuartm: I once made a detour, a very big detour, to meet up with a friend in Glasgow for a drink – arrived, with hours before my train home was due to leave and gave him a call – his response "Oh, was that today?? Sorry, but I've had to go into work and won't be able to meet up"
[18:48:06] bergqvistjl: ah ok
[18:48:14] stuartm: needless to say, I wasn't too happy
[18:48:17] bergqvistjl: was that one patch the one that broke things then? xD
[18:48:44] stuartm: that's what we're waiting for you to tell us :)
[18:48:47] bergqvistjl: Frontend version: MythTV Version : v0.27-RC1-59-gf3600da-dirty
[18:49:04] bergqvistjl: you might have to wait a few mins. parents are using the tv
[18:51:34] bergqvistjl: that version OK?
[18:55:23] stuartm: bergqvistjl: seems to be, what does it say for Branch?
[18:55:46] bergqvistjl: it's yours
[18:55:48] stuartm: well, the -dirty shouldn't be there, this should be a clean tree
[18:55:55] stuartm: bergqvistjl: ok
[18:56:21] stuartm: bergqvistjl: just double checking that the version you've built is the right one :)
[19:01:05] stuartm: bergqvistjl: whereabouts in the UK are you?
[19:01:56] bergqvistjl: Somerset
[19:02:01] bergqvistjl: right next to the mendip mast
[19:03:02] bergqvistjl: MHEG is working, with the newer red button app.
[19:03:17] bergqvistjl: let me just test connected apps
[19:04:00] exoon (exoon!~exoon@ has quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
[19:04:17] exoon (exoon! has joined #mythtv
[19:04:24] stuartm: ok, good, assume videos are playing fine too?
[19:04:45] bergqvistjl: yes.
[19:04:58] bergqvistjl: MHEG is still very clunky in general when it comes to connected apps and BBC4 off air etc.
[19:06:19] bergqvistjl: but yeah, it's working at least.
[19:09:02] stuartm: knightr: OK, should be fixed in fixes/0.27 – still broken in master for now
[19:09:30] stuartm: bergqvistjl: thank you very much for your time and effort, you should be able to go back to your packages now
[19:09:50] bergqvistjl: cheers
[19:10:04] bergqvistjl: oh, have you fixed it in the main branch then?
[19:10:04] stuartm: "git checkout fixes/0.27" if you want to stick with git for now
[19:10:06] bergqvistjl: *now
[19:10:20] bergqvistjl: yeah, I always use fixes.
[19:10:25] stuartm: it's fixed in the 0.27 branch, not yet in the master (development) branch
[19:11:27] bergqvistjl: ok
[19:11:32] bergqvistjl: i was on fixes/0.27 anyway
[19:12:17] stuartm: jya is going to be stuck on a plane for 24 hours and I'm busy tomorrow, so maybe it's better if I revert it in master so it doesn't inconvenience too many people
[19:12:35] bergqvistjl: ok
[19:12:44] bergqvistjl: whats the difference between master and fixes/0.27?
[19:12:51] bergqvistjl: is master the unstable brance?
[19:12:57] bergqvistjl: *unstable/bleeding edge branch?
[19:14:43] stuartm: yes
[19:16:22] stuartm: master is where all the work is usually done, the fixes/release branches all stem from there at particular points, generally only bug fixes already present in master are then 'cherry-picked' to the fixes branches
[19:17:19] stuartm: current master will eventually become 0.28, or more accurately, at some point in the future 0.28 will be branched from master
[19:17:28] bergqvistjl: ah ok.
[19:18:06] stuartm: right now there's not much difference between fixes/0.27 and master as we only branched a week ago
[19:18:32] bergqvistjl: yeah.
[19:19:10] stuartm: master is never really completely unstable, most devs run master constantly, and breakage is usually temporary
[19:20:30] bergqvistjl: yeah.
[19:20:45] knightr: knightr, OK, I'll let them know (ie on the ML...)
[19:21:13] knightr: oops, talking to myself :-) stuartm ^
[19:21:46] bergqvistjl: Are you in communication with any of the XMBC guys by the way? Someone needs to remind whoever develops the cmyth PVR addon there to update it to support 027
[19:21:50] bergqvistjl: *0.27
[19:22:17] stuartm: I'm not personally
[19:22:26] bergqvistjl: ah ok.
[19:24:11] bergqvistjl: anything major/notable on the cards for 0.28?
[19:26:02] stuartm: major feature wise it's still not clear, current plans involve finishing off a few things that have remained unfinished for too long and general polishing of existing features
[19:26:41] stuartm: there will be a completely new replacement for mythgallery, which will be integrated and no longer a plugin – it will have storage group support
[19:26:52] bergqvistjl: ahh right.
[19:26:56] stuartm: mythmusic will also become a permanent part of the frontend, again with storage group support
[19:27:02] bergqvistjl: is mythbrowser going to be integrated as well?
[19:27:18] bergqvistjl: given that plugins like NetVision depend on it?
[19:27:52] stuartm: it's not planned, although most of the code is already integrated (you can put webpages anywhere uses themes)
[19:28:08] stuartm: other changes are still uncertain, but there are a few ideas floating around
[19:28:38] bergqvistjl: ok
[19:28:43] stuartm: playback of encrypted DVDs (i.e. any commercial DVD) from remote storage groups will be supported
[19:28:57] stuartm: in fact, that patch went into master today
[19:29:35] stuartm: umm, may see a partial or even complete replacement for mythweb served by the internal http server of mythbackend
[19:29:59] stuartm: stress _may_ – don't know how much time I'll have to work on that or whether I'll get any help
[19:31:03] stuartm: there should be a lot of upnp improvements
[19:31:46] bergqvistjl: yeah.
[19:32:26] stuartm: and with luck, a vastly improved mythtv-setup with a much better user experience
[19:33:09] stuartm: but as with most open source development, these things will all depend on the amount of time individuals have to dedicate to them
[19:33:54] stuartm: life has a way of spoiling carefully laid plans :)
[19:34:11] bergqvistjl: yes.
[19:36:01] knightr: stuartm, I didn't know you were going to work on the web setup.
[19:36:51] stuartm: I'd like to say there will be some really exciting new features, but we've hit a plateau at the moment, there's not much that people feel is lacking – we support broadcasts in pretty much every country, in almost every format conceivable, we support technologies such as MHEG and every subtitle format under the sun
[19:37:00] knightr: I didn't post back about it on the ML but I still think it should be kept separate from the main backend process if it does become a replacement for MythWeb.
[19:37:15] bergqvistjl: MHEG could be improved though, it's still very dodgy.
[19:37:34] stuartm: knightr: not the web setup, but a mythweb replacement
[19:37:34] bergqvistjl: i mean it works, just not very well, stability-wise.
[19:38:13] knightr: (and if we want to support the fact that MythWeb can support many language at the same time, we have no choice but to fork/spawn separate processes for that AFAIK...)
[19:38:20] knightr: s/language/languages
[19:38:54] stuartm: bergqvistjl: yeah, it does still need work, although it requires some understanding of the various standards and technologies in use which means working on it requires time and just a little dedication
[19:38:55] knightr: since the QTranslators are tied to the app...
[19:39:26] bergqvistjl: yeah.
[19:39:29] stuartm: knightr: actually, that's not entirely the case, we can load and use multiple translations at once
[19:39:54] knightr: how? by directly accessing QTranslators?
[19:41:54] stuartm: knightr: yes, by creating multiple translators (new ones on demand) for whatever languages are required
[19:42:35] knightr: You do know that doing that on the fly while still using them can causes crashes, right?
[19:42:50] knightr: (that's what they say in the Qt docs IIRC...)
[19:43:08] bergqvistjl: metadata could be improved IMO, for example, using the syndicated episode number to fill in the Series and Episode number, for XMLTV Radio times feeds at least.
[19:43:25] bergqvistjl: because the metadatagrabber hardly works at all for me.
[19:44:06] stuartm: knightr: have you got a reference?
[19:44:26] knightr: let me check...
[19:44:57] knightr: pretty sure I saw that somewhere in their doc (not somebody else doc), just need to dig it up..
[19:45:10] stuartm: bergqvistjl: that was something else I planned to do, would have done it earlier but the guy formerly in charge of metadata vetoed it because he didn't think series/episode from guide data was reliable (he didn't have the Radio Times)
[19:45:34] bergqvistjl: it is reliable.
[19:45:39] stuartm: I know :)
[19:45:44] bergqvistjl: It's better than none anyway.
[19:45:45] stuartm: but he couldn't be convinced
[19:46:21] stuartm: in the UK metadata lookups are still going to fail a lot of the time because fewer UK users bother to update sites like tvdb and tmdb
[19:47:13] knightr: stuartm, . . . ml#translate
[19:47:25] knightr: oops, sorry, got it from a copy of their doc...
[19:47:32] stuartm: knightr: I did a proof of concept app two or three years ago, it was admittedly very basic but it allowed concurrent translations into multiple languages
[19:47:44] bergqvistjl: Well even if they are updated (at least series name and episode name), the grabber fails to get data anyway...
[19:47:59] bergqvistjl: even if i include the series tvdb id in the recording rule.
[19:49:00] stuartm: knightr: ok that wouldn't affect us using QTranslator::translate(), it only applies to QCoreApplicate::translate() when using QCoreApplication::installTranslator()
[19:49:12] stuartm: which is understandable
[19:49:22] knightr: stuartm, apparently working and working are two different things as you know..
[19:50:08] stuartm: if you change the _installed_ translator while calling QObject::tr() or just tr() then it's understable that it probably wouldn't behave
[19:50:50] stuartm: but QTranslator::translate() shouldn't be affected by the same issue, as each language will have it's own QTranslator instance
[19:51:23] stuartm: bergqvistjl: that's not good :/
[19:51:34] knightr: QTranslator::translate doesn't behave the same as tr() or QCoreApplication::translate()....
[19:52:04] bergqvistjl: yes.
[19:52:36] knightr: look at how it behaves when it doesn't find the translation... It returns an empty string while the other two return the original language string...
[19:53:16] knightr: and I am not even sure lupdate would extract something which was using it (I have to check..)
[19:53:16] stuartm: knightr: we can wrap it, if an empty string is returned, we can use the original string
[19:53:45] knightr: and it won't work if you wrap it because lupdate won't extract it if you wrap it AFAIK...
[19:54:04] stuartm: knightr: I'll find a way around it, and even if I don't, moving to a seperate application won't solve the problem unless you start a new 'mythweb app' for every possible language
[19:54:21] knightr: yep, that's exactly it...
[19:54:42] knightr: but we could parse the Accept-Language header or use other means to detect which language to use...
[19:54:46] stuartm: hell, even if I'm the only person who uses the 'new' mythweb, I'm still going to do it :)
[19:55:28] knightr: LOL, considering the other is unmaintained I am all for replacing it...
[19:55:29] stuartm: and it can always be split out into another app later if that's what makes people happy (personally I think that's a mistake)
[19:55:40] bergqvistjl: as long as it's as fast as mythweb today, then fine.
[19:55:51] knightr: probably faster...
[19:56:14] knightr: it would be C++ code while the other is PHP...
[19:56:27] bergqvistjl: true.
[19:56:33] knightr: and PHP is intepreted AFAIK, not compiled...
[19:56:39] stuartm: look at how well mythlogserver was received – not just because it was buggy but because people couldn't figure out why another app needed to be spawned just to write log files
[19:56:54] bergqvistjl: mythlogserver... all that did was segfault...
[19:57:11] bergqvistjl: i ended up deleteing the binary file for it.
[19:57:53] knightr: I have no problem with the idea of using a separate server but it misbehaved so much on so many PCs that I understand why people don't want to hear about it anymore...
[19:58:04] bergqvistjl: Anyway, mythweb does seem a bit... stagnant now. if i can change metadata artwork from within the webserver, and change things like a recording's episode and series number, then i'll be happy.
[19:58:12] knightr: s/separate server/separate logging server
[19:59:01] knightr: that's because it is...
[19:59:25] knightr: the people working on it have either not enough time or interest to work on it anymore AFAIK...
[20:00:12] stuartm: bergqvistjl: one of the reasons I'm so keep that it be written in C++ is that we can re-use all the existing code in the libraries, that means it would be much easier to maintain as changes only need to be made in one place and one language, not two places and two languages
[20:00:45] bergqvistjl: yes.
[20:00:48] bergqvistjl: i see what you mean
[20:00:54] knightr: stuartm, I agree...
[20:01:06] bergqvistjl: I do feel mythweb is too complicated for its own good sometimes...
[20:01:12] stuartm: it should break far less often than mythweb does now, it should be much easier to keep in-sync as new features are added and yes, it should also be faster
[20:02:35] stuartm: bergqvistjl: I know php very well, but I still struggle to find my way around the mythweb code – it's definitely convoluted
[20:03:44] bergqvistjl: I was on about the interface
[20:03:57] stuartm: heh, well that too
[20:04:11] bergqvistjl: and tuning for channels as well, that is soo odd.
[20:04:39] wagnerrp: well to honest, the channel table in mythweb should just be wiped out
[20:04:48] bergqvistjl: No, I like that.
[20:04:57] bergqvistjl: thats the only way i can easily map xml ids
[20:05:07] wagnerrp: if you want something like that, make it sensible and make it actually understand what you're putting in there
[20:05:21] stuartm: initially I'd be aiming for something simpler, access to the features you actually need access to remotely – basic scheduling mostly
[20:05:37] bergqvistjl: but within mythtv-setup itself, if you automatically insert new found channels, it puts them in at the number you get OTA, yet if you manually insert, and "suggest" a number, using the menu, the number it gives you is not the number it should be...
[20:05:39] wagnerrp: don't just make it dumb table access to the database
[20:05:39] wagnerrp: that's unnecessarily dangerous
[20:06:10] bergqvistjl: that is true wagnerrp. I mean you shouldn't be able to modify the multiplex the channel is on, or the brightnes/contrast etc. from mythweb
[20:06:15] rhpot1991 (rhpot1991!~rhpot1991@ubuntu/member/rhpot1991) has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[20:06:15] tgm4883 (tgm4883!~tgm4883@ubuntu/member/tgm4883) has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[20:06:17] stuartm: wagnerrp: the channel table is unbelivably FUBAR, for a start if the post size is too small (several MB) then submitting the form will silently fail and your changes will be lost
[20:06:19] bergqvistjl: you should just only need to change the channel name and number.
[20:06:32] stuartm: then there's the whole question of invalid input
[20:06:36] bergqvistjl: But yeah, 0.27 has simplified scheduling a lot, for the better.
[20:06:52] stuartm: bergqvistjl: glad you noticed that
[20:06:56] bergqvistjl: i mean now it's only "once" or "all" with checkboxes. But those radio buttons are massively reduced, which is a good thing
[20:07:13] bergqvistjl: also i'm glad that those changes have gone through to the EPG within mythfrontend too
[20:07:54] wagnerrp: i should stop trying to transfer large files over gigabit with scp
[20:07:55] stuartm: bergqvistjl: you've made my day, as I lobbied hard for that simplification
[20:08:01] bergqvistjl: good :)
[20:10:08] jheizer (jheizer! has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[20:12:53] bergqvistjl: Mythtv is still too complicated though.
[20:12:54] bergqvistjl: I'd argue towards removing all analogue tuner support as well, but maybe that's a bit too radical lol.
[20:12:54] wagnerrp: removing all framegrabber support has been suggested
[20:12:54] jheizer_ (jheizer_! has joined #mythtv
[20:12:54] stuartm: aye, still working on simplfying other areas – suggestions would be appreciated, sometimes developers are too close to see the usability issues
[20:12:55] wagnerrp: but that would basically mean we could only use hauppauge cards
[20:12:55] bergqvistjl: you mean like the PVR-150?
[20:12:55] stuartm: bergqvistjl: heh, as wagnerrp says, that has actually been provisionally agreed – at least no-one in the dev team objected when it was proposed
[20:12:55] rhpot1991 (rhpot1991!~rhpot1991@2001:4968:202:3:e5a4:16c0:167a:eb75) has joined #mythtv
[20:12:55] rhpot1991 (rhpot1991!~rhpot1991@2001:4968:202:3:e5a4:16c0:167a:eb75) has quit (Changing host)
[20:12:56] rhpot1991 (rhpot1991!~rhpot1991@ubuntu/member/rhpot1991) has joined #mythtv
[20:12:56] stuartm: dropping XV has also been suggested
[20:12:56] bergqvistjl: i'd even remove support for the PVR-150 as well, but that might be more difficult, i mean i know the UK, Europe and US are digital only, but what about developing countries?
[20:12:56] tgm4883 (tgm4883!~tgm4883@ubuntu/member/tgm4883) has joined #mythtv
[20:12:56] jya (jya!~jyavenard@mythtv/developer/jya) has joined #mythtv
[20:12:57] stuartm: actually most developing countries switched to digital much faster than UK, Europe and the US precisely because their networks were smaller and less complicated
[20:12:57] bergqvistjl: True.
[20:12:57] wagnerrp: and there's the issue with things like uverse, time warner, or dish/directv that even though it's digital, you must capture analog
[20:12:57] stuartm: they did so later, but in less time
[20:12:57] bergqvistjl: Yeah, but isn't that technically illegal Wagnerrp?
[20:12:57] wagnerrp: why would it be illegal?
[20:12:57] bergqvistjl: and anyway, most people could just record it through a HD-PVR, no?
[20:12:57] wagnerrp: you're not breaking DRM, you're bypassing it
[20:12:57] stuartm: wagnerrp: though most people would want to do that with the HD-PVR, no?
[20:12:57] bergqvistjl: lol
[20:12:57] stuartm: spooky
[20:12:57] bergqvistjl: In the UK, I believe it's against Virgin Media (UK national cable company)'s terms of service to do that.
[20:13:01] wagnerrp: potentially, but i would hate to see us hang all of those users on that one device
[20:13:14] knightr: stuartm, when and if you do work on that new MythWeb, could you please implicate Kenni and I, I can't say I was quite pleased that decisions were made translation-wise for the web setup without us being implicated... OK, we might not be C++ gurus but I am pretty sure we should have had our say in how it was done...
[20:13:15] knightr: The only reason I was implicated a little is that I saw a discussion about it by two other devs and joined the conversation....
[20:13:15] knightr: but they had all decided how it should be done for us...
[20:13:15] knightr: (and as you probably noticed by my understanding of what the differences between the different sort of way to call Qt's translation functions, I am beginning to have a pretty good understanding of how they work...)
[20:13:15] knightr: s/way/ways
[20:13:17] stuartm: in this age of HD broadcasts and HD TVs, it seems strange to record everything in SD
[20:13:18] bergqvistjl: besides, i think they've stopped putting analogue tuners on cable boxes here
[20:13:21] bergqvistjl: Yes.
[20:13:45] bergqvistjl: Also, re. Mythweb. The MythVideo interface should be improved or junked IMO :$
[20:13:49] stuartm: bergqvistjl: cable in the UK is all digital, has been for years
[20:14:00] bergqvistjl: Yes.
[20:14:23] wagnerrp: if things like the colossus or hdpvr2 were available for use, maybe
[20:14:27] wagnerrp: but i wonder how much longer hauppauge even intends to manufacture the old version
[20:14:29] bergqvistjl: Actually, not entirely. I believe virgin do run analogue services in some small areas, due to age-old contract issues re. who has the franchise.
[20:14:39] stuartm: knightr: when I come to working on it, I'll ask you both for input :)
[20:15:13] bergqvistjl: Make a poll Wagnerrp, on the main site and on mythtvtalk, asking who uses analogue to record cable shows etc. and depending on the results (don't say you're thinking of dropping support, that'll scare people), decide to drop it
[20:15:25] stuartm: bergqvistjl: interesting, but I can believe it knowing just how fragmented their network still is
[20:15:31] bergqvistjl: if you get an honest poll, then you'll be able to see whether it's worth the hassle of dropping.
[20:15:37] wagnerrp: bergqvistjl: the mythweb video library is one of those things far down on my list, behind a bunch of things needed to support it
[20:15:39] bergqvistjl: Well in Somerset, I cannot get a single virgin service.
[20:15:47] bergqvistjl: No phone, no TV, no internet from them at all.
[20:16:05] stuartm: I have all the above from Virgin
[20:16:12] wagnerrp: it should support tree structures, and that tree should come from the metadata generated views in the video library
[20:16:13] bergqvistjl: Where do you live?
[20:16:17] stuartm: Derby
[20:16:23] wagnerrp: which means moving those views to the backend and the services api
[20:16:24] stuartm: (hate Sky with a vengence)
[20:16:25] bergqvistjl: I live in Wells.
[20:16:43] stuartm: old C&W network
[20:16:50] bergqvistjl: I don't mind Sky, but I wish they wouldn't just block buy 90% of all US shows.
[20:16:57] bergqvistjl: brb, changing usernames.
[20:17:08] bergqvistjl (bergqvistjl! has left #mythtv ("QUIT :Leaving.")
[20:18:09] JohnBergqvist (JohnBergqvist! has joined #mythtv
[20:18:15] wagnerrp: from smolt, which is largely mythbuntu users, roughly 10% are still using MPEG encoders
[20:18:32] knightr: stuartm, thank you!
[20:18:37] stuartm: bergqvistjl: that's why I've now got a DVD rental contract – maybe not as cost-effective as a Sky sub (a lot cheap per month, but a limit on how much you can rent) but I refuse to condone Sky's land grab
[20:19:01] wagnerrp: that's ~7.5% using SD encoders like the 150/1600/2250, and ~2.5% using HD-PVRs
[20:19:12] stuartm: wagnerrp: how many framegrabbers?
[20:19:23] wagnerrp: 1.2%
[20:19:39] stuartm: a little higher than I expected
[20:19:49] stuartm: although having it installed doesn't mean they are using it
[20:19:57] JohnBergqvist (JohnBergqvist! has quit (Client Quit)
[20:20:24] wagnerrp: and a few stragglers still using Plextor and other MJPEG recorders
[20:20:31] JohnBergqvist (JohnBergqvist! has joined #mythtv
[20:21:06] wagnerrp: 52% on DVB API tuners, and 32% on HDHRs
[20:21:07] stuartm: somehow worse than using a framegrabber
[20:21:58] stuartm: that HDHR figure is surprisingly high given the price of an HDHR vs a tuner card
[20:22:05] JohnBergqvist (JohnBergqvist! has left #mythtv ()
[20:22:13] wagnerrp: at least over here, they're competitively priced
[20:22:30] stuartm: although maybe most people figure it's worth the extra because it can he hidden away more easily
[20:22:56] knightr: stuartm, bergqvistjl Dave Pearson got back to me, he temporarily disabled "Interactive TV" as you instructed while waiting for an updated package from the Ubuntu repositories...
[20:23:43] wagnerrp: $50/tuner is fairly typical for internal tuners
[20:23:43] knightr: (and as expected it worked...)
[20:24:46] JohnBergqvist (JohnBergqvist! has joined #mythtv
[20:24:48] stuartm: wagnerrp: looks like the price has come down since I last checked, £65 vs £100+, but I can still get a dual tuner card for ~£30–40
[20:25:04] JohnBergqvist (JohnBergqvist! has left #mythtv ()
[20:25:08] stuartm: although at that price it means shipping it from DVBShop in Germany
[20:25:28] JohnBergqvist (JohnBergqvist! has joined #mythtv
[20:25:36] JohnBergqvist: Hi, i'm back.
[20:25:42] JohnBergqvist: The user formerly known as bergqvistjl
[20:26:00] wagnerrp: you can only get no-name USB tuners that cheaply over here
[20:27:31] JohnBergqvist (JohnBergqvist! has left #mythtv ()
[20:28:11] jya: so any clue as to what is the mheg commit actually broke playback?
[20:28:39] jya: would be good to post a backtrace while it's stuck waiting to see where it's deadlock
[20:29:06] JohnBergqvist (JohnBergqvist! has joined #mythtv
[20:29:15] wagnerrp: JohnBergqvist: you seem to be having all sorts of trouble over there...
[20:29:37] jya: JohnBergqvist: would you mind doing additional test? did you compile mythtv with --compile-type=debug ?
[20:30:01] stuartm: wagnerrp: looking at now, I was being far too optimistic about prices, they seem to have gone up sharply since I last went shopping for hardware
[20:30:33] gigem: stichnot: If natanojl is right about the deadlock after resume, the patch at might help. FYI, it's not even compile tested and only half thought out. I'll have more time for it tomorrow.
[20:30:40] JohnBergqvist: Sorry, no i was just moving machines, and registering the new nickname
[20:30:48] JohnBergqvist: Why, jya?
[20:30:51] JohnBergqvist: Do I have to?
[20:31:05] dekarl1: stuartm, I think that for these cases it should simply be fixed upstream. I find it very sad that everybody invests lots of effort into one-off fixes but doesn't invest into fixing it where it is broken.
[20:31:42] jya: JohnBergqvist: aim to properly fix the issue... the commit that was reverted did fix bugs so it would be good to have it in
[20:31:51] dblain: stuartm: let me know if/when you work on embedded mythweb. I was planing on looking at it and seeing what improvements would be needed in the http/services code to make it possible.
[20:31:54] jya: of course you don't have to ...
[20:32:20] stuartm: dekarl1: give me a minute while I remind myself what we're talking about
[20:32:27] JohnBergqvist: I would prefer not to if that's OK.
[20:32:44] stuartm: jya: I'll ask skd5aner if he'd be willing
[20:34:30] stuartm: dekarl1: no, still no wiser – this is about the --update discussion earlier?
[20:34:43] dekarl1: stuartm: (14:11:36) bergqvistjl: basically the xmltv icons are wrong
[20:34:52] stuartm: ah ok
[20:35:06] dekarl1: aye, wrt the update...
[20:35:10] dekarl1 is now known as dekarl
[20:35:21] stuartm: dekarl1: yeah, that needs to be fixed, and I'm a little surprised it's so broken now that I know he uses the RT feed
[20:35:33] stuartm: I've not noticed problems
[20:35:52] stuartm: dekarl: but --update was definitely broken, the helptext didn't match the behaviour
[20:36:08] stuartm: already pushed a fix for that
[20:36:26] dekarl: I have not looked into that as I read its been fixed since
[20:37:29] JohnBergqvist: wait, when i said the xmltv icons were wrong, i meant the lyngsat URLs in the xml feed were sometimes incorrect, or pointing to an out of date logo
[20:38:26] dekarl: we really need to get tvbrainz into gsoc 2014 (or similar) (hi skd5aner) the people want to help , metabrainz is happy to pull in the data, etc pp
[20:39:12] JohnBergqvist: but i've used icons of my own creation anyway in my database, so i have no need to use some of the xmltv icons in the supplement file
[20:39:38] JohnBergqvist: besides, I know Nick is (slowly) working on a way to migrate the RT XMLTV scripts to use Atlas's data, but seamlessly.
[20:39:52] JohnBergqvist: not that that would affect the channel icons though
[20:40:17] dekarl: JohnBergqvist: I see. Its complex because its multiple issues that come together. I'm ranting about the "the feed is broken, how can i work around". I've seen many of these thing last week and it made me sad. Its not a rant against you personally
[20:40:26] JohnBergqvist: ah ok.
[20:41:21] dekarl: but there are nice logo sets for AU,NL, you have some for UK. that can not be easily be used by MythTV/XBMC/A random TV Guide App.
[20:41:56] dekarl: We have most of the eco system ready but are missing good IDs => tvbrainz
[20:42:05] JohnBergqvist: huh?
[20:42:43] JohnBergqvist: Well ive modified some of the lyngsat logos for my own use, because some of them are IMO not as good as they can be.
[20:42:54] stuartm: actually, I wonder if anyone has proposed to Atlas that they carry the channel icons – they could actually do it officially and update them rapidly in cooperation with the broadcasters
[20:43:00] dekarl: your guide provider has offered to link to nice channel icon sets in their data feed, but as there is not definitive tv channel list on the internet its always going to be a one person job.
[20:43:16] stuartm: or maybe I'm being too optimistic
[20:43:34] dekarl: stuartm, you have not yet worked with broadcasters :)
[20:43:59] stuartm: this is true
[20:44:10] JohnBergqvist: Also, the BBC Two HD logo on LyngSat is mine, but an earlier revision. When I submitted a corrected revision, they told me they prefererred the earlier one :/
[20:44:49] dekarl: I keep tooting the "extend musicbrainz to the tv domain" horn because of their editing processes and good data model
[20:44:51] JohnBergqvist: I wish Nick would focus on Migrating GRAB_RT to Atlas IMO.
[20:45:10] JohnBergqvist: cos the Radio Times XML feed is dying, if not dead pretty much.
[20:45:40] JohnBergqvist: I know that the Atlas data in theory supports official fanart. At least for the BBC Programs.
[20:45:41] stuartm: current RT feed is Atlas
[20:46:03] JohnBergqvist: yes, but it does't include the new channels, like Drama and Movie Mix.
[20:46:12] JohnBergqvist: and XMLTV is full depreciated now.
[20:46:26] JohnBergqvist: Nick has been working on an Atlas XMLTV grabber for months now.
[20:47:38] MythBuild: build #4372 of master-freebsd-64bit is complete: Failure [4failed install core] Build details are at . . . /builds/4372 blamelist: Stuart Morgan < >
[20:48:01] wagnerrp: bah
[20:48:03] stuartm: ok, I wasn't aware that they'd stopped adding new channels, but you're right those channels are missing from channels.dat
[20:48:34] stuartm: 'failed install', therefore not my fault MythBuild
[20:48:42] wagnerrp: yeah, my fault
[20:49:02] wagnerrp: three of my disks weren't mounted, including the one that held mythbuildbot's scratch space
[20:49:20] wagnerrp: so i mounted them, and in the process blanked out everything mythbuildbot was trying to do
[20:49:32] wagnerrp: it had been working on the underlying filesystem
[20:52:31] JohnBergqvist: yep, they stopped adding new channels a few months ago. Nick has had to do workarounds for BBC 2 HD.
[20:53:19] JohnBergqvist: Hey, maybe someone could write a built-in atlas grabber for MythTV?
[20:53:32] wagnerrp: MythBuild: force build master-freebsd-64bit now
[20:53:32] MythBuild: build forced [ETA 6m20s]
[20:53:32] MythBuild: I'll give a shout when the build finishes
[20:53:35] JohnBergqvist: that way you could handle metadata and everything then.
[20:53:43] JohnBergqvist: that's a bit ambitious, I know.
[20:56:57] wagnerrp: now i broke something....
[20:57:33] stuartm: six minutes is ambitious
[20:57:44] wagnerrp: nah, it's all in ccache
[20:58:09] ** jya looking for recording sample with mheg data ... so i could see how it looks like **
[20:58:52] stuartm: jya: I'll make one available, but with my upstream bandwidth it could take a while to upload :/
[21:00:01] wagnerrp: there we go, now it's fixed...
[21:00:46] stuartm: I need to get on the phone and shout at Virgin until they upgrade me to the 30/3 package that costs _less_ than what I'm paying now for 20/1
[21:01:11] jya: stuartm: thanks
[21:01:21] JohnBergqvist: Yeah, on Freeview for me, I now get what used to be known as the "Freesat Red button", as far as the BBC is conernced: . . . -300x240.jpg
[21:02:42] MythBuild: build #4373 of master-freebsd-64bit is complete: Success [3build successful] Build details are at . . . /builds/4373
[21:03:01] stuartm: JohnBergqvist: I once you advertise that you have a network capability to the mheg engine they serve that up instead of the older interface
[21:03:08] stuartm: I think
[21:03:16] wagnerrp: so 9 minutes. not that far off from 6
[21:03:35] stuartm: is there a simpler way than dd to cut down a ts ? I can never remember the args to dd
[21:03:53] wagnerrp: bs=1M count=100
[21:04:03] JohnBergqvist: yeah, must be so
[21:04:14] wagnerrp: you could 'cat' it, and then just ctrl-c before it's finished
[21:04:18] jya: dd if=file_in of=file_out bs=1M count=X (X is number of Mbytes you want)
[21:04:22] JohnBergqvist: it's only that bit that has changed though, the individual pages still look the same, i.e. 2001 xD
[21:05:12] stuartm: wagnerrp, jya: thanks
[21:06:10] stuartm: I always figure it out in the end by looking at the manual, but it's a pain each time, might just have to script it so that the only args I need to supply are the final size and the filename
[21:06:20] dekarl: JohnBergqvist: embracing Atlas would involve merging Netvision / Recordings / Radio and more. But it would be nice to offer jump to VoD instead of programming a recording schedule if the program is available already/still.
[21:06:23] JohnBergqvist: They used to have a "Connected Red Button" MHEG app on Freeview, but it's gone now :(
[21:06:42] JohnBergqvist: I'm not interested in VoD right now myself.
[21:06:54] JohnBergqvist: I mean, iplayer in MythNetVision is a trainwreck.
[21:06:55] stuartm: picture quality is terrible
[21:07:02] dekarl: it depends
[21:07:25] JohnBergqvist: not that, i mean it crashes the frontend half the time.
[21:07:37] wagnerrp: sounds like it's using flash
[21:07:45] JohnBergqvist: Yes.
[21:08:00] JohnBergqvist: Well the BBC don't do a non-flash iplayer, do they?
[21:08:07] JohnBergqvist: or if they do, NetVision, does't seem to support it.
[21:08:09] stuartm: all the ones I've tried have had sub SD quality image, so why would I bother unless it was a last resort?
[21:08:25] stuartm: JohnBergqvist: the iplayer via freesat isn't flash based
[21:08:33] JohnBergqvist: im not on about that
[21:08:40] JohnBergqvist: Freeview does not offer an iplayer MHEG app.
[21:08:52] stuartm: the iplayer app on android doesn't use flash either
[21:09:03] JohnBergqvist: yes but mythtv does't run on android ;)
[21:09:12] stuartm: :)
[21:09:39] JohnBergqvist: to get iplayer on mythtv, I need to use MythNetVision, which only works with the Flash iplayer, by simply opening a web browser at that URL.
[21:22:00] SteveGoodey (SteveGoodey! has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
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[21:29:30] dekarl: hmm, he left... someone hinted that the bbc was looking into ways to offer plain video files, but I can't find it right now... its not on so its likely still a concept
[21:31:31] jya (jya!~jyavenard@mythtv/developer/jya) has quit (Quit: jya)
[21:32:26] aloril (aloril! has quit (Read error: Operation timed out)
[21:33:19] knightr: dekarl, if you are talking about JohnBergqvist we have is email address somewhere in Trac if we need to ping him :)
[21:34:53] dekarl: knightr: ty, but its not that important (after all I didn't find the link)
[21:36:04] aloril (aloril! has joined #mythtv
[21:37:18] knightr: if you do find something you think he would really like to know about though I could dig it up for you... He helped us greatly this afterrnoon by helping Stuart track down a MHEG related problem... (which was causing problems at other places besides Live TV...)
[21:42:56] stichnot (stichnot!~stichnot@mythtv/developer/stichnot) has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[21:45:59] knightr: stuartm, as you can see from that unfinished email, I had also thought about using QTranslator's directly but using those directly would have caused its own set of problems. (amongst which is the library problem I forgot to mention earlier..)
[21:46:14] stichnot (stichnot!~stichnot@mythtv/developer/stichnot) has joined #mythtv
[21:47:00] knightr: (I wanted to figure out a solution to make it work....)
[21:48:44] knightr: (and for past experience I knew there doesn't seem to be a way to make Qt tools extract translation calls when we wrap them, I had tried to do it before...)
[21:53:19] Tobbe5178 (Tobbe5178! has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[21:55:09] knightr: (though maybe something could be done with a convoluted preprocessor macro...)
[22:11:27] mrand (mrand!~mrand@ubuntu/member/mrand) has joined #mythtv
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[22:44:40] skd5aner: stuartm: I'm back – catching up on backlog – I'm 4 hours behind, this might take a while :)
[22:49:46] wagnerrp: stuartm: you're more familiar with DVB-T tuning issues than i am... any opinion on where this page should go?
[22:49:50] wagnerrp:
[23:03:26] exoon (exoon! has quit (Quit: Verlassend)
[23:07:26] skd5aner: stuartm: ok, mostly caught up. I haven't updated yet, not sure if you're gone for the evening yet, would you like me to do a backtrace?
[23:11:09] neufeld (neufeld! has joined #mythtv
[23:16:20] skd5aner: stuartm, jya: I'll assume you'd like me to and get that done here shortly
[23:18:25] skd5aner: stuartmL also, I started that ml thread about this issue to see if anyone else out there was encountering the same issue. as knightr pointed out, there were a couple... I just happened to get the finish line first it looks like :)
[23:30:34] skd5aner: and yes, dekarl and I have drank (way too much) of the musicbrainz cool-aid... I do have a feeling that'll probably lead to us eventually helping form a tvbrainz – Lord knows we need something like it. All the other metadata sites methodologies are horrible
[23:47:09] mattwj2002 (mattwj2002!~Matt@wikisource/ has joined #mythtv
[23:47:15] mattwj2002: hi guys
[23:47:19] mattwj2002: I have a crazy idea
[23:47:24] mattwj2002: anyone want to listen?
[23:48:56] skd5aner: maybe?
[23:49:11] mattwj2002: I was thinking about buying a used storage server
[23:49:21] mattwj2002: and building a raid system out of it
[23:49:32] wagnerrp: is this a development question?
[23:49:34] skd5aner: mattwj2002: ok, now you're in the wrong channel... you want to try #mythtv-users
[23:49:38] mattwj2002: oh I am sorry
[23:49:46] mattwj2002: I do that all the time
[23:49:48] mattwj2002: :(
[23:50:02] mattwj2002: thanks guys for all your hard work!
[23:50:12] mattwj2002 (mattwj2002!~Matt@wikisource/ has left #mythtv ()
[23:52:50] skd5aner: stuartm, jya: I attached a backtrace to #11831... let me know if it was helpful. :)
[23:52:50] ** MythLogBot **
[23:53:05] skd5aner: stuartm: I'm going to go ahead and update now
[23:59:40] dgeary2 (dgeary2! has joined #mythtv

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