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Saturday, September 7th, 2013, 00:05 UTC
[00:05:11] stuartm: peper03: still digging, but it seems we're no longer processing processing any data packets in avformatdecoder, since you recently made changes in that area to support the new nav packet stuff, maybe you have an idea why this isn't working?
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[00:38:20] bergqvistjl: Hi, in 0.27, does this patch: mean that people on Freeview HD will be able to watch the internet channels, i.e. CCTV and VISION? etc?
[00:38:28] bergqvistjl: In the UK, this is.
[00:38:55] stuartm: peper03, danielk22, jya, stichnot: to be clear, no packets with codec_type == AVMEDIA_TYPE_DATA are being seen, let alone processed in AVFD::GetFrame()
[00:39:45] bergqvistjl: because if that's the case, then 0.27 fixes for me today, doesn't seem to be working.
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[00:45:06] stichnot: stuartm: that affects all teletext captions, plus mheg, right?
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[00:52:19] stuartm: I haven't got a VBI teletext sample to test with at the moment, only DVB Teletext which has a type of SUBTITLE
[00:53:19] stuartm: off to bed, will start again in the morning
[00:59:43] knightr: bergqvistjl, there is a known problem with mheg, it is considered a blocker and somebody is working on it... I didn't pay too much attention to the details of the problem though since we don't have it where I live...
[01:01:48] knightr: stuartm, if you can confirm that this is what we're going to do (extend the RC) I'll contact the translators (and if we're going ahead with fixing those strings, the devs which wanted to fix those strings...)
[01:04:00] knightr: wagnerrp, thank you, I'll recheck this ASAP...
[01:16:48] knightr: bergqvistjl, OK, I reread my IRC scrollback log, it is not currently working...
[01:17:44] bergqvistjl: ahh OK, that makes sense then.
[01:17:50] bergqvistjl: Cheers
[01:21:50] bergqvistjl: is there a ticket for it that i can look at?
[01:21:57] bergqvistjl: i can't find it from searching.
[01:26:37] knightr: bergqvistjl, I don't think there is a ticket, we don't always create tickets for issues we are currently working on and since this is a blocker it will be fixed for release....
[01:27:11] knightr: I see no mention a ticket in my IRC scrollback log...
[01:27:23] bergqvistjl: ok cheers
[01:28:17] knightr: np
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[03:31:50] jya: stuartm: there's an option to bypass our MPEG-TS demuxer and use ffmpeg's original one: start mythfrontend or mythavtest with -O FFMPEGTS=1
[03:31:56] jya: see if that makes a difference
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[03:34:47] stichnot: gigem: On my dev laptop, I regular get a mythbackend deadlock where it consumes 100% CPU. This tends to happen roughly every other time I suspend and then wake the laptop. Backtrace:
[03:42:37] stichnot: This is a broken system in a sense, since about a year ago I copied the DB from my production system and so almost all the recording files are missing, and every so often it tries and fails to auto-expire recordings.
[03:43:14] stichnot: Even so, it's quite possibly drawing out an otherwise rare deadlock.
[03:49:11] stichnot: stuartm: fwiw, I have some old samples (from you I think) that contain teletext captions and menus, and they are working correctly with the latest master
[04:03:20] gigem: stichnot: I'll try to take a look at it tomorrow. What version is it?
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[04:30:27] stichnot: gigem: this is latest master.
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[07:52:04] rhovland: good place to talk about mythweb? particularly, if you have multiple tabs of mythweb open, sorting and filtering is all wrong.. it's using session or something, instead of sending things in the GET
[07:55:20] rhovland: I mean, I think mythweb is still under development, and I have a feeling there may be a newer version, that fixes my problems, that I don't know about...
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[08:50:06] stuartm: stichnot: if they are from me they'll be DVB teletext which isn't treated as data, for that you need VBI teletext in a DVB recording (confusing eh?)
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[08:52:47] stuartm: jya: the problem doesn't seem to be the demuxer, at least not directly, our demuxer is correctly identifying the data streams – the ffmpeg one doesn't so wouldn't work
[08:54:14] stuartm: jya: somewhere between the identification of the streams, and actual playback though we seem to be ignoring the data streams, filtering them out before we get to GetFrame(), I just haven't found out where that's happening
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[09:56:17] rhovland: who do I talk to about mythweb?
[09:58:52] stuartm: rhovland: xris and kormoc are the main mythweb guys, but mythweb development has long been stalled, there are plans although they are still in the very early stages for a mythweb replacement that uses the in-built http server of mythbackend
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[10:09:53] rhovland: stuartm: um.. so best place to talk about mythweb is here?
[10:10:13] stuartm: yes
[10:11:36] rhovland: stuartm: I like mythweb a lot... but some really small changes would help a lot
[10:12:32] rhovland: stuartm: but I don't want to step on other changes
[10:17:24] stuartm: you won't be stepping on anything, we'd welcome patches for the current mythweb as the new one won't be here for a while and even when it's done, there will still be those wanting to use the old version
[10:24:57] rhovland: stuartm: is there a git for mythweb or something? for the current head of mythweb?
[10:26:15] stuartm: details are here
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[11:42:59] jya: stuartm: is the issue with the data stream being ignored a new one ?
[11:46:07] stuartm: jya: I'm not exactly sure when it started, but I'd guess some time in the last six months, I don't use livetv generally so I only noticed that the interactive stuff was broken when testing a patch against it
[11:47:45] stuartm: I'm throwing a lot of LOG and av_log at it to see what I can learn, but I'm working half blind because I don't know this code well enough
[11:51:37] stuartm:
[11:53:12] jya: do you have a copy of mheg_sample.mpg available somewhere?
[11:54:57] jya: i can also have a look, but I'm not sure what the problem actually is.. i missed the earlier discussion, what's currently broken and what should I see etc (e.g. what are the steps to see the problem)
[12:00:39] stuartm: jya: I'm moving away from it being ffmpeg resync related atm, narrowing it down to AVFormatDecoder where it would seem the InterativeTV instance isn't created so ScanDSMCCStreams() isn't adding the streams
[12:03:01] jya: i too believe that any issue is in avfd
[12:03:59] stuartm: there was a minor issue with streams not being labelled following the ffmpeg resync but I've already pushed a fix for that
[12:05:00] stuartm: it was ffmpeg identifying the DSMCC streams as "unknown" that first pushed me in the direction of ffmpeg (a red herring as it turned out)
[12:22:18] jya: well, if you want me to look into it.. let me know
[12:25:12] stuartm: found the issue, or an issue, when ScanDSMCCStreams() is run the OSD object hasn't been created yet, for ScanD... to succeed it needs an instance of InteractiveTV but GetInterativeTV() requires that osd != null
[12:28:17] stuartm: that check seems redundant atm, or certainly could be moved down into InteractiveTV if it is required
[12:28:33] jya: has there been any changes there recently ? (in the order of which objects are created)
[12:29:24] stuartm: obviously the startup order of things was changed in the 0.27 cycle so that the OSD wasn't created until we'd finished scanning
[12:29:40] stuartm: jya: I'm looking into that
[12:38:23] stuartm: not seeing any obvious change in the order of things, MythPlayer::StartPlaying() calls OpenFile() which in turn calls AVFD::OpenFile() which does the intial ScanStreams and MythPlayer::StartPlaying() doesn't call VideoStart() which creates the OSD until long after that point
[12:41:21] stuartm: the last changes to this code were made by Mark in 2011, so unless someone merged in a commit by him from another tree (in which case we can't trust the dates), I'm stumped
[12:48:00] jya: don't think so...
[12:52:55] stuartm: doh, another dead end – ScanDSMCCStreams() was broken, but after fixing that MHEG/InteractiveTV still isn't working and maybe it never did depends on the Scan in the first place
[12:57:50] jya: what was broken in ScanDSMCCStreams?
[12:58:19] jya: more interested with what broke it
[13:07:08] stuartm: jya: well I've no idea how long it's been broken, or even whether it was necessary for interactive tv to work (if not, it seems to serve no purpose)
[13:09:07] stuartm: ok, judging from the doxygen comment for that method, it seems it probably allowed the mheg engine to be booted much faster by looking at hints in the dsmcc streams
[13:10:25] stuartm: without that, we had to blindly each possible location for the boot app, waiting several seconds at each location for something to come around in the carousel
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[13:14:43] stuartm: I'm back to square one (again), loggin AVFD::GetFrame() shows no packets for DSMCC streams are being seen, so they must be filtered out somewhere before that point
[13:14:54] jya: useful comments... amazing :)
[13:17:15] stuartm: heh yeah, I got so used to not finding documentation/comments that I stopped looking and was missing the ones that were there
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[13:24:26] jya: stuartm: is there any point starting interactive TV if there's no OSD present?
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[13:26:53] stuartm: there is always going to be an osd, there's no circumstance when the OSD isn't created
[13:28:00] jya: so if osd always exists; how can a test that it exists prevent thing? if (osd) would always return true no ?
[13:28:00] stuartm: only it's not there for a few hundred ms on startup, no reason to delay starting the boot process for mheg, especially since it's not using the OSD class, it renders directly
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[13:28:07] jya: ah ok
[13:28:39] stuartm: that osd check dates back to a time when it did use OSD, but Mark changed that
[13:29:55] stuartm: even if we start the mheg boot process earlier, it's not going to have completed booting/loading by the time OSD is instantiated, it has to wait for all the objects to come around on the carousel
[13:31:04] stuartm: I'm going to take a break, I'm back looking at ffmpeg as we getting the packets directly from av_read_frame()
[13:33:19] jya: once again... I'm happy to wait... I'm flying back to Oz tomorrow, so if I can get any info before I leave, that will get me something to do during he 25 hours journey
[13:33:28] jya: I'm happy to help I meant
[13:36:16] jya: so if you post your mheg_sample.mpg, and the steps to reproduce the issue; would be appreciated
[13:37:47] stuartm: jya: will do
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[13:55:22] stichnot: stuartm: small nit – if you're removing the test on osd, you may also want to remove the QMutexLocker locker1(&osdLock);
[14:37:43] stuartm: stichnot: thought about, figured it did no harm to leave it, although the interactive stuff doesn't use the OSD, it does render stuff to the screen and maybe there's an advantage to not having both the OSD and the mheg coding updating at the same moment
[14:38:20] stuartm: but I can remove it if you think that it's safe
[14:40:38] stichnot: stuartm: I can't say with any certainty whether it's 100% safe, so you're probably right
[15:01:09] stichnot: peper03: is #11829 something to do with the recent DVD bookmark changes? I don't quite understand the bug report, and I don't have a BD source to test.
[15:01:09] ** MythLogBot **
[15:06:47] stuartm: jya: found it, reverted 2ea63fc0 and it's working again
[15:07:20] stuartm:
[15:07:38] stuartm: mpegts: Make sure we don't return uninitialized packets
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[15:19:43] stuartm: well working is a relative term, with that change reverted data packets are once again being processed, and the mheg is able to boot but when I try to use it we get "Due to a technical problem we are unable to carry out your request at this time" :/
[15:24:10] knightr_: stuartm, Hi! If you think we will indeed have that one week extension, please let me know...
[15:24:35] stuartm: knightr_: once I know, you will :)
[15:24:57] knightr_: LOL..
[15:31:24] knightr_: stuartm, that's no longer up to date, right? (The OSD menu editor was removed I believe)
[15:34:58] knightr_: (and unless I misunderstood how that works, there are 6 windows missing...)
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[15:52:42] stuartm: jya: any objection to reverting 2ea63fc0 ?
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[16:35:01] stichnot: knightr_: yes, the OSD menu editor is long gone
[16:42:11] knightr_: stichnot, thank you Jim! I was pretty sure it was but was trying to make some sense out of a problem I had with a theme (looks like some themes still have support for it...)
[16:52:53] stichnot: knightr_: The customizable OSD menu was introduced in 0.22 and then removed in 0.24. For 0.27 it becomes customizable again due to #11533, but this is not something that the themer must worry about.
[16:52:53] ** MythLogBot **
[16:55:46] knightr_: stichnot, thanks! I was somewhat confused at first because I know you had worked on it but the only thing I could find on it dated back to those versions (and I saw that currently well-maintained themes no longer had support for it...).
[16:55:57] knightr_: s/thing/things
[16:56:16] knightr_: so I was pretty sure they were different beasts...
[17:01:04] knightr_: stuartm, I assume you won't commit 03c11f466a9cd8960a17e5d2d2c2c54b6bf42cc9 as is on 0.27 as it add a new strings (which, BTW, shouldn't be prefixed by QOBject:: but by OSDSettings:: )
[17:01:36] peper03: stichnot: Almost certain it's not related to my DVD bookmark change. There's no implementation of GetBookmark in MythBDPlayer, so I'm guessing it's not a new issue. It's just using the base implementation, where I presume (as with DVDs) something more specific is needed for Bluray discs. As ever, traces wouldn't hurt to work out what's going on.
[17:02:02] knightr_: s/a new/new
[17:02:19] stuartm: knightr_: crud
[17:02:54] stuartm: didn't think about that
[17:03:29] knightr_: LOL, I really think we need that week now... :-)
[17:03:55] gigem: stichnot: It looks like there's definitely some potential for deadlock in HandleWakeSlave(). Your backtrace only appears to have caught half of one, though. I've haven't dealt with that code much, so it will take me a little while to figure out a good, not-too-invasive fix.
[17:03:58] stuartm: knightr_: maybe I won't need to backport it, the breakage in the online interactive stuff may only be temporary, I'm hoping that it is
[17:04:18] knightr_: with some luck, it is...
[17:04:28] knightr_: Is there any way to test outside MythTV to check?
[17:04:37] stuartm: I don't have a freesat STB
[17:04:56] knightr_: anyone of us has one?
[17:05:02] stuartm: if it's not, then it breaks _all_ interactive services, whether they use the online bit or not :/
[17:05:12] knightr_: (in the UK that is...)
[17:06:51] knightr_: stuartm, there is also the small problem that the translators are translating against master so you did add a new strings they will see if they update...
[17:07:05] knightr_: s/a new/new
[17:07:21] knightr_: (geez which do I keep on saying "a new"... :-) )
[17:08:53] stuartm: we should get translators to switch to the branch once it's created, it's a little inconvenient if we can't treat master as usual after branching
[17:08:56] peper03: stuartm: Red button still working ok on 0.26-fixes...
[17:09:09] stuartm: peper03: freesat or freeview?
[17:09:14] peper03: freesat
[17:09:42] stuartm: don't think the iPlayer support went into 0.26 so that's not surprising
[17:10:08] knightr_: stuartm, is that easily doable without causing them problems because hey have files which haven't been committed? Somehow I doubt it is...
[17:10:30] knightr_: (considering how friendly git is...)
[17:10:44] stichnot: gigem: that's odd, as I don't have any slave backends in my setup
[17:11:14] peper03: Ah, no I don't think it did. The other stuff works though (normal Red Button menu/BBC radio 'now playing' stuff)
[17:12:06] stuartm: peper03: yeah, that's fine in 0.27/master, so long as the online/iplayer stuff is disabled – it was working when I tested a few months ago but now it's not :(
[17:14:11] stuartm: it's quite possible that they are deliberately doing something to block MythTV, or the user agent we're using – but I've no evidence either way
[17:15:13] knightr_: stuartm, if they are blocking the user agent you could fake it (if you knew what the freesat one is) to test, right?
[17:17:01] stuartm: it's probably device dependent and updated regularly, it would be an arms race that I'm not sure we'd want to get mixed up in
[17:19:13] knightr_: I didn not mean permanently, we would need to be able to sniff it though so we are back to the question of who do we know has one..
[17:19:38] knightr_: (I meant to switch it to do tests...)
[17:20:31] knightr_:
[17:22:04] knightr_: stuartm, ^^^ a setting Android tablet users have to play with. It does mention User-agent so looks like they might be doing something with it...
[17:26:14] knightr_: (if I understood you correctly iplayer and mheg support are closely tied...)
[17:31:14] SteveGoodey (SteveGoodey! has joined #mythtv
[17:31:18] stuartm: there's an iplayer service offered using mheg on Freesat, it's the same content, although it's a different technical platform entirely
[17:33:24] peper03: Is MYT001 identifying us directly, I wonder?
[17:34:28] stuartm: could be ...
[17:34:44] stuartm: MYT(H TV) 1
[17:34:59] peper03: Exactly.
[17:35:24] stuartm: and MHGGNU – MHEG on GNU
[17:35:42] peper03: Yep.
[17:35:52] stuartm: certainly suggests as much :)
[17:37:44] peper03: And searching for them doesn't return anything other than references to MythTV (or to completely unrelated stuff).
[17:39:05] stuartm: searching for UK-MHEG/2 brought up a different UA, from 2010, in an Apache bug report, looks like it was the BBC or a STB manufacturer reporting a bug in Apache when accessed from their STB
[17:43:18] knightr_: jya or any git gurus, Is there an easy way to copy files between branches? Let's say you have some uncommitted stuff you want to copy into another branch, how can you do that easily and without to having to copy it outside the repo?
[17:44:14] stuartm: git stash; git checkout fixes/0.27; git stash pop
[17:44:41] knightr_: that would work between branches?
[17:45:02] wagnerrp: it will attempt to do a merge, without committing it
[17:45:40] knightr_: so if, for some reason, the starting point is not the same, the result could be unpredictable?
[17:46:09] knightr_: Is there a way to force it to copy the files and not attempt to merge them?
[17:46:25] wagnerrp: it will do the same thing as any other merge
[17:46:45] wagnerrp: throw in a bunch of garbage you have to clean up, with >>>> marking the troubled areas
[17:47:03] knightr_: argh, not exactly what we need...
[17:48:18] knightr_: stuartm, so translators don't have an easy way to switch branch which is why the freeze still applied when we did the branch early...
[18:00:36] gigem: stichnot: Yeah, that's really odd then. Something is blocked in UpdateRecStatus while the scheduler thread is in HandleWakeSlave(). The scheduler isn't doing anything that is blocking, though, in your backtrace. Can you get another backtrace?
[18:01:49] stichnot: gigem: I'll collect backtraces as I see the deadlocks
[18:04:51] SteveGoodey (SteveGoodey! has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
[18:08:35] peper03: stuartm: . . . ne.cpp#L1532 – doesn't help much, I know, but at least it confirms that suspicion.
[18:13:18] natanojl: gigem: stichnot: I've noticed this myself on my dev system which I suspend. I think it is because curtime.msecsTo(nextWakeTime) < 0 and never hits if (reschedWait.wait(&schedLock, sched_sleep))
[18:15:15] natanojl: in scheduler.cpp that is
[18:17:05] stichnot (stichnot!~stichnot@mythtv/developer/stichnot) has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
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[18:33:54] knightr_: stuartm, can I remove the translation calls on 03c11f466a9cd8960a17e5d2d2c2c54b6bf42cc9, I would put them back later and with the correct prefix (that file no longer had any QObject:: calls, it took me hours to do it properly since that file is so huge...)?
[18:57:01] stuartm: knightr_: sure
[18:57:53] stuartm: knightr_: fwiw, we will go that additional week
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[19:59:13] stuartm: knightr_: won't need to backport that setting, found a fix from Lawrence Rust for the iPlayer/MHEG issue :)
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[20:52:10] knightr_: stuartm, thank you and that's good news!
[20:52:48] knightr_: do we still go for that additional week? :-)
[20:57:10] jpharvey (jpharvey! has joined #mythtv
[21:00:02] stuartm: yeah
[21:26:41] dgeary2 (dgeary2! has joined #mythtv
[22:28:43] jya: stuartm: no problem reverting it... it's some of the few commit from FFmpeg's own fixes... that part of the code is common with ours... There was no bug reported against mythtv but there were a few reported on the FFmpeg trac
[22:31:02] jya: stuartm: IMHO, reverting it would only expose an issue in our code... most likely it should be handled in handle_packet. so instead of reverting it, simply add in handle_packet an initialisation to ts->pkt->size to 0 or something like that
[22:32:50] ** jya wonder why ask if its okay to remove it if it's done anyway **
[22:58:04] natanojl (natanojl!~jonatan@mythtv/developer/natanojl) has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
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[23:34:23] skd5aner: I know 0.27 isn't released yet, but have you created a -fixes branch yet?
[23:40:23] skd5aner: Actually – I see it's out there – I'm assuming it's being updated and kept in sync with fixes committed to master
[23:44:20] skd5aner: jya: I know you're a big apple guy, but have you considered replicating some of the cool stuff you've done as far as airplay with android? I'd love to be able to show my pics on my phone from mythtv. I know it has that capability, I think via DLNA
[23:44:35] skd5aner: and samsung has it's own apps too that help with that, but don't know how "open" the spec is
[23:45:50] jya: skd5aner: don't see much the point for me to spent time on this unless it's a common protocol. I have no intention of ever purchasing an android device at this stage. I find them awful to use, ugly and not user friendly
[23:46:25] skd5aner: heh – personal preference, I understand... but, android sells are killing iOS
[23:46:44] skd5aner: Was just curious if you had considered it :)
[23:46:51] jya: android sells because it's cheap. plain and simple
[23:47:00] jya: doesn't make a better phone
[23:47:16] skd5aner: It isn't much cheaper to the consumer in the US
[23:47:40] skd5aner: The best seling android phones are about the same subsidized price as the iPhone
[23:49:24] jya: Well, if you want me to develop something like airplay on android, and considering I have no interest for myself on it... I can do it on a time & material basis :)
[23:49:41] skd5aner: Just like you might not android, I really dislike many things about apple and iOS, but to each their own... :) Only thing I like about the iPhone more than the vast majority of android devices is physical form factor and materials
[23:50:26] skd5aner: jya: heh – that's fair. I was just curious what your thoughts were on it or if it was even on your radar. Definitely no expectations on my part :)
[23:50:55] jya: regardless of Apple, I find iOS an elegant phone, well designed and great to program. Same deal with windows phone actually... Android sucks, though not as much as its SDK :)
[23:53:07] jya: I honestly can't think of a single reason about why someone who ever used an iphone switch to android and find it to be superior... So it comes down to people using android simply because they don't know better and got sucked by their phone operator stronger push to get an android device as there's more profit for them into it; and that they can add whatever customisation crap they want to is. Something both microsoft and apple have refused to do so fa
[23:53:08] jya: (and for good reasons)
[23:53:45] skd5aner: jya: that said, I think DLNA is the primary mechanism it looks for. I think it looks for any media renders on the network, and will send it to them. However, I don't believe mythtv really had the feature functionality to display pictures if it was asked to be a DLNA "server(?)"
[23:53:57] skd5aner: with the iOS stuff you did, didn't know know if that added the framework to do that
[23:54:06] skd5aner: and maybe could be extended for DLNA
[23:54:24] jya: having no idea about what is required to support pushing picture using DLNA; all the bricks are there , so it couldn't be too hard... I can send you my hourly fee if you want it that much
[23:55:03] jya: skd5aner: with the notification center; you have the ability to very easily display pictures full screen
[23:55:27] skd5aner: I know probably equally as many people who have switched from iphone to android, as androind to iphone... I think most average consumers still by in to the "apple is cooler" mentality without really caring about actual technical comparisons
[23:55:42] skd5aner: *buy
[23:55:47] jya: to give you an example of what's required code-wise, here is the commit that added photo sharing support to myth
[23:56:02] IReboot (IReboot! has quit (Quit: Ex-Chat)
[23:56:18] skd5aner: jya: heh, no... definitely not asking for you to do anything (volunteered, paid, or otherwise) – just curious, that's all :)
[23:56:55] jya: . . . 94608#L0R819
[23:57:19] skd5aner: Although I haven't been around much at all over the last dev cycle, I have seen the cool stuff you've done with notificaiton center and extension of AirPlay... cool stuff
[23:57:30] jya: it's about 5 lines of code to display an image; and decoding the image was about 5 more lines
[23:57:53] skd5aner: so, it just natrually got me thinking, without buying a dumb iPhone, I wonder if it's even possible to extend that work to support non iOS devices in the future ;)
[23:58:10] jya: not via the airplay stuff...
[23:58:15] skd5aner: ah – cool – very simple
[23:58:29] jya: though I believe I've seen an android app adding airtunes support to android
[23:58:56] skd5aner: hmmmm, that'd be cool, havne't looked in to that
[23:59:10] jya: maybe someone has looked into doing airplay too...
[23:59:20] skd5aner: Until about a year ago, I was a loyal itunes/ipod user... had playcoutns since 2003
[23:59:38] skd5aner: lots of dynamic playlists based on playcoutns and date last played
[23:59:49] jya: though, why with anyone with an android phone bother with an apple TV, they've already shown that they don't care much about usability and nicely design stuff :)

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