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Monday, September 2nd, 2013, 00:11 UTC
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[01:50:56] gigem: skd5aner: IME, when the matched programs don't look right, it's usually because the guide data doesn't match my assumptions. Anyway, your screen shouldn't fail to load. What theme are you using and could you please check to see which exact menu entry it is.
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[03:00:57] skd5aner: gigem: I just tried again, both work. I'm using tinted glass. I know in the past it hadn't worked on "Upcoming Episodes", so I always used the "Upcoming Recordings" screen... so, sorry for the noise, I think all is fine and there were some improper assumptions on my part :(
[03:01:01] skd5aner: gigem: thanks as always though
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[03:25:27] gigem: skd5aner: np.
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[15:03:32] stuartm: we should now be able to have proper version info for all distros (if we ignore whatever they cram into VERSION)
[15:07:55] stuarta: \o/
[15:08:00] stuarta: magic glue :)
[15:11:07] stuartm: need to try all the placeholders in, since it's not too obvious what they will all produce
[15:11:35] stuartm: just tried %d and that seems to give us the branch info
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[15:16:45] stuarta: hmmm, where's my mini gone. it's dropped off the build network
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[15:46:15] jya: stuartm: considering all the stuff that just went into master are bug fixes; maybe it would be worth doing a merge from master to fixes/0.27..
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[15:54:00] jya: dekarl, wagnerrp : I've pushed my changes to ThreadedFileWriter; it sees no change in behaviour for recordings, blocking mode is only use for functions requiring to copy a file and hence you don't want it to fail partway
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[16:47:28] stuartm: jya: dekarl didn't want his changes to go into 0.27
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[17:10:51] dekarl-work: stuartm: jya: I just stopped pushing cppcheck/coverity fixes without bugs and similar stuff when everybody else stopped when we started the alpha phase.
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[18:11:44] jya: dekarl: why don't you want your changes in ? I looked at them all, they all seem good.
[18:14:57] knightr: I thought the reason to branch was to let people work on things they did not want (for any reason) to be in 0.27...
[18:15:09] jya: so what are the rules to backport things to to 0.27
[18:15:37] jya: knightr: sure... but what dekarl has pushed are more bug fixes than anything else... they should be in the final release IMHO
[18:16:32] knightr: jya, he must have his reasons not to want those in, maybe he wants them to be tested in master before they go into 0.27, I don't know...
[18:17:09] knightr: It might be a good idea to remind everybody that there was more than a tag this time, a branch was made so if they want stuff to be in 0.27 they need to cherry-pick....
[18:17:25] jya: as for my last pushes, I wanted them to be pushed later in 0.27 as I was uncomfortable to push them before being thoroughly tested... however, the solution I ended pushing keeps the same existing behaviour so there's no worry anymore
[18:18:08] jya: knightr: sure, it's good to test some changes... however, for some changes, they can be straightforward enough that you know they won't cause issue. dekarl changes fall into that category.
[18:18:45] jya: knightr: my changes to ThreadedFileWriter was a serious change to its core behaviour (blocking vs non-blocking) and that was the reason for my reservations.
[18:19:17] jya: i wouldn't mind adding the changes that tell people that they should use OpenGL when they use the VAAPI decoder... but that would require new strings... so we missed out
[18:23:04] knightr: jya, sorry it's too late now. If the RC had just been cut and they hadn't been contacted we might have been able to do something but not now...
[18:23:22] knightr: It might be a good idea to put that info on the wiki though...
[18:26:42] jya: will do; I already rewrote a fair bit of it
[18:28:12] jya: actually, now that I think about it, I think it's already mentioned
[18:28:33] jya: yep:
[18:29:06] jya: i didn't see the problem because I use mythbuntu and the default for the painter is set to auto
[18:34:44] stuartm: jya: damn, I forgot about the vaapi issue, I wanted a notice in the helptext too
[18:36:11] jya: it's not difficult to add a notification... it would be 3–4 lines of code to simply tell them to set it to opengl
[18:39:54] jya: is the web site going to be updated? it still mention 0.27-alpha
[18:40:56] stuartm: jya: yeah, in a little while, wanted to get a result on the tarball issue so we can trial it with the RC
[18:42:15] stuartm: I mean announce the change to the tarballs at the same time
[18:42:35] knightr: why don't we set for them when they choose VAAPI normal?
[18:42:42] knightr: s/set/set it
[18:43:58] stuartm: knightr: I thought about that, it's possible and maybe worth doing, but there would be nothing to stop them changing it back to QT afterwards
[18:45:54] knightr: stuartm, except maybe not offering the choice when VAAPI normal is chosen but then they would complain that they can't set it to Qt because the entry isn't shown... :-)
[18:46:43] stuartm: could disable the combobox instead of hiding the entry entirely
[18:47:38] knightr: ah, yep, that would indeed suggest that they can't set it to another value because of a choice they made...
[18:49:48] stuartm: although with no helptext they'd be left guessing what that choice was :)
[18:50:22] knightr: yes but at least they wouldn't have a non-working configuration... :-)
[18:50:54] knightr: do we have many settings like that that depends on each other?
[18:53:50] stuartm: there are some, but they are usually on the same page of the configuration
[18:55:56] knightr: makes sense... it's more the ones that are not on the same page who are more of a problem...
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[19:16:57] dekarl: man, I'd love to see SD/AF/MB/MB/XMLTV/etc to join forces for a proper guide service infrastructure... currently there's various interests to get a collection of channel logos off the ground... AF is looking for a primary key to attach picture to, we want to move the service somewhere else.. MB has noted that they'll happily integrate the data into their mix etc.
[19:22:46] dblain: How long should I wait before I merge my msvc branch into master? I don't want to add work to everyone working on 27 -fixes, but I also want to get my changes in so I get a msvc windows build slave going.
[19:26:28] dekarl: dblain: imo we have push the branch point out until now so we can put new work into master without making cherry picking overly complicated
[19:27:49] dekarl: stuartm: jya: If you think the changes fit into 0.27 I have nothing against them being pushed over.
[19:29:13] stuartm: dblain: how extensive are the changes, are they likely to cause many conflicts?
[19:30:39] dblain: It's mostly qt 5 updates and pro file changes. But it's over most of the source tree so...
[19:34:17] stuartm: could you wait until the end of the week? I know there are still some patches for bugs which are still being reviewed and which might not apply cleanly after your changes
[19:38:12] stuartm: it's one thing to have to modify you own fix so that it works on both branches, it's another to hack at an existing patch attached to an old ticket – Paul was reviewing something for mytharchive, I've got one for the mheg code and there is an EIT fixup patch that we're angling to include in the release
[19:40:29] knightr: dblain, I know you had to change a few things translation-wise, apart from changing where the translation calss were made did you have to change anything else? (I am especially concerned about the context of those strings which, unless QObject::tr() was called, is usually the name of the class you are in.
[19:41:02] knightr: Did you have to resort to calling the tr() from another class, etc...
[19:41:39] dblain: stuartm: That's why I asked... I can wait.
[19:42:11] knightr: The translators are translating against master so if you had to change how those translation calls were made it could break their translation...
[19:42:37] dblain: knightr: I only changed a few places that the translation was done, but I believe I kept the context the same. Basically had issues with any calls to tr() during static initialization.
[19:42:59] knightr: dblain, if that's all you did then we should be OK...
[19:43:26] knightr: (I saw one of your commit and that's what I saw and it was equivalent... I just didn't know if you did anything else....)
[19:44:07] dblain: I'll check back at the end of the week to see if things have settled down. Just getting teadious keeping my branch up to date.
[19:46:45] dblain: knightr: there were 2 instances where a class static variable was used to just hold the translation, which was used in 1or 2 places in the code. It was easiest just to always do the tr calls and comment out the static. If everyone wants to keep the static, I could always change it to initialize it on first use. Didn't really see the point.
[19:49:35] knightr: I think I saw that one. Was it _location or something? :)
[19:50:23] dblain: yes, I believe so
[19:52:36] knightr: The idea behind doing it once was good but, as you said, it was only used twice...
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[20:09:50] stuarta: oh we cut fixes/0.27...
[20:10:06] ** stuarta tests that last patch he was working on **
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[20:36:08] stuarta: i'm just adding 0.27-fixes to the build network. if you don't mind no commits for a few minutes while the last builder finishes the current build that would be grand
[20:37:24] ** stuarta sighs **
[20:38:02] ** stuarta pokes stuartm with a sharp stick **
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[20:38:38] stuartm: stuarta: sorry
[20:38:57] stuarta: nm
[20:39:14] stuartm: to be fair, I didn't have much fore-warning
[20:43:02] stuarta: yeah, you probably pushed about the same time i sent that. was always going to happen
[20:43:14] stuarta: no worries
[20:43:27] stuarta: it's all up now, just waiting for the first push
[20:45:36] jya: i can push my last changes there ...
[20:47:06] stuarta: you can if you want too :)
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[21:26:05] stuartm: superm1: have you setup packages for fixes/0.27 yet? (Looking to add details to the news release)
[21:26:26] stuarta: stuartm: is fixes/0.27 still open for fixes?
[21:27:55] stuartm: yes
[21:29:17] stuartm: won't ever close to fixes
[21:30:32] stuarta: ah good, i've a ticket to finish off that i've just finished testing
[21:31:01] stuarta: it'll also kick all the 0.27 builders
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[21:43:43] stuartm: I've posted the 0.27-RC1 news, forgive me if it's not terribly well written but it's been a long day :) Let me know if you spot any mistakes
[21:57:16] stuartm: FFS, git log wasn't in chronological order so I tagged v0.28-pre two commits before where it should have been
[22:01:36] stuartm: and apparently the 0.27-RC1 tag wasn't pushed on the mythweb repo ...
[22:10:41] stuarta: doh
[22:12:16] stuartm: not sure why the latter occurred, it's part of the release script
[22:13:55] stuartm: seems it was pushed, but because I'd just tagged 0.28 on the same commit as the branch was made it superseded the 0.27-RC1 tag in fixes/0.27
[22:14:34] ** stuarta facepalms **
[22:16:27] stuartm: the ways of git remain a great mystery to me
[22:28:40] stuartm: coverity report has been updated (finally) –
[22:30:35] stuartm: 8 new issues
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[22:43:59] stuartm: and when I say new, at least one of them looks pretty old, but newly detected
[23:50:15] superm1: stuartm: i think that packaging branch needs to have a fixes/0.27 branch and then it should magically start happening
[23:50:31] superm1: can you make that branch and then i'll double check?
[23:50:36] superm1: it won't let me push a new branch name it seems
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