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Sunday, September 1st, 2013, 00:45 UTC
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[01:45:44] skd5aner: When is the release targetted? Did I see something about Sunday?
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[04:16:09] jpabq: skd5aner: the RC is due this weekend.
[04:17:04] jpabq: stichnot: Do you have much experience with mythccextractor? Will it read directly from a /dev/vbi device?
[04:19:11] jpabq: I am grabbing captions from the /dev/vbi device for my hvr2250 using and then processing that with ccextractor to convert the raw data into srt. I was just wondering how much trouble it would be to do all that in mythccextractor instead.
[04:30:44] stichnot: jpabq: IIRC, mythccextractor takes an arbitrary input file, but then it auto-generates output file names based on the input, so that would have to be changed. It reads until EOF, so it would need an argument to stop after a certain amount of time. You also want to allow a time correction on the command line. And for live TV and in-progress recordings, you want to limit buffering so the...
[04:30:45] stichnot: ...captions are written to the .srt file immediately.
[04:53:33] stichnot: jpabq: To answer one of your questions directly, I don't think mythccextractor would operate on /dev/vbi, but it should be able to handle /dev/video like ccextractor.
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[08:08:48] dekarl: hmm, active eit scan ends up looking up whatever program is running on the channel via metadatalookup as if it was a proper recording... and passive scan opens and closes the eit pid filter multiple times leading to CRC errors on actual component streams... :(
[08:08:48] dekarl: is it just me or do you see similar behaviour on DVB?
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[09:02:08] Tobbe5178: dekarl: havent seen that, but i'm still using 0.26/fixes and i havent looked very closely at the metadata stuff
[09:02:25] Tobbe5178: havent seen any metadata lookup anyway during my testing
[09:09:43] Tobbe5178: dekarl: regarding #10136 if you delete all old guide data wont that mess up the flaging of first/last by mythfilldatabase?
[09:09:43] ** MythLogBot **
[09:10:23] Tobbe5178: perhaps it would be easier to add a flag to DBEventEIT that the guide fixups can set and when that flag is set the object is never added to the queue of events to insert into the database
[09:10:48] Tobbe5178: that way a guide fixup can decide that an event should be ignored
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[09:22:46] stuartm: jpabq: thanks
[09:24:10] stuartm: jya: I might be doing something wrong, but since disabling mythlogserver logs for spawned apps like mythfilldatabase and mythpreviewgen haven't been created ?
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[09:47:42] paul-h: Why would you want to play m4v files in MythGallery do some cameras produce that format?
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[09:58:15] stuartm: none that I've ever owned, and I doubt there are any proper cameras that do
[09:58:23] stuartm: but mobiles on the other hand?
[09:59:16] stuartm: paul-h: are you planning to backport 53c5ef0a64 ?
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[10:01:44] paul-h: I wasn't planning on it but can do if you want
[10:03:23] stuartm: I'm just wondering if it would fix the high cpu issue that a few people have reported with mythlogserver, particularly when multiple instances are running and their queues would be permanently empty
[10:19:02] paul-h: Yeah it's a good catch from Lawrence it's a shame he couldn't be more of a team player
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[10:32:48] Delahunt: anyone care to comment on which distribution is easy to get mythtv up and running on? mythbuntu has been a royal pita
[10:53:22] stuartm: aye, he does good work and I was planning to go through his patches myself this weekend
[10:53:58] stuartm: Delahunt: you should find plenty of opinions in #mythtv-users
[10:57:21] Delahunt: ah
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[11:05:56] paul-h: stuartm: I'm going to be a while testing his 0102 patch for mytharchive so if there is anything that catches your eye go for it
[11:07:31] stuartm: paul-h: OK :)
[11:08:01] stuartm: just clearing out some the tickets I assigned to myself in the past couple of days
[11:08:08] stuartm: some of
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[13:38:35] jya: stuartm: they certainly create their log here; I even corrected something in that area as the logging options wasn't correctly passed on to the spawned utility
[13:39:26] stuartm: crap, PEBCAK
[13:40:35] stuartm: I started running the backend from the console instead of the usual init script about 3 days ago so that I could monitor for crashes, forgot to append the --syslog args
[13:41:47] stuartm: with mythtv-setup I'm getting "FE_GET_INFO ioctl failed" "No such device (19)" for my Nova-T 500 tuners, but not my DVB-S card – works fine in the backend, devices obviously exist
[13:43:51] stuartm: ah, ok, dvbchannel (used by backend) is initialising the dvb_frontend_info struct to zero, but cardutil, used by mythtv-setup isn't ... worth a try
[13:47:53] stuartm: also seeing a few of these when shutting down the backend – MythSocket(2067060:59): Programmer error, QEventLoop isn't running and deleting MythSocket(0x2067060)
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[14:06:03] jya: stuartm: ; that's just after starting mythbackend with --logdir
[14:07:15] jya: stuartm: yes, I added that message because if a MythSocket is being deleted and you're not in the current thread. It would otherwise call a QBlockingQueue connection, and mythbackend would then be in a deadlock
[14:07:29] jya: gotta run... bbl
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[14:41:15] skd5aner: gigem: had a scheduler question for you when you're around
[14:41:41] stuartm: jpabq – funny you should be fixing an ioctl issue at the same moment as me :)
[14:42:26] jpabq: As soon as I pushed it, I noticed that I have a typo in my message. Oh well.
[14:43:11] stuartm: in my case, opening with O_RDONLY was the issue, it used to be that FE_GET_INFO could be done with a read only file descriptor, but that doesn't seem to apply to all drivers now
[14:43:44] stuartm: something to keep a look out for, because if it's the case for one ioctl in the v4l drivers, it may affect others
[14:47:33] jpabq: Good to know.
[15:22:35] gigem: skd5aner: I'll be back in about an hour.
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[16:30:01] dekarl: stuartm How about myth_category_type_to_string instead of QString::number?
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[16:56:56] skd5aner: gigem: cool, I'm doing chores all day, so I'll be sporadically around... basically, I've got some recording rules (set via mythweb in 0.26), and I can see the rule in the recording rules list, and I can see it in the record table, but it isn't scheduling it :/
[16:57:14] skd5aner: I've seen this multiple times recently... any ideas?
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[17:35:15] stuartm: dekarl: good suggestion, fixed :)
[17:40:05] jpabq: skd5aner: check your recording rule filters. For example, if you have 'identifiable' set, but the show is not, then it won't record.
[17:40:05] stuartm: dekarl: I was about to say the Boxer patch looked like a good candidate for 0.27, but I've a couple of concerns now that I've look at the patch
[17:42:10] Tobbe5178: stuartm: what concerns?
[17:42:42] Tobbe5178: i'm the one who wrote #11808
[17:42:42] ** MythLogBot **
[17:46:44] stuartm: Tobbe5178: I'd move the ELFHash function to common code rather than duplicating the one in xmltvparser.cpp – it would be at home in libmythbase/mythbaseutil.h
[17:47:07] Tobbe5178: i was thinking about that one, but didnt know where to put it
[17:47:14] Tobbe5178: should be easy to fix
[17:48:26] gigem: skd5aner: What jpabq said. Also, under the Schedule Info menu in the schedule editor, you can choose Upcoming Episodes and Upcoming Recordings to see the difference between all programs with the title in question and those that actually match the rule.
[17:49:46] stuartm: the category translation seems wrong, if you translate what's in the database then searches by genre (in native language) will be broken and display of categories in the UI will be in the wrong language
[17:50:20] stuartm: category colour matching to foreign languages is handled by category.xml – knightr can tell you more about this
[17:50:49] Tobbe5178: ok
[17:50:56] Tobbe5178: i need to fix the categories anyway
[17:51:10] Tobbe5178: in some way
[17:51:29] Tobbe5178: because they are not very good in the guide data
[17:52:04] Tobbe5178: an example is "dramacomedyseries"
[17:52:42] stuartm: they are in English?
[17:52:46] Tobbe5178: no
[17:52:52] Tobbe5178: that was just an example
[17:52:53] stuartm: ok, just checking :)
[17:53:01] Tobbe5178: "dramakomediserie"
[17:53:52] Tobbe5178: above would get converted to Drama/Comedy and series would be skiped and put into category type earlier
[17:57:49] stuartm: fixups to the category are fine, but the user should be able to create a rule which records everything with a category containing "komedi", they shouldn't need to convert it to english for that to work
[17:58:25] Tobbe5178: wont the translation convert it to whatever language is supposed to be?
[17:58:35] Tobbe5178: i mean enlish->users chosen language
[17:58:42] stuartm: so fixing "dramakomediserie" to "Drama/Komedi" would be OK, and then doing the colour mapping to "Drama/Komedi" in categories.xml
[17:58:58] stuartm: Tobbe5178: no, category isn't translated
[17:59:08] stuartm: it's assumed to already be in the users language
[17:59:28] stuartm: note that mythfilldatabase does no translation of category
[17:59:47] stuartm: knightr: I'm assuming that categories.xml is still be used?
[18:08:05] knightr: (as long as you use the higher level functions of course, if you were calling a QTranslator directly (which we don't do in MythTV) it wouldn't return anything...)
[18:09:14] knightr: s/it kind/it is kind/
[18:24:36] Tobbe5178: if i dont translate the category name, how can i know what the user have chose for language? lets say guide data comes in language X and user have chosen language Y and color coding is done based on language Y
[18:24:54] knightr: Tobbe5178, if the swedish categories were put in categories.xml you would get colors... Problem is there are multiple categories.xml files (the theme can provide its own...)
[18:25:27] knightr: Color coding is done regardless of language see
[18:25:45] Tobbe5178: ok
[18:25:53] knightr:
[18:26:36] knightr: it doesn't care what the language is, it simply translate those UTF-8 strings into colors...
[18:26:49] Tobbe5178: hmm, ok i see
[18:27:12] Tobbe5178: then i will just skip the conversion of the categories into something better and just leave them as is
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[18:29:32] knightr: anyway you can't translate the program name, description, etc.. into another language so while a speaker of another language could see what the program is about using its category (s)he would understand what the program is...
[18:31:25] Tobbe5178: if the user have chosen same language as the guide data, in this case it would still be in swedish
[18:31:29] Tobbe5178: but cleaned up
[18:32:07] Tobbe5178: anyway it is not important, i'll get rid of it
[18:32:14] knightr: The main reason why I regroupped 3 category tables into one (at least on the translation level) was that the translators would only have to translate them once and in one place...
[18:32:42] Tobbe5178: ok and thats why i picked strings that already exists in the translations
[18:32:53] Tobbe5178: no need to invent many different variations on the same thing
[18:34:12] knightr: Tobbe5178, I believe you should clean it up as well as you can for Swedish users but there is no need to try to translate it partially for non-Swedish users...
[18:34:21] knightr: Yep, exactly...
[18:35:12] Tobbe5178: dont think of it as translation, think of it as converting it to existing strings so it is consistent
[18:35:25] knightr: yep...
[18:37:25] Tobbe5178: something different, is there a reason why libs/libmythbase/mythutil.h does not include unistd.h ?
[18:39:04] Tobbe5178: unistd.h is needed for pipe() used in that file, so if you include mythbaseutil.h without also including unistd.h you get a compilation error
[18:39:46] knightr: stuartm, the biggest problem with doing the mapping between a string in a language other than English and colors in categories.xml us that some themes provide their own categories.xml files so there are more than one file which would need to be updated...
[18:42:10] knightr: I assume this is done to allow themers to change the colors when their themes are loaded but it makes it all the more difficult to maintain since the colors for the other languages would have to be mapped to other colors as well depending on the theme...
[18:42:45] knightr: (and since I doubt most themers speak those other languages, this might proved to be difficult to do...)
[18:42:51] Tobbe5178: so only one categories.xml is used?
[18:43:26] knightr: Tobbe5178, as far as I can tell, multiple categories.xml exist but only one it loaded per theme...
[18:43:35] knightr: Either the default or the one provided by the theme..
[18:44:13] Tobbe5178: would it be possible to always load the default and then just apply the themers version ontop of it, overwriding things from the default version
[18:47:30] stuartm: knightr: one solution would be a two stage mapping, we have one file mapping the strings to COLOR[1–20] then the themers can decide what actually colour gets assigned to COLOR1, COLOR5 etc in their theme
[18:48:07] knightr: stuartm, hmmm, I like the idea....
[18:48:25] stuartm: what colour actually
[18:48:58] knightr: the first file would obviously not be under themers' control...
[18:49:12] stuartm: forget a spellchecker, I need a nonsense checker
[18:49:18] knightr: ROTFL....
[18:49:44] stuartm: knightr: right, it would be under translator control
[18:50:13] stuartm: in fact it could be per-translation instead of one huge file containing every language
[18:50:26] knightr: mmm, you are right...
[18:50:36] stuartm: the problem with that is we'd need to know the source language to know which file to use
[18:50:49] knightr: Thing is it would have to be per-locale, not per language...
[18:51:17] stuartm: knightr: good point
[18:51:53] stuartm: whatever we come up with can't be worse than what we have now
[18:52:24] knightr: what we had was OK as long as themers did not provide their own file...
[18:52:41] knightr: Now that some of them do, it is almost unmaintainable...
[18:53:15] knightr: (not impossible though...)
[18:55:47] Tobbe5178: if i take out EITFixUp::TranslateBoxerCategory from my patch result will be that some channels will have categories untranslated (=swedish) and some that comes from the dvb content descriptor translated, so there is a very high probability of getting mixed language categories
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[19:06:02] knightr: Tobbe5178, if the user has chosen Swedish as his/her frotend language?
[19:06:39] Tobbe5178: thats the only time it will be consistent without my translation
[19:07:18] Tobbe5178: function
[19:07:24] dekarl: Tobbe5178: I have no idea what first/last is good for.
[19:07:28] Tobbe5178: because the content descriptor used QCoreApplication::translate to create the string
[19:07:51] Tobbe5178: first/last is supposed to indicate if it is the first showing of a movie or episode
[19:08:10] Tobbe5178: or last
[19:08:15] dekarl: Tobbe5178: yes, I was thinking about a flag on DBEvent(EIT) to signal "this is a no-data-event" so the DBUpdate can act accordingly
[19:08:40] Tobbe5178: dekarl: thats probably the easiest way to get rid of those unwanted events
[19:09:41] Tobbe5178: knightr: atleast same language but two different sets of what the categories are named
[19:10:41] dekarl: stuartm: re "FE_GET_INFO ioctl failed" is that a kernel 3.9 or newer? there's a known bug related to quickly opening-ioctl-closing-reopening-ioctl. maybe we can simply cache the data from the first ioctl and avoid the bug
[19:11:04] knightr: Tobbe5178, I would try to make it consistent for Swedish speaker but I worry too much about non Swedish speakers...
[19:11:14] knightr: s/speaker/speakers
[19:12:24] knightr: but stuartm or maybe stuarta would be the one to ask (not for the translation aspect but for for the "consistency" aspect when parsing that data...
[19:12:29] knightr: )
[19:12:44] knightr: s/one/ones
[19:12:57] Tobbe5178: as it is now in the patch, yes you risk having description and the rest of the text in a different language compared to the category but atleast the categories will be somewhat consistent between channels that have good categories from the eit content descriptor and those where the categories is crap and have to be parsed from the description
[19:13:41] stuartm: dekarl: it's 3.8.13
[19:14:54] stuartm: and it only affects one driver, not the other, and changing rdonly to rwdr when opening fixed it here – all other calls to FE_GET_INFO were made using a read/write file descriptor
[19:15:27] stuartm: which was a strong clue to the cause, since the backend would record fine, it was only mythtv-setup that choked
[19:15:38] stuartm: whatever the regression in the driver, it's recent
[19:16:42] stuartm: fwiw, I was aware of the bug in the more recent kernels, but all the reports concerned another driver entirely
[19:18:15] dekarl: its a race condition which can hit all drivers depending on how they shutdown the device when not in use . . . der=priority
[19:25:02] stuartm: I was going to do the RC tonight, but I'm still waiting on Coverity to process the build I uploaded
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[20:27:08] dekarl: . . . /352654.html says SD provides data to UK now, but I can't find any reference... I guess its just a misunderstanding?
[20:29:12] stuartm: dekarl: it would be news to me :)
[20:29:33] stuartm: think it would have got a bigger announcement
[20:31:49] stuartm: xris: ^^
[20:32:23] xris: yeah, first I've heard of it
[20:32:43] xris: unless rkulagow did some magic.
[20:33:01] xris: UK gets free listings from radio times, right? it wouldn't be on our roadmap for international support.
[20:33:04] dekarl: I bet the australians would appreciate it more
[20:33:31] dekarl: xris, right they get free data from press association
[20:33:38] dekarl: PA == RT
[20:33:46] xris: yeah, but AU is so messed up no one knows how to do it.
[20:35:32] xris: TMS is starting to get better at international stuff and we're looking into pricing
[20:35:55] xris: but last time we tried that t would have raised membership fees too much
[21:09:34] stuartm: dekarl: I can't remember if we discussed #11541
[21:09:34] ** MythLogBot **
[21:11:23] dekarl: stuartm: i don't think so. I vaguely remember telling the user to just use tv_sort for now.
[21:14:51] stuartm: I think it needs to be considered for 0.27, but it's too late for the RC, so maybe I'll push it back to, 0.27.1
[21:15:04] dekarl: I can understand the first two changes, makes sense to stay with midnight local time. aka unbreak fallout from the UTC change
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[21:18:54] stuartm: I'm not able to give it a fair review tonight, I'm too tired
[21:19:58] stuartm: if the UTC change really did break things for some xmltv users, fixing it obviously needs to be a high priority
[21:20:41] dekarl: maybe for users of grabbers that don't provide explicit endtime
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[21:22:04] stuartm: yeah, that's what the user is reporting
[21:23:15] stuartm: oh, I do remember discussing this now, I couldn't understand why the grabber didn't look forward to the first program of following day to get the end time
[21:24:37] stuartm: which is basically what we're being asked to do instead
[21:30:31] stichnot (stichnot!~stichnot@mythtv/developer/stichnot) has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
[21:30:43] dekarl: i think the patch looks good
[21:32:03] dekarl: hmm, WHERE (DATE_FORMAT(CONVERT_TZ(endtime, 'UTC', 'SYSTEM'),'%H%i') = '0000'... is going to be midnight UTC again
[21:32:51] dekarl: nvm, its really to late... endtime UTC to localtime, see it its midnight...
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[22:22:52] stuartm: if the windows bot ever gets restarted it's going to be pretty busy – "1190 pending"
[22:24:51] xris: heh
[22:25:06] xris: Beirdo's probably a bit distracted dreaming about wedding plans.
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[22:51:15] stuartm: OK, hopefully I haven't screwed anything up and we have now tagged RC1 and branched fixes/0.27
[22:51:40] stuartm: I'll upload the RC1 binaries tomorrow and sort out a news post
[22:51:59] stuartm: too late to start it now
[22:52:58] Tobbe5178 (Tobbe5178! has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[23:00:01] stuartm: well apart from a difference in capitalisation from past tags, RC1 instead of rc1, it all looks like it should
[23:02:15] stichnot: hooray!!! Thanks stuartm
[23:03:21] stichnot: I still like that commit from the enigmatic DN27
[23:03:36] stuartm: until 0.27 is officially released, don't start re-assigning bug tickets, there are still some outstanding that deserve attention
[23:04:12] stuartm: but try to avoid bug committing complex bug fixes
[23:15:56] stichnot: stuartm: that advice probably deserves a separate email
[23:25:20] skd5aner: jpabq, gigem: the only filter I have is "High Definition" – however, it doesn't even show that any of the upcoming episodes are eligable for recording. Not sure why that's happening
[23:26:23] skd5aner: gigem, and I never seem to be able to get one of those two screens to work (Upcoming Recoridngs vs Upcoming episodes) – I can't remember which one always works and which one doesn't, but the one that doesn't just never loads – it's alwyas a blank screen on every rule I have
[23:26:27] skd5aner: for years it's been that way
[23:29:58] skd5aner: actually, I probably ought to verify that the guide data indicates it as HD
[23:30:24] skd5aner: and, it doesn't
[23:30:27] skd5aner: :)

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