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Friday, August 23rd, 2013, 17:10 UTC
[17:10:45] dekarl1: tgm4883: superm1: I forgot the result of our last brainstorming wrt useful backtraces from ubuntu users. Is it better to setup a retrace bot that has all nighlies or should we simply (strongly) suggest to install the debug package? (and would that be enough to get good backtraces from apport)
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[17:16:44] stichnot: sphery: ah, ok
[17:18:14] superm1: dekarl: the debug packages are enough
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[17:52:48] peper03: Was just looking through the release notes. There are a number of my commits for DVD playback under infrastructure, which I'd move to the 'Disc Playback' section, if no-one has any objections. I was wondering though whether it's necessary to list every commit. Some commits are to fix things that got broken after 0.26 (e..g after an ffmpeg sync). Someone looking to move from 0.26 to 0.27 doesn't need to know about them.
[17:53:23] peper03: Any objections if I clean some of those up (just the ones I know anything about)?
[17:57:00] superm1: dekarl: setting up a retrace bot sounds like overkill though. the project doesn't seem big enough to warrant that trouble and space waste – whenever a BT is needed, just tell them to install debug package. should already be in the wiki
[18:00:08] natanojl: stichnot: No subtitles with 0.26 for that sample
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[18:00:38] peper03: natanojl: Took the words right out of my mouth!
[18:01:15] natanojl: peper03: hehe
[18:02:21] natanojl: Word for word?
[18:03:03] stuartm: peper03: no objection to cleaning up
[18:03:34] peper03: Pretty much! I'd just tried it on 0.26 and wanted to check it against master to make sure I wasn't missing something obvious. Another 30 seconds and I'd have beaten you to it :)
[18:03:50] stichnot: natanojl, peper03: thanks for checking. It would seem that it's a recent ffmpeg fix.
[18:04:05] stuartm: the release notes should highlight stuff, not list every single change individually, we can always link to a copy of the complete list for those who want to go over the complete changelog
[18:04:36] natanojl: peper03: :)
[18:04:51] natanojl: stichnot: yw
[18:07:11] peper03: stuartm: I agree (although I'm also appreciative of the fact that I just need to move stuff round rather than write it from scratch!)
[18:09:41] stuartm: aye, writing the release notes is a chore
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[18:24:38] stuartm: Ballmer announces his retirement, MicroSoft shares jump 10% ... you've got to feel just a little bit sorry for the guy
[18:25:48] jheizer__: haha
[18:25:53] jheizer__: World rejoices
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[18:28:14] peper03: "Developers! Developers! Developers!"
[18:32:57] jheizer: As a .Net guy I have conflicting interests. Time for them to get their ducks in a row.
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[19:05:17] dekarl: superm1: I totally agree that such a bot would be overkill. But telling users after a crash to install debug packages might be a bit late and doesn't help with if I understand correctly. I was thinking about adding the dependency to the packaging instead of telling users after a crash about the dbg package.
[19:05:46] superm1: we could just make it recommends: on the packaging so it's not mandatory
[19:05:52] superm1: and if people want it removed they can
[19:05:58] dekarl: I'm not sure what kind of dependeny is the right to model "its really reccomended and on by default, but if you insist you can leave it out"
[19:06:14] superm1: thats what recommends: is by defention
[19:06:25] superm1: now i can tell you a majority of those crashes are mythlogserver
[19:06:38] superm1: it crashes pretty much every time i do an apt update for example
[19:07:32] dekarl: I'd love to see them fixed instead of investing energy into sending users back and forth between different bug trackers ;)
[19:08:28] superm1: yeah me too
[19:09:54] superm1: the mythlogserver crash is in trac from a while back
[19:10:47] superm1: i'm not sure if his fix was before or after his rewrite though, so it might not apply cleanly ( . . . d9a36f2d83a)
[19:12:41] dekarl: so frontend and backend recommend dbg?
[19:13:41] dekarl: hmm, most crashes are with packages from 2012...
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[19:21:51] superm1: have -common recommend dbg
[19:25:42] natanojl: If someone else would want to try this before I commit that would be great. It should fix #10924.
[19:25:42] ** MythLogBot **
[19:34:28] peper03: stichnot: Do you remember specifically what [378c85f] ( fixed? Is it related to the display of the current position?
[19:41:25] stichnot: peper03: I don't think it had anything to do with position display. It's more likely to be about playing still frames.
[19:41:50] stichnot: I'm pretty sure this was the result of an IRC conversation at the time.
[19:44:41] stichnot: peper03: if you can remember the context of the discussion at , that would probably be it
[19:45:50] peper03: stichnot: Yes, I just found it too. It had something to do with playback of still frames with audio. That wasn't possible in 0.26 anyway, so I don't think that commit really needs highlighting for an end-user (unless you think otherwise).
[19:54:51] peper03: Is it odd reading what I wrote in January and not having a clue what I was talking about? Slightly off-putting if nothing else :)
[19:55:14] stichnot: Right, I think "Great improvements in DVD playback" is pretty much what needs to be said for release notes
[19:56:12] stichnot: It's OK, when paulh assigned a ticket to me yesterday, it took me about 10 minutes to recall a discussion and fix from about two weeks ago
[19:57:00] stuartm: stichnot: sadly there needs to be more, not everyone uses the DVD playback feature :)
[19:57:33] peper03: But they should. Especially now ;-)
[20:01:30] stichnot: stuartm: :)
[20:02:45] stichnot: just to be absolutely clear, I meant "what needs to be said" in the context of that commit...
[20:05:01] stuartm: peper03: I dare say there are a few who get more use from video gallery than the dvd player, if you catch my drift
[20:05:18] stuartm: sad, but true
[20:10:32] peper03: stuartm: I'm convinced of it. Still, I did it for me first and foremost :)
[20:11:32] stuartm: FFS, frontend just crashed – but for some reason ulimit was back at 0 when I only set it to unlimited yesterday
[20:11:41] superm1: natanojl: should that apply to master cleanly?
[20:13:00] stuartm: the default gcc backtrace thing is completely f'ing useless, why do they even bother?
[20:14:39] peper03: stuartm: Was [31f36c4] ( to keep things clean internally? I don't see any problems on 0.26 if I eject a DVD during playback and as far as I can tell that commit is only in master.
[20:15:48] stuartm: actually, I take that back, the backtrace is only somewhat useless, not entirely – once you appreciate that the +0x636 buried in there is probably a line number
[20:17:09] stuartm: peper03: at least on my systems if you ejected the DVD while it was playing then it took several seconds (and lots of errors to the frontend logs) before it gave up trying, that commit just tells it to stop playback
[20:17:30] stuartm: if you ejected while in a menu then the menu would stay up on screen indefinitely until you ESCaped
[20:20:17] stuartm: I noticed that commit wasn't working the other day on my production box, I suspect due to a problem with the media monitor
[20:20:27] peper03: Hmm. Odd. Not getting that here.
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[20:21:32] stuartm: peper03: I thought I had backported it to 0.26 ...
[20:22:57] stuartm: but apparently I didn't, since it's not there in the history for tv_play.cpp
[20:23:20] peper03: yep (or nope!)
[20:23:55] stuartm: peper03: it's possible that subsequent commits backported to 0.26 have resolved the delay/errors
[20:24:28] stuartm: but that commit is still valid since as far as I know, the menu problem would still be an issue on 0.26
[20:24:46] peper03: stuartm: That's true. I'll leave it in the release notes.
[20:26:07] stuartm: in fact it was the menu part that first made me look into the issue – my parents have a combined be/fe that they use regularly to watch DVDs, but I couldn't persuade them that they needed to exit back to the menu after watching one, instead they just removed the DVD from the drive and switched off the TV
[20:26:46] stuartm: that prevented the backend from shutting down, since the frontend was still technically in 'playback'
[20:27:51] natanojl: superm1: I thought so, but there might be issues with line terminators. nzmqt.hpp uses CRLF and those are probably not preserved in the pastebin
[20:28:16] superm1: that might have been it, let me see if i can convert the patch i was trying t
[20:28:46] peper03: stuartm: At least on the DVD I have to hand, I don't see any issues on 0.26 whether I exit from the menu or the feature.
[20:30:16] stuartm: peper03: ejecting the dvd causes it to exit playback?
[20:30:29] peper03: Anyway, I've just saved my changes to the release notes. That took longer to do that I expected! If I've removed anything someone thinks should be included, feel free to fix it :)
[20:30:36] peper03: stuartm: Yes.
[20:31:30] stuartm: peper03: strange, as far as I know there's nothing in the code to make that happen, especially for still frame menus where we're not reading from the dvd and wouldn't even know it was no longer available
[20:33:09] peper03: stuartm: Hang on, I'll check with another DVD. That one only looked like a still frame but wasn't :)
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[20:40:47] peper03: stuartm: Yes, you're right. If it's an infinite still, you won't leave playback.
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[20:43:47] stuartm: jya: got a reproducible segfault here in RemoteFile –
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[20:45:53] stuartm: jya: although I'm not able atm to connect it to your recent changes
[20:54:32] stuartm: full bt here –
[20:59:55] superm1: natanojl: hmm still not working when i made sure the patch was CRLF
[21:00:19] stuartm: not seeing anything useful here, think a distclean is in order
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[21:23:23] natanojl: superm1: Try this
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[23:40:58] stichnot: stuartm: I really hate SubtitleScreen::OptimiseDisplayedArea(), because it does destructive transformations on all the screen's children's areas, so you can't run OptimiseDisplayedArea() a second time without deleting and recreating the children.
[23:41:23] stichnot: E.g., I want to add a few more children and re-optimize, but the original children then get messed up.
[23:43:02] stichnot: Do you have any ideas on this? My best idea is to maintain a hash table on the side with original area values, and to maintain the table across inserts and deletes, but of course this is fragile.
[23:46:16] stichnot: If MythUIType::AddChild, DeleteChild, and DeleteAllChildren were virtual, I think the side hash table scheme would not be fragile.
[23:58:43] wagnerrp: jya: just got in, ill take a look at that patch you mentioned tonight
Saturday, August 24th, 2013
[00:03:15] stichnot: hmm, now I don't think making AddChild virtual would work, because SetArea in the various constructors are called too late (after AddChild in the MythUIType constructor)
[00:39:43] skd5aner: any major blockers or serious issues still being worked on prior to release? Or just minorthings?
[01:04:10] jya: stuartm: it looks like it's having a low-memory issue. malloc generate an exception…. but why would the nvidia-tls lib has anything to do with it ?
[01:09:18] ** jya love on making a suggestion on how to avoid an issue, only to be thanked with "you're not very helpful" **
[01:11:15] jya: wagnerrp: I don't think the patch is the appropriate fix; but it does show a problem that need fixing...
[01:11:38] jya: depending on how it's called, if it's called without having a / in the path, it will crash
[01:13:23] wagnerrp: i'm talking about the logging one in the bindings
[01:13:30] wagnerrp: was there a newer/older one i missed?
[01:28:05] jya: wagnerrp: i think it was the logging, it calls split and then [1] ;
[01:28:05] MythLogBot: SVN 1: (branch master)
[01:28:30] jya: which if there was no / there only one element in the array, so that would crash
[01:35:10] jya: stuartm: sounds like you have memory corruption somewhere, and it's just appearing there as a side effect. it crashes in the QUrl constructor… what arguments is passed to the RemoteFile constructor.
[01:35:19] jya: in any case, nothing to do with the changes I made.
[01:39:43] wagnerrp: ah, i get it
[01:44:28] jya: stichnot: I agree that this should be fixed.. it was introduced in 0.26.. it started after you reduced where livetv started in the recording so to reduce startup time
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[02:05:12] stichnot: jya: I don't remember doing anything like that, but that's not saying much :)
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[02:08:26] jya: stichnot: I do :) we've talked about this behaviour for a long time. The problem seen only occurs on my combined BE/FE which I don't use that often. On my main FE that is a frontend only, I don't see the issue, and liveTV does starts faster than it used to before the change
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[02:12:12] stichnot: I guess I should look at that sooner rather than later. It's at the point where users are talking about their success with messing with ring buffer sizes.
[02:13:53] jya: it's interesting that reducing the ringbuffer size prevent the problem though
[02:14:42] jya: i think the issue occurs less with remote FE, because the file isn't accessible for quite a while and the FE has no choice but wait for the BE to write a fair amount of data to the file first (about 5–6s)
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[02:14:58] jya: so when the FE starts playing, you're always about 6s from the end of the recording
[02:15:15] jya: but on the combined FE/BE, the file is local, and it attempts to start much quicker
[02:15:27] jya: so you play much closer to the end of the file
[02:16:35] jya: having said that, I hope that's a side effect that will disappear when the recording/signalmonitor/streamhandler all work at the same time, rather that like now where the recorder is started only after the signal monitor reported a lock
[02:17:32] jya: stichnot: if you read the email in -developers I posted after jpabq message in regards to redoing to recording architecture. I explained on how it works now and all the nasty effects that come from it
[02:19:06] jya: to summarise. The FE gets talk by the BE as soon as the signal monitor said it got a lock. But there's no recording file yet, the recording only starts from that point and it will too wait for another lock and reference frame, the same wait the signal monitor had to wait….
[02:19:29] jya: the FE in the mean time keeps retrying over and over (up to 10s) and plays or exit.
[02:20:17] jya: recorder and signal monitor should be started at the same time, the recorder starts recording right away and as soon as the signal monitor says it got something, then the data is available right away
[02:20:45] jya: only issue with that is handling the case the signal monitor failed and removing the incorrect recording.
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[04:13:43] jya: there's definitely a leak in the logger thread.. I ran the backend over night… Of the 122410 LoggingItem allocated, only 116434 got freed
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[05:05:53] jya: duh…. I had LEAK_DEBUG uncommented, so no memory got ever freed
[05:16:58] jya: what's the proper way to tell mythbackend to exit cleanly ?
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[05:31:46] jya: Beirdo: I can't see anything obvious in logging.cpp that would explain the leak… But there's definitely seem to be a leak occurring in the logger. I modified referencecounter.cpp so write to a file whenever a LoggingItem is created or destructed. Also enabled the LEAK_DEBUG option...
[05:31:58] jya: when I start the backend, let it go for a minute or so and exit.
[05:32:55] jya: ReferenceCounter::PrintDebug() tells me I have 37 leaks; and this is the same as when I look into the log I built… 422 LoggingItem got constructed and 385 only got deleted
[05:33:40] jya: a logginitem is pretty small, seems to leak about 260 bytes whenever a log is printed.
[05:34:08] jya: if you run the backend with high verbosity like I do, that accounts for a memory usage increase of several MB per hour
[06:01:35] jya: that's a 5 minutes recording run in mythbackend, then killed
[06:01:36] jya:
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[08:48:58] jya: wagnerrp: all the housekeeping tasks are leaking. they never get destroyed; that's each time they are run…
[08:49:17] jya: unless they are designed like so that is
[08:52:48] stuartm: stichnot: I was going to be working on something in MythRect for jya which would preserve the original area allowing it to be reset back to it's starting point, sounds like this may also help in your case?
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[10:15:21] Merlin83b: stichnot: That file won't play under 0.25 fixes at all.
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[12:33:32] wagnerrp: jya: they're created once during application init, and persist through the life of the application
[12:38:00] wagnerrp: unless you're talking about the threads themselves
[12:41:42] wagnerrp: the threads should only spawn if you have two housekeeping tasks trying to run at the same time
[12:41:51] wagnerrp: and they should only spawn at most once per minute
[12:42:08] wagnerrp: looks like i forgot to delete those threads when cleaning them up
[12:54:25] stichnot: Merlin83b: Interesting, given that the ticket is against 0.25...
[12:56:09] amessina_ is now known as amessina
[12:56:11] stichnot: stuartm: that does seems promising for this case.
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[13:13:19] stichnot: jya: I'm going to fix #11767 for 0.27 – reverse the direction that up/down moves the Subtitle Zoom and Subtitle Delay adjustments to be consistent with the left/right directions. Adjust Audio Sync is also "backwards" for the up/down directions – should I change that at the same time?
[13:13:19] ** MythLogBot **
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[13:30:08] stichnot: jya: it would just be a matter of swapping 10 / -10 in TV::AudioSyncHandleAction() if you agree
[13:38:56] tonsofpcs: backwards?
[13:48:41] stichnot: tonsofpcs: "backwards" in the sense that LEFT decreases and RIGHT increases, whereas UP decreases and DOWN increases
[14:13:54] superm1: natanojl: i've got your patch built into my PPA for precise
[14:14:43] superm1: i don't have a master backend setup yet, so i'll need to upgrade before i can actually test it myself – but if anyone else on master encountering it on precise wants to test it's there
[14:29:59] tonsofpcs: stichnot: ah
[14:32:25] stuartm: MythSocket(7f847001cd30:77): ReadStringList: Error, timed out after 30000 ms.
[14:32:48] stuartm: 30 seconds seems pretty long?
[14:48:55] amessina (amessina!~amessina@2001:470:c1dc:7779:d6be:d9ff:fe8d:7c1e) has joined #mythtv
[15:06:48] stichnot: stuartm: yes, ridiculously long
[15:13:35] stuartm: although we're not generally supposed to use ReadStringList from the UI thread, a 30 second timeout means that the frontend can appear to be locked up for that long
[15:22:25] stichnot: iirc, it also can make the pbb and other things seem wedged/broken for 30 seconds
[15:23:13] stuartm: of course when it does timeout, it doesn't retry immediately which is also a problem
[15:24:57] Merlin83b: stichnot: Want me to run the fe with debug and see what it says?
[15:32:04] stichnot: Merlin83b: not really necessary since I'm unlikely to make changes to 0.25, and others have verified that the subs also don't display under 0.26
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