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Friday, June 21st, 2013, 00:24 UTC
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[01:31:09] jya_: danielk22: is there a constant being defined when you compile myth in debug mode ?
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[01:36:47] danielk221: jya_: When you compile in debug "NDEBUG" is not defined. But it is defined in profile and release modes.
[01:37:08] jya_: ah good...
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[08:47:09] jya: stuartm: your commit 3e30a164ddf7 broke playback for some track of mine
[08:47:40] jya: another case where coverity got it wrong to start with :(
[08:49:10] jya: when playing a mono track, on a system not supporting mono, needs_upmix is true, but there's no upmixer defined as it's a special case of mono->stereo
[08:51:02] jya: wonder what else has been broken like this :(
[08:56:04] stuartm: fixed push, that was just a careless mistake on my behalf
[08:56:26] stuartm: jya: I'll lay money that more has been fixed than has been broken
[08:56:40] jya: no no .. I already reverted it
[08:57:08] jya: i changed the test the coverity won't bitch about it.
[08:57:41] jya: stuartm: not one change I've seen in found by coverity to the base audio class weren't false positive, or things that just can't ever happen
[08:57:54] jya: willing to take on the bet :)
[08:59:44] jya: your change is no fix… it just *can't* happen… so if the aim is to keep coverity happy, there are better way to change things around so we don't clutter the code with useless test
[08:59:57] stuartm: unfortunately it's difficult to measure, since we can't know exactly how many unreported bugs were fixed
[09:00:22] jya: there are none.. period
[09:00:24] stuartm: jya: do it however you want
[09:00:41] stuartm: jya: I'm talking about ALL the code, not just one class
[09:00:56] jya: I think for simplicity, we should just let whoever wrote the original code, if still active handle it.
[09:01:03] jya: it's just bad form otherwise
[09:01:14] stuartm: I did ask you
[09:01:36] jya: yes, and I said I was going to do it
[09:05:06] jya: just like this one...
[09:05:06] jya: . . . 576c83ac9679
[09:06:08] jya: how can coverity bitch about a structure being non-initiliased (if that's the report that was) when the default constructeur of a structure set member to 0
[09:09:27] jya: hum… dbc269aa2ecfb9969759c5020311b21675e50199 breaks compilation for me
[09:10:42] jya: paul-h : it seems that you forgot to add httpcomms.h
[09:11:55] jya: ah, its the .pro that didn't get updated accordingly
[09:27:04] jya: stuartm: where is the list of coverity report again? how often is it updated?
[09:29:47] stuarta: it's not updated regularly yet, as i haven't setup the builder
[09:29:48] stuartm: The simple list is here: – That is currently being updated manually every 3–4 days
[09:30:00] jya: thanks
[09:30:02] ** stuarta pokes his todo list **
[09:30:28] stuartm: the coverity browser is here –
[09:30:31] stuartm: you need to login to use it
[09:31:11] stuartm: the coverity browser allows you to flag false positives as such, or ignore certain errors
[09:32:08] stuartm: as stuarta says, we hope to get a builder setup to automate the updates
[09:35:23] stuartm: as mentioned in the commit I did actually flag that upmixer derefence as a false positive, I could/should have left it there and I don't mind if people choose to do nothing more than mark the false positives as such, or even tell coverity to ignore certain defects (if they have good reason)
[09:36:17] stuartm: I'm principally concerned about clearing the decks so that we can identify new issues quickly after they are introduced
[09:38:04] jya: I entirely agree with you there… I guess I have a different opinion on how it should be done.. that mono one, it took me almost one hour to troubleshoot what was going on… so sorry if I get cranky
[09:39:16] jya: do I have a login on the coverity page?
[09:39:48] jya: never mind … found it , my gmail address
[09:39:52] stuartm: it's easy to come to the conclusion that coverity/cppcheck and others are useless on the basis of the issues that are left open, but that's only because most of the really serious stuff was fixed months (or years) ago, what's left at this time is the chaff – pedantic warnings and false positives
[09:40:46] jya: how do I review a coverity case # ? i see in the log a fix coverity blah stuff… but I don't find the original report :(
[09:40:54] stuartm: unfortunately no static analysis tool is entirely free of false positives, their algorithms just can't read the code like we can, but they are worthwhile overall
[09:41:37] stuartm: jya: once logged in, select 'View Defects' and then you can enter the number in the search field at the top right of the page
[09:42:27] jya: The number of invalid sign-in attempts has exceeded the allowed limit
[09:42:34] jya: i tried twice !
[09:45:29] stuartm: ouch
[09:48:20] jya: still can't get in.. I guess by wait a few minutes, they mean it :)
[09:53:29] stuartm: any ideas why the log in #11614 would be so short?
[09:53:29] ** MythLogBot **
[09:54:23] jya: what' s settings.txt?
[09:55:14] stuartm: really, really old location where settings were stored before they were moved to the database
[09:55:33] stuartm: some legacy code still looks for that file on startup
[09:55:43] jya: is that a critical error?
[09:55:47] jya: like it would stop after?
[09:55:51] stuartm: and no-one has ever dared to go through there with a broom
[09:56:08] stuartm: no it's not critical and should abort at that point
[09:56:27] stuartm: it happens on every system, you just don't see it unless running with the appropriate verbose level
[09:57:51] jya: i'm on mythtranscode right now… can have a look later
[10:00:49] jya: i've just finished my 6-month long project.. will have much more time available for myth in the next few weeks.. full time even
[10:02:12] stuartm: in the ticket he says that the transcode proceeds correctly, just that the cutlist isn't used, so there should be a log more in the log
[10:02:41] stuartm: lot more
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[10:06:17] stuartm: I wondered if it wasn't related to 59f3369 but I'm not seeing how, guess I just need to try a lossless transcode
[10:22:22] stuartm: works fine when started from job queue
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[12:47:36] stuartm: sphery: ah of course, with --showprogress ...
[12:51:20] sphery: Hehe, yeah. Easy to forget that there's interactive output in mythtranscode since few ever run it interactively.  :)
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[12:56:06] stichnot: danielk22: For HD-PVR recordings and .srt files and Live TV (or in-progress recordings), I want to recognize a 0-byte .srt file as a placeholder for a file that will probably be growing (and then periodically try to reload it). The problem is that the .srt file name and existence is determined by the backend at the end of MainServer::HandleAnnounce(), which requires the file size to be at...
[12:56:08] stichnot: ...least kReadTestSize, i.e. PNG_MIN_SIZE=20 bytes.
[12:56:27] stichnot: I'm inclined to hard-code a special case in that code for .srt files being 0 or more bytes.
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[12:57:38] stichnot: Alternatively, modify the myth protocol such that the client explicitly specifies the minimum file size in the "ANN FileTransfer" request.
[12:58:41] stichnot: But I'd rather wait until another instance of special casing is required to make the protocol change. What do you think?
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[13:00:08] stichnot: danielk22: btw, I realized that it was silly for the .srt parsing code to be using a RingBuffer to fetch the file. Using RemoteFile is much simpler.
[13:08:20] stichnot: sheesh, I had some bug identified but not fixed last night right before bed, now I can't remember what it was :(
[13:15:43] stuartm: danielk221: if restoring the --logfile behaviour isn't possible in the initial re-write then I'm sure no-one will mind
[13:15:55] stuartm: we've lived without it until now
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[13:19:39] jya_: unbelievable… i lodged some Qt bugs along with patches 18 months ago… yesterday, finally got an answer that if I wanted them make their way into the system, I would have to submit them using their git/review system… which I did… only to get comments about removing tabs (the only file that had tabs was the one I touched, everywhere else it's spaces).. And some criticisms about it… When I mentioned that it was a tad disappointing it took them
[13:19:39] jya_: months to look at it ; I got a "you can buy priority
[13:19:40] jya_: handling in form of a support contract from digia"
[13:20:37] jya_: hello????!!! i spend time on their bugs, and if I want them looked at I need to pay them ?
[13:22:43] stichnot: jya_: Awesome!
[13:37:45] jheizer: geez
[13:41:02] danielk22: jya_: I miss TrollTech.
[13:42:31] danielk22: stichnot: RingBuffer does seem to be overkill.
[13:45:48] jya_: need to find out why on mac the position on the music file isn't updated in mythmusic
[13:47:27] danielk22: stuartm: I think I should just feature flag what I have implemented of --logfile it and then finish up the rest after the bulk of logging is merged.
[13:48:08] danielk22: stuartm: But what I really need to find time for is debugging the slave backend socket bug.
[13:49:01] jya_: danielk22: what do you have left to do on the new logging system?
[13:49:20] jya_: no more mythlogger daemon?
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[13:53:01] danielk22: Naming of the logfile with --logpath + passing logging params to mythXXX subprocesses + some daemonizing bugs + whatever is listed here . . . -logging.txt under primary goals.
[13:53:23] jya_: danielk22: you're in NY right?
[13:53:23] danielk22: yes, no mythlogger daemon.
[13:56:58] stichnot: danielk22: is basically the change I would commit, unless you object
[13:59:37] danielk22: stichnot: I can't see that causing any problems. But maybe we should reverse the logic? AFAIK Only really short MythTV recordings are a problem, so should we only apply the size restrictions if the file ends with ".mpg" or ".nuv" ?
[14:01:08] stichnot: danielk22: I believe that particular logic is only applied to "auxiliary" files, such as .png preview image (hence PNG_MIN_SIZE) and .srt/.txt subtitle files.
[14:01:17] jya_: stuartm: still can't go into the ; tells me:
[14:02:24] jya_: how many hours do I have to wait do you know?
[14:03:05] stichnot: danielk22: see RingBuffer::RingBuffer() – relevant extension are srt,sub,txt,gif,png
[14:06:23] jya_: hehe: Across all C++ projects on Ohloh, 22% of all source code lines are comments. For MythTV, this figure is only 9%.
[14:06:30] jya_: This lack of comments puts MythTV among the lowest one-third of all C++ projects on Ohloh.
[14:06:48] jya_:
[14:07:05] jya_: so is the interest in the project waning ?
[14:07:21] stuarta: interesting in writing comments is clearly waning
[14:07:40] sphery: danielk22: FWIW, if we ripped out the auto-start mythlogserver and shut it down after 5min of inactivity, we'd probably solve 99% of all problems with logging
[14:08:37] jya_: stuarta: good summary :)
[14:09:01] sphery: danielk22: I may even be able to get mythtvd (mythtv daemon runner) finished up soon and then users/packagers would only have to worry about start mythtvd and it would start mythlogser and whichever of mythbackend/mythjobqueue/mythmediaserver/none is supposed to run on the system
[14:10:54] sphery: mythlogserver
[14:11:34] sphery: even without mythtvd, users and packagers could just change their start scripts to start mythlogserver and then mythbackend (or whatever daemon)
[14:14:55] pvr4me: sphery: this is the first mention I've heard of "mythtvd" — are there some notes somewhere?
[14:15:37] sphery: no, just an idea that should make it easier for users rather than having to know what to start on each system
[14:16:47] stuartm: jya_: ah, I've seen that before, seems to be a bug (ironic), usually trying a different server works e.g.
[14:17:39] stuartm: or
[14:17:39] jya_: every time I log in, it tells me my password is invalid… I reset it every time to the same...
[14:18:33] pvr4me: sphery: are you aware that OS X does not allow one program to launch others in daemon mode? This created problems in 0.26 with mythlogserver
[14:18:40] stuartm: it's commonly said that good, clearly written code doesn't need comments – truth is actually somewhere between there and the comment everything approach
[14:18:46] sphery: well, then mac os x users wouldn't use it
[14:18:56] stuartm: jya_: could try dropping an email to
[14:19:12] jya_: just did it again.
[14:19:45] jya_: i try to login: fail. ask to email me to change my password; i change the password; logout: and try to login again: failure
[14:19:50] sphery: pvr4me: it's only a convenience thing--you can always do things the hard way (and if you actually do them right, you won't have problems)
[14:20:00] jya_: wonder if that could be due to that donottrackme I've set on chrome
[14:20:27] stuartm: jya_: never had that particular problem (and I have donottrack enabled here on opera)
[14:20:56] stuartm: I also have *google* blocked (which does break a fair number of sites that are too lazy to serve their own javascript)
[14:21:35] danielk22: stuartm: You should at least set up your own with jQuery.js :)
[14:21:48] jya_: going to try with a different browser
[14:27:48] stuartm: danielk22: I was actually thinking about doing exactly that yesterday
[14:29:52] jya_: stuartm: do you know how to change your password on coverity?
[14:30:03] stuartm: jya_: no sorry, I've never had to do it
[14:30:38] jya_: i can reset it; but then i can't relog in
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[14:31:10] stuartm: jya_: you could try signing up again, but under your address
[14:31:18] jya_: good idea
[14:32:44] jya_: same deal.. oh well, another time
[14:33:04] jya_: i'll go with the list on ; but will commit without putting any coverity id
[14:34:26] jya_: i've sent a request to join mythtv project
[14:41:20] stuartm: approved
[14:41:44] stuartm: jya_: coverity id is shown in that list, it's in brackets after the description
[14:42:21] stuartm: but there's more detail etc in the original at
[14:42:57] jya_: oh… so tiny, i didn't see it
[14:44:21] gigem: danielk22: Does your new logging support syslog? If so, I'm also okay with dropping --logfile for now.
[14:44:49] danielk22: yep, syslog is supported.
[14:45:45] gigem: Great.
[14:50:54] sphery: jya_: FWIW, I just reset mine earlier today and it worked for me (but I didn't guess at the old password before)
[14:51:16] sphery: (I knew there was no way I'd guess it, so I just reset it.)
[14:51:18] jya_: sphery: and if you log out and log in again ; does it accept your password?
[14:51:26] sphery: haven't tried that... one second
[14:51:36] jya_: i tried with safari, chrome and firefox
[14:51:51] jya_: behaviour is identical for all, including with the new account I've just created
[14:51:59] jya_: password only works after the reset
[14:52:03] sphery: yeah, it's working for me (in firefox)
[14:52:47] sphery: might need to contact them at the e-mail they gave (which isn't good news/will waste some time)
[14:52:54] jya_: i did
[14:58:19] jya_: would be good to tell coverity about default constructors… and that arrays in a class will be automatically set to 0
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[15:01:38] danielk22: jya_: arrays in a class will be set to 0? This isn't java :)
[15:03:13] jya_: they sure will… on plain old type aren't initialised. all containers (including arrays are)
[15:05:25] jya_: When an array of objects is declared, e.g. MyClass x[10];; or allocated dynamically, e.g. new MyClass [10]; the default constructor is used to initialize all the elements. default constructor of a char is 0 … char x = char() ; x will be set to 0
[15:05:59] jya_: so char x[10] see all their element set to 0; char x; on the other hand isn't
[15:08:13] danielk22: jya_: I don't believe that is the case: . . . d-in-c-class
[15:08:41] danielk22: jya: new int[10] will invoke the default constructor, but int x[10]; will not.
[15:08:44] jya_: array that are of local scope; aren't initialised
[15:08:52] jya_: i'm talking class member
[15:09:11] jya_:
[15:09:23] jya_: The elements of global and static arrays, on the other hand, are automatically initialized with their default values, which for all fundamental types this means they are filled with zeros.
[15:10:34] jya_:
[15:11:09] jya_: If a class has a constructor, arrays of that class are initialized by a constructor.
[15:12:37] danielk22: jya_: Read my msdn link. There is a visual C++ extension to initialize arrays declared as class members, it is not in the language.
[15:13:04] jya_: i read your link… what there is no provision is to set the array to a particular value
[15:13:28] jya_: let me find you the C++ rfc, I read it just earlier today
[15:14:40] jya_: the link you posted, the guy want to initialise his char test[] to "test"
[15:15:00] jya_: nothing to do with default constructor and array static / global
[15:17:03] jya_: was even a bug listed in gcc 4.2 that it wasn't initialising the array: ; read the extract of the C++ standard
[15:17:28] jya_: -5- To value-initialize an object of type T means:
[15:17:29] jya_: -- if T is a non-union class type without a user-provided
[15:17:30] jya_: constructor, then every non-static data member and base-class
[15:17:31] jya_: component of T is value-initialized;93)
[15:17:35] jya_: -- if T is an array type, then each element is value-initialized;
[15:17:42] jya_: i rest my case :)
[15:22:44] danielk22: jya_: Cool. So if the class constructor takes no parameters then arrays in will be zero filled even if the members of the array don't have constructors. So you only have to initialize arrays if your constructor takes params. That's awesome.
[15:23:37] danielk22: I've probably always had params on my constructors that failed to initialize arrays so I didn't realize there was this exception.
[15:23:38] jya_: that's my understanding of the standard… yet, most of coverity reports are those
[15:24:40] danielk22: Lets tell them about this. I've been programming in C++ for a long time and I didn't know, I can see them just overlooking this. The C++ standard document is a monster.
[15:25:29] stuarta: you need to have a babelfish which is having a good day to read it
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[15:29:53] jya_: seems to have been introduced in C++98
[15:32:03] jya_: danielk22: ; doesn't even mention the use of empty initialiser
[15:32:51] jya_: "The elements of global and static arrays, on the other hand, are automatically initialized with their default values, which for all fundamental types this means they are filled with zeros."
[15:33:00] jya_: oh well, 1:30am, i'm tired
[15:33:34] danielk22: Right, thats true of globals and statics I knew about that bit. It is the initialization of member arrays that is new to me.
[15:33:43] danielk22: The empty initializer I'
[15:34:03] danielk22: m getting from that quote from Lawrence Crowl
[15:36:05] danielk22: But non-empties may be covered elsewhere in the doc. I'm definitely running some experiments after work. It isn't often that I learn something new about C++98..
[15:36:22] danielk22: Great find jya! Thanks!
[15:41:08] stuartm: that's new to me too, I'd be very interested in the results, for all compilers – so maybe some unit tests are in order, if they fail on any platform it's potentially something we should know before relying on it
[15:44:18] stuartm: danielk22: that first clause seems to suggest that only if there is no constructor (with or without parameters) defined then members are not initialised, but maybe I'm interpreting it incorrectly
[15:45:51] danielk22: stuartm: My plan is to see what various compilers do and then try to read the spec with on the assumption that those guys read it right.
[15:46:38] danielk22: So I'll pollute the memory and then run the constructor and see what results, with various types of constructors.
[15:49:24] jya_: danielk22: cool, keep me posted :) this issue is fresh to my mind, cause we had a strong debate about it a couple of weeks ago on the project I worked on
[15:50:16] jya_: BTW: it's this: . . . =WF8tZP0uKu0
[15:53:04] stuartm: heh, that much closer to having mythfrontend running on a calculator (was a joke entry in the feature wishlist)
[15:56:45] jya_: it has 256MB of RAM… could do… 400MHz ARM
[15:57:55] stuartm: the joke back then was that a lot of people were making unreasonable requests, especially about running the frontend or backend on way under-spec'd hardware
[15:58:25] stuartm: who knew that calculators would actually start to emerge with that level of memory and processing power?
[15:59:13] stuartm: well pocket calculators at least
[15:59:40] jya_: ram is very cheap these days… and the screen is capacitive touch… quite nice
[16:00:53] jya_: coverity 700625 is interesting… Qt gave me bad habits of passing everything by value
[16:00:59] jya_: Big parameter passed by value: Passing parameter settings of type AudioOutputSettings (size 624 bytes) by value. (700625)
[16:03:19] pvr4me (pvr4me! has quit (Quit: pvr4me)
[16:05:16] jya_: there… i think i've gone over all coverity entry, and re-did (my way) all the earlier one reported with the audio
[16:11:48] rsiebert (rsiebert! has joined #mythtv
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[16:17:35] SteveGoodey (SteveGoodey! has joined #mythtv
[16:23:11] jya_: ah, coverity answered. my account was "locked"
[16:23:46] jya_: stuartm: how do you restart the scan?
[16:23:56] jya_: to get a bit more up to date view?
[16:26:19] stuartm: jya_: I have to do a complete clean build wrapped using their tools, tarzip the resulting output (342MB compressed) then upload it to their server where it then enters the queue for processing
[16:26:53] stuartm: which is why I've been doing it at most once every 3 days
[16:27:03] jya_: i see...
[16:27:18] jya_: so it's not a static analyser? it's actually a code coverage tool?
[16:27:21] stuartm: since it ties up my machine (and time)
[16:29:13] stuartm: jya_: it's static analysis, but I believe it uses the build process to decide what code is actually built and therefore needs analysing, i.e. there could actually be different results from a build on another platform
[16:29:35] jya_: but you send the binary or just the source code?
[16:30:24] jya_: looking at some of the automatic comments, it seems to make worse-case scenario decisions and test according to those ; when in many cases: such case could never occur
[16:30:59] jya_: all right… 2:30am, i'm off… talk to you guys tomorrow
[16:31:01] stuartm: no binaries, just the output of their tool
[16:32:06] pvr4me (pvr4me! has joined #mythtv
[16:32:16] stuartm: jya_: yeah, it does seem to test every (or most eventualities), some which are impossible under real world conditions and others which might be rare corner/edge case bugs
[16:34:04] stuartm: jya_: fwiw, if you mark those bugs as 'Fix submitted' in their browser I can re-sync our list in a minute, that part doesn't require the analysis to be re-run
[16:34:57] jya_: i'd like it to test that the fix is correct though
[16:35:00] jya_: just in cas
[16:36:16] stuartm: apparently the last build I submitted was on the 17th, so I can start another one tonight
[16:36:26] natanojl: jya_: danielk22: Don't know if you read my post on users',
[16:36:27] stuartm: well, in about an hour
[16:37:18] stuartm: been at least 3 hours after that before the results are in
[16:44:36] stuartm: heh, build's broken
[16:49:08] jya_: compile here, no bug in the buildbot
[16:49:48] jya_: may to make a make distclean & configure first… i've had an issue with that following the removal of some files and the .pro didn't get regenerated
[16:50:01] ** jya_ really need to go to sleep **
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[17:09:51] exoon (exoon! has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[17:18:44] stuartm: make[2]: *** No rule to make target `../libmythbase/httpcomms.h', needed by `soapclient.o'. Stop.
[17:21:35] stichnot (stichnot! has joined #mythtv
[17:21:35] stichnot (stichnot!~stichnot@mythtv/developer/stichnot) has joined #mythtv
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[17:28:24] sphery: stuartm:
[17:43:12] stuartm: sphery: thanks fixed it eventually
[17:43:42] stuartm: my target for the distclean wasn't wide enough
[17:54:15] gregL (gregL! has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[18:01:40] stichnot (stichnot! has joined #mythtv
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[18:09:05] sphery: Ah, ok... Didn't realize that's what he was saying--wasn't sure if something needed updating. Glad it's working.
[18:09:47] sphery: (wasn't sure if we needed to update something that wasn't auto generated, that is)
[18:16:28] peper03 (peper03! has joined #mythtv
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[19:46:27] peper03: stuartm: Are my DVD patches likely to make it into 0.27? If there are other issues that are more pressing, fair enough, but it'd be a shame to miss out on 0.27 for no other reason than they got overlooked. I think there are five or six waiting at the moment.
[19:48:52] Tenkawa (Tenkawa!~Tenkawa@unaffiliated/tenkawa) has joined #mythtv
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[20:14:30] stuartm: peper03: see PM
[20:27:35] stuartm: ok, latest coverity build has been processed, we're down to 50 issues, nice round number and just 5 issues per person for 10 devs, easily achievable target
[20:28:16] stuartm: unfortunately two of those 50 are new :/
[20:39:54] gary_buhrmaster (gary_buhrmaster!~gtb@2001:470:80e4:3::36) has joined #mythtv
[20:44:40] gary_buhrmaster: stuartm: re: coverity number, well, I think I have 4 patches (that will fix 5 defects) in trac that are pending review (I think I have 4 in there). So a developer can pick up their 5 for almost free (well, I mean they have to review the patch, but...)
[20:47:15] Kyanayk (Kyanayk! has joined #mythtv
[20:51:56] wagnerrp_ is now known as wagnerrp
[20:56:25] danielk22 (danielk22!~danielk@ has left #mythtv ()
[20:57:18] ** stuarta peper03 hi, as you may have heard from stuartm, the devs have agreed to you becoming a dev. I can set you up with all the bits and pieces **
[20:57:26] stuarta: doh
[20:57:40] stuartm: oops
[20:57:42] ** stuarta does a jedi mind trick **
[20:57:47] peper03: pm?
[20:57:51] stuarta: yes please
[20:58:02] stuarta: ffs
[20:58:14] stuarta: clearly i'm having keyboard issues today
[20:58:19] stuartm: why am I suddenly thinking about droids?
[20:58:23] jheizer: lmao
[20:58:40] jheizer: I was just going to type "These are not the commands you are looking for."
[20:59:11] stuarta: that too :)
[21:00:27] wagnerrp: anyone notice that that the recent trac update broke threading?
[21:00:30] gary_buhrmaster: peper03: Congrats. Well deserved from my observations.
[21:00:56] stuartm: wagnerrp: working here, although maybe that's just my email client being clever
[21:00:57] jheizer: +1 on congrats and thanks
[21:01:47] peper03: gary_buhrmaster, jheizer: Thanks :)
[21:03:38] stuartm: wagnerrp: the References and Message-Id headers look correct, that should enable the client to thread them correctly
[21:04:00] wagnerrp: they're there, but they're not correct
[21:04:01] jheizer: I need to get my always too busy butt working on MobileMyth agan so I can feel like I am contributing soemthing in a little tiny way
[21:04:36] wagnerrp: for instance, this last post to #11513 references 058.6986b.... but the original post was 037.f30912fb....
[21:04:36] ** MythLogBot **
[21:06:22] stuartm: I was looking at #11613
[21:06:22] ** MythLogBot **
[21:07:13] wagnerrp: that ticket wasn't created until after the upgrade
[21:07:47] stuartm: ah, ok so it's just threading on tickets created before the upgrade
[21:10:17] stuartm: hmm, not sure what we can do about that, it's obviously generated new ids for all tickets
[21:11:45] stuartm: only fixable with some effort by exporting the old ids from the sqlite db in the backup and then updating the ids in the live db
[21:16:04] wagnerrp: be a lot easier if we migrated over to mysql
[21:16:23] wagnerrp: i wrote some script to do that several months back, but i'm flying out of town tomorrow morning
[21:32:00] peper03 (peper03! has quit (Changing host)
[21:32:01] peper03 (peper03!~peper03@mythtv/developer/peper03) has joined #mythtv
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[21:40:30] stuarta: all done :)
[21:45:39] laga (laga! has quit (Read error: Operation timed out)
[21:48:42] laga (laga! has joined #mythtv
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[22:02:54] Captain_Murdoch: heh. on average, 13000 unique IPs check in per day to see if the index file has been updated for MythTV v0.25. around 5500 per day check in for the 0.26 version. around 250 check in per day for the trunk version.
[22:03:26] stuarta: that's quite a few
[22:03:42] stuarta: what's the frequency they check with?
[22:03:44] Captain_Murdoch: should check in once per day max.
[22:04:20] ** stuarta is just pondering ways to split alcor up given it's been giving us hardware issues lately **
[22:04:23] Captain_Murdoch: themer updates theme, it gets packaged overnight, you get a popup in the morning or evening when your system updates letting you know there's a theme update.
[22:07:19] jya_ (jya_!~jyavenard@mythtv/developer/jya) has quit (Quit: jya_)
[22:09:10] jya_ (jya_!~jyavenard@mythtv/developer/jya) has joined #mythtv
[22:26:07] wagnerrp: i've been a bit out of the loop the past two weeks. has it gone down again?
[22:26:17] stuarta: once this week
[22:28:12] wagnerrp: time to consider looking into a replacement?
[22:29:21] stuarta: or at least a workaround, which is what i've been thinking about
[22:29:54] kurre2 (kurre2! has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[22:30:39] wagnerrp: the easy work around, which has been discussed in the past, is a second IP and an IPMI card
[22:31:10] stuarta: we have remote hands. cheaper ;-)
[22:31:32] wagnerrp: cheaper than a $70 (last i checked) card, but also much higher latency
[22:32:30] wagnerrp: powering down for a bit. need to swap out batteries in my UPS...
[22:33:23] stuarta: have fun
[22:34:40] wagnerrp: i think im going to just put it on a strip overnight while the batteries charge
[22:34:49] wagnerrp: swap things back in the morning before i fly out
[22:35:22] wagnerrp (wagnerrp!~wagnerrp_@mythtv/developer/wagnerrp) has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[22:35:56] kurre2 (kurre2! has joined #mythtv
[22:44:15] Captain_Murdoch: stuarta, just fixed an efficiency bug in the index file creation for the Theme Chooser. if-not-modified was not working as effective since the themeinfo.xml files were getting updated every 12 hours. I changed the script to fix the file timestamps so that should cut down on actual downloads quite a bit. I grabbed some stats and will re-check tomorrow. today and the past few days have been averaging 19000 "200" responses and
[22:44:15] Captain_Murdoch: only 1000 "304" responses per day for the index files. that should improve quite a bit tomorrow. index files are around 300–350 KB, so maybe 5+ Gigs per day less load on the web server. the themes themselves come off the ftp server mirrors.
[22:44:42] jya_: stuartm: did you do a git update before submitting the new code for coverity? it's missing quite a few of my "fixes"
[22:47:26] stuarta: Captain_Murdoch: i really should setup cacti graphing to keep an eye on this
[22:47:59] Captain_Murdoch: yeah, would be interesting to see how much we push. most large traffic shoudl come off the ftp mirrors though.
[22:48:12] Captain_Murdoch: as well as cpu, etc. :)
[22:58:53] jya_ (jya_!~jyavenard@mythtv/developer/jya) has quit (Quit: jya_)
[22:59:38] wagnerrp (wagnerrp!~wagnerrp_@mythtv/developer/wagnerrp) has joined #mythtv
[23:00:54] wagnerrp: Captain_Murdoch: that stuff isn't being mirrored by osuosl?
[23:01:39] Captain_Murdoch: not this particular file since the original intention was to create a database and editor.
[23:01:47] wagnerrp: ah
[23:02:33] jya_ (jya_!~jyavenard@mythtv/developer/jya) has joined #mythtv
[23:03:07] Captain_Murdoch: I've been thinking lately of moving it. unless there was a sudden influx of themers, the current cron jobs and static list in a perl script is working too well for me to spend much time on creating a UI and DB. :)
[23:45:03] jya_: me thinking that some .pro qmakefile were broken ; as objects weren't recompiled after modifying the source code… turned out, the terminal i was starting the compilation, was a ssh to another machine… 20 minutes wondering why ….

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