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Wednesday, June 19th, 2013, 00:03 UTC
[00:03:42] SteveGoodey (SteveGoodey! has joined #mythtv
[00:06:54] sphery: The problem here could well be with my lack of github knowledge, but I don't think i have permission to close . If that's the case, I'd appreciate someone's closing it for me. If I'm supposed to have permission, I'd appreciate a little HOWTO. Thanks.
[00:09:11] knightr: sphery, only a handful of people have permission to close pull requests. IIRC it requires write access on that repo which most of us no longer have. Usually it's Stuart M which closes them for us but I believe Stuart A can do it too...
[00:14:12] gary_buhrmaster (gary_buhrmaster!~gtb@2001:470:80e4:3::36) has joined #mythtv
[00:15:17] sphery: ah, ok... thanks
[00:17:36] knightr: as you can see there's a certain lack of granularity on github accesses...
[00:17:43] gary_buhrmaster: sphery: As I understand it, "pull" requests are not ideal for MythTV precisely because of the workflow issues (permissions). But a pull request is better than no patch at all. For that reason I have been not using pull requests on my recent patches, but instead providing the alternative formats in the tickets so that one can chose their workflow methods.
[00:20:10] knightr: gary_buhrmaster, sphery it is a problem we created ourselves though, we used to have those accesses until it was decided (not sure by whom) that it was better to remove it...
[00:23:00] knightr: s/it/them
[00:23:22] gary_buhrmaster: sphery: I also understand github added some additional granularity permission capability (relatively) recently. I do not know the details. It might be worth a reexamination.
[00:26:32] gary_buhrmaster: knightr: I do not know the history, but I presume it was when github became a "slave" to the alcor repo?
[00:28:38] knightr: gary_buhrmaster, yes. We didn't need commit accesses on that repo anymore for that reason but if we don't have it we have to bug the few who have it everytime...
[00:29:44] knightr: s/everytime/every time
[00:33:41] gary_buhrmaster: knightr: Probably the easiest solution is to recommend not using pull requests (it is not all that hard to provide references in the ticket that one can use with git-am or git-cherry-pick, depending on the workflow of the person reviewing/committing the patch).
[00:33:47] sphery: yeah, I think privileges were lowered to make sure no one committed to the wrong repo (which would cause annoying problems)
[00:34:15] sphery: gary_buhrmaster: how do you get the references you provide?
[00:35:34] gary_buhrmaster: sphery: I cheat :-) No, I just look at my repo, look at the commits, pick the one I want, and then copy/paste the url (and then append .patch for the git-am version since some people like that rather than cherry-pick).
[00:36:55] sphery: ah, ok
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[00:37:14] sphery: yeah, I just used the link above, but with .patch on it to get a patch to work from, so similar idea
[00:37:22] gary_buhrmaster: sphery: While I prefer to use cherry-pick, it does mean one has to (at least temporarily) fetch from my repo.
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[00:38:53] gary_buhrmaster: sphery: git is very powerful, and with that power, comes the ability for people to choose their personal workflow. And from observation, different people in the MythTV commiters list have different workflows to review/commit patches.
[00:39:36] sphery: yeah, I know mine is very different from most :)
[00:40:03] gary_buhrmaster: sphery: And git is so powerful/flexible there are many options I have no idea what they do (never used them, probably never will), although for all I know they would enable anti-gravity (python -> import antigravity)
[00:40:40] sphery: hehe
[00:41:31] gary_buhrmaster: sphery: (for those that need the reminder)
[00:42:40] sphery: ah, yeah, that's where I'd seen that
[00:42:46] sphery: thanks for the reminder
[00:47:25] knightr_: gary_buhrmaster, sorry I lost my connection.
[00:47:54] jya: gary_buhrmaster: I like pull request from github ; much easier to review a patch that way
[00:48:49] jya: it's shown in the entirecontext for the fiels it applies to, a patch is…. well, a patch
[00:49:35] gary_buhrmaster: sphery, knightr: From looking at the github docs, it appears that the enhanced permissions capability may only be for the paid github accounts.
[00:50:09] sphery: :(
[00:51:02] gary_buhrmaster: sphery, knightr: re: permissions. It sort of looks like one could use the pre-receive hook to reject people from pushing (other than the push from alcor, I suppose), and then allow people to perform other actions. One would have to do some extensive testing.
[00:51:18] knightr_: I asked one of the translators to, if at all possible, stop using pull requests..
[00:51:46] Steve-Goodey (Steve-Goodey! has joined #mythtv
[00:52:18] knightr_: gary_buhrmaster, sphery, not committing on alcor was not the reason I was given unless my memory is failing me...
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[00:53:07] gary_buhrmaster: sphery, knightr, jya: From the (occasional) contributors perspective, all I request is that the preferred way to submit patches be documented so that I can (try to remember) follow it.
[00:53:24] knightr_: gary_buhrmaster, that's unfortunate (ie only for paide accounts...)
[00:53:41] gary_buhrmaster: jya: that is why I also include the (basic) github url, which shows the entire context. I prefer it for a quick review myself.
[00:53:45] knightr_: s/paide/paid
[00:53:46] jya: gary_buhrmaster: well, for me, i'm happy with github :)
[00:54:08] jya: thanks for the HLSstreambuffer one, not sure how I could have missed that
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[00:54:43] gary_buhrmaster: knightr: Well, do not take my review of permissions as truth. I spent a whole 30 seconds trying to look it up. So it is possible for a github expert to be able to make it work for you.
[00:54:45] jya: i only worked on AES decryption quickly, as I could watch video from our ABC station (
[01:02:03] gary_buhrmaster: jya: If you are talking about #11606 you should credit coverity. It found the bug. I just spent enough time to make sure I understood the spec before submitting the patch.
[01:02:03] ** MythLogBot **
[01:02:05] knightr_: gary_buhrmaster, that's better than me :-) I didn't check them, the info was given to me by another dev...
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[03:13:57] danielk221: The github review & merge workflow is very nice. The problem was that github didn't provide any mechanism to run pre-commit/merge hooks, and the callback mechanism they did have didn't work properly.
[03:14:52] danielk221: I don't know if the problems we had with github 18 months ago are still there, they appear to evolve their code fairly rapidly.
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[03:49:01] knightr: danielk22, please don't edit translation files, this is going to cause update problems and doesn't affect the code in any way... It's not even taken into account if you do without regerating the translation anyway...
[03:50:16] knightr: s/do without regerating/do it without regenerating
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[03:51:50] knightr: danielk221,^^^^^^^^
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[03:52:41] jya: Captain_Murdoch: I'm going to modify the way the audio framework works, it will only feed S16 samples, unless the derived class state otherwise. I'll also move the audio decoding into the audio framework so it will simplify having to give dozens of contextual arguments...
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[06:02:08] dekarl: knightr: I see you changing the owner of translation tickets often. We can change the default owner if you like and kenni doesn't mind.
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[09:59:12] stuartm: I'm taking trac offline for an upgrade in a few minutes
[10:08:54] stuarta: ok
[10:12:14] dekarl: I hope I can get the false CRC errors fixed in time for the release... this is an idle backend with one DVB-C input scanning EIT
[10:15:06] stuartm: ok, back online, now running the stable 1.0.1
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[10:15:31] stuartm: not sure I like the new look, but maybe I just need time to adjust :)
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[10:18:18] dekarl: stuartm, can we add a link to at ?
[10:30:26] stuartm: dekarl: sure
[10:31:02] stuartm: I originally added one there, but the template was overwritten during an upgrade some years ago
[10:32:15] dekarl: ahh, that makes sense. I vaguely remembered such a reference and wondered where it went
[10:33:35] dekarl: man, I forgot how I hate fiddling with linking and linking order. Trying to add a unittest to libmythtv and its not fun :(
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[11:31:13] stuartm: dekarl:
[11:31:46] stuartm: I'll borrow the warning icon from the wiki and add that later
[11:35:51] IReboot (IReboot! has joined #mythtv
[11:36:06] knightr: Hi dekarl! Yes, I know (and where to change it). Thank you for your concern!
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[12:24:49] jya: stuartm: I found a case where HLS transcoding would result in corrupted audio… Please have a try again. It would have occurred when using the plain AAC encoder (not libfaac, or ibaac+)...
[12:25:40] stuartm: jya: ok thanks
[12:26:26] jya: Captain_Murdoch: I've gone ahead with what you implicitly suggested earlier. Now the audio class can restrict the type of audio format it can accept ; and the decoder will always make sure you get such audio. By default it's S16 audio only. So that allowed me to revert all of the changes to mythranscode. It only ever get stereo, S16.. much simpler code. The core framework will handle all the conversion on the fly as required
[12:26:38] stuartm: it was the native aac encoder I would have been using, since there are no packages for libfaac for mageia (and I can't be bothered to install it from source)
[12:27:06] jya: wouldn't you have compiled with libmp3lame?
[12:27:40] jya: when deinterleaving the audio, I was only doing half of it, so you would havve heard only half the information… sounds weird
[12:29:10] stuartm: jya: I would have, but I hadn't got around to doing so yet
[12:29:15] jya: an alternative to try for you, is compile myth with --enable-nonfree
[12:29:22] stuartm: jya: that sounds like the problem I was seeing (or hearing)
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[12:29:36] jya: that enable libaac+ ; at least on my mac, it available without doing anything else
[12:31:21] jya: allright ; off to bed.. goodnight
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[13:58:06] knightr: danielk22, danielk221 could you please revert that translation file update ( . . . ba1caef5a33) these files should not be modified in this way by us...
[13:58:16] knightr: ?
[13:58:45] danielk22: knightr: This was a revert of these files being accidentally touched by an earlier commit.
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[14:28:04] sphery: danielk22: I think he's saying that the translation tools will fix it when the class name changes back and since there was an update by the Spanish translator while it was renamed, it will mess up the tools and application of submitted translation patches from him.
[14:28:28] sphery: it will mess up = changing the translation file directly will mess up
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[15:24:32] Captain_Murdoch: jya, great. I was wondering if or how badly the original nuppel portion of mythtranscode was broken by all the changes, feeding mythtranscode S16 interleaved will keep it happy as well as passthru users. easier to tell the framework "here's what I want" than to have to put the conversion in multiple users of the framework. thanks. I'm sure that I'll need to look at that when I merge the rest of my 0.25 HLS on-demand patch up
[15:24:34] Captain_Murdoch: to master.
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[15:29:33] gary_buhrmaster: stuartm: Not sure I like all the LARGE FONT SIZE displays in the new trac release, but I am sure I will get used to it.
[15:32:38] stuartm: we can always tweak it
[15:38:29] gary_buhrmaster: stuartm: I suspect coverity 746875 is, in practice, a false positive (since the return will exit the backend, making further initialization moot).
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[15:45:39] sphery: View Tickets is definitely harder to read (the list of saved reports), though I like the "Return to Last Query"--especially since scrolling down to My Tickets is too much work with the new layout :)
[15:45:50] sphery: but, meh, I'll get used to it
[15:48:32] gary_buhrmaster: stuartm: After ticket 11607 is reviewed, the last of the "high"s in coverity will be resolved. Progress.
[15:50:18] gary_buhrmaster: sphery, stuartm: The one thing that I am having a hard time getting used to is that the status (new, assigned...) is only one space from the type (Patch – Bug Fix). But I have to say, I think it is probably easier for me to get used to it than to have someone else remember the customization in the next upgrade.
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[16:12:14] sphery: gary_buhrmaster: hehe, I couldn't even find the status in the new style until your description... It definitely hides in there – "#11609 new Patch – Bug Fix"
[16:12:14] ** MythLogBot **
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[16:14:11] stuartm: after much demand, I've installed the following plugin –
[16:15:03] stuartm: sphery: and I've fixed the ohloh stats on
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[16:30:52] knightr: danielk22, like sphery said they will automagically be fixed by the translation tools and modifying them on our side can actually cause update problems to both the translator and me. anyway since the (binary) translation fille wasn`t regenerated that modification isn't actually used
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[16:39:19] stichnot: stuartm: Attachment notifications — Hooray!!!
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[17:05:10] sphery: stuartm: yay, attachment notifications... wasn't sure which plugin you added since I don't have permission to go to that part of admin
[17:08:52] stuartm: no?
[17:09:29] stuartm:
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[17:35:27] danielk22: knightr: sphery: Got it! I'll revert the change to the ts file tonight (or you can do it earlier if you like).
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[20:03:33] paul-h: !seen dblain
[20:03:33] MythLogBot: dblain is here and has been idle for 3 hours 12 minutes 7 seconds
[20:04:08] paul-h: dblain:
[20:04:51] dblain: Hi, paul-h... been extreamly busy and haven't had a chance to look at the patch. I'll look right now to see if it's can be quick
[20:05:05] paul-h: OK thanks
[20:06:20] dblain: Looks pretty straight forward. not sure about the useragent comment.
[20:06:50] dblain: Do you have any soap client that can connect to verify it works?
[20:07:20] paul-h: No otherwise I would have just tested it myself
[20:08:49] dblain: doesn't even have to be a upnp client... ok. My network is a mess and I don't even have a working install right now to test with. If it does break soap functionality, it should be fairly obvious.
[20:09:33] dblain: It's the SOAP client code... trying to remember what conditions call that function.
[20:09:36] amessina (amessina!~amessina@2001:470:c1dc:7779:d6be:d9ff:fe8d:7c1e) has joined #mythtv
[20:10:15] paul-h: Is there any linux clients I could test it with
[20:10:58] dblain: I don't know of any, but I'm a windows guy.
[20:11:42] paul-h: The only question I have really is the user agent string but that can easily be changed if it turns out to be a problem
[20:11:47] dblain: Have you done a search to see who calls this function? Something tells me it's only used in a small number of places... maybe M-Search/autodiscover?
[20:14:51] pvr4me (pvr4me! has quit (Quit: pvr4me)
[20:15:22] dblain: I don't remember the reason for that comment. A quick search on upnp & useragent shows there are some known issues with useragents with comma's... ours doesn't... not very diffinative :(
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[20:16:39] danielk22: Intel has an SDK for UPnP that I believe runs on Linux.
[20:19:24] paul-h: dblain: The only place I can see that uses it is the Myth XML protocol client
[20:20:04] dblain: With my limited seaching, it looks like the soapclient class is only used by the GetConnectionInfo method. If that is true, upnp has no part of it and our frontend calls to get database info is the only user of it.
[20:20:14] dblain: :)
[20:33:35] paul-h: Parson my ignorance but is SendSOAPRequest() being used on the frontend or the backend I don't seem to see any mention of it in the logs running with -v upnp on the frontend
[20:34:06] paul-h: * Pardon
[20:34:43] tstorm (tstorm! has quit (Quit: tstorm)
[20:35:34] dblain: It's been changed a lot over the years, but I believe it's being used by the frontend to call the GetConnectionInfo method to get the database settings. This is after the correct backend is located using SSDP/autodiscover.
[20:36:16] dblain: I wasn't part of the last refactor to that code, so it may have be changed/removed.
[20:37:56] IReboot (IReboot! has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[20:46:18] Captain_Murdoch: paul-h, I did see your comment concerning QNetworkRequest. I glanced at the code and will try to get something in soon. it's in the top 3 items on my TODO right now.
[20:47:43] paul-h: Captain_Murdoch: OK cool
[20:49:37] danielk22: dblain: paul-h: The SOAPClient code is used in the OCUR branch to communicate with the Ceton and similar recorder devices. If the upnp code doesn't need it anymore I would still like to keep it around somewhere.
[20:56:48] paul-h: danielk22: there's no problem leaving it where it is it's a just a question of whether my patch to change it to use MythDownloadManager is going to break anything
[20:58:28] paul-h: Is the OCUR stuff likely to be fussy about the user agent string it gets that would be my only concern
[20:59:29] danielk22: Yep, I believe it requires the user agent string to be of a very particular form or it just rejects the POST altogether.
[21:00:17] danielk22: I think most UPnP clients are just as demanding though.
[21:07:06] paul-h: The MythDownloadManager uses a default user agent string string something like MythTV v0.27.20130609?2 MythDownloadManager but if that is not acceptable it would be easy to pass an header to MDM that overrides that but I'd need to know what an acceptable string looks like
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[21:26:52] paul-h: This is what HttpComms is using by default "Mozilla/9.876 (X11; U; Linux 2.2.12–20 i686, en) Gecko/25250101 Netscape/5.432b1" so I'll change SendSOAPRequest() to pass a header to override the MDM default
[21:27:28] paul-h: But that's something for another day
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