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Tuesday, June 18th, 2013, 00:14 UTC
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[00:40:24] wagnerrp: dekarl: yeah, thanks for reminding me
[00:40:31] wagnerrp: something to make sure gets done before 0.27
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[01:14:15] sphery: wagnerrp: I don't think you saw my question, earlier, so is . . . ck.cpp#L2384 a typo in the DB check (missing b in Enabled)?
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[01:53:28] wagnerrp: looks like it, yes
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[02:15:05] wagnerrp: sphery: a week away from IRC... i didn't scroll back to far when i got in last night
[02:15:10] wagnerrp: too
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[11:10:39] jya: anyone has example on how to use mythtranscode with passthru audio?
[11:10:56] jya: something feels weird to me and I wanted to check my reorganisation didn't break anything
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[14:44:06] bobweaver: Hello there I am goinng to start hacking on libmythservice today to add some more features
[14:44:29] bobweaver: that said I am not sure how you all do things around these parts
[14:45:33] bobweaver: is it like debian where I have to file a bug and then wait then wait some more then still wait then mentor looks at it 6 months later and applys patch ? or do I just need to make patch files and upload somewhere ?
[14:47:08] bobweaver: I just dont want to spend a ton of time adding things then it just sits around as stale code
[14:47:12] bobweaver: thanks for your time
[14:47:55] dekarl: bobweaver: two options -> fork on github the file a pull request + trac ticket to keep track of it. Or simply file a trac ticket with an old school patch file.
[14:48:29] bobweaver: dekarl, what is a trac ticket ? sorry I am new to git
[14:48:36] bobweaver: googling that now
[14:49:07] bobweaver: like edgewall trac ticket ?
[14:50:05] dekarl: aye,
[14:50:22] bobweaver: yeah I just found that thanks dekarl you Rock !
[14:50:30] dekarl: or even better
[14:50:48] dekarl: crazy idea, the latter should be referenced in the former ;)
[14:50:58] bobweaver: :)
[14:51:19] bobweaver: so I will make sure that my code is clean and works great then I will do all that ^^
[14:56:34] dekarl: wrt how do I remove the owner of a ticket that got automatically set?
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[15:11:21] bobweaver: dekarl, I am making a new service for gathering new metadata and inserting it into sql . what do you think I should call it? AddMetadata and set things like Url Local banner fanart coverart ect
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[15:12:06] bobweaver: and of cource user will have to add cahnnel id and starttime or video id
[15:12:50] dekarl: bobweaver: I'm not sure. Do you just edit the remote-reference,episode/season number?
[15:13:06] dekarl: I forgot who wanted to adopt the service API :(
[15:13:07] bobweaver: yeah I did not think about that
[15:13:33] bobweaver: maybe I should just change all the services api to be qml plugins
[15:13:50] dekarl: oh, so its a "edit metadata" service that handles title/episode title/synopsis/cast/etc/pp
[15:14:31] dekarl: I'm not the best person to talk to about the service api as I've only had short looks at it, but never used it for anythign
[15:16:53] bobweaver: qmlRegisterType<MetaDataInfo>("mythtv", 1, 0, "MetaDataInfo");
[15:17:20] bobweaver: something like that and not qRegisterMetaType< MetaData >();
[15:18:08] bobweaver: sorry I have to go I will be back in a couple of hours
[15:23:58] jya: Captain_Murdoch: I have the hls encoder working once again...
[15:24:54] Captain_Murdoch: for multi-channel input files?
[15:25:57] jya: any type of input
[15:26:04] jya: and any type of output
[15:26:30] jya: the HLS encoder as it was, could be fed S16, S32, float samples.
[15:26:52] jya: and required to output either interleaved or planar, S16 or float depending on the encoder requested
[15:27:33] jya: so now, I convert on the fly as required for the input (only work with S16 internally here) and convert out as requested by the codec
[15:27:59] jya: problem with the AC3 codec, is that it gets decoded into 24 bits float
[15:28:40] Captain_Murdoch: nice standardization there.
[15:28:50] jya: the audiorencodebuffer class and the file writer certainly didn't like that much
[15:28:52] Captain_Murdoch: lots of users will be happy.
[15:29:23] jya: yes, it shouldn't require any more work to handle new type of format
[15:29:53] jya: though, rather than checking the type of format the codec takes, we use the codec name instead and use constant
[15:30:08] jya: that will break in the future for sure…
[15:31:26] jya: i'm not certain the way we do the encoding in avformatwriter is the right way to do it.
[15:31:37] jya: especially in regards to timestamps and A/V sync
[15:33:00] Captain_Murdoch: I need to finish bringing my on-demand HLS patch up to date with master, that will need some merging to handle your recent changes. the new code is all outside transcode.cpp, it doesn't use that file/class at all.
[15:33:02] jya: from looking at variou examples, you're supposed to tell the AVPacket the type of PTS value ; and the decoder will do its business. here, we write it after being decoded. it seems to be aligned to the last AV Packet decoded rather than the next one ; could be one frame out
[15:33:40] jya: i didn't modify transcode.cpp , just avformatwriter and audioreencodebuffer.cpp
[15:34:14] Captain_Murdoch: ok, just saying I'm not using transcode.cpp in the new HLS work anyway.
[15:34:17] jya: oh, i did modify some member names for clarity.. like the use of samples vs frames etc… i got bitten trying to understand the source code
[15:34:51] Captain_Murdoch: ARB or AVFW?
[15:35:14] jya: both… and filewriterbase
[15:35:32] jya: oh in transcode.cpp i remove the test coming to test the output of the new operator
[15:35:36] jya: it can never be null
[15:35:49] jya: will cause an exception
[15:36:35] Captain_Murdoch: AVFW could probably use some tweaks, I gleaned what I could from examples I found years ago when I originally wrote that code. still needs some TLC, I haven't touched it much since it went in for 0.25.
[15:37:10] jya: i don't know much about encoding and mixing either
[15:37:16] jya: it just feels…. awkward
[15:37:25] Captain_Murdoch: with all the audio glitches worked out, it's much closer to being able to replace the nuppel writing portions of mythtranscode.
[15:38:05] Captain_Murdoch: some of it seems like you need a magic wand to get it working. I think that is probably also sometimes due to the various decoders being used.
[15:38:29] Captain_Murdoch: I was mainly targetting iOS devices when I was originally working on it, but also tested on my android tablet and Roku devices.
[15:39:12] jya: ok… libmp3lame check, libfaac check
[15:39:20] jya: let's try internal AAC player
[15:39:57] jya: heard more from the AAC dude, if it was any better these days?
[15:41:29] jya: ah, internal aac encoder segfault
[15:47:59] Captain_Murdoch: haven't heard anything from him but haven't asked or been watching it either.
[15:57:30] jya: ah… the AAC encoder now takes S16 interleaved… i quite don't get it… looking at the source code, it certainly defines Float planar as required
[16:00:39] jya: ah, i see… it seems that there's a new encoder libaac+
[16:01:00] jya: and the previous AAC encoder is gone
[16:01:20] jya: well, not gone.. not called
[16:04:38] Captain_Murdoch: old one should be used if you use "aac" as the codec name. new one is using another external lib right?
[16:04:54] jya: well...
[16:05:06] jya: problem is the way the avfwriter search for codec
[16:05:16] jya: it searches by name (here "arc")
[16:05:19] jya: "aac"
[16:05:32] Captain_Murdoch: yeah, so should find the encoder in aacenc.c first.
[16:05:38] Captain_Murdoch: s/first//
[16:05:41] jya: once it has found the codec, it opens the codec by id
[16:05:52] jya: and the id resolves back to libaac+
[16:05:59] jya: so that's the one you get
[16:06:13] Captain_Murdoch: ah, so we need to disable libaac+ compilation
[16:06:18] Captain_Murdoch: libaacplus.c
[16:06:31] jya: i need to change that piece of code anyway, and not rely on what the codec expects
[16:06:44] jya: but actually feed it data it says it needs
[16:06:54] jya: that way, we won't have to ever change that code
[16:07:19] jya: never really liked all those #ifdef
[16:08:16] jya: and libaac+ in ffmpeg 1.2 we use ask for S16, and in ffmpeg master, it's float
[16:08:58] jya: i certainly didn't compile it on purpuse
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[16:10:37] jya: in avow; do we ever have the OpenAudio routine called from outside? or is it always from AVFormatWriter::Init?
[16:11:16] Captain_Murdoch: only internally, it's private.
[16:11:49] jya: good… i'll move the initialisation of the audio elsewhere
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[16:30:39] stichnot: danielk22: to close on the RingBuffer question yesterday. It looks like the actual delays came from MythSocket when asking for more .srt data than was actually available in the file. The solution was to limit request sizes based on a cached value of RingBuffer::GetRealFileSize().
[16:34:02] jya: stichnot: just curious… when could you ever use a srt with a live recording or live tv?
[16:35:37] stichnot: jya: using this mechanism:
[16:36:00] jya: i see
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[18:06:16] jya: chrome doesn't like the mythbackend HLS creation page :( flickers crazy
[18:10:53] danielk22: stichnot: ah, interesting.
[18:12:58] jya: off to bed for a 4h… hopefully I haven't broken too many things… buildbot have taken a while to start :(
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[18:29:35] Captain_Murdoch: jya, if it flickers, it's probably auto-reloading if you have some queued but not running jobs. clear out your livestream table by deleting the jobs via the interface or truncating the table. it works fine in chrome 27.something here with only one or two flashes when I queue up a new stream.
[18:39:01] stuartm: Captain_Murdoch: minor thing, just noticed that the backend HLS page doesn't ask for/check password on groups
[18:39:53] stuartm: I know it's an example page, but it does provide a simple back door for kids to access their parents recordings
[18:39:54] Captain_Murdoch: yeah, need to fix that somehow. I don't think any of the services API does.
[18:41:38] Captain_Murdoch: making a note on my TODO so I can think abou it. may just skip protected groups on the example page as a short-term fix.
[18:42:09] Captain_Murdoch: password-protected groups, another example of a feature I added eons ago but never ever used.
[18:42:24] stuartm: just tried playback on a recording here and the player is displaying IOErrorEvent, Error #2032
[18:42:24] ** MythLogBot **
[18:43:08] stuartm: looks like the transcode failed
[18:44:44] peper03: On the subject of security – I noticed some time back that passwords for different rating levels in videos is frontend specific. Add a new frontend somewhere and everything's open. I don't know whether that's by design or accident.
[18:46:57] stuartm: accident I'd say
[18:47:06] stuartm: that should be fixed
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[18:49:38] sphery: I think it was by design, to allow the parents-bedroom frontend to have less protection, though it could be implemented better by defaulting to the most-restrictive permissions for new systems
[18:50:58] stuartm: aye, it's reasonable for a frontend to be configured at a particular security level by default, so parents don't need to enter passwords, but it shouldn't default to no security
[18:51:19] stuartm: guess the best way to solve this is by getting that multi-user stuff in
[18:51:38] sphery: yeah, that would be ideal
[18:52:10] stuartm: then you can configure a frontend to auto-login, with the parents 'group' having the requisite perms to bypass the parent controls
[18:52:19] sphery: much better than per-host, anyway (especially when "switching" hosts is as simple as setting LocalHostName override)
[18:52:31] peper03: I don't know how much of an issue it would really be as kids would have to be savvy enough to be able to install a new frontend. On the other hand, they can be tech-savvy well before they're old/mature enough to cope with some films.
[18:53:32] stuartm: think I'll need a faster backend if I'm going to watch 1080p films through HLS at 720p – "mythtranscode: 1% Completed @ 12.6332 fps"
[18:54:56] stuartm: ouch, when it eventually did start the audio was awful
[18:55:30] stuartm: dalek-esque
[18:59:46] Captain_Murdoch: stuartm, have you updated past jya's commits from today? he supposedly fixed a lot of the audio issues caused by recent ffmpeg changes.
[19:00:30] stuartm: Captain_Murdoch: yeah, that's what I was testing
[19:00:55] Captain_Murdoch: also, if you have a multi-core machine, you might benefit by bumping the # of threads up using -O HTTPLiveStreamThreads=4 or 8 or however high you want to go.
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[19:03:37] Captain_Murdoch: to me it was much simpler when the transcoder received downmixed, S16 interleaved data. now it apparently can get multiple formats. I wonder if nuppel video transcoding is broken currently.
[19:05:32] Captain_Murdoch: regarding 1080p converting to 720p, I think that Robert was doing similar to that so he could watch on his iPad when developing his client. I think he may have had a backend with 8 cores though.
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[19:06:27] Captain_Murdoch: libx264 will take advantage of the cores nicely if you let it. currently I have that artificually restricted using the HTTPLiveStreamThreads setting since I don't know how many HLS streams a person might start up and there's no real queue for HLS.
[19:07:21] stuartm: where do the transcoded files get written? The log is no help :)
[19:07:26] jheizer: I can agree that the core scaling was nice and very much needed on my system.
[19:08:48] jheizer: I feel like .25 fixes was able to transcode faster that .26 fixes but I never got around to testing that theory. Why I added the auto transcoding into mobilemyth so they would be ready to go ahead of time.
[19:09:05] stuartm: Captain_Murdoch: this is only a dual-core machine, hasn't needed the extra cores until now
[19:09:58] jheizer: transcoded files go to the Streaming storage group
[19:10:17] jheizer: or ~/.mythtv/hslsomething if no group is defined
[19:10:43] stuartm: but it's not likely that I'll use HLS very much, when I'm home I'd watch via the frontend on the TV or monitor rather than a phone/tablet, when I'm not home it's only when I'm in a hotel that I'll have a good free wifi connection to use
[19:10:44] Captain_Murdoch: ~/.mythtv/tmp/hls
[19:11:33] stuartm: Captain_Murdoch: thanks
[19:11:43] Captain_Murdoch: also, if you do want to use HLS, you're better off compiling with --enable-libfaac --enable-nonfree or at least --enable-libmp3lame otherwise you'll get the internal AAC encoder which might not be working as well.
[19:12:22] Captain_Murdoch: preference is libfaac if you have that and libmp3lame enabled
[19:13:52] stuartm: that might be the cause of this audio issue, I wasn't passing --enable-libfaac
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[19:16:05] stuartm: hmm, no packages for libfaac
[19:19:36] stuartm: heh, mageia have refused to package it since it's neither free nor patent free, they have repos for non-free software and repos for tainted software, but since they don't have a nonfree + tainted repo they won't distribute it
[19:19:44] peper03: Is the backend supposed to perform a DB upgrade? It detects that a newer schema is required and creates a backup but then just sits there and does nothing. If I try running the frontend, it complains in the log that it can't find the backend and outputs 'Waiting for database schema upgrade lock' once a second.
[19:20:06] peper03: Running mythtv-setup performs the update but I thought the backend would do it too?
[19:25:37] sphery: peper03: only the master backend can upgrade the database (though I'd love to remove that ability)--however mythtv-setup is always the preferred approach since it's interactive and tells you more about what's happening
[19:26:38] peper03: sphery: This *is* the master backend. Or have I now screwed something up?
[19:27:04] sphery: and note that "only the master backend" means only a backend that /knows/ it's the master backend (so, for example, you may have a 0.25 schema and you're upgrading to 0.26, and the backend on the host that's your master backend may not upgrade your database because the changes to use config.xml and deprecate mysql.txt may have resulted in a "confused" backend--which, btw, mythtv-setup would help you fix :)
[19:30:56] SteveGoodey (SteveGoodey! has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
[19:32:24] peper03: It's possible something is confused (apart from me). I'm sure I didn't have to run mythtv-setup when the last schema update was done a week or two ago but it's possible I've screwed something up somewhere. I have scripts to keep my development environment separate from my 0.26 frontend environment but it's possible I've messed one of the config files up.
[19:33:25] sphery: so this is master?
[19:34:14] peper03: Yes. I've made changes to the schema to make DVD bookmarks work properly.
[19:34:57] stuartm (stuartm!~stuartm@mythtv/developer/stuartm) has quit (Quit: Gone)
[19:34:58] sphery: so it's your update that's not running? can I see the code?
[19:36:19] peper03: I don't think the problem is due to my changes as I added LOG messages to doUpgradeTVDatabaseSchema in dbcheck.cpp and that isn't being called. I can sort out a diff of that bit of code in sec, if you want.
[19:37:22] peper03: As I say, it works fine in mythtv-setup. The schema is updated correctly but the backend just hangs (and, I'm guessing from the frontend logs, locks the DB).
[19:41:30] peper03: Changes in dbcheck.cpp are here:
[19:41:50] peper03: That first LOG is not appearing.
[19:42:35] peper03: Neither (not surprisingly) does the second.
[19:47:15] stuartm (stuartm!~stuartm@mythtv/developer/stuartm) has joined #mythtv
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[19:56:26] sphery: peper03: yeah, that looks good (assuming you also changed the MYTH_DATABASE_VERSION in libs/libmythbase/mythversion.h ... Can I see a log file, please?
[19:57:12] peper03: sphery: Sure. What logging (level) do you want?
[19:57:23] Sharky112065 (Sharky112065! has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[20:00:09] peper03: Actually it was still in the console, here's with -v database --loglevel=debug:
[20:05:24] SteveGoodey (SteveGoodey! has joined #mythtv
[20:08:21] sphery: peper03: how did your run MythTV? I'm guessing you're running a non-daemonized version of MythTV, but with stdout and/or stdin redirected, so it's currently asking, "Would you like to use the existing schema?" and waiting for a response
[20:08:50] sphery: and you don't see it because of the redirection
[20:11:23] exoon (exoon! has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[20:12:11] sphery: peper03: so ensure you have a -d in the mythbackend command line in your start script and/or run mythbackend directly/without the start script and answer the question
[20:14:25] dekarl: peper03: I'm not sure if you should update the initial schema too. I think we create the database at schema version x and update from there on new installs.
[20:14:54] peper03: Doh! It wasn't running daemonized. The script just changes directory, set MYTHCONFDIR and LD_LIBRARY_PATH and runs bin/$@. However, because of the logging, I missed 'Shall I upgrade this database? [yes] '. I typed 'yes' in and it worked!
[20:15:52] dekarl: see . . . ck.cpp#n3746
[20:17:20] peper03: sphery, dekarl: Ah, yes. Hadn't spotted that. Good. One less change :)
[20:17:29] peper03: Thanks!
[20:21:04] sphery: dekarl: Thanks--good catch on the initial schema stuff. I'll be rolling that up to current schema version soon.
[20:21:04] Steve-Goodey (Steve-Goodey! has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
[20:22:27] sphery: peper03: fwiw, if you're using upstart, you should definitely run mythbackend with -d, otherwise, mythbackend writes output to stdout, upstart grabs it, then writes it to some upstart log (plus you get the syslog or file logging from mythtv, making it a waste to also write out stdout)
[20:22:51] sphery: *buntu recently updated their start script to use -d to fix that, so you may just be using an older version
[20:24:07] Steve-Goodey (Steve-Goodey! has joined #mythtv
[20:25:39] peper03: sphery: This is just for my development box but since I also have a packaged version on 0.26-fixes on here, I install the development stuff into a separate directory and start it by hand in the console. It just about keeps them from interfering with each other :)
[20:26:19] peper03: My production box just runs stock Mythbuntu. I try to keep that as clean as possible.
[20:30:10] sphery: ah, ok, just wanted to mention it in case
[20:32:23] peper03: Thanks. There's more than one way to skin a cat and it never hurts to know about another way (unless you're the cat, that is :) )
[20:34:05] Sharky112065 (Sharky112065! has joined #mythtv
[20:37:58] stuartm: leave them cats alone
[20:40:50] peper03: Couldn't hurt a cat :)
[20:50:52] gigem: Captain_Murdoch, stuartm: See #11466 for another group password bug.
[20:50:52] ** MythLogBot **
[20:51:33] peper03: stuartm: Ok, #11609 has been created for DVD bookmarks. I hope I haven't missed anything!
[20:51:33] ** MythLogBot **
[20:59:35] peper03: On the subject of bookmarks – Is there any way to clear a bookmark from outside of playback? I have Myth set to create a bookmark automatically when I leave playback (in case I didn't do it on purpose) but the only way I've found to remove a bookmark is to clear it from within playback and then jump to the end.
[20:59:54] peper03: Is there a keybinding I've missed? There doesn't seem to be anything in the usual menus.
[21:01:04] stuartm: peper03: there's no way to clear it, but you can opt to start playback from the beginning instead of the bookmark via the menu
[21:03:18] peper03: stuartm: Yeah, not great for the WAF though. Videos ask where you want to start when you just hit Enter. Recordings don't.
[21:03:40] peper03: It's not crucial, just a mild annoyance sometimes :)
[21:09:23] peper03: Would anyone have any opposition to a patch adding 'Clear bookmark' to the Recording/Video Options menu if a bookmark is set? I've never looked at how to do any of the UI stuff before but it seems like it could be a nice introduction.
[21:11:28] stichnot: peper03: I vaguely recall having a similar discussion in the past, and the predominant opinion was excess menu clutter relative to the added value. IIRC, that is.
[21:12:41] stichnot: If I manage to make more progress on xml-specified menus, that could be easily customize though.
[21:14:26] sphery: and if I get the new recordedfile schema work done, I'll be able to do the multiple previews and bookmarks per recording/video patch, and the idea will fit well in the (to be added) bookmark/preview manager
[21:16:01] peper03: Ok, then I'll leave it for the time being. As I say, it's not a huge problem. Just another itch :)
[21:16:05] sphery: actually, I /could/ finish the multi-preview/-bookmark stuff before the schema changes, but it's lower on my todo list
[21:17:01] sphery: stichnot: btw, sorry I didn't get to you sooner--planned to have been working on mythtv before now, but...--but was wondering if there were any key bindings action name issues you wanted me to fix before release
[21:17:13] stichnot: yeah, all of them :)
[21:17:20] stichnot: but hold on a sec
[21:17:23] sphery: hehe, thanks
[21:17:45] sphery: will probably need an example of the before/after/why to catch up with you on it, too :)
[21:22:49] stichnot: sphery: Take a look at themes/default/menu_playback.xml . Most (but not all) of the action="ACTIONNAME" names are probably OK as is. The exceptions are mainly the ones that end with a digit, e.g. TOGGLEASPECT3, TOGGLEFILL3, SELECTSCAN_1. A better example of that kind of set element naming is 3DSIDEBYSIDE.
[21:23:52] stichnot: Also, look at the actiongroup="PREFIX" names. The main thing/inconsistency there is whether the prefix ends with an underscore.
[21:25:26] stichnot: Most of the code that deals with expansion of actiongroups assumes that the actiongroup is actually a prefix of each resulting action name, so that will play into the name selection.
[21:26:40] stichnot: But the place most in need of action name cleanup is menu_cutlist.xml.
[21:28:02] sphery: ah, so change TOGGLEASPECT3 to something more descriptive, like TOGGLEASPECT_14_9?
[21:28:45] stichnot: yeah, and maybe even just ASPECT_14_9
[21:28:53] sphery: also, just wondering why this is in the UI theme versus a menu theme?
[21:29:03] sphery: yeah, that sounds better--not really toggling if you're specifying :)
[21:29:33] sphery: I think I may need some time to think about how to fix these up...
[21:29:39] sphery: suggestions welcomed :)
[21:30:51] stichnot: By menu theme, do you mean like the stuff in themes/classic/, themes/DVR/, etc?
[21:31:30] sphery: yeah, or themes/defaultmenu
[21:31:57] sphery: was it lack of fallback in menu themes or soemthing like that?
[21:32:05] SteveGoodey (SteveGoodey! has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
[21:32:22] sphery: (I haven't done much of anything in menu themes, so I don't know how they work or if they support ideas like fallback to defaultmenu)
[21:33:29] Steve-Goodey (Steve-Goodey! has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
[21:34:00] sphery: it's not a big deal--I was just wondering. and it's quite possible that customizing and sharing them will be popular enough that people will want to be able to change them separately from the ui and (main) menu theme, so it can always be adjusted if appropriate
[21:38:58] jpabq: stuartm: is h264_position_bug.mpg a good file for me to play with for H.264 keyframe detection?
[21:41:19] jarryd (jarryd! has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[21:42:06] stuartm: jpabq: yeah, should be, that's BBC One HD iirc, I can provide samples for other broadcasters if that would help
[21:42:55] stichnot: I think there are a lot of similarities and a lot of differences between the two kinds of menus. With more work, they could probably be merged, though one would have to maintain the more verbose element style of the old menus along with the more compact attribute style of the new menus.
[21:44:27] stichnot: However, I'm not sure the new menus should be installed in the UI theme directory, since they aren't really UI theme specific and share close to zero code with UI themes
[21:44:27] sphery: yeah, or just deprecate the old style :)
[21:44:30] jarryd (jarryd! has joined #mythtv
[21:45:02] stichnot: deprecate == maintain both :)
[21:45:23] jpabq: stuartm: I am just trying to come up with H.264 keyframe detection which works across all the possible implementations. If I remember right, BBC does not bother using IDR frames, so we have to look for I-frames instead.
[21:46:59] stuartm: jpabq: I'll upload something tomorrow, they'll be there if you want them
[21:47:06] jpabq: Thanks.
[21:47:14] jpabq: Is that a PS or a TS, do you remember?
[21:47:20] stuartm: should be TS
[21:47:25] jpabq: good.
[21:47:26] stichnot: jpabq: that is correct. In "mythcommflag --rebuild", I had to put in a hack that if it doesn't see any IDR keyframes in the first N frames, it restarts with just I-frames.
[21:48:31] sphery: I was thinking the more-aggressive deprecate and immediately remove support for :)
[21:48:57] jpabq: stichnot: Doing some searching, I came across some people saying their files have one (and only one) IDR at the beginning, and just I-frames after that. I believe these came from a camcorder, though.
[21:49:43] jpabq: stichnot: It actually might be better to reverse that logic. Use I-frames unless an IDR is seen, then switch to just using IDRs.
[21:50:03] peper03 (peper03! has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
[21:50:55] jpabq: For example, the HD-PVR does have I-frames, but they may reference other frames — so you can get some pixelization. However, pixelization is better than not recording a keyframe at all.
[21:53:09] stichnot: I don't know, I think I'd rather have a recording that is 2 seconds shorter than to have jarring pixelation whenever you start playback. (But not necessarily for Live TV channel changes / program transitions.)
[21:54:45] jpabq: For HD-PVR recordings, the very first frame is an IDR, so for those recordings it would immediately switch to IDR mode. Other sources may be a problem, though...
[21:55:37] stichnot: jpabq: Under your reversed logic idea, I guess once you see the first IDR, you would need to erase the old keyframes from existence, which includes the recordedseek table, the recorder's in-memory seektable, and the in-memory cached seektables of any players.
[22:03:38] stichnot: neufeld: In case you're keeping score on my HDPVR caption experiments. I've been using a modified recording-start script triggered from the REC_STARTED_WRITING event, which directly produces the .srt file in real time, and with no recording-end script. Strangely, I'm still seeing synchronization off by up to +/- 2 seconds depending on the recording.
[22:05:47] stichnot: One issue for in-progress recordings and live TV is that ccextractor uses buffered output, so the production of new captions is bursty. I will try adding an fflush() in the ccextractor code, and maybe the developer would be willing to do this in some form.
[22:07:43] sphery: is it using ccextractor or mythccextractor?
[22:07:51] sphery: seems strange not to use mythccextractor
[22:08:01] stichnot: ccextractor, as mythccextractor currently lacks some key options
[22:08:08] sphery: ah, ok
[22:08:26] stichnot: but yeah, ultimately it would be good to make this use mythccextractor
[22:10:55] sphery: if nothing else, it would make it easier to get modifications in
[22:23:51] natanojl (natanojl! has quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
[22:24:08] stichnot: The other advantage would be that we could preserve the screen positioning information in the original recording, instead of necessarily drawing the captions at the bottom of the screen.
[22:26:04] sphery: that would definitely be useful
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[23:45:17] jya: stuartm: if you have a sample I can try on….
[23:45:41] jya: give me a sample of the original file, and the arguments used for mythtranscode
[23:47:50] jya: Captain_Murdoch: the few samples I tried with the internal AAC encoder, was actually libaac+ encoder, and I couldn't tell the difference quality wise from using libfaac, except that it was a tad louder
[23:49:52] jya: Captain_Murdoch: maybe I should extend the audiooutput class, so it only ever receive stereo, interleaved, S16 unless it says it can get something different… would greatly simplify things I think
[23:52:18] stuarta (stuarta! has joined #mythtv
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