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Monday, June 17th, 2013, 00:01 UTC
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[00:12:26] danielk221: paul-h: yeah go ahead and remove those.
[00:13:11] danielk221: I'll test if mythnews is qt5 compatible. :)
[00:16:01] danielk221: Well it compiles. I can't test if it runs at the moment since there is a DB update in master vs what I have on the backend.
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[01:25:51] jya_: how can one test if a setting has been overridden with -O from the command line ?
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[02:06:05] jya_: stuartm: what would be required to change the theme painter half-way through? like start with Qt and once we achieve a particular point in the code, change to OpenGL
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[02:07:41] jya_: on a mac, the error messages telling you to update your database or that the backend can't be contacted ; do not display with OpenGL for some reasons, only with Qt… So I'd like to use Qt until the main theme and menu is display, and then switch to opengl
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[02:38:43] gary_buhrmaster: In regards to the 0.27 freeze, I note that trac shows ~30 bug fixes patches, and ~95 feature patches pending. I am sure some are no longer relevant, some were never good patches, and some have already been applied, but that probably leaves at least some of possible benefit. Are there any plans to review those patches for 0.27?
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[10:13:26] jya_: stuartm: can you confirm that calling GetMainWindows()->Init() followed by GetMainWindows()->ReinitDone() is the way to go to change the painter? seems to work on the mac at least...
[10:15:34] dekarl: jya_, is #10961 still an issue? The age hints that its not an issue anymore.
[10:15:34] ** MythLogBot **
[10:16:11] jya_: haven't had it for a while.. I had the backend run on my mac for over 2 days now
[10:16:13] jya_: will close it
[10:27:42] dekarl: ty, only #10906 left from reopened tickets on completed milestones :)
[10:27:42] ** MythLogBot **
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[10:59:28] jya_: danielk221: you had made some patches to prevent bug in raopdevice. i've fixed the crash when deleting raop device object… i can't find the ticket number
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[12:15:42] danielk221: jya_: :[ I don't remember either.
[12:18:32] jya_: ok… For both AirPlay and RAOP , I added a handle for the finished signal, and delete the raop object and all its descendant there
[12:18:41] jya_: it has fixed the crash at shutdown for me
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[12:22:48] stuarta: \o/
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[13:56:11] stichnot: danielk221: I'm trying to modify the .srt code to have the player reload the .srt file (via a RingBuffer) when it runs out of subtitles for an in-progress recording. I'm running into a problem where the file-recently-modified code is delaying the RingBuffer::Read() code by 2.4 seconds, hoping that it will grow. Is there a way to just read the current snapshot of the remote .srt file...
[13:56:13] stichnot: ...without any delays/retries?
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[15:49:14] jams_: is online again
[15:49:19] jams_: system was rebooted
[15:50:51] bobweaver: thanks jams_  :)
[15:54:13] jams_: all it needed was a reboot
[15:54:22] jams_ is now known as jams
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[16:11:32] stuarta: i'll have to get online later and do some post mortem on why the server died this time. no doubt it'll be the same as previously, where it just stops logging anything
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[16:17:28] jams: stuarta, thats excatly what it did
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[16:20:58] stuarta: that's not a good sign
[16:21:13] stuarta: right, i need to start making stuff work in virt's on my server
[16:21:23] stichnot: danielk22: I don't know if you answered my RingBuffer question, as the IRC logbot and I were offline at the same time.
[16:23:47] ** stuarta heads home **
[16:23:59] stuarta: i'll hopefully be back online in about 3.5hrs
[16:24:55] jams: personally i think the offer to use VM at osuosl should be considered, at least for some of the services.
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[16:40:19] stichnot: stuarta: I had it wrong – it holds out for more input for 0.36 if it *is* a livetvchain, 2.4s otherwise.
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[16:46:50] dekarl: bobweaver: I think getting the metadata as soon as the backend has decided to reacord a piece of content is on someones list already. (I forgot who)
[16:46:51] dekarl: I also had writing a wrapper supporting for the tmdb3 and tvdb grabbers on my list, but I don't dig Python and would only be able to contribute a Perl wrapper which I don't want to do (the next person to look at the grabbers would have to understand both Perl and Python) as it raises the bar for little benefit.
[16:48:01] bobweaver: dekarl, yeah I have to the two options for recording one is basic and it sets it to scan automatic but as you can see that wont work because there are many sources that it is looking for (I think)
[16:50:22] bobweaver: but on the advanced options there are all the options that one can record with. But that said it still wont find the metadata . So I am not sure if I should make a c++ plugin that inserts the new metadata into the backend and or make a new sqlite (what I am using for storage ATM) and then have a tool to export that to the mysql tables
[16:50:31] dekarl: wagnerrp: with the upcoming shutdown of the tmdb api v2 should we add the switch to tmdb3 to dbcheck.cpp?
[16:50:50] bobweaver: dekarl, yeah and it is all in JSON ^^
[16:51:08] bobweaver: looking at that last night I had to make a JSON parser for making Listmodels
[16:51:50] dekarl: bobweaver: so the metadata lookup does not find the content that is going to be recorded at tvdb/tmdb?
[16:51:58] bobweaver: correct
[16:52:12] bobweaver: when I call addrecordingschedual via api
[16:52:18] bobweaver: let me get that string
[16:53:16] bobweaver: DataBase.port()+"/Dvr/AddRecordSchedule?StartTime="+StartTime+ "&ChanId="+ChanId+"&Type=single&AutoExpire=1&Auto Commflag=1&AutoMetaLookup=1"
[16:53:43] bobweaver: that is the basic recording ^^ when user hits that it sends a post to the api
[16:54:30] bobweaver: &AutoMetaLookup=1 I think that is supoost to look up from tmdb/tvdb
[16:54:32] dekarl: and after the recording is done there is no metadata?
[16:54:38] bobweaver: correct
[16:55:32] bobweaver: I think that it is because there is more then one option from tvdb/tmdb But I could be wrong have no clue where to look in logs for that one
[16:55:38] dekarl: can be all kind of things. The title not matching without manual help.
[16:55:48] bobweaver: correct
[16:55:56] bobweaver: so I have to make the help happen
[16:56:05] dekarl: mompl baby duty
[16:56:35] bobweaver: manual help that is so I wrote a plugin and it works but I am just wondering if I should save to sqlite or to mysql
[16:58:42] bobweaver: mysql will take a lot more work and none of this is going to interact wit the "True" frontend so it is a waste. But on the other hand id I use sqlite 3 and then export that to mysql and push to data base that would also work. Or I could just make a clone of the mythconverg to sqllight on start up and just use that. there are amny options but sqllite is built into qml and that is what I am using and would be 100 X easier to keep that
[16:59:25] bobweaver: dekarl, so most my code works like this Gather the xml from the services. When the XML is ready insert into sqlite db
[17:00:23] bobweaver: example:
[17:02:26] bobweaver: the function insertIntoTimeTable() looks at the loaded xml files and grabs the query of "/TimeZoneInfo/UTCOffset" from th source that I make on line 6 . it then Inserts the data that is render into the table
[17:03:07] bobweaver: and then I can call that anywhere in my qml code that I want to with another JS function
[17:06:07] bobweaver: where if I was to do Text {text:DateBase.timeOffset() } this would return the data that I just inserted with functions above From this function
[17:07:26] bobweaver: which is great because I can make checks to see if the data is there if it is use that data If it is not download the xml in cache and run functions above.
[17:07:44] dekarl: bobweaver: hmm, in the established frontend you can do the lookup, including selection of the proper match, in the recording rule editor. e.g. match a series to the right series, so later the episode only has to be matched to episodes from that one series
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[17:08:15] bobweaver: dekarl, Correct that is what I am making right now on my frontend in qml
[17:08:54] bobweaver: the big question is do I use sqlite and just say screw you backend or do I make crazy c++ plugins to make mysql work
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[17:09:28] bobweaver: dekarl, mind you that code that you seen running runs on just about anything.
[17:09:43] bobweaver: and does not break everytime the data base is updated
[17:09:55] bobweaver: or myth version is updated
[17:10:21] dekarl: hmm, expose it over the service api?
[17:10:33] bobweaver: I love the frontend but I also want one on android blackberry Ubunu Touch ect ect
[17:11:08] bobweaver: that would mean that I would have to touch the backend code and I am not willing to do that as of yet
[17:11:21] bobweaver: backend code = libmythservices
[17:11:40] dekarl: I see. otoh that would allow all other new frontends to share the same code
[17:11:43] bobweaver: because I know that this is not going to make it into the main trunk/repo for a long time
[17:11:58] bobweaver: dekarl, correct
[17:12:51] bobweaver: this would also make it so user does not have to be on local network to look up and to change settings for there frontend (If sqlite is used )
[17:12:58] bobweaver: because of cache
[17:13:13] bobweaver: and because it stores in the local db
[17:13:56] dekarl: got to head back to the baby. imho making a frontend work disconnected instead of just working via WAN is an additional topic.
[17:14:23] bobweaver: so one could look up data at home and then at work alter all the stuf that they want and then as soon as they get home it updates and tells the backend to do what the databse sqlite has stored
[17:14:53] bobweaver: kinda like the welcome home scence from back to the future
[17:16:01] danielk22: stichnot: I missed your RingBuffer question..
[17:16:07] bobweaver:
[17:17:20] bobweaver: this would also support things like watching tv at the place that you left off at when you get home
[17:17:31] bobweaver: thanks for the input dekarl
[17:22:55] stichnot: danielk22: here's the repeat:
[17:23:17] stichnot: danielk221: I'm trying to modify the .srt code to have the player reload the .srt file (via a RingBuffer) when it runs out of subtitles for an in-progress recording. I'm running into a problem where the file-recently-modified code is delaying the RingBuffer::Read() code by 2.4 seconds, hoping that it will grow. Is there a way to just read the current snapshot of the remote .srt file without...
[17:23:18] stichnot: ...any delays/retries?
[17:25:51] danielk22: For the srt files I recommend not running the read-ahead thread at all. But I'm not sure if not using the read ahead thread will avoid this issue.
[17:27:09] danielk22: But I believe there is a SetXXX which tells it not to do this.
[17:27:17] stichnot: I think at least one of the problems may be in RemoteFile::Read()
[17:27:57] danielk22: . . . 640e513222bf
[17:28:01] danielk22: SetOldFile()
[17:29:13] stichnot: I did add a SetOldFile() call after the RingBuffer::Create(), but that didn't really change things, so I'm no longer convinced it's really an oldfile issue
[17:31:43] stichnot: I think there's more going on here than I originally thought, so I'll take some more time later to work it out.
[17:32:40] danielk22: ok
[17:40:07] stichnot: fwiw, in this case, TextSubtitleParser::LoadSubtitles(), it actually creates the ring buffer without the readahead thread
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[18:56:38] peper03: stuartm: To be able to store the DVD state, the structure needs to be exposed to the outside (of libdvdnav) world. XBMC has added 'get' and 'set' functions that pass the binary structure and the calling code has to include the private headers. That's the easiest and most efficient way but a little icky in terms of keeping a clean API. The only other way I can think of off the top of my head would be to return an opaque object to be
[18:56:39] peper03: stored as-is.
[18:58:09] peper03: That would be a bit cleaner from an interface point of view but adds overhead (e.g. returning a string containing all the fields in the structure in text form).
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[19:00:59] peper03: The calling code wouldn't/shouldn't know anything about the format of the object (except maybe "it's binary" or "it's text") but that would also mean technically losing the ability to fixup database entries in the future (although the fields to be stored are highly unlikely to change, so that may be moot).
[19:01:11] peper03: Any preferences from your side?
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[19:08:02] stuartm: peper03: no particular preference, both have something in their favour, the object solution makes a lot of sense considering we only want to feed back the registers/struct to dvdnav and we don't really care it's contents
[19:08:12] stuartm: it simplifies the storage too
[19:08:39] stuartm: so I guess I'm actually leaning towards that one
[19:09:23] stuartm: you could build in versioning, a simple version number, that would allow backwards compatibility if the struct ever changes
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[19:13:23] peper03: stuartm: Yeah, I like the cleanness of just passing the structure through but I don't like dirtying the API. One way or another the binary structure has to be converted. It's just a question of whether that's done inside libdvdnav or in Myth's code. Technically, I suppose we could just store the binary structure as is (i.e. return a const uint8_t* and a length). Not sure it's not worth the effort of converting it to a more
[19:13:24] stuartm: a downside is that it would probably require a lot more care when syncing the lib, and yes, writing the serialisation bit is more work
[19:13:25] peper03: manageable format though.
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[19:14:16] stuartm: aye, binary would be simpler than serialising to text
[19:14:35] peper03: Something like CSV would at least theoretically allow some troubleshooting. Easier than trying to decode a binary stream by eye.
[19:14:47] peper03: So many different possibilities :-o
[19:15:41] stuartm: ultimately it's up to you, you're the one doing the work and I've no strong preferences
[19:16:10] stuartm: it would be nice if there was a solution which kept changes out of libdvdnav, but nothing comes to mind atm
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[19:17:18] peper03: Yeah, the problem is that that structure is just not accessible from outside at the moment.
[19:18:30] peper03: *Something* has to be added to libdvdnav. I guess in the end, as long as it's self-contained and not spread out through all the files, it doesn't make much difference whether it's a "return m_dvdstate;" or something a bit bigger
[19:20:53] peper03: And whether the bulk of the new code is in libdvdnav or in Myth, you'd still need to watch for changes to the structure. I'd be surprised if anything did change though, as the DVD spec isn't going to change.
[19:21:57] stuartm: one thing in favour of the get/set approach is that it's what xbmc has done, ultimately a solution should really be integrated upstream and that might be easier if apps were using the same patch, on the other hand it shouldn't be in a private header but the public one
[19:21:57] peper03: I'll go with the opaque object then and see how I format it.
[19:24:07] stuartm: still for my money the better approach, I can't really see anyone caring to know or change individual registers, so exposing the struct is overkill
[19:25:26] peper03: Agreed. Maybe at some point it will be possible to get some of these changes in upstream. I haven't looked at what's been happening with the VLC fork recently, either. Must do that too when I get chance.
[19:48:24] peper03: Interesting. XBMC's code is based on code from Ogle, which (thank you!) packaged the state up in an XML string and returned that to the caller. It's interesting that libdvdnav is also derived from the Ogle project but that they chose to throw that bit of code out...
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[21:05:23] stuartm: jya_: it sounds right, but it's been so long since I looked at or worked on that particular bit of code that I can't remember – I can verify tomorrow though
[21:05:56] stuartm: jya_: I am curious to know why that dialogue isn't working with the gl painter
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[21:28:52] Captain_Murdoch: stuartm, I glanced at the remote DVD patch last night and it looks like it depends on my existing libdvdnav mod that allows libdvdnav to use our RingBuffer to access remote files. the encrypted DVD patch just hooks into the remote RingBuffer to decrypt the blocks before they're sent back. that's much simpler than I was imagining it was going to be, I originally heard someone talking about modifying our protocol to add support.
[21:28:52] Captain_Murdoch: remote dvd patch also comes with it's own minor libdvdnav mods as well, so we're not getting any closer to pristine, although his mod might be able to be presented upstream possibly. my mod would need some standardization to something like how the bluray lib supports external file access methods.
[21:29:07] ** Captain_Murdoch is in and out quick and afk again unfortunately. **
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[22:20:41] stuartm: Captain_Murdoch: since peper03's patch to provide better dvd bookmarking depends on modifications to libdvdnav I think we'll just have to accept that we can't get to point where we're using an unmodified copy, at least not any time soon
[22:21:55] stuartm: we're not the only ones relying on an imported and modified copy, it's a general problem with that library
[22:26:19] stuartm: fwiw, I too was surprised how uninvasive the remote dvd patch is, I'd hesitate to call it simple, it's a deal more complicated than I imagined when this idea of decrypting on the backend was first discussed but since the changes are very compartmentalised it's certainly more elegant and easier to integrate than what I had in mind
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