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Thursday, June 13th, 2013, 00:00 UTC
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[03:33:24] danielk221: stuartm: paul-h: After some investigation it looks like the MythSystemLegacy code is dereferencing a null pointer in some cases after backgrounding a process. Hence the randomly breaking unit tests... MythSystemLegacy::Unlock (this=0x0) at mythsystemlegacy.h:160
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[06:35:23] jya_: just realised that on win64 a long is 32 bits only
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[06:35:50] jya_: that would make myth not work on win64 (at least not the audio classes and utilities)
[06:36:33] jya_: what would be the universal cast to compare pointers ? i want to work on them as 32/64 bits int
[06:36:40] jya_: so +1 move by one byte
[06:37:12] jya_: was doing (long)(&pointer)+1
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[07:46:59] stuarta: jya_: don't they have the universal int_64 ?? or at least something of appropriate size?
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[07:47:28] jya_: sure do.. but I don't want to cast to a long long when it's unnecessary and a 32 bits would suffice
[07:47:37] jya_: I found my answer since: uintptr_t
[07:48:28] stuarta: windows--
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[09:06:39] clever: jya_: i believe QT has a heap of #define's doing exactly what you want
[09:07:24] clever: such as quint32, a 32bit unsigned int
[09:09:12] clever:
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[09:10:14] clever: for pointers, you might want to use qptrdiff maybe
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[10:52:23] stuartm: jya_: started to move libmythsamplerate to external, but I'm now wondering whether there's a particular reason why we're not using the packaged copy?
[10:52:43] jya_: stuartm: now? pretty much nothing
[10:53:00] jya_: after I re-synced it I think I remove all difference
[10:53:29] jya_: would need to check
[10:58:12] stuartm: I can push this move and we can look at that later?
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[12:15:48] danielk221: uintptr_t is awesome :)
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[13:26:52] stichnot: danielk221: there are still a few instances of MythSystemLegacyEvent (including the Spanish translation!)
[13:27:52] stichnot: (to be clear, they're all in code comments)
[13:38:41] stichnot: stuartm: afaict, coverity 700905 (cc708window.h) should be fixed, yet it continues to show up in as the overall result count continues to drop. I'm wondering if my fix was somehow incomplete, or I should just be more patient?
[13:54:58] stichnot: Maybe more patient? I thought to check the actual Coverity UI, and it looks like its version of cc708window.h is the old one.
[13:58:35] danielk22: stichnot: Thanks for the heads up, I'll do another search.. I limited my fixing search&replace to .cpp & .h, but I guess the original one was much more global than intended.
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[14:15:11] stuartm: stichnot: when was the fix committed?
[14:16:41] stuartm: the build was updated early yesterday, one before that was the 9th IIRC, the count on the page there reflects that some people are tagging bugs as 'fix submitted' in the coverity UI
[14:17:40] stuartm: anything which isn't marked as fixed in their UI won't disappear from the list until the next build is submitted (I'm doing them every ~3–4 days atm)
[14:21:14] bobweaver: cna someone please explain the UTC issue with the services and if you know javascript I could use some help making a lib that converts that time. example I am in -0400 so utc time – -0400 that is easy but what if it is 01:00am -0400 comes out to be a negitive number so I have to figure out how to get htat correct thanks
[14:21:18] bobweaver: that *
[14:21:32] bobweaver: for things Like the Guide and what not
[14:23:07] danielk22: bobweaver: Everything in the services should be in UTC, just use the canonical UTC->localtime converter in your environment.
[14:23:09] bobweaver: right now I download the xml via services it gives back the wrong time well utc local time and not my time. as states on the wiki homepage.
[14:23:53] danielk22: bobweaver: You should use a date+time format.. since 1am – 4 hours will give you 9pm on the previous day.
[14:24:26] bobweaver: danielk22, I will past the function that I have so far
[14:24:53] danielk22: + make sure the offset is never cast to an integer, not all timezones are offset by an even number of hours from UTC.
[14:25:35] danielk22: bobweaver: just google "javascript utc to localtime converter"
[14:25:46] bobweaver:
[14:26:26] bobweaver: 196 — 256
[14:26:30] bobweaver: lines ^^
[14:26:55] bobweaver: you can see that I get the date offset from the api at the bottom of the page
[14:27:14] bobweaver: danielk22, Looking on google othanks
[14:28:24] bobweaver: OMG I just have to add utc to the end of a string :(
[14:28:55] bobweaver: I got it I think and dont need that silly function lol
[14:29:05] danielk22: :)
[14:29:33] bobweaver: danielk22, code is here . . . mythbuntusdk
[14:29:39] bobweaver: I should put on git
[14:30:03] bobweaver: danielk22, I have made some huge advances almost using all the services api's at this time
[14:30:43] bobweaver: mythbuntu theme is the only one that I have been hacking on and getting the sdk up all the way
[14:31:28] danielk22: Cool, yeah can you push to your branch on github & do a pull request? The pull request will allow me to comment as I read the code.
[14:32:01] danielk22: (i.e. I have no plans to merge the request anytime soon, I just want to use the github tools)
[14:32:05] bobweaver: danielk22, I know that this is going to sux but I dont know how to use git. besides clone to get code
[14:32:30] bobweaver: I have to add ssh and gpg kets to some server ? to sign things ?
[14:32:41] bobweaver: keys*
[14:33:56] bobweaver: what do I do cd ~?source git init  ; git add ; git commit ; git push http://someplace.git  ?
[14:35:01] danielk22: Lets not worry about that right now.. can you write up a quick document on how I can check this out from bazaar, compile and test it?
[14:45:58] bobweaver: sure
[14:46:24] bobweaver: but If I can figure out how to add all code to get then I can push to github I figured it out
[14:46:32] bobweaver: like git add *
[14:46:50] bobweaver: Oh wait I think that is working
[14:47:08] bobweaver: maybe git add .
[14:47:36] bobweaver: back to the man page
[14:49:11] bobweaver: danielk22, repo is here and I will make readme file better
[14:49:12] bobweaver:
[14:53:48] bobweaver: I think that it is working we will see in a couple of minutes It is alot of code that needs to be pushed and a lot of images (a lot that I need to take out)
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[15:48:05] bobweaver: danielk22, here is a Readme file It is still pushing code.
[15:49:05] bobweaver: I have to figure out how to use git push origin master verbosely so I know what the heck is going on lol
[15:49:29] bobweaver: I think that there is also a gui but ehh....
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[15:53:57] danielk22: bobweaver: There is no way to compile and test this on a plain vanilla ubuntu without an emulator or whatnot?
[15:54:20] bobweaver: not for android but for desktop yeah
[15:54:34] bobweaver: as long as it is qt5+
[15:55:01] bobweaver: I use desktop (faster ) hack hack hack then build android
[15:55:09] bobweaver: blackberry or whatever
[15:55:58] bobweaver: you can just open the .pro file in the source dir with qtcreator and pick the desktop kit and press the run button. or build with qmake
[15:56:59] bobweaver: I am looking at logs to see what is happening with git atm it is just sitting there in terminal emulator doing nothing still
[15:57:31] bobweaver: XXXX@XXXXXXX:~/Templates/Mythbuntu-QML$ git push origin master
[15:57:32] bobweaver: Username for '': bobweaver
[15:57:32] bobweaver: Password for '//':" rel="nofollow">':
[15:57:36] bobweaver: just looks like that
[15:57:57] bobweaver: with a blinking cursor under it
[15:59:12] bobweaver: I need to check if some of the themes have fonts or something thing big in them
[16:01:24] danielk22: Did you upload your ssh key to github?
[16:03:20] danielk22:
[16:04:32] bobweaver: this is kinda how it is set up atm . all header and c++ files that you see can be ported over to be qmlregistrationtypes and or use the libs to make static things to use in qml . Example: main.cpp has a ScriptLauncher launcher;
[16:04:32] bobweaver: viewer.rootContext()->setContextProperty("scriptLauncher", &launcher); if you look at scriptlauncher.{cpp,.h} you will see that it is just a qprocess that calls a extrenal program (will use for launching backends and frontends mythfilldatabase ect ) But in QML I can call this function easy like MouseArea{onClicked: simplelauncher.launcher()} that will run that c++ function, that is the c++ side of things (and other scr
[16:04:32] bobweaver: ipts that can run extreanal (any lang as long as platform uses it ))
[16:04:45] bobweaver: danielk22, yeah ssh is fine it is huge package
[16:08:04] bobweaver: the QML works like this Everything that is under the qml/Mythbuntu-QML/common are all going to be libs in the end. so that when user is making a theme they can use all these elements for there own theme they are all customizable. it also reads the qtlook.txt (changed to javascript vars ) and user can use that, The data base is sqllight (dbUtils.js) the util.js are just functions that can be called from any qml file as long as imported. T
[16:08:07] bobweaver: his will all be in the sdk at the end.
[16:08:17] bobweaver: My time table is to have this ready by the end of this year
[16:08:51] bobweaver: danielk22, Yeah ssh has to be correct because I made a test with a readme file and pushed it and it worked
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[16:09:07] danielk22: cool
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[16:09:57] bobweaver: all the android files (java) are under the android folder the .java files can be altered
[16:10:07] bobweaver: html5 is supported
[16:10:33] bobweaver: DOM is supported
[16:11:06] bobweaver: there are extrenal libs for soap but I do not think that that is needed at this point
[16:12:25] sphery: FWIW, the font files that are packaged by some themes are on the order of the same file size as images they package, but there are usually /many/ more images in a theme than font files.
[16:13:59] bobweaver: Things that are not yet supported Watching live tv. removing any files from server at this point (coming soon) the Guide is not in order at this point meaning that it is not starting at new Date() I am working on that today I think that I am going to have to use c++ to parse xml and sort it to a model to use in qml
[16:14:20] bobweaver: I mean it is all pre-alpha code atm
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[16:19:45] bobweaver: lol log says that it is pushing at a rate of 17kB/s
[16:20:06] bobweaver: I need to go rough up my isp
[16:22:10] stuartm: is libmythsamplerate-0.27.a installed on anyone's system? Just discovered that it's never been installed on mine (target is missing from installs) which is a little strange since it's supposed to be a required dependency
[16:24:14] bobweaver: Here is the Last Video that I made of it (like a day or two ago)
[16:25:05] bobweaver: stuartm, I am on 0.25 sorry that I can not help :(
[16:26:22] bobweaver: I should upgrade or have a virtual machine running 0.27. In fact I could hook it up to qtcreator and make it for the sdk so that it launches(backend simple config) and app runs against it.
[16:29:40] bobweaver: danielk22, Do you think that I should start a wiki page and make work items and all that ? just not sure how you all o things around these parts of the woods :)
[16:36:27] bobweaver: Yeah it is going to be a minute I just did a du on the dir to see its size 0o 1.7G Templates/Mythbuntu-QML/
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[16:37:32] stuartm: nevermind, of course being statically linked we don't actually need to install it ...
[16:38:17] stuartm: brain has obviously gone on holiday without me
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[17:19:51] bobweaver: Ok I took out almost the things that where not needed at this point(besides images) and made new repo and am pushing to that now. There where way to many fonts and xml files that I am not using in there and also the bzr stuff
[17:21:58] bobweaver: Now it is only 237M  :)
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[17:40:50] stuartm: latest gcc issues a whole bunch of new C++11 related warnings, we should get a bot running it
[17:42:33] stuartm: videoout_vdpau.cpp:466:29: warning: narrowing conversion of ‘frame->VideoFrame_::pitches[0]’ from ‘int’ to ‘uint32_t {aka unsigned int}’ inside { } is ill-formed in C++11 [-Wnarrowing]
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[17:44:41] stuartm: actually ... I wonder if some builders are running that version, but they aren't building the vdpau stuff?
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[17:46:43] danielk22: stuartm: Quite likely, also I believe only the icc builder is compiling for c++11.
[17:46:43] gary_buhrmaster: stuartm: There is one fatal c++11 error if you force -std=c++11. In soundtouch. I have the fix somewhere stashed, but a better solution is to import the latest version from upstream (which has changed that entire section of code).
[17:47:20] danielk22: c++11 is not ABI compatible with c++03 so we can't use it until the distro compiles Qt with c++11 support.
[17:47:53] danielk22: (We can compile with it of course, but things may crash randomly)
[17:48:24] stuartm: well like libsamplerate, it might be that we're now able to link the packaged version of soundtouch and freesurround too, which would solve that issue (and put libmyth on a diet)
[17:49:20] jpabq: I have sometimes wondered if we shouldn't be using -Werror possibly with appropriate -Wno-error= options.
[17:49:48] gary_buhrmaster: stuartm: I was going to look into importing the latest upstream at one point (since not all distro's supply it, or I should say supplied it, I have not done a recent survey), but since I never use the capability, I was not sure I could adequately test it.
[17:50:07] stuartm: danielk22: seems like the builders should be building with as much enabled as possible, otherwise they are going to miss potential issues
[17:51:48] danielk22: jpabq: That should be the ultimate goal of the compiler warning cleanup. Unfortunately we've never gotten close enough to 0 errors...
[17:52:13] gary_buhrmaster: stuartm: If you are looking for a diet, I think I put into trac the patch to remove the need for local mods to libdvdnav, which would mean another one could bite the dust (or at least make it easier to import the upstream).
[17:52:43] stuartm: jpabq: the problem with that atm is that we don't really care about warnings in some parts of the code, e.g. external/ or in QT headers, I'm not sure how simple it would be to tailor the gcc args per directory
[17:53:07] stuartm: gary_buhrmaster: might have missed that one
[17:54:41] gary_buhrmaster: danielk22, stuartm: At one point I spend some time submitting "feature patches" for such compiler warnings (including a couple of c++11 ones), but after the low hanging fruit, I lost steam.
[17:56:01] stuartm: it's hard to keep up the momentum, especially when all you are doing is silencing a few warnings out of dozens
[17:56:17] gary_buhrmaster: stuartm: It was #11465 however, at one point, peper03 thought he might need to add another local patch (do not recall the reason).
[17:56:17] ** MythLogBot **
[17:57:01] stuartm: that's one reason I'm pushing to get all the warnings etc down to zero, because at that point it becomes much easier to keep them at zero
[17:58:24] gary_buhrmaster: stuartm: Agreed. One of the most common warnings was the overload of Reset (as I recall; my memory may be wrong there).
[17:58:43] stuartm: gary_buhrmaster: ah, ok I do remember that now, I was going to check whether the dvd streaming patch by Lawrence Rust required modifications to dvdnav
[17:59:13] stuartm: it wouldn't directly affect your patch, but it might prevent us dropping our copy of the lib
[17:59:43] stuartm: gary_buhrmaster: still an issue, danielk22 has talked about it a few times
[18:00:52] danielk22: I patched the Reset issue at one point but had to revert because the change broke tuning.
[18:07:19] gary_buhrmaster: danielk22: That rings a bell. I had started to look a little at it, then you did your patch (and the revert), and I then figured that there was not way I was likely to get it right.
[18:07:37] gary_buhrmaster: danielk22: s/not way/no way/
[18:10:49] danielk22: gary_buhrmaster: It was one of the reasons I started looking at unit testing for MythTV. This should be something we can do painlessly. This part of the recorder code doesn't require actual hardware interaction & so is very amenable to automated testing.
[18:15:38] bobweaver: Ok I finaly figured out what the heck was going on with git. It was that I was using https:// and not git@ there is a bug in git that if a files is bigger then say whatever it hangs using https:// and does not in git@ . . . pack-chunked WAPITA
[18:24:21] peper03: gary_buhrmaster, stuartm: The change I wanted to was to disable an incorrect work-around in libdvdnav. That's part of my changes in #11579.
[18:24:21] ** MythLogBot **
[18:27:48] peper03: There are a number of differences between Myth's code and upstream. vm.c has changes to use 'mythfile_open' instead of just 'open' (and similar calls for seek, read etc.). vm_get_audio_stream is different (although I reverted that with #11376) and vm_set_audio_active_stream is Myth-specific. There are also a couple of other, single-line changes but one or two may just be local.
[18:27:48] ** MythLogBot **
[18:30:36] peper03: The vm_get_video_format function could be removed if #11579 is applied as DVDRingBuffer uses the video format to determine the frame rate. The context class I added provides that information (although it returns 30fps for NTSC as that is what is used in the timing values).
[18:30:36] ** MythLogBot **
[18:31:45] peper03: There is a change in highlight.c, but that's from me. If I remember correctly, that code *could* be moved into DVDRingBuffer.
[18:32:35] exoon (exoon! has quit (Quit: Verlassend)
[18:34:43] peper03: There are also several changes in searching.c. The changes don't appear to have any benefit (it's broken whether you use Myth's version or upstream).
[18:37:49] bobweaver: I have a Question who are the designers for myth tv, how to get a hold of them and also what are the official logos and all that are they the ones on the site or wiki thanks
[18:40:56] gary_buhrmaster: peper03, stuartm: In that case, sorry for my confusion, and ticket. I probably just looked at the porting notes, and did not do a careful diff on the upstream and the mythtv version.
[18:46:39] peper03: gary_buhrmaster: Given the choice, it would be nice to be able to get at least some of Myth's changes in upstream as they are not all Myth specific but there seems (to me) to be a huge question mark over just what is happening (or not) upstream. I don't think activity has been intentionally stopped but going by the mailing list, you'd be forgiven for thinking that nothing is happening.
[18:49:33] gary_buhrmaster: stuartm, jpabq: One thing I have done as a quick and dirty (for some of the clang static analysis) is to simply do a 'make external' first, and then ignore the results (well, I mean except for any errors), since MythTV cannot be responsible for all the zeromq "issues" (for example).
[18:59:28] bobweaver: danielk22, branch is now done
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[19:29:17] gigem: skd5aner: Ping.
[19:36:26] stuartm: gary_buhrmaster: yeah that was one of the reasons for moving stuff to external in the first place, the other is was to make it clearer to everyone what code we're responsible for
[19:37:14] stuartm: is was ??
[19:42:55] stichnot: stuartm: apparently my cc708window.h commit was only 2 days ago, so I should just be patient.
[19:57:54] stuartm: yeah, I submitted a new build yesterday (Wednesday), but I guess it was one I left running overnight hence it didn't include your commit from Tuesday night
[19:58:36] stuartm: either that I forgot to do a pull first, I can't recall
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[20:15:31] stichnot: jpabq, neufeld: From yesterday's conversation about hdpvr and .srt files. In theory, the .srt format supports screen coordinates, see . However, I have never encountered them in the wild, and also it's not clear what the coordinate system is. But I would be interested in getting the original cc608 positioning pushed into the .srt...
[20:15:33] stichnot: ...(or whatever) file and honored by mythfrontend.
[20:21:14] n67752 (n67752! has joined #mythtv
[20:24:26] gary_buhrmaster: stuartm: btw, I am more than willing to do the update to move a few of the other libraries into external, if you want someone to do so (I think I have an open ticket for libXNVCtrl), so libsoundtouch, dvdnav, ?? libraries. Just moving them as a first step. let me know.
[20:30:10] stichnot: interesting – – the 'Support for "display coordinates"' row gets a uniform 'no' for all players
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[21:04:47] neufeld: stichnot: that's interesting. Yeah, I've never seen the position data in a .srt file, but I might take a crack at modifying ccextractor to respect it. I should also take a quick peek at ffmpeg and see if it honours that.
[21:06:05] nyloc (nyloc! has joined #mythtv
[21:06:28] neufeld: Yeah, ffmpeg has code to parse out x1,y1,x2,y2, and pass it onwards to its callees.
[21:11:01] sphery: wagnerrp: is this your typo or a typo from when that setting was originally created? . . . ck.cpp#L2383 (missing 'b' in "Enabled") ?
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[21:22:22] neufeld: ccextractor parses the position data from the stream, and loads that information into a data structure, but doesn't include it in the output.
[21:23:25] stichnot: neufeld: Any indication what the coordinate system is supposed to be? Or is ffmpeg just agnostic to it? I've seen it described as "pixels", but with respect to encoded video size? screen size? It would be much more useful if it were a percent.
[21:27:36] slipcon (slipcon! has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
[21:28:09] stichnot: neufeld: where in the code is this parsing done?
[21:30:07] neufeld: stichnot: ffmpeg or ccextractor?
[21:30:44] neufeld: stichnot: to answer your question, looking through ffmpeg, it believes that the coordinates supplied from a .srt file are integer pixels, based on the code that converts it to Advanced Substation Alpha format.
[21:30:57] neufeld: So, the ffmpeg decoding is in libavcodec/srtdec.c
[21:31:40] neufeld: The ccextractor extraction is in src/608.cpp, and .srt output in src/608_srt.cpp
[21:31:43] stichnot: neufeld: I meant ccextractor
[21:32:58] stuartm: percentages suffer from nasty precision and rounding issues, although maybe that's not a concern for subtitles where precise positioning isn't so important
[21:33:30] neufeld: stichnot: in 608.h, you see struct eia608, that has fields for cursor_row and cursor_column. These are filled during the parsing of the stream. However, the object passed for .srt output is a eia608_screen struct, and it doesn't have those fields.
[21:34:04] stuartm: pixel values in srt would have to be relative to the video frame, since they couldn't know what size screen the video may be displayed on
[21:34:34] stichnot: ok, cursor is likely for the 33x15 (or whatever it is) character grid that is overlaid on the safe region of the screen
[21:36:10] stichnot: An even better way would be the way cc708 uses the 9 anchor points
[21:37:21] peper03: Not really knowing much about it, but a quick google returned this page:
[21:38:43] stichnot: And what are you supposed to do if the given bounding box it too small for the text? Truncate? Shrink?
[21:39:52] neufeld: stichnot: I'd guess that's up to the renderer. Invalid input to be resolved at the discretion of the consumer of that input.
[21:40:22] neufeld: "nasal demons", as we used to refer to it
[21:41:25] peper03: Yeah, I don't know.
[21:43:02] stichnot: I would be inclined to (1) assume a 100x100 pixel display so that coordinates and percentages are the same (or 1000x1000 if needed for better precision); (2) ignore one of the X and one of the Y coordinates so you get an anchor point instead of a bounding box; (3) at startup scan the entire .srt file for X or Y greater than 100, and if any are found, scale all coordinates by the max.
[21:44:28] ** neufeld is reading specs now. **
[21:44:53] neufeld: First 608 doc I found seems to be a transport layer spec. I need the data layer.
[21:48:19] neufeld: OK, in the cc608 raw stream the position is given as a row number. The screen is cut into 15 rows, and a 4-bit field allows placement on any of those. There's a special transparent character which acts as a cursor-advance, I guess that positions the column.
[21:50:05] neufeld: Ah, there's also a way to position the cursor, with tabstops of 4
[21:50:13] stichnot: And there is supposed to be a maximum of 30-something columns
[21:50:34] neufeld: see the gruesome details at
[21:52:51] Captain_Murdoch: stuartm, gary_buhrmaster, unless the remote encrypted DVD patch is integrated, we can't move libdvdnav into external since libdvdnav/dvdread has internal mods (that depend on libmythtv) to allow it to use our Remotefile via mythiowrapper.[ch]. I'm more than happy to see that set of mods to libmythdvdnav go away though if the submitted patch works and has acceptable performance.
[21:56:59] natanojl (natanojl! has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[21:59:24] stuartm: Captain_Murdoch: I was going to play with the patch this weekend, it's leaving it a bit late for 0.27 but I really would like to get it in, a performance test though would require more platforms and connections (wifi vs wired, high latency vs low, packet loss etc)
[22:00:26] stuartm: I guess even if it's merged for 0.27 we'd have to wait for 0.28 before ripping out the legacy local file support from mythvideo
[22:04:05] stuartm: fwiw, I don't know if Lawrence's patch would allow us to move it either, I've not looked at it for a few months
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