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Tuesday, June 11th, 2013, 00:02 UTC
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[00:05:15] jya_: may sound obvious… but… did you rebuild after make distclean?
[00:11:35] jya_: stuartm: encoder buffer is a private member, it can't be used anywhere else… the index to access the array is initialised to 0 in the constructor… making you set the entire content to 0 is entirely useless whichever way you look at it :( What's weird is that it doesn't request the same for the other buffers allocated at the same time… I guess I'm just too touchy when it comes to a tool criticising my beautifully crafted code :)
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[01:00:40] danielk221: stuartm: It looks like ~MythSystemLegacy() calls Term(true) if the task sleep is still running, and that is interacting badly with Qt test.
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[01:51:41] taylorr: jpabq: is there any reason to have a sleep in the channel changing scripts for hdpvr and directv receiver?
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[03:15:07] jya: paul-h: it should never try to run the unit test from the libs path… The script that starts the unit test makes a cd to the path of the unit test directory and run it from there… The way the tests are compiled, it expects that you run them from that directory. That it fails for you mean that somehow you're not building following the normal build path… how are you compiling ?
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[03:37:15] taylorr: jpabq: did you see this?
[03:40:22] jya: damn… iOS 7 killed AirPlay video once again… this time myth doesn't even show up in the list of device
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[03:50:08] taylorr: jpabq: looks like some serious updates to the hdpvr driver going into to linux 3.10 -> . . . ia/usb/hdpvr
[03:50:28] taylorr: the "hdpvr: add dv_timings support" looks interesting
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[04:27:48] dekarl1: ohhh . . . 0a82ab544b21
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[04:41:42] danielk221: paul-h: I wonder if that shouldn't just be a reintepret_cast<> if we're sure it is a socket.. dynamic_cast<> is unfortunately fragile in C++ (it can fail across library boundaries if great care isn't taken with dlopen's).
[04:41:49] danielk221: I
[04:43:11] danielk221: I'm also wondering if this "(void)dlopen(libname.constData(), RTLD_LAZY);" in mythplugin.cpp shouldn't use RTLD_NOW | RTLD_GLOBAL rather than RTLD_LAZY.. See:
[04:45:09] danielk221: Anyone here deal with reinterpret_cast<> issues in the past?
[04:45:45] danielk221: paul-h This is in reference to e8aff2f163d09aba253bc88683a7602f5e61fe2e
[04:48:35] taylorr: dekarl1: wonder if that commit was backported to the stable linux branches... need to check if it made it into 12.04
[05:02:22] dekarl: taylorr, ubuntu 12.04 is linux 3.2? But can be updated to 3.5 with ?
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[07:49:26] stuartm: danielk221: NOW should be safer than LAZY, just slower on startup, maybe we compromise use NOW in debug builds and LAZY in release?
[07:53:40] stuartm: then again that wouldn't stop dynamic_cast<> failing if that's what is actually happening and this isn't just theoretical?
[07:59:15] stuartm: fwiw, shouldn't static_cast be preferred over reinterpret_cast in this scenario?
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[10:36:50] stuarta: danielk221: we should setup a new windows builder
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[11:56:07] danielk221: stuartm: We should probably just add a unit test to one of the plugins and see if it is actually an issue on any of the platforms we support..
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[12:13:37] danielk221: stuartm: Yeah a static_cast should be preferred over reinterpret_cast.
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[17:08:26] gigem: skd5aner: Are you around?
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[17:48:22] paul-h: jya: Re: the audio test failing what I did was remove all the installed libmyth* libraries, plugins and filters. Then did a make distclean followed by the usual ./configure and make -j4 at the end the two of the audio tests failed
[17:50:41] paul-h: I then did a make install and tried again this time they worked so it looks like test_audioutils and test_audioconvert are tryng to link to the installed libraries which haven't been installed at that point?
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[17:54:52] paul-h: danielk22: that dynamic_cast is in mythlcdserver so the problem with the plugins doesn't come into it
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[18:06:20] paul-h: danielk22: is there anyway to disable the tests? They are becoming a little irritating having them run after every build
[18:07:23] danielk22: paul-h: Not at the moment, but I will be adding that feature. How long are they taking to run for you?
[18:08:40] paul-h: Not long I would guess 7 seconds or so
[18:09:26] danielk22: Ok.. I plan to parallelize them at some point too, but @7 seconds I don't think we've reached that point yet.
[18:20:25] gary_buhrmaster: dekarl: Linuxtv ab544b21 made it into kernel 3.9. Probably should update the trac tickets ( #10830 and #11539 ) closing it as an upstream bug, and telling people to "just update" :-)
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[18:20:25] ** MythLogBot **
[18:21:33] Captain_Murdoch: paul if you're in the 'mythtv' dir "make all_no_test" to skip tests
[18:21:39] Captain_Murdoch: paul-h, ^^
[18:22:17] Captain_Murdoch: or just make outside that dir when not necessary
[18:25:11] danielk22: Captain_Murdoch: Hah, I guess I already wrote it & forgot!
[18:25:23] Captain_Murdoch: :)
[18:25:37] paul-h: Captain_Murdoch: that works thanks :)
[18:26:58] Captain_Murdoch: now I just have to remember not to use that when making in a subdir. :)
[18:27:14] Captain_Murdoch: although I rarely make from the main dir anyway.
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[19:14:33] Seeker`: What is the current DB schema version number?
[19:28:47] paul-h: Seeker`: for master it's 1312
[19:29:09] paul-h: . . . ersion.h#n64
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[20:38:58] Seeker`: I seem to be stuck on 1310
[20:39:06] Seeker`: I've tried reinstalling the stuff on the ppa
[20:39:11] Seeker`: Tried using the build-deb script
[20:39:23] Seeker`: neither upgrades the DB
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[20:50:48] bill6502: Seeker`: Do you have (or did you have) a hostname with a hyphen in it?
[20:54:42] sphery: he's working, again, after a make install--probably an incomplete install
[20:55:55] sphery: his backend was saying current schema version was 1310, so he had some lib problems
[21:01:07] Seeker`: what sphery said
[21:01:26] Seeker`: i've had enough of waiting for nightly builds to build now, just going to go with git pull / make / make install
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[22:27:13] jr3us^: Greetings all! I loaded .27-fixes from 0610.74a0576 to do some testing when using the analog side of the hvr-950q. Things aren't working so well when trying live tv, so I thought I'd check in with you to see if i should wait to report any problems until after the freeze for release.
[22:27:26] jr3us^: any reflections/comments regarding same?
[22:27:48] jr3us^: this is mythbuntu btw, with BE and FE on same machine.
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[22:57:44] stichnot: jr3us^: there is no 0.27-fixes, I assume you mean master. Can you give more detail on the problem?
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[23:05:11] stichnot: Not much is likely to happen in Live TV before the freeze/release, unless we can reproduce some of the analog bugs.
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