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Sunday, June 9th, 2013, 00:29 UTC
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[00:36:26] peper03: jya: ffmpeg patch is the first patch in #11579
[00:36:26] ** MythLogBot **
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[03:55:33] wagnerrp: does ccache not work with icc?
[05:16:32] danielk222: wagnerrp: depends on the icc version. it should work with the latest
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[07:37:28] jya: peper03: no worries, I prefer to go with the ffmpeg commit makes it easier to resync the next time… are they identical bug?
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[07:47:47] jya: danielk222: it would be great to setup some type of regression testing repository against some audio and video samples… like making sure we all play them...
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[09:13:18] stuartm: :)
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[09:52:22] paul-h: stuartm: I'm seeing a lot of unused variables in the Weather class – can't help thinking I might be missing something
[09:53:57] paul-h: most if them are the ones Coverity is complaining about not being initialised
[09:55:02] paul-h: Coverity ID 1026736
[09:56:14] jya: peper03: I've pushed the ffmpeg backport required, extracted the changes from utils-mythtv.c from the patch on trac
[10:01:32] stuartm: paul-h: the current mythweather was an unfinished Google Summer of Code project that I got into a working state, I'm really not too surprised that there are unused variables since I may not have completed it as the original developer intended
[10:01:58] stuartm: but it is my fault that I didn't do a better job of cleaning up
[10:03:51] stuartm: in it's current form mythweather is working and dormant (no-one is working on it), so go ahead and remove any unused variables you find, you won't be treading on toes or leaving it in a broken state
[10:06:57] paul-h: OK, It compiles fine with them removed so I'll just remove them
[10:10:51] peper03: jya: Cool! Thanks very much!
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[11:05:29] stuartm: jya: there are half a dozen coverity warnings of varying merity covering libmyth/audio/ do you want to tackle those, or are you happy to let others work on it?
[11:08:09] stuartm: paul-h: do you see ? I had previously marked it 'ignore' since it appeared to be an external lib but if you're not planning a resync maybe it should be fixed
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[11:18:39] paul-h: stuartm: It's not from an external lib it's all my code. I have a plan to fix it but need to test it on my working server before I commit it
[11:20:08] paul-h: It's not really a big problem because that code only runs once when the server starts up
[11:21:50] stuartm: paul-h: ah ok, thought it was third party for some reason
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[12:13:48] wagnerrp: danielk22: i was just watching the buildbot waterfall, and wondering why the icc bot was taking so long each run
[12:28:54] wagnerrp: it looks like ohloh stopped scanning us at the end of may
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[12:55:41] dekarl1: wagnerrp: do you mind if I change the name of MythFillDatabaseTask::SetHourWindow() to something like SetHourWindowFromDB to avoid hiding DailyHouseKeeperTask::SetHourWindow(int, int) ?
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[13:33:05] stuartm: they are pulling from github, so is the github mirroring still working?
[13:34:55] stuartm: wagnerrp: their site indicates that their last update was May, so it's current, they may just have increased the interval between analyses
[13:36:50] stuartm:
[14:00:16] danielk222: wagnerrp: My buildbots are all fairly resource constrained.
[14:01:27] danielk222: jya: Doesn't ffmpeg already have such a test suite? Maybe we can build on that?
[14:49:48] wagnerrp: dekarl: hiding?
[14:51:46] dekarl: wagnerrp: aye, at the end of . . . nings%20(79)
[14:52:43] dekarl: virtual void Function (void) hides virtual void Function (int, int) in the parent class.
[14:53:13] wagnerrp: i guess that's fine
[14:53:52] dekarl: basically its the same issue with MPEGStreamData::Reset but the fix is not so easy there :)
[15:08:36] stichnot: I learned something new about C++ today. Apparently for "unsigned char uc; unsigned short us; unsigned int ui;" the type of uc<<8 and us<<8 is int but the type of ui<<8 is unsigned int.
[15:09:30] wagnerrp: shouldn't they all remain the same type?
[15:11:00] stichnot: Yeah, I would have expected them all to be unsigned, but no...
[15:11:03] Seeker`: any ideas why a 96 minute film comes up as 28 hours long in other players?
[15:11:27] wagnerrp: that usually means a break in the timecodes
[15:11:35] stichnot: in gdb, try this: whatis ((unsigned char)3)<<(unsigned)2
[15:11:41] Seeker`: what happens if you change the 8 to (unsigned int)8
[15:11:49] Seeker`: wagnerrp: any idea how to fix?
[15:11:56] wagnerrp: remux the video
[15:12:20] Seeker`: split out audio/video then recombine them?
[15:12:35] neufeld: stichnot: that behaviour is in the standard
[15:12:50] wagnerrp: you can usually just feed the source video in directly. the muxer will take care of everything
[15:13:12] wagnerrp: if it's mpeg, a lossless transcode should do the trick
[15:13:16] stichnot: neufeld: I'm not surprised, it's just not every day you (I) learn something new like this :)
[15:13:22] Seeker`: wagnerrp: how would you remux the file? I tried using mencoder with ovc and oac copy, but then the audio/video are out of sync
[15:13:50] wagnerrp: try something dumber, like tsmuxer or mkvmerge
[15:13:52] neufeld: stichnot: basically, '<<' needs its argument to be integer-promoted. Integer promotion from unsigned to a higher rank promotes to signed, but to the same rank, naturally, remains unsigned.
[15:18:38] Seeker`: wagnerrp: hmm, mkvmerge and ffmpeg both choke on the file. mkvmerge says something about B frames without second reference in non closed GOP
[15:18:43] dekarl: Seeker`: run it through a tool that removes PTS ddiscontinuities
[15:18:59] Seeker`: Only thing I've done to the files since recording is cut out adverts with a lossless transcode in myth
[15:19:28] Seeker`: dekarl: what can do that?
[15:20:28] dekarl: Seeker`: i'm trying to remember, would have named it if i had it at my fingertips :/
[15:30:28] paul-h: ProjectX?
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[16:26:15] whoDat_: sphery: what was it you told me to run?
[16:40:39] paul-h: whoDat_: "sphery: whoDat: if you get a chance, a -v libav log of the frontend and backend showing a failed channel change (giving black screen) could be interesting (to someone else who knows the player code--but he's requested it :)"
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[17:39:13] paul-h: gigem: have you seen looks like something you've added recently
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[17:41:33] stuartm: jya: the VBERRENO() macro in audiooutputbase.h calls Error() which isn't const, meaning we can't use that log macro in any const functions, for now I'm going to duplicate the macro with another name but we could probably use a better fix
[17:43:53] stuartm: paul-h: is that number correct? I just updated the page so if you didn't refresh first ...
[17:48:14] paul-h: Ah no it's not gigem: make that Coverity ID 1023885
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[18:34:00] stuartm: wagnerrp: "HouseKeeperTask 'HardwareProfiler' Failed." ?
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[19:00:32] wagnerrp: stuartm: looks like i had the logic on the logging reversed
[19:01:46] wagnerrp: a response of true is supposed to indicate success
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[19:36:18] gary_buhrmaster: stuartm: Thanks for referencing the patch by dekarl to my ticket 11576. When I noticed the commit I was going to find the ticket and make a comment to close it, but got distracted.
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[19:47:52] stuartm: paul-h: are we interested in the pxsup2dast.c warnings, or should I just add them to the ignore list?
[20:05:21] danielk221: stuartm: I think we can ignore that. The problem code is in the exception handling.
[20:07:40] dekarl: gary_buhrmaster: sorry, I'm trying to avoid duplicating work, but it doesn't always work out :(
[20:12:05] stuartm: danielk221: indeed it is ...
[20:14:07] gary_buhrmaster: dekarl: No problem. I am of the opinion that all that really matters is that bugs get squashed. And squash you did! :-)
[20:16:51] gary_buhrmaster: dekarl: In a more formal project, I suppose each issue would be "taken" so there was no duplication, but such overhead would be excessive (and from observation there are only a handful of people outside the core developers who submit patches in any case, and very rarely overlap).
[20:17:01] stuartm: with so many people working on fixing these it's bound to happen, but don't let that put anyone off! We're making good progress and if we hit the magic zero then it will be much easier to catch new issues early (i.e. immediately after commit)
[20:19:47] gary_buhrmaster: stuartm: If you reach zero, you should have a irc chat coordination where everyone raises a pint at their nearest pub at the same time. :-)
[20:22:05] stuartm: I mean fixing stuff like the initialisation warnings is tedious, but failure to properly initialise ints, pointers and boolean variables has been the root cause of many subtle bugs in the past, so who knows how many unreported bugs have already been fixed?
[20:24:05] stuartm: gary_buhrmaster: heh, used to be that every time I fixed a bug, make some optimisation or introduced some much desired feature someone in IRC would offer to buy me a pint (not once have I actually been able to collect), but that never seems to happen any more
[20:24:11] gary_buhrmaster: stuartm: And to preach to the choir, I know (from submitting one/two) that real logic bugs have been identified in the search.
[20:25:49] gary_buhrmaster: stuartm: There is another project where one of the prime contributors liked Patron Silver, and for important fixes someone sent a bottle. He now claims he has an entire closet full of Tequila, and could open a liquor store.
[20:25:52] stuartm: fwiw, if I had ever collected all of those beers 'owed' to me I'd currently be in end-stage liver failure so it's just as well really
[20:27:28] stuartm: did I ever mention that I like cash? :p
[20:27:55] danielk221: hah!
[20:28:46] stuartm: I'll receive a whole bunch of Johnny Cash albums now ...
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[20:29:17] danielk221: I've convinced my wife to plan a trip to the UK in the next couple years so I can claim some of my beers from your region of the world. ;]
[20:29:50] wagnerrp: IEAEYEBALL?
[20:30:49] gary_buhrmaster: wagnerrp: It is an old IBM mainframe term. All (sub)systems were assigned a prefix so there was no name collision. IEA happened to be the nucleus.
[20:30:50] stuartm: danielk221: well let me know if you do make it over, I'm sure stuarta and I can arrange to meet-up to explore a fine selection of English Ales ;)
[20:31:47] gary_buhrmaster: wagnerrp: EYEBALL was just "looking at the code", but, being hackers (in the good way of the term), they decided formalized it with a name that sounded official to mgmt.
[20:32:09] wagnerrp: yeah, got the 'EYEBALL'. just didn't know what 'IEA' meant
[20:32:23] gary_buhrmaster: wagnerrp: Sometimes my (poor?) sense of humor gets the best of me.
[20:32:57] stuartm: gary_buhrmaster, wagnerrp: it was Mk.1 Eyeball when I was a kid, although there it was more of a military thing
[20:33:29] wagnerrp: i have heard that one
[20:36:17] stuartm: of course the obligatory reminder that there is no Mk. 2 Eyeball, so not to go pointing blank-firing rifles directly at anyone
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[20:37:12] wagnerrp: well you do always have a spare
[20:38:01] stuartm: always seemed silly to me, training cadets _not_ to shoot straight (at least outside a range)
[20:38:59] stuartm: "mythfrontend: Fatal IO error: client killed" ouch
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[20:40:47] wagnerrp: that could be a problem
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[21:05:55] danielk221: jya: TestAudioUtils::S16ToFloatCvsSSE() this is failing here: Actual: -32768, Expected: -32767. The CPU is i5–2540M
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[21:09:39] stuartm: jya: does it make sense for libmythsamplerate to be moved to external/ ?
[21:10:46] dekarl: danielk221 I think thats my fault, typo in [71e1b8c646]
[21:16:43] dekarl: danielk221: btw, clang doesn't like logging with log level "logLevel" in [45cac298] but I'm not sure I understand how its supposed to work.
[21:17:24] dekarl: is it to dynamically log with the lowest level that will be seen?
[21:20:58] dekarl: gary_buhrmaster: btw, if you add ".patch" to the github link you get something to directly apply via "git am" :)
[21:22:07] dekarl: from
[21:22:51] gary_buhrmaster: dekarl: Thanks, I'll try to remember that in my cutting/pasting/typo-ing (every so often I find yet another way to make a mistake creating tickets).
[21:33:00] dekarl: the freebsd builder doesn't run the new audio test, does this ring a bell with anyone? Shared object "" not found, required by ""error: A unit test failed.
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[21:37:27] MythBuild: build #3805 of master-freebsd-64bit is complete: Failure [4failed compile core] Build details are at . . . /builds/3805 blamelist: Stuart Morgan < >
[21:37:30] MythBuild: build #409 of master-ubuntu-12_04-lts-64bit is complete: Failure [4failed compile core] Build details are at . . . t/builds/409 blamelist: Stuart Morgan < >
[21:38:27] MythBuild: build #393 of master-f18–64bit is complete: Failure [4failed compile core] Build details are at . . . t/builds/393 blamelist: Stuart Morgan < >
[21:39:04] gary_buhrmaster: dekarl: I seem to recall I looked at the logLevel warning (because I irregularly compile with clang), and it initially seemed to me that it should be set to LOG_ANY, and then I got sufficiently distracted (and confused) that I was no longer sure, and I figured an expert would figure it out.
[21:40:47] MythBuild: build #722 of master-debian-wheezy-64bit is complete: Failure [4failed compile core] Build details are at . . . t/builds/722 blamelist: Stuart Morgan < >
[21:40:57] MythBuild: build #373 of master-f18–32bit is complete: Failure [4failed compile core] Build details are at . . . t/builds/373 blamelist: Stuart Morgan < >
[21:41:24] MythBuild: build #419 of master-ubuntu-12_10–64bit is complete: Failure [4failed compile core] Build details are at . . . t/builds/419 blamelist: Stuart Morgan < >
[21:42:32] MythBuild: build #600 of master-linux-64bit-clang is complete: Failure [4failed compile core] Build details are at . . . g/builds/600 blamelist: Stuart Morgan < >
[21:42:32] MythBuild: build #123 of master-linux-64bit-qt5 is complete: Failure [4failed compile core] Build details are at . . . 5/builds/123 blamelist: Stuart Morgan < >
[21:44:47] stuartm: and let that be a lesson to anyone who decides to fix bugs while giving most of their attention to watching TV and drinking beer
[21:46:37] gary_buhrmaster: stuartm: Given that is a logical "and", which one do you recommend not doing while fixing bugs? Just asking....
[21:48:24] stuartm: oh I heartily recommend doing both, it's just not without the occasional embarrassing mistake ;)
[21:50:07] MythBuild: build #410 of master-ubuntu-12_04-lts-64bit is complete: Success [3build successful] Build details are at . . . t/builds/410
[21:50:43] MythBuild: build #3806 of master-freebsd-64bit is complete: Success [3build successful] Build details are at . . . /builds/3806
[21:51:09] MythBuild: build #394 of master-f18–64bit is complete: Success [3build successful] Build details are at . . . t/builds/394
[21:53:19] MythBuild: build #723 of master-debian-wheezy-64bit is complete: Success [3build successful] Build details are at . . . t/builds/723
[21:53:37] MythBuild: build #124 of master-linux-64bit-qt5 is complete: Success [3build successful] Build details are at . . . 5/builds/124
[21:54:14] MythBuild: build #420 of master-ubuntu-12_10–64bit is complete: Success [3build successful] Build details are at . . . t/builds/420
[21:55:34] MythBuild: build #601 of master-linux-64bit-clang is complete: Success [3build successful] Build details are at . . . g/builds/601
[21:56:10] MythBuild: build #374 of master-f18–32bit is complete: Success [3build successful] Build details are at . . . t/builds/374
[22:16:32] paul-h: stuartm: I would like to fix the pxsup2dast.c defects not sure I know how
[22:16:40] paul-h: Anybody else seeing the frontend segfaulting when shutting down?
[22:20:18] paul-h: This is the bt
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[22:28:45] jya_: stuartm: moving mythsamplerate make sense yes.. would actually just move it back to its actual official name in external...
[22:29:37] jya_: danielk22: that's interesting… i tested on i5 2300, i7–3400 all 64 bits, and in a 32bits ubuntu VM
[22:33:01] jya_: stuartm: i will be attending the coverity warning… i read the report a little while back, they were all false positive
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[22:35:16] stuartm: fwiw, that check passes here on an AMD 4850e
[22:37:57] jya_: danielk22: what compiler are you using ?
[22:42:18] IReboot (IReboot! has quit (Quit: Ex-Chat)
[22:51:19] jya_: dekarl: there should be a rpath in the audio test for libmythui… Absolute spaghetti this lib it links everything everywhere
[22:51:53] dekarl: fwiw, I hope nobody wastes to much time because of . . . 9c9d87b0dacc :/
[22:55:31] jya_: would appreciate if you didn't modify things that i'm actually working on, especially such minor things like a compilation warning, if only to introduce bugs :(
[23:00:08] XDS2010_ (XDS2010_!uid1218@gateway/web/ has joined #mythtv
[23:03:03] dekarl: ok, will do. The block of warnings just catched my eye when I was trying to bring the noise down in the warning logs so one can actually see the interesting warnings, like bDTS being unused or avpicture_deinterlace being deprecated
[23:13:19] jya_: stuartm: have you been over all coverity reports? or are there some more you want me to go over?
[23:14:49] SteveGoodey (SteveGoodey! has joined #mythtv
[23:21:13] jya_: lots of bad copy/paste in that code anyway… better redo it.. i finished that stuff late :(
[23:28:16] jya_: dekarl: for (size_t i = 0, int j = -32768; i < SIZEARRAY; i++, j++) isn't proper declaration syntax. this cause a compilation error for me. can't have more than one type there
[23:31:30] dekarl: jya_: I figured that too, after compile testing it localy (compile testing worked though), so I changed it in the next commit.
[23:31:45] jya_: looks like it got removed in gcc 4.5
[23:31:50] jya_: still a gccism
[23:32:52] jya_: i had extra tests queued for commit (as I have more routines added to the utils.cpp file… so going to revert all your changes… can't be bothered dealing with conflicts
[23:37:58] dekarl: ok, likely the easiest way forward
[23:51:37] kc (kc!~Casper@unaffiliated/kc) has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

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