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Friday, June 7th, 2013, 00:04 UTC
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[03:52:16] jya: Captain_Murdoch: yes.. the transcode class seems to always expect to get stereo , 16 bits PCM from the decoder… Which unfortunately isn't always the case. I'm 100% sure that even in current 0.26 most of ffmpeg codec now returns floating point sample….
[03:54:04] jya: libmp3lame encoder can take float samples directly, but their code is dumb as, it will only work if you provide it with a number of sample that is a multiple of 8 bytes. which you will rarely get (like a AC3 decoded frame is 1022 bytes).. so have to convert the float to S16 from decoder to encoder
[04:08:41] Captain_Murdoch: another reason to ditch nuppel video files and just use AVFormatWriter as HLS does to create something like mpeg-ts with H.264 video and mp3 or AAC audio.
[04:09:03] Captain_Murdoch: one place to fix instead of two, no more libmp3lame direct access, etc..
[04:09:39] ** Captain_Murdoch has to go to bed for a little while. ~4 hour maintenance window starting in ~2–3 hours. **
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[08:55:08] stuartm: Captain_Murdoch: I'd offer the choice of mpeg2 and h.264, since many of those using those old analogue frame grabbers etc aren't going to be running machines powerful enough to encode full res H.264 in real time
[08:57:04] stuarta: stuartm: don't we need a special library to encode mpeg2 but not h.264
[08:57:15] stuarta: if so i'd make the default h.264
[08:58:23] stuartm: stuarta: no, at least ffmpeg has a built in mpeg2 encoder
[08:59:01] stuarta: kk
[08:59:05] stuartm: never used it, but I assume it works at least as well as the h.264 encoder
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[09:23:57] stuarta: i'm sure somebody would have complained if it didn't
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[09:28:33] Captain_Murdoch: stuartm, I'm thinking just mythtranscode for now to eliminate code paths there. when I was thinking about frame grabbers before, I considered just copying NVR.cpp to something else and ripping out all the nuppel code using AVFormatWriter as the writer.
[09:28:44] Captain_Murdoch: there is no built in h.264 encoder, only a decoder
[09:29:12] stuarta: do we seriously need to support frame grabbers these days?
[09:29:18] Captain_Murdoch: libx264 required for h.264, so mpeg2 video would probably be best. mpeg-ts, mpeg2 video, mp3 audio.
[09:29:58] Captain_Murdoch: stuarta, that's why I was only talking about mythtranscode for now. :) I didn't want to put much time into frame grabbing code.
[09:30:17] Captain_Murdoch: only talking earlier about it that is...
[09:34:21] Captain_Murdoch: currently mythtranscode and AVFormatWriter can create a mpeg-ts/mpeg2/mp3 file using the commented-out --container --acodec and --vcodec command line parameters in --avf mode
[09:35:18] Captain_Murdoch: that was useful for testing when working on the code. I had a shell script that encoded the same input file into several different containers and codecs.
[09:44:35] stuartm: mpeg2 is widely supported (maybe more than h.264), it's well understood in our code and we have features like the lossless mpeg-2 transcoder so people can re-edit their transcoded videos without re-encoding again
[09:54:39] jya_: Captain_Murdoch: isn't transcode using avow already?
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[10:03:19] Captain_Murdoch: jya_, only for HLS
[10:05:33] Captain_Murdoch: transcode is like commercial flagging. very vocal users. :) I didn't want to risk cutting it over early on until AVFW had more time under its belt and we had concensus on a time to get rid of nuppel at least for mythtranscode. we have talked about dropping frame grabber support as well at some point.
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[10:20:56] jya_: something else I notice, transcode has no ability to deal with change of format halfway. Like changing audio from stereo to say 5.1
[10:23:22] Captain_Murdoch: that's because transcode has always been given stereo only. it expects the input to be downmixed stereo.
[10:23:45] Captain_Murdoch: downmixed to stereo.
[10:25:11] jya_: Captain_Murdoch: looking at how to handle the various audio input type… two ways I can do it: always ever feed the filewriter 16 bits pcm audio. Or provide the filewriter an audio type as well.
[10:25:49] jya_: and it deals with whatever conversion is necessary within the writer (like doing S16 -> Float or Float->S16, etc...)
[10:26:38] Captain_Murdoch: depends on what we want to support I guess. I'm fine with supporting only transcoding to stereo. if someone wants 5.1 they should preserve the original audio (which was something I wanted to look at allowing, but my TODO list is a mile long and it seems my time just gets shorter as the years go by.
[10:26:39] jya_: but then the file writer will have to deal with change of audio format halfway
[10:27:47] Captain_Murdoch: I think having the player always feed a certain type of data as it has done forever is the easiest/best solution. if I tell the player I want stereo output, have that side of the code deal with downmixing, etc..
[10:27:58] jya_: well, we can limit it to always receiving cpm audio, and only deal with change of sample format. much easier
[10:28:09] Captain_Murdoch: yeah, I agree.
[10:28:56] jya_: i still like it to handle float or s16, or whatever sample type can come out of ffmpeg decoder (still cpm)
[10:28:58] Captain_Murdoch: I think if someone wants multi-channel audio, let them use a transcode tool designed for that. I've often thought of just ditcthing mythtranscode. I never use it to cut commercials which some people do though, that's it's main benefit to most people.
[10:29:39] Captain_Murdoch: yeah, that makes sense, and the encoders will need to handle a similar situation as well.
[10:30:17] jya_: reason is that in some cases, there will be some speed up advantage, as if the decoder take float and the encoder take float too, then no conversion is required
[10:30:41] Captain_Murdoch: the abstraction of filewriter and avfw was because my original patch also had a nuppelwriter.cpp file which pulled all those parts out of NVR.
[10:31:00] Captain_Murdoch: I agree, makes sense.
[10:31:27] jya_: alright… done deal…
[10:31:51] stuartm: danielk222: mythsystem branch merge added 7 new defects to the coverity results, one is (claimed to be) a leak
[10:32:11] Captain_Murdoch: right now I'm already doing the float conversion since some of the encoders needed float.
[10:32:29] Captain_Murdoch: AVFormatWriter::WriteAudioFrame() uses your toFloat() routine
[10:32:37] jya_: i have transcode producing something now… however, looking at the hls generated, some ts file are 0 bytes , some other 6.7MB
[10:33:40] jya_: Captain_Murdoch: in avow I also deal of planar audio vs interleaved… converting on the way
[10:33:58] jya_: what comes out of the decoder is always interleaved
[10:34:05] jya_: at least from myth decoder
[10:34:11] Captain_Murdoch: I need to get some sleep, 3:30AM here, only up because I worked a maintenance window.
[10:34:26] Captain_Murdoch: thx, I was wondering about that, if the decoder was going to provide planar now.
[10:34:48] jya_: no… too much changes
[10:34:59] Captain_Murdoch: we have to do the conversion somewhere since sound cards still need interleaved right?
[10:35:00] jya_: and all the audio device take interleave
[10:35:09] Captain_Murdoch: yeah, same page.. :)
[10:35:17] jya_: so I prefer to keep interleave data internally
[10:35:40] Captain_Murdoch: sounds good to me.
[10:36:35] jya_: FAAC takes S16, AAC takes FLOAT_P, and Libmp3lame takes S16_P
[10:36:40] jya_: so it starts to get messy
[10:36:45] jya_: but go to bed :)
[10:36:53] Captain_Murdoch: gotta get some sleep, 4th maintenance window this week. too many tickets backed up... :)
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[12:55:56] danielk222: stuartm: How do I see just the new defects?
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[13:24:20] danielk222: stuartm: I just looked. These are not new. They just show up as new because source files have been renamed.
[13:30:27] stuartm: danielk222: ah ok
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[13:33:19] stuartm: the fd leak one definitely wasn't showing before, but I've noticed some inconsistency in results with new ones appearing in code that hasn't changed so it's probably just that
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[14:28:39] stichnot: jya: It looks like 38f6c3aed2d013089ba5e83afdf623b189902341 is breaking the configure script on Ubuntu 10.04 and 12.04. ./configure output at . Line 59 of config.mak is 'SHFLAGS=-shared -Wl,-soname,$$(@F) -Wl,-Bsymbolic -Wl,--version-script,$(SUBDIR)lib$(NAME).ver'. Locally reverting that commit fixes the configure.
[14:29:06] stichnot: though I don't know why the buildbots aren't complaining
[14:29:34] stuarta: i was just about to ask if the buildbots were complaining
[14:32:48] stuarta: stichnot: they are bitching
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[14:32:54] stuarta: . . . e/logs/stdio
[14:33:40] stuarta: it's just not declaring that a fatal error
[14:34:45] stichnot: what a revolutionary idea — I didn't consider just running "make" after seeing those errors :)
[14:34:56] stuarta: hahaha
[14:36:02] stuarta: danielk222: your master-linux-64bit-qt5 box appears to have disappeared about a week ago
[14:36:32] sphery: jpabq_: re: SIGINT and SIGTERM, #10843 (especially comment:3) is the closest I can get you (I'm just now catching up on some commit emails, so just got to it :)
[14:36:32] ** MythLogBot **
[14:36:49] sphery: unfortunately, there's not a lot of detail on the why
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[18:23:46] danielk222: sphery: I brought it back online. Unfortunately it looks like master is not building at the moment.
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[19:08:01] gigem: stichnot: I brought the configure error up on IRC yesterday, but it was either missed or ignored. The problem is with by jya_'s rpath change. I suspect a /bin/sh == /bin/dash instead of /bin/bash issue.
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[19:30:13] bobweaver: Hello there I was wondering if someone would help me with the services api. I am looking at all the wsdl pages and I see that one can "AddRecordSchedule" But everytime that I run this with the parms it says that 401 Invaild Action. Here is a example http://<My Backend IP>:6544/Dvr/AddRecordSchedule?ChanId=1101&StartTime=2013-07–08T02: 01:00
[19:31:08] bobweaver: So I am trying to get it so I can record a show when I want from my app (guide and search) But I can not seem to get the action to work : (
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[19:54:39] stuartm: there were some changes to that part of the API recently, maybe the name changed
[19:54:48] stuartm: gigem: ^^
[20:01:58] dekarl1: re the qt5 build, looks like linking has an issue
[20:01:58] dekarl1: /usr/bin/ld: hdhomerun_channels.o: relocation R_X86_64_32S against `.rodata' can not be used when making a shared object; recompile with -fPIC
[20:02:03] dekarl1 is now known as dekarl
[20:02:43] dekarl: hdhomerun_channels.o being the first object file in the command line, so its likely the same for all of them
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[20:09:43] bill6502: bobweaver: Did you try using a POST, rather than a GET?
[20:10:58] bobweaver: bill6502, how do I do that ?
[20:11:17] bobweaver: Do I just add post to the string ?
[20:11:23] bobweaver: url string that is
[20:12:38] bill6502: This works: curl --request POST mc0:6544/Myth/RemoveStorageGroupDir?GroupName=Fred\&DirName=/tmp\&HostNa me=mc0. If POST is changed to GET, a 401 is returned. Your browser example uses GET.
[20:14:25] bill6502: The convention (documented int the Wiki) is that things that change data must be POSTs. No, you don't just add it to the URL.
[20:16:34] bobweaver: so curl has to be installed ?
[20:16:50] gigem: stuartm: That call signature is for 0.26. I only messed with the API for 0.27. bill6502 is probably on the right track, though.
[20:16:57] bobweaver: I can not request it from the brpwser ?
[20:17:06] bobweaver: browser *
[20:17:18] tgm4883: bobweaver, i'd bet there is a way to specify that in qt without using curl
[20:17:28] tgm4883: but as a test
[20:17:45] bobweaver: tgm4883, yeah webkit but no go on android
[20:17:46] tgm4883: probably just easier to test with curl to verify it's working and your URL is right
[20:18:09] tgm4883: rhpot199`, might know how to do it on android
[20:18:14] bill6502: bobweaver: No, curl isn't required, but it's just a handy tool for testing. Whatever system you're using should allow you to specify GER/POST
[20:18:27] bill6502: *GET
[20:22:44] bobweaver: Yeah somethging has to be wrong with the string it is not working with curl either
[20:24:23] stuartm: bobweaver: are you using 0.26 or master?
[20:24:28] bobweaver: I guess that I could try to write a XMLHttpRequest
[20:24:34] bobweaver: stuarta, 0.25
[20:24:42] bobweaver: stuarta, *
[20:25:04] bobweaver: but it is in the wsdl of my 0.25 backend
[20:25:19] bobweaver: dont know if that matters or not
[20:27:37] bill6502: Can you pastebin the line or put it here if it's under 3 lines
[20:28:23] bill6502: Or, note that you can turn on logging for the Services API on a running backend with: mythbackend --setverbose upnp
[20:30:23] bobweaver: bill6502, cool Yeah I am making a frontend in qml for myth and right now I am working on the android part of things. I will paste some code soon
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[20:37:50] bobweaver: IT WORKED !!!!!!
[20:37:56] bobweaver: thanks to all of you !
[20:38:02] bobweaver: Yes !!
[20:39:29] bobweaver: tgm4883, and bill6502 and well all thanks bill6502 here is the XMLHttpRequest that I wrote
[20:40:10] bobweaver: Now if the Services Api would just send the xml back on the get to be by time My Guide would be done
[20:41:47] bobweaver: I have a question for you all. If you where going to make a theme would you want to make a JS file of vars for things like Guide color when recording and set to record or would you rather make a xml file ?
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[21:04:40] bobweaver: Sweet ! . . . 26-no/13+-+1
[21:05:46] bobweaver: I better write a qsortproxyfilter or a crazy JS function
[21:06:16] bobweaver: for the time of the shows it does not bring them back to me in order it is random times that they come back to me in
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[21:29:44] bill6502: gigem: I've been trying to figure out why my backends won't 'shutdown on idle' after the fix for #11108. It looks like Scheduler::HandleIdleShutdown will never get called unless there's a schedule change. And in order to have a schedule change, the frontend is connected therefore, no shutdown. Or if mythfilldatabase runs, and no client is connected, then idle shutdown happens. Is that analysis in the ballpark?
[21:29:44] ** MythLogBot **
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[22:13:06] Seeker`: eugh, my nova-t keeps dying
[22:13:10] Seeker`: not getting a lock
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[22:32:29] jya: stichnot: I'm going to remove it again… I had figured it would do no harm as the shflags isn't used for ffmpeg
[22:32:34] gigem: bill6502: Ooh! I saw that when I was working on the patch, but for some reason, I thought it was already that way and left it alone. Captain_Murdoch is the slave sleep/wake guy and I try not touch that code. I'll try to fix it this weekend.
[22:32:46] jya: it should be just a warning though
[22:33:34] jya: going to just comment that line
[22:41:51] stuartm: Seeker`: my Nova-T 500 has overheated a couple of times recently, I have some additional fans in the case that I usually disconnect in the winter to keep noise down but they are definitely needed in summer
[22:42:37] Seeker`: stuartm: if I reboot the pc it seems to be ok the first time I start live tv, but after that it just sits there with __L_
[22:43:21] stuartm: yeah, that's what mine does, unloading and reloading the driver usually fixes it for me
[22:43:29] Seeker`: stuartm: how do you do that?
[22:43:34] stuartm: could also be a driver regression in recent kernels
[22:44:03] stuartm: modprobe -r dvb_usb_dib0700
[22:44:09] stuartm: modprobe dvb_usb_dib0700
[22:44:35] Seeker`: need to stop the backend first I guess
[22:45:24] stuartm: Seeker`: only if it happens to be scanning EIT at the time, modprobe won't allow you to remove the module if something is using it
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[22:48:44] Seeker`: stuartm: keeps telling me it is in use
[22:51:23] bill6502: gigem: Thanks. (I've never been sure if I should write a ticket on something new like this or use this channel. Happy to do what ever makes life easier for you.)
[22:53:14] gigem: bill6502: Please create a ticket since I can't get to it immediately.
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[23:23:11] fryfrog (fryfrog!~fryfrog@gallery/fryfrog) has joined #mythtv
[23:24:02] fryfrog: I was poking around on reddit just now and stumbled on the Ceton cablecard devices. I wound up at and it seems like cablecard is pretty well supported in MythTV now?
[23:24:47] fryfrog: It has been *years* since I used MythTV (though only a few release numbers!), back then I was doing firewire from a pair of STBs and it was *super* unreliable (though few channels were marked as copy once)
[23:25:12] fryfrog: Is cablecard as awesome as it sounds? Well supported, common and reliable?
[23:27:08] SteveGoodey (SteveGoodey! has joined #mythtv
[23:34:51] fryfrog: Bah, curse me for missing the /topic
[23:35:33] fryfrog (fryfrog!~fryfrog@gallery/fryfrog) has left #mythtv ()
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[23:56:19] gigem: skd5aner: Please let me know when you can get that database backup. I have a patch ready that I hope will help your case.
[23:59:56] NightMonkey (NightMonkey!~NightrMon@pdpc/supporter/professional/nightmonkey) has quit (Quit: Body blow! Body blow!)

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