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Saturday, March 30th, 2013, 00:00 UTC
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[12:17:33] jya: stuartm: Ive been trying the samples on the site… Most of them are failing with the ffmpeg resync, so I tried it with master and they fail too ! are they all supposed to work in master ? this is on a mac. Some on linux do play (and the behaviour I'm getting is the same between master and the resync branch
[13:16:15] stuartm: jya: some of the samples didn't play when they were added, but I was under the impression that those bugs had been fixed in master
[13:17:53] stuartm: sample.mkv belongs to #11322 (the description got lost when it was moved around)
[13:17:53] ** MythLogBot **
[13:23:20] stuartm: I'm double checking the HD-PVR samples, the DVD ones should all play with the exception (maybe) of the more recent three which haven't had fixes committed yet
[13:24:44] stuartm: I wouldn't actually worry too much about the DVD samples, those reflect specific DVD navigation bugs, just testing that DVDs still play should be sufficient
[13:28:16] stuartm: #11159 HD-PVR sample.mpg plays here, there's corruption at the beginning but that's in the recording, it used to never play properly after that
[13:28:16] ** MythLogBot **
[13:30:12] stuartm: #11234 Playback Sample.mpg doesn't play at all ...
[13:30:12] ** MythLogBot **
[13:30:40] stuartm: but the ticket is still open on that one, so that's no surprise
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[18:02:34] skd5aner: stuartm, jya: those last two are mine... the sample for 11159 is from an HD-PVR, and that "corruption" happens on nearly every single recording my hd-pvr puts out – usually around STB stabilizaton (begining of recording) or during resolution changes (after commercial breaks)
[18:04:17] skd5aner: the one from 11234, came from a single recording from a QAM-256 (ATSC) recording... I think I had 2 recordings show this behavior several months ago, but I've never seen this since... so I'm willing to write it off as a fluke
[18:04:54] skd5aner: but, I think I tried it on some other players and it'd playback, wherease mythtv wouldn't, which is why I submitted the ticket
[18:06:51] skd5aner: I care signficantly more about ensuring that mythtv can properly handle the sample for #11159 than the other one – I think it'd be a good "regression" clip to keep around for testing
[18:06:51] ** MythLogBot **
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[19:12:58] DexterF: hi
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[20:02:51] stuartm: danielk22: it's interesting to see how you are using the unit testing, I was struggling to think of ways I could devise tests but I was thinking much bigger, not the smaller scale checks that you are implementing
[20:06:12] danielk22: stuartm: Unit tests are the easiest tests to write. They mostly just protect against regressions, but they also can help to debug the initial code (like I just caught my format params for the command line function using --logLevel rather than --loglevel)
[20:07:07] danielk22: stuartm: Functional and System tests are much harder to write and run (you need fixture for the functional tests and an environment for the system tests).
[20:08:20] danielk22: stuartm: I'll write some of those later in the logging saga..
[20:09:47] danielk22: I also want to write some benchmarking tests, since the logging was made complicated in the first place due to performance problems.
[20:09:51] stuartm: it's given me some ideas for tests I can write for libmythui, so that's good
[20:10:43] danielk22: cool :)
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[20:57:36] jya: skd5aner: I know about 11159, I spent enough time looking into it… (it still fail when using opengl profile. works with the others
[20:59:31] jya: stuartm: unit testing are usually quite small.. In my company, for any function you write, you must submit unit testing for it…
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[21:32:07] ephemer0l: hey all, where are the paths stored for the storage directory's ? I'm having issues with version 0.26 adding a trailing slash making the path invalid after running myth-setup
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[21:57:04] bill6502: ephemer0l: You want the mythtv-users channel, but the answer you'd get there is that the trailing /'s are normal/expected.
[21:58:00] ephemer0l: thanks bill6502 , sorry for not reading the topic.
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