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Wednesday, March 27th, 2013, 00:01 UTC
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[00:55:23] kormoc: jpabq, but Seattle's pretty awesome :)
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[01:57:13] wagnerrp: close, but we were actually looking for you to chant "one of us! one of us!"
[01:57:26] wagnerrp: kormoc; ^^^
[02:07:07] kormoc: heh
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[04:07:33] taylorr: jpabq: did you see this complaint about LiveTV worsening with the recent recorder backports? apparently his hommies were so upset he hard to revert the changes
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[09:03:57] bas-t: !!Help!! where is the themes repo now? it was at, but it has vanished
[09:07:25] stuarta: it's there for me
[09:24:19] bas-t: yeah, i got a 404, but now it is ok
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[14:07:17] rich0: Captain_Murdoch, well, I ended up running into another 160 pixel transcode issue, so that value must still be sneaking in somewhere (much less freuqent now). When I get time I'll try to investigate further – I patched it by treating a 160 as a 0 in the transcode method, but when I get a chance I'll try to find the root cause. I'm sure it has something to do with that transcode variable in that conditional assignment you found...
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[14:40:56] Captain_Murdoch: rich0, OK, thanks for the update. if you find a fix and I'm not around, assign me a ticket and I'll get it committed.
[14:46:03] rich0: Will do, thanks  :)
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[15:21:57] jpabq: taylorr: was a ticket created for that?
[15:46:30] jpabq: taylorr: LiveTV works as well for me, as it ever has.
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[16:24:07] taylorr: jpabq: no issues here with LiveTV either... I think that warpme and his hommies just reverted and didn't pursue the issue
[16:26:59] jpabq: taylorr: ok. If they open a ticket with more information, I will pursue it. It is possible that the commit I made yesterday may have fixed their problem anyway...
[16:28:30] taylorr: jpabq: yes, I think it probably would have... I'm not subscribed to the list or I'd ask them to try the latest -fixes
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[16:29:46] stichnot: jpabq, taylorr: It makes sense that the latest commit could have fixed their problem. I'll suggest this on the list.
[16:30:12] jpabq: sphery: remind me --- I have the memory that if the guide data was setup a certain way, a "record one" rule could end up recording the show twice on what it thought were two different channels. Something to do with the same channel showing up on two difference sourceids?
[16:30:16] jpabq: stichnot: thanks
[16:37:34] sphery: jpabq: yeah, there's a bug where the same episode airing at the same time on 2 different channels on 2 different sources, but only if the channels are given 2 different call signs
[16:39:03] sphery: er, where the episode is recorded twice in the above situation
[16:39:41] jpabq: sphery: I knew it was something like that. I am just trying to help someone track down a problem, and thought that it might be related to that scenario.
[16:41:37] sphery: if the channels actually air the same content all the time, simply giving them the same call sign would work around the issue, but if they air different content (i.e. they aren't the "same" channel, just on different sources), we don't really have a good workaround (but should probably eventually come up with a fix)
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[16:52:22] dekarl: can someone write that into a wiki article? I remember "if the channels are more or less equal, e.g. with local news/program added, give them the same callsign" but "give them the same channel number when its exactly the same channel, but on a different video source"
[16:53:40] dekarl: and what about SD/HD simulcast? simply mark the SD variant as invisible?
[16:54:43] stuarta: dekarl: we have talked about a priority modifier for SD/HD content
[16:55:09] stuarta: some people prefer the HD version, odd people like me can't playback HD so prefer the SD version
[16:55:24] stuarta: as a consequence i lower the priority of the HD channel
[16:58:36] stuarta: the scheduler therefore marks the HD version as an earlier showing (why it's not an alternate showing i'm not sure)
[16:59:18] dekarl: stuarta: I have -1 for the HD channel but +2 for programmes actually in HD, there are many options :)
[16:59:53] dekarl: but do you have the same call sign on both? or the same channel number? or just the HD variant hidden?
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[17:01:08] stuarta: i leave the callsign on the HD channel alone
[17:01:45] stuarta: for example there is "BBC One HD" and about 15 "BBC 1 <region>"
[17:02:01] stuarta: the "BBC 1 <region>" all get the same callsign
[17:03:30] stuarta: <- that's how i sync them :)
[17:03:44] stuarta: much easier, especially since i rescan often when testing
[17:05:34] dekarl: hmm, i'm wondering if the regional variant collapsing should be a requirenment for the autoconfig
[17:05:51] dekarl: is the +1 variant a different callsign?
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[17:08:03] taylorr: stuartm: thinking about updating 0.25/fixes to the latest dvdread/dvdnav changes... any objections?
[17:09:21] stuarta: dekarl: yes, since the programming is delayed +1 hr, giving an alternate showing
[17:10:43] stuarta: dekarl: unhelpfully, the callsigns are slightly different between dvb-s & dvb-t, hence the tweaks in that sql to get them to align, thereby allowing alternate showings on a different card
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[17:19:54] dekarl: stuarta, my understanding was that +1 channels would share a callsign with the normal ones as they are considered equeal for "record only on this channel" rules (same as regional variants)
[17:20:45] stuarta: i've never tried it. maybe that is the intention of them
[17:20:53] ** stuarta isn't a big user of the feature **
[17:23:28] ** stuarta heads home **
[17:37:41] sphery: dekarl: in theory the call sign is just a user-specifiable way of grouping channels across sources as being the same for the purposes of the "this channel" filter (or, previously, "this channel" rules), so you never need to set it to the same thing
[17:39:00] sphery: and, technically, it really only needs to be different if the content on 2 channels is not "substantially identical" (the UI tries to handle situations where something on the channels isn't identical)
[17:40:19] sphery: so, basically, it's up to the user whether to give 2 channels the same call sign... do they want both channels used for "this channel" recordings? do they want the listings for the 2 channels condensed into a single row in the EPG? if yes to either, call sign needs to be the same (and for the latter case, channel number must also be the same)
[17:43:01] sphery: but, yeah, if you specify channels for the HDTV and SDTV versions of a station's broadcast on different video sources, you'll hit the bug if you don't give them the same callsign--so you could use the same callsign or set the not-desired version to not visible or delete it or ...
[17:43:22] sphery: but you shouldn't ever hit the bug with the +1 versions of channels since the episode isn't airing at the exact same time
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[17:56:53] gigem: jpabq: A record one rule shouldn't record twice. sphery, I've seen you mention this double record bug several times. I've never been able to reproduce it, and therefore, don't believe it. The only thing I can think of that might cause what you describe is if the programs are generics, in which, they are different by definition.
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[18:14:14] dekarl: sphery: hmm, reminds me that same channel number and same callsign but one channel hidden does record from the hidden channel (anecdotical evidence only, I deleted the old channel directly afterwars)
[18:25:19] sphery: gigem: I've never actually seen it (I have only one video source), but users have described it... I thought I had all the conditions based on information I've gotten from users, but there may be more to it--or they may actually be telling MythTV to record both, somehow. So, since you've looked into it, I'll assume that the bug doesn't exist.
[18:54:07] gigem: sphery: Okay. I suppose there could be some funkyness going on if innon-comparable programids are generated for the different sources and don't use different authority parts.
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[19:07:39] sphery: gigem: hehe, that may well be what it is... I can't really remember this hitting anyone except satellite users outside North America/Schedules Direct
[19:17:58] gigem: sphery: That could be it. The check for different authority IDs didn't got in until 0.26 or maybe 0.25.
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[23:42:14] jya: stuartm: the Sample.mkv file in box… Is this something supposed to show any problems ? did myth used to fail that file?
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