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Tuesday, March 26th, 2013, 00:15 UTC
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[00:16:38] danielk22: stichnot: The start and end times are really the only thing that allow proper syncing. I did run some experiments on with OCR + tesseract can do a good job, but only if you add some more lines of text at the bottom (just repeating the subtitle a image a couple times works).
[00:18:13] danielk22: stichnot: ProjectX can extract image based subtitles too, I think I may have based the format on that a bit.
[00:30:40] jya: ok… what about I do the merge for the new ffmpeg now ?
[00:43:37] danielk22: jya: no objection from me. i haven't tested it but i assume some others have.
[00:44:13] jya: somehow I doubt that :)
[00:44:37] danielk22: well, we have had sufficient opportunity anyway...
[00:44:54] jya: it's a long week-end here, so I'll have days of work to fix any rising issues
[00:45:20] danielk22: You get Friday off?
[00:46:08] jya: Good friday yes...
[00:46:39] jya: quite interesting really good friday. *everything* is closed.. this doesn't happen for any other time of the year, not even Christmas or New year
[00:47:20] jya: and supermarkets re-open at midnight
[00:47:32] danielk22: Heh, here I alternate side parking regulations are suspended (no street cleaning.) Although a friend of a friend does have the day off. :)
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[01:25:30] tonsofpcs: jya: where I'm from, we call days where everything is closed "Sunday"
[01:26:03] jya: I see… from after thursday here, we'll have 4 sundays in a row :)
[01:26:10] gigem: danielk22: I get Friday off too. The odd thing is I worked at the same company previously and we didn't get Good Friday off then. FWIW, the company I worked at in between had the best plan — each employee got two, personal religious holidays per year. That company was Israeli, though, so they were obviously more sensitive to non-Christian religions.
[01:28:04] tonsofpcs: lol jya :)
[01:28:36] tonsofpcs: gigem: we don't get good friday off. We get 'spring holiday' which happens to fall on good friday.
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[01:31:24] gigem: tonsofpcs: Sounds like the spring egg hunt and spring bunny festival crap I heard about last week.
[01:33:54] jya: talking about Easter bunny, I watched rise of the guardians with my kids last week. enjoyed it greatly… Well, now I've watched it about about 5 times and the novelty has worn off but still
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[01:50:59] TandyUK: Hey guys anyone awake (and im not after user shit :P)
[01:51:19] TandyUK: I was round a mates earlier, playing with his myth system which i put in for him
[01:51:42] TandyUK: and had an idea for a tweak to the list videos menu
[01:52:38] TandyUK: that is, if a level 2 menu, ie Root share name > This list ...
[01:53:13] wagnerrp: the root paths are hidden from the user
[01:53:17] wagnerrp: they never see them
[01:53:23] TandyUK: has more than say 25 (configurable?) items in it, display a list of first letters, eg A,B,D,G,M, filtered by the stuff in the folder
[01:53:51] TandyUK: open videos list, the first list that comes up o nthe left i called the root
[01:54:09] TandyUK: when you pick one, the list that comes up in the middle column im talking about changing
[01:54:29] wagnerrp: that sounds like the old list view
[01:54:37] wagnerrp: i doubt most people use that any longer
[01:54:48] TandyUK: old sounds good, is that able to be turned back on?
[01:55:02] TandyUK: scrolling through a 200 long list to get to "R" is painful
[01:55:16] wagnerrp: no. the "middle column" sounds like the list view
[01:55:24] wagnerrp: most people don't use that view
[01:55:30] TandyUK: especially as you cant press up when on the first item to go to the end of the list
[01:55:33] wagnerrp: it's generally only used by people with low resolution displays
[01:55:42] TandyUK: its nothing to do with resolution lol
[01:55:50] Seeker`: can't you use Ctrl+S (or similar) to search?
[01:55:56] wagnerrp: and you can use page up/down to scroll faster
[01:55:57] TandyUK: pressing down 150 times to get to the item you want is nasty
[01:56:39] TandyUK: that might be a learnign curve the end user could cope with :P
[01:56:45] wagnerrp: tandyuk: the point is that on something like the gallery view, where you often have many videos on a single row, it's not so much of an issue
[01:57:13] TandyUK: yeah for some reason this user likes list view
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[03:07:40] jya: That one thing I've always found incredibly annoying in the recording page. It takes forever to find something. Being to press 1 once for A, twice for B, three times for C etc… just like you do on mobile phones would be a great help
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[07:58:43] dekarl: jya, even dancing in night clubs is forbidden over here 2011 there were heavy controls of the ban (in Frankfurt) which led to quite some disputes
[08:09:57] jya: is that anytime of the year or just on a particular day? Well, consider yourself lucky, you can now pray undisturbed :)
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[08:45:15] dekarl: only on silent/high christian holy days
[08:46:31] dekarl: three to four days each year
[08:47:45] dekarl: s/days/times/ on easter its friday and saturday for many states
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[12:59:16] stuartm: TandyUK: there's the 'incremental search' feature, you can enter the first letter, part or all of the name and it will jump straight to that entry
[13:00:36] TandyUK: is that buried in a config menu or something?
[13:01:11] TandyUK: also is there any way to make videos list actually show the extnesion
[13:01:39] TandyUK: Eg, a foler i am looking at has "sparks-moal-xvid" listed twice
[13:01:57] stuartm: TandyUK: it's a keybinding, pressing the key brings up the dialog
[13:02:23] TandyUK: you see thats where i really struggle with an MCE usb remote
[13:02:33] TandyUK: we dont have any spare keys to use for somethign else
[13:02:43] TandyUK: it has to beased on up, down, left , right, ok
[13:02:46] TandyUK: pretty much
[13:02:55] stuartm: * # ?
[13:03:01] TandyUK: # is delete
[13:03:06] TandyUK: not sure about *
[13:03:15] TandyUK: but * doesnt say "search"
[13:03:22] TandyUK: so that would just get confusing
[13:03:32] TandyUK: what id like to see is a by default listing, which goes
[13:03:51] TandyUK: Movies > A > A day in the ..... > movie.mpg
[13:04:09] stuartm: btw, where you say "you cant press up when on the first item to go to the end of the list" << That's a function of the theme, and you could edit the theme to allow it
[13:04:19] TandyUK: ok im using the default theme
[13:04:50] TandyUK: im sure most of these things are possible
[13:05:02] TandyUK: its just how much of it an end user expects to work by default, out of the box
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[14:01:52] stichnot: stuartm: I'd kinda like it if pressing a number key like 4 would jump to the 40% point in a list of recordings/videos/whatever
[14:02:55] stuartm: stichnot: the problem with that is that many users bind 1–9 to other actions and it would cause all sorts of conflicts
[14:03:53] stuartm: and it doesn't help touchscreen users, I don't dislike the idea of dividing up the video list into All, A, B C ... Z, much like it's done in mythmusic
[14:04:12] stichnot: Interesting. What kinds of actions? (wondering if I should do that myself...)
[14:04:58] stichnot: I'm thinking of the Watch Recordings list which is normally sorted by date. A-Z grouping doesn't help much.
[14:05:12] stuartm: stichnot: well in mythmusic it's always historically been used to switch between views, the playlist editor, the fullscreen visualiser et al
[14:05:51] stichnot: One possibility would be to offer "Jump to 10%", "Jump to 20%", etc. actions that can be bound to keys if you want
[14:06:10] stuartm: stichnot: we can come up with a similar approach for recordings group by date/week/year/whatever
[14:06:20] stichnot: but this is just a thought, I'm not passionate enough to implement anything yet :)
[14:07:35] stichnot: stuartm: The problem is that for at least one of my use cases, the date distribution is very non-uniform. For example, I start recording all "Dora the Explorer" episodes and I get a ton for the first week or three, followed by a long tail.
[14:07:40] stuartm: I think taking the mythmusic approach to mythvideo and recordings might be the best approach, it's touchscreen friendly, it's user-friendly because instead of burying filter options in context menus and settings dialogs all possible options are there on-screen, easy to navigate and see
[14:08:56] stichnot: I guess coming up with an intelligent clustering for my use case could make it workable in the same framework
[14:12:01] stuartm: mythmusic offers grouping by Artist/Album/Year/Genre/Rating and others I can't remember just now, each is then sub-divided further making it easier to whittle down to exactly what you were looking for
[14:12:33] stuartm: failing that all collections (video/music/recordings/games) offer a search facility
[14:13:31] stichnot: yeah, I really like the incremental search, even when I have to suffer through it with a remote control
[14:13:59] stichnot: jya: I'm ready for the ffmpeg merge
[14:17:34] stuartm: jya: have you tested it against samples of DVDs and foreign channels, hdpvr output etc?
[14:20:41] stuartm: e.g. . . . sion_testing
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[21:24:42] jya: stuartm: not against all those files, but against all the samples I have that have been accumulated over the years that showed problem at one time or another
[21:28:59] stuartm: good enough for me
[21:30:20] stuartm: we can't avoid regressions entirely, but we can check that typical broadcast material (or DVD) isn't affected in a way that was easily avoidable
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[21:56:52] wagnerrp: stuartm: the correct answer is "stop downloading illegal movies that are in 2-parts for stupid and arbitrary reasons"
[21:57:04] wagnerrp: "sparks-moal-xvid" is "Man on a Ledge"
[22:02:01] stuartm: wagnerrp: sorry, you've lost me
[22:02:42] stuartm: oh, right, had to go back over the log :)
[22:03:04] stuartm: I don't think I was actually paying that much attention at the time :)
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[22:09:18] wagnerrp: be a cynic. expect that most strange filename problems will be the result of illegal downloading...  :P
[22:11:13] stuartm: sounded Dutch or maybe Scandinavian :)
[22:12:04] stuartm: of course the xvid is a dead giveaway, but as I say, I really wasn't paying close attention at the time
[22:17:41] dekarl: xvid is a giveaway for getting caught stealing second quality...
[22:32:16] tonsofpcs: /win 4
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[22:59:38] paul-h: stuartm, stichnot: I have a commit in my fork that adds the quick scrolling to buttonlists if you are interested
[23:00:26] paul-h: I haven't cherry picked it because as you say it can be annoying if you have the number keys mapped to something else
[23:01:04] jpabq: I just got an email from a head hunter. They want to interview me for a job in Seattle.
[23:01:52] stuartm: jpabq: nice
[23:02:23] jpabq: I am not really interested in moving to Seattle, but it is always nice to have options.
[23:02:59] stuartm: wonder if they offer a staff discount ...
[23:05:26] jpabq: I buy so much from Amazon, that that could be a very nice bonus.
[23:06:02] jpabq: It would be for their "Amazon Instant Video team"
[23:07:02] jpabq: She found me via LinkedIn — so anyone interested should make sure their LinkedIn page has their Myth experience on it.
[23:08:55] danielk22: I recently got a ping from a Spotify recruiter via LinkedIn. She didn't say if MythTV was a keyword she searched for. I should have asked.
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