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Friday, March 22nd, 2013, 00:01 UTC
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[00:25:48] tgm4883: kormoc, was there a specific reason bug #10504 wasn't fixed in 0.25? I know there was talks of it at one point. I'm trying to decide if it's logical for Mythbuntu to carry a patch for that or not.
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[00:29:48] kormoc: tgm4883, no specific reason for it, I should get off my butt and fix it/merge in that patch
[00:30:07] tgm4883: heh, is that something that is likely to get a backport then?
[00:30:24] tgm4883: superm1 is hard against us carrying extra patches that aren't in upstream mythtv
[00:30:46] tgm4883: and I agree with him unless it's something that is completely broken
[00:30:59] tgm4883: which this kinda is for PHP 5.4 installs
[00:32:13] tgm4883: There is a downstream discussion asking us to carry such a patch at
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[13:46:42] B0BBY: hello people.
[13:47:07] B0BBY: how does one determine if their card is detected before installing mythtv, etc?
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[13:50:40] stuarta: B0BBY: you want #mythtv-users
[13:50:44] ** stuarta points to the topic **
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[13:54:15] B0BBY: stuarta: thank you.
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[15:07:00] rich0: I'm trying to track down a transcoding issue and it is possible that somebody here might be able to help me. I've tracked the issue to transcode.cpp – the width being set is wrong, and it looks like it is getting that from the profile, despite the fact that I can't find a value of "160" anywhere in the codecsetting table or elsewhere. However, navigating the settings classes has been difficult so it is hard to tell where that value is coming from.
[15:07:00] rich0: I know that get_str_option is returning a value of "160" for name="width" for the profile. Any suggestions where to look?
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[15:26:17] Captain_Murdoch: rich0, check your DB? select c.* from codecparams c, recordingprofiles p where = c.profile and p.profilegroup = 6 and = 'MPEG2'; substitute the profile name you're using for 'MPEG2'.
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[15:28:55] Captain_Murdoch: 160 is the minimum width we supportted for software encoding I believe unless you were transcoding where we allowed down to 0 since 0 meant auto-detect. so it almost sounds like you have 160 in your profile.
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[16:11:19] stuartm: kormoc: if you do backport to 0.25 then we'll call that the last commit before 0.25.4 (which should be the last point release of that branch)
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[16:51:10] rich0: Captain_Murdoch, I have 0 (auto) in the profile, but by the time the profile is read by Transcode::TranscodeFile it gets read as 160. Could it be that somewhere before this the value of 0 is getting changed to 160?
[16:51:42] rich0: If I do a select on codecsettings where name=width I just get zeros, or one or two that are hard-coded to 480
[16:53:50] rich0: SELECT *
[16:53:51] rich0: FROM `codecparams`
[16:53:51] rich0: WHERE `name` LIKE 'width'
[16:53:51] rich0: LIMIT 0 , 30
[16:54:23] rich0: Gives me 0's, 640's, and a 480. Most are from profiles that I don't use.
[16:54:31] rich0: All my transcoding profiles are set to 0's.
[16:59:56] rich0: For now I'm going to patch my transcode.cpp to detect a newWidth of 160 and set it to 0 so that it calculates by aspect. That should at least fix my problems, but I do want to figure out where that 160 is coming from. I started getting this behavior as soon as I moved to 0.26, which was as soon as it was stable. It persists with fixes as of a month ago, and I don't see anything in git log more recent than that which seems relevant.
[17:13:39] rich0: Ok, with my hardcoding it correctly calculates the width based on aspect. However, I'd still like to figure out where the 160 comes from. I'm invoking mythtranscode with a custom command line in mythtv-setup, using the -j parameter to pass the job ID. However, I don't see -j in commandlineparser.cpp, which makes me wonder if I'm not invoking it right, resulting in it not actually using the right profile settings.
[17:16:32] Captain_Murdoch: -j handling should be setup in addJob(); which is called at the top of commandlineparser.cpp
[17:20:45] rich0: Thanks. The only think I can think of is that somehow something is grabbing that value of 0, recognizing it as invalid, and setting it to 160 before TranscodeFile is called. But, I'm still looking. My codecsettings don't contain a 160, and within mythtv-setup everything is set to auto (I suspect the 480 and 640 records are orphans from eons past). If something changed from 0.24->0.26 that would explain why I had trouble after I upgraded.
[17:21:28] rich0: I just stuck an an if(newWidth == 160) newWidth=0; in TranscodeFile so that for this width it just triggers the auto-calculate code. However, I'd like to find a proper fix.
[17:21:50] Captain_Murdoch: for kicks, can you test with height set to Auto and Width set to something else. see if your height gets set to 160. if so, that could indicate something going on in the loading of the recording profile.
[17:22:27] rich0: I think I might just do that next. Easy enough to just create a dummy profile for this purpose so I don't mess up my regular recordings.
[17:29:28] Captain_Murdoch: in recordingprofile.cpp, we set the minimum height and width to 160 if the transcoding flag is false in one part of the code. that's the only way I can think of for a 160 to sneak in.
[17:30:22] rich0: Yup, I just found that also
[17:30:52] rich0: Still trying to grok that, but from what I've seen the configuration screen and settings parsing code seems intimately related.
[17:31:12] Captain_Murdoch: I think there's bug in the loading in recordingprofile.cpp
[17:32:05] rich0: I'm testing with height=auto now. That SpinBoxSetting line seems to be width-related, so if height works fine that could be a sign that is the cause.
[17:33:01] rich0: It correctly calculated height, reading the setting as 0
[17:34:22] rich0: If not transcoding the last parameter is "" for width, and QString() for height.
[17:34:55] rich0: Otherwise the Width and Height code blocks look identical.
[17:35:46] rich0: Could that have anything to do with it? Whatever the issue is, it involves treating width differently than height.
[17:36:36] Captain_Murdoch: could be, I always used auto height when I transcoded I think, so if that is the issue it might have been around a while. can't hurt to test.
[17:37:19] Captain_Murdoch: I don't transcode anymore so I haven't touched that code in a while other than working on the HTTP Live Streaming functionality.
[17:40:35] rich0: Ok, I'll try rebuilding with a QString there. It doesn't /seem/ like that should cause too much harm...
[17:51:36] Captain_Murdoch: only thing I can think of there is some piece of code checking isNull() vs == "" or similar regarding the auto value implementation.
[17:55:52] rich0: THAT DID IT!!!!!
[17:56:34] rich0:
[17:56:57] rich0: Now it receives a 0 and auto-sets width.
[17:57:55] rich0: Captain_Murdoch, let me know if you want me to submit that patch in some way.
[17:58:30] SmallR2002_: sigh
[17:58:42] SmallR2002_: if I'm going to use Myth again I have to run coax like a million miles
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[18:00:58] Captain_Murdoch: rich0, simple fix, I'll just commit it. good catch.
[18:02:31] rich0: Thanks! I'll look for it in 0.26-fixes and push out to Gentoo once it shows up...
[18:11:52] Captain_Murdoch: thanks, just pushed to both master and 0.26.
[18:15:48] rich0: Got it, thanks.
[18:16:10] Captain_Murdoch: thanks for tracking that down.
[18:18:13] rich0: np, just scratching an itch.
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[19:25:57] gigem: stuartm: Could you please take a look at ? It's my attempt to fix #11231 and also make the group and password popup behavior more sane.
[19:25:57] ** MythLogBot **
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[19:32:14] stuartm: gigem: sure
[19:37:48] gigem: Thanks.
[19:43:16] stuartm: may be that I'm not seeing the complete picture, but could the first block from passwordClosed() not go in the 'else' in checkPassword()?
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[19:43:48] stuartm: that would avoid the need for m_passwordFailed and m_passwordEntered?
[19:45:19] gigem: I tried that first, but it lead to multiple password prompts getting created in some cases.
[19:48:45] stuartm: ah ok, we should be able to avoid that by using the result event instead of the haveResult signal (Isaac always preferred the events over the signals anyway)
[19:49:38] stuartm: the event wouldn't be handled until control returned to the event loop at which point the old dialogue should have been closed, the signal is handled immediately
[19:50:10] gigem: Yeah, that would be cleaner.
[19:53:45] stuartm: elsewhere it might not be worth doing, but PBB has enough members already so I'd try to avoid creating many more if we can
[19:54:13] stuartm: gigem: are you OK to add the event handler, or do you want me to do it?
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[20:08:14] gigem: stuartm: I can handle it. I'll see if I can get rid of m_passwordEntered, too.
[20:09:21] stuartm: thanks for tackling that ticket, I really should have got to it long before now
[20:20:29] gigem: You're welcome. I had a little time this week waiting for some jobs
[20:21:03] gigem: to run, so I'm trying to pick off a few tickets while I wait.
[20:21:22] Seeker`: gigem: fancy doing my work instead? :P
[20:22:58] skd5aner: stuartm, wagnerrp: so, my idea for using zb block for track wouldn't work since it's python, but why not try it for the wiki? . . . 8&t=1028
[20:23:42] skd5aner: s/track/trac
[20:24:53] skd5aner: It's totally blocked all spam posts and registrations on a forum I run – I would imagine similiar results for the wiki
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[20:25:19] gigem: Seeker`: np :)
[20:26:05] skd5aner: stuartm, wagnerrp: way easier than trying to manually manage block lists or constantly chase troublemakers in a reactive fashion
[20:26:36] Seeker`: gigem: right, its just a matter of tracking down a memory leak in 400,000 or so lines of code
[20:26:54] stuartm: skd5aner: the existing trac spam plugin works pretty well, it hooks into a number of external spam identification services/databases too, but we do need a solution for the wiki
[20:28:31] skd5aner: stuartm: the nicest thing about zb block for me was that I could remove the 3–5 spam prevention forum specific plugins I had (that mostly, kinda worked) and replaced it just with zbblock and 1 line of code and it does a way better job
[20:28:51] skd5aner: and uses various list of bad offenders that the community contributes too
[20:28:56] skd5aner: so, I don't have to manage it at all
[20:29:10] stuartm: I think we've decided to get fail2ban installed, that will apparently spot common hack attacks (sql injection attempts and overflow exploits in GET/POST requests) and immediately applies a firewall level block on the offending IPs
[20:29:18] stuartm: but spam is the biggest issue atm
[20:30:13] skd5aner: zb block doesn't do it at the firewall level, but it does do spam + common hack + bots
[20:30:53] skd5aner: anyway – just thought I'd et you know my success with it :)
[20:31:38] stuartm: it covers a gap in coverage, which is good, there's no single free open source product that does it all, at least not one I know of
[20:32:57] skd5aner: very true
[20:33:20] skd5aner: I went through about 5–25 fake registrations an hour when I migrated to smf forums...
[20:33:29] skd5aner: havne't had one in about 3 months now :)
[20:33:38] skd5aner: (after installing zb block that is)
[20:33:57] skd5aner: it's frightening to read the log to and see all the bots trying to do nasty stuff
[20:35:27] skd5aner: alright – got to run! have a great weekend
[20:35:43] Captain_Murdoch: has anyone had a chance to look at rsiebert's gallery integration patch yet? I know it came in via a pull request on github, but I figured it might have interested someone on here.
[20:38:11] stuartm: Captain_Murdoch: gallery as in mythgallery?
[20:38:37] Captain_Murdoch: yeah
[20:39:28] Captain_Murdoch: he integrated a new gallery into mythfrontend with central storage of images, etc..
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[20:39:43] stuartm: I think Beirdo had plans to do serious work on the plugin, but he's MIA atm, I can't think of anyone else who has shown interest in that area
[20:40:02] Captain_Murdoch:
[20:40:03] stuartm: Captain_Murdoch: sounds promising
[20:40:35] Captain_Murdoch: yeah, sounded interesting, another reason I need to spend time on upgrading my dev box (which also does 3–4 other things).
[20:41:42] jheizer_: Hmm Services API support. I would love to add it to MobileMyth. I currently don't have a good mobile household way to display pctures on tablets/phones from my server.
[20:42:24] Captain_Murdoch: code and feature set indicates he's put a lot of thought and time into it.
[20:42:57] stuartm: that's basically what Beirdo and I talked endlessly about implementing, the description seems perfect
[20:43:41] stuartm: given the work it obviously involved I'd probably not quibble too much about implementation issues, those could always be sorted after it's merged
[20:45:33] stuartm: and that's only if there are code/implementation problems, I don't want to seem pessimistic
[20:53:14] stuartm: probably should avoid calling it a plugin, since it's not that any more, for a moment there I thought he'd implemented the backend plugin vapour-ware that I keep promising :)
[21:19:30] Captain_Murdoch: yeah, I was thinking along the similar lines. I was rather impressed that it wasn't just a simple patch, it looks well thought out from my cursory glance.
[21:47:17] stuartm: aye, it's definitely more than a simple hack but I think I need to study it more carefully before I can say more than that
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[22:21:59] Captain_Murdoch: yeah, ditto. wish he had talked about it in here more, or maybe I missed it. the pull request came as a total surpise. anyway, gotta get offline for a while...
[22:22:42] Captain_Murdoch: preliminary thought is that it looks nice though (without having compiled or installed or looked too deep at it).
[22:22:47] ** Captain_Murdoch is afk **
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[22:34:43] wagnerrp: central storage... meaning storage groups and mythbackend serving it?
[22:34:53] wagnerrp: database tables to store the content in?
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[22:58:34] skd5aner: Captain_Murdoch: my suggestion – mythgallery has received next to no love for the last 3–4 releases with the exeption of the occassional community submited patch... commit it, and fix things in a lean/agile approach
[22:58:45] skd5aner: avoid the bit rot :)
[22:59:26] skd5aner: that said, I havne't seen or tested it – so I'm going on faith that it's nice and actually works
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