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Thursday, March 21st, 2013, 00:22 UTC
[00:22:50] danielk22: stichnot: Sounds like it's time to do a 3-way merge with upstream
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[00:32:19] stichnot: danielk22: what do you mean? Are you suggesting making local ffmpeg changes in our repository?
[00:44:02] danielk22: No, I mean if the patch made it in upstream and not in our sync of upstream we must be missing something.
[01:00:53] stichnot: It's not clear whether the patch actually made it into ffmpeg, despite the ticket being closed.
[01:01:24] stichnot:
[01:07:18] stichnot: git log of that file doesn't show evidence of any such commit to that file
[01:30:51] danielk22: hmm, "Will be fixed in git in a moment" .. not the correct in which the 'fix' -> 'close ticket' should happen...
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[01:50:12] Seeker`: let me jsut commit thi....oooh shiny
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[02:03:40] stichnot: It's possible the fix was committed to this qatar/master branch and later the merge was botched
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[06:55:25] stichnot: jpabq: regarding #11459. Can you think of a way that the fixes/0.26 changes between 28144cd and 77259c5 might result in keyframes being missed? This is with 1080i mpeg2 recordings.
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[08:28:10] stuartm: SteveGoodey: any pattern to the IPs of those wiki accounts? same IP appearing multiple times or same subnet?
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[08:39:55] SteveGoodey: stuartm: Not that I could see. But hey, I'm no expert! To be honest I was just plugging them into Wikipedia's special page, global block list and blocking them if they had.
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[08:43:40] stuartm: ok, just wondering :) We were able to significantly reduce Trac spam recently by blocking just 5 /24 subnets and it would be nice if the same would have helped with wiki spam
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[10:45:12] wagnerrp: stuartm: account signup isn't broken. it's disabled
[10:45:38] wagnerrp: as an admin, you can create a new account regardless
[10:52:51] stuartm: hmm, I wasn't logged in at the time so I guess it had been re-enabled when I tested
[10:53:11] wagnerrp: unless you enabled it, it's still disabled
[10:53:34] wagnerrp: like i said, you were still logged in as 'gbee', so it allowed you to create one in spite of the lockout
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[10:54:43] wagnerrp: ok. creation is re-enabled
[10:54:51] wagnerrp: lets see if the accounts start flooding in again
[10:54:57] stuartm: huh, I thought I logged out before testing it ...
[10:55:17] wagnerrp: "GBee (Talk | contribs | block) created new account User:Testing"
[10:55:58] stuartm: yeah I can see that, just not sure what happened there :)
[10:56:00] wagnerrp: anyway... /opt/www/
[10:58:48] stuartm: k
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[11:19:39] stuartm: fwiw, although I appreciate just how difficult it is to police the wiki, banning users pre-emptively because of their username contains numbers etc seems likely to trip up legitimate users
[11:20:12] stuartm: for example Tommycw1 is a legimate user, but Phillipbennett932 must be a spammer?
[11:20:58] stuarta: does it make sense to tie it into one of the openid systems? effectively let someone else police the user accounts?
[11:22:37] stuartm: maybe, that or a 'moderation' plugin that automatically holds changes by new users until they are reviewed, and an anti-spam plugin
[11:23:37] stuartm: I thought there was a plugin or option to prevent new users posting external links until they'd built up sufficient points/karma
[11:25:34] stuarta: that could work, although you would have to put github links on the allowed list
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[16:16:49] knightr_: wagnerrp, thanks, what you replied to the guy asking about feature request is essentially what I wanted to telll him but had not yet et had the time to do... pull request are a major pita to deal with for most of us...
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[17:05:03] Captain_Murdoch: knightr_, I think most users who might contribute patches aren't aware that github isn't our primary repo. not sure of the best way to get that info out there though other than a post on -dev
[17:05:21] stuarta: it's not too hard to service pull requests
[17:05:31] stuarta: you just can't use the automated github mechanism
[17:06:18] stuarta: it also suffers from the fact that unless you are a project admin on github, you can't see the requestors git url, nor can you close out the pull request
[17:07:23] stuartm: everyone knows how to commit patches though since we've been doing it for years, "git am -x < git_formated_patch" gives all the benefits of a pull while being very familiar to most of us
[17:08:22] stuartm: plus it forces people to open tickets on Trac, instead of having to monitor two different sites for patches/bug reports
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[17:14:43] knightr_: Captain_Murdoch, not sure it's actually worth it to do it, we would continually have to remind them of that and its quite possible that quite a few a them would not understand what it actually means... I don't mind having to do additional steps to commit something but having to bug somebody else to close the request each time is a deal breaker for me...
[17:15:37] knightr_: gotta go, I noticed your post as I as getting ready to close my remote session, gotta get back to work... ttyl
[17:18:39] stuarta: we should bug github for a mechanism to allow that
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[18:25:41] paul-h: danielk22: the good news is I can now login to trac :) the bad news is I don't seen to be able to change the tickets in any way like changing the owner or milestone :(
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[18:34:09] paul-h: Steve-Goodey: thanks for the email – back again like a bad penny :)
[18:41:34] natanojl: paul-h: Welcome back!
[18:43:42] paul-h: natanojl: thanks
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[18:55:18] stuartm: paul-h: should be fixed
[18:55:20] stuartm: wb
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[19:01:02] Captain_Murdoch: paul-h, ditto stuartm's 'wb'
[19:01:05] dekarl: paul-h: welcome back from me, too
[19:05:31] paul-h: stuartm: still not working, tried logging out and back in but the only option under modify ticket is 'leave as new'
[19:05:55] stuartm: what's your username? I gave 'developer' privs to paulh
[19:06:08] paul-h: paulh
[19:06:29] stuartm: oops, no I gave dev perms to pauh
[19:07:02] stuartm: ok, now it really should be fixed :)
[19:07:49] paul-h: yep that fixed it thanks
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[19:22:29] stuartm: danielk22: is _still_ at it :)
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[19:30:36] stichnot: paul-h: wb +1
[19:31:09] stuartm: or wb++
[19:31:28] gigem: wb += 1
[19:49:42] gigem: danielk22: For #11405, how much do you think would break if MythDate::toString() simply returned an empty string for invalid dates/times?
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[20:04:04] gigem: danielk22: Returning an empty string is probably fine since that's what plain old QDateTime/QDate::toString() do.
[20:08:05] Captain_Murdoch: stuartm, didn't we decide on ++wb or does that welcome him back before he's back?
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[20:09:47] stuartm: heh, depends if wb is an iterator or an integer ;)
[20:12:42] stuartm: ++wb would probably be more correct though, in paulh = ++wb; since we want to add one to wb before assignment to paulh
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[21:20:23] stuartm: stichnot: do you remember when I reported the progress/duration and seeking breaking when watching an in-progress recording and the recording comes to an end? Then I wasn't able to reproduce so we decided it must have been fixed? It just happened again :(
[21:21:50] stichnot: yeah, I vaguely recall...
[21:22:17] stichnot: Do you happen to have -v playback logs from the frontend?
[21:24:49] stuartm: sadly not, I don't habitually run with -v playback logs :/
[21:25:21] stuartm: backend log is interesting in one respect, just after the recording ended I get a constant stream of "ProcessRequest recorders/recorderbase.cpp:435 (GetKeyframePositions) RecBase[28](/dev/dvb/adapter1/frontend0): GetKeyframePositions(90389,9223372036854775807,#87) out of 3108"
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[21:25:30] stuartm: right up until I exited playback
[21:26:56] stuartm:
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[21:33:34] stichnot: stuartm: This is probably unrelated, but I wonder why the frontend is asking for a seektable update every 3–4 seconds.
[21:33:56] stichnot: hmm, could it be real-time commflagging?
[21:34:35] stuartm: comm-flagging is completely disabled, never used it (well not since 0.18)
[21:37:01] stichnot: You said those log messages continued until you stopped playback? They indicate that the recording is still in-progress and growing, but I thought you also said that the recording had stopped.
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[21:43:38] stuartm: it ended at 1 minute past 21:00, end time was 21:00 with 1 minute post-roll
[21:44:03] stuartm: I started playback at 20:58
[21:47:25] stichnot: ok, I see that DecoderBase::m_lastPositionMapUpdate is used to limit seektable update requests from the recorder to 3 seconds apart
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[21:55:25] stichnot: It seems there are two strange things going on. First, the recorder shouldn't have its seektable growing after the recording finishes, yet for some reason it's adding 2–3 entries every 3 seconds. Second, in DecoderBase::SyncPositionMap(), the call to PosMapFromEnc() should only happen when (livetv || watchingrecording) is true, so it would seem that SetWatchingRecording(false) is not being...
[21:55:26] stichnot: ...called for some reason.
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[21:58:54] stuartm: well we are watching the recording ... the question is whether that's what 'watchingrecording' is supposed to be indicating?
[22:00:25] stichnot: "watchingrecording" means watching an in-progress recording
[22:01:00] stichnot: once the recording finishes, the recorder sends out a DONE_RECORDING message which the frontend is supposed to respond to
[22:01:35] stichnot: stuartm: remind me what goes wrong after the recording finishes? The duration appears to be zero?
[22:02:48] wagnerrp: stuartm: to be fair, Phillipbennett932's "real name" and email address are "richard green" and , respectively
[22:03:08] stuartm: duration and progress are both zero, attempting to seek forward (past an advert) and nothing happens
[22:03:12] wagnerrp: typically when you have "real" names as both the user name and real name, and they are vastly different... it's spam
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[22:03:50] wagnerrp: then of course there are accounts like Kammaner, with the email address...
[22:03:54] wagnerrp: that one is obvious
[22:04:06] wagnerrp: or...
[22:05:01] stichnot: If duration gets set to zero, I think there is code that sets position=min(position,duration) for display purposes, and duration is also used to limit seeks
[22:05:51] stichnot: so I wonder about this line in TVRec::FinishedRecording() : int secsSince = curRec->GetRecordingStartTime().secsTo(MythDate::current());
[22:06:04] stuartm: stichnot: fwiw I think we should consider changing that from 'watchingrecording' to something that better indicates we mean in-progress recordings, it's that sort of ambiguity that at best causes immense confusion and at worst results in bugs being introduced, but it's not strictly relevant for this bug and it's not your fault so we'll come back to that later :)
[22:06:20] wagnerrp: stuartm: point is, i'm looking at information not readily available from the web page (i'm hitting the database directly), and there are good reasons if i preemptively ban someone
[22:06:34] ** wagnerrp heads to dinner **
[22:06:40] stichnot: stuartm: I agree completely
[22:08:34] stichnot: stuartm: that secsSince value is included as one of the arguments to the DONE_RECORDING message and then the duration in the player is set to that value, so I would be interested in the contents of the DONE_RECORDING message
[22:09:40] stichnot: makes me wonder if there's a lingering UTC bug
[22:11:27] stuartm: stichnot: I'll enable the necessary logging (or add it if it's not there) and try to reproduce over the weekend
[22:15:53] stichnot: stuartm: thanks. This doesn't really seem to explain all the oddities here, but the extra data should help.
[22:17:05] stichnot: jpabq: thanks for grabbing 11459, I was getting ready to send it your way anyway :)
[22:20:01] stuartm: stichnot: it will give us a clearer picture and maybe rule out some things, so worth doing
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[22:22:09] stuartm: s/us/you/ if I'm being honest, not really pulling my weight on this one
[22:22:20] stichnot: :)
[22:25:10] stuartm: if the weather this weekend is as bad as they are forecasting I might actually start looking at some myth code again, it's been a while since I've had the time
[22:26:57] stuartm: stichnot: I'm going to say that for whatever reason the frontend didn't get that DONE_RECORDING event, or any other event from the backend ... I've just noticed that Watch Recordings is still showing a few things recording that should have completed already and it's not showing recordings that started since I entered the screen, so it's definitely not getting the UPDATE_RECORDING events
[22:27:30] Peps is now known as MiNT
[22:27:44] stuartm: so it looks like it's communication issue and nothing at all to do with your seektable/position/duration changes
[22:29:02] stichnot: ok, but something is actively resetting the player duration to zero, which ought to be fixed
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[22:34:00] lilalinux: doesn't mythtv for osx support usb tuners like the elgato ones?
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[22:41:58] stuartm: stichnot: I'm calling it a night, but I'm thinking the first place I'd look is the DONE_RECORDING event handler, does it clear anything before it validates the input that it's getting? Or are we clearing the seektable/duration etc even if we receive a malformed event?
[22:42:22] stuartm: I'll take a look tomorrow if you don't get to it first
[22:55:42] knightr_: paul-h, welcome back!
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[23:00:33] stichnot: stuartm: the DONE_RECORDING handler of interest is in tv_play.cpp. It seems that if the message gets truncated, and your cardid happens to be 0, it would set length to zero, but it would also change the state to SetWatchingRecording(false)
[23:01:22] stichnot: more likely, DecoderBase::SyncPositionMap() is calling MythPlayer::SetFileLength() with a length of zero.
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[23:09:15] paul-h: knightr_: thanks
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