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Tuesday, March 19th, 2013, 00:00 UTC
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[00:06:23] skd5aner: dekarl: bleh –
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[00:37:09] danielk22: stichnot: Nope, we could use enum values or even constants.
[00:45:21] danielk22: With Robert gone I'm not to worried about new bugs in this area and I think we should leave it alone.
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[03:09:57] stichnot: danielk22: OK I'll just go with the simple fix.
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[04:50:45] MythBuild: build #54 of master-ubuntu-12_04-lts-64bit is complete: Failure [4failed git] Build details are at . . . it/builds/54 blamelist: Joey Morris < >
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[07:56:58] dekarl: skd5aner: I don't like these dumbing down efforts... And copy-pasting from other sites and slapping a new license on it stinks.
[08:00:05] dekarl: they could simply have used the freebase extracts and wikipedia AR instead of getting their users to steal content, but hey. Then they couldnt say "look how great *my project* is"
[08:03:59] dekarl: If anybody wonders, I'm refering to replacing cc-by-sa from wikipedia with their own cc-by-sa-nc. As "Most of our artwork is hosted by" and "Traditionally these apps have scraped different websites. TheAudioDB was built to provide a standard API for this type of data access.". I don't see what they add to the music data/fanart community.
[08:04:52] ** dekarl has ranted enough for such an early hour ;) **
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[10:19:47] stuartm: server is down?
[10:19:49] stuartm: nope, just extremely slow to respond ...
[10:19:49] ** stuarta is logged on atm **
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[10:24:17] MythBuild: build #55 of master-ubuntu-12_04-lts-64bit is complete: Success [3build successful] Build details are at . . . it/builds/55
[10:33:43] stuarta: stuartm: tweaked the collection of sysstat data to be every 1m rather than 10m to give us better visibility of what is happening on the server
[10:35:13] stuartm: this is possibly going to step on some toes, but I've tightened the ssh config some, password only logins and root login are now prohibited, it's pubkey only and you'll have to use sudo if you want root
[10:35:21] stuartm: stuarta: cool
[10:39:03] stuarta: stuartm: excellent, i agree with that
[10:39:41] stuarta: all brute force password attacks are now denied :)
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[10:40:28] stuarta: right, i need to have a word with Beirdo about the irc logging bot and the url's it presents
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[10:59:41] stuartm: sshd isn't logging the same degree of information about failed logins as I'm used to e.g. "sshd[25706]: input_userauth_request: invalid user bin "
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[11:04:25] stuartm: ah well, it's tighter than it was
[11:05:48] stuartm: should have been done years ago, but better late than never
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[16:22:06] stuartm: trac spam filter blocked a genuine ticket today (well invalid ticket, but not spam), seems that the dump mythweb produces contains several links which the filter scores negatively so it's always going to end up blocking those
[16:26:33] stuartm: xris: kormoc: These variable dumps ('backtraces') cause a lot of confusion when the 'error' isn't an error at all but just a warning/notice about a user configuration problem, maybe we should only show that for genuine errors and not "Please run mythtv-setup first" type stuff?
[16:28:17] stuartm: users see 'Error' and 'Backtrace' followed by a whole bunch of stuff they don't understand and their first thought is to open a bug ticket, if they just got a nicely formated "You've done something wrong, here's how to fix it" we'd probably see a lot less invalid mythweb tickets
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[17:15:14] runelind: is there a way to automatically move old (arbitrary age) recordings to another storage group?
[17:17:09] kormoc: stuartm, that's not hard to do
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[18:29:53] Mousey: o/
[18:36:01] dekarl: runelind: you may be able to do that with a cronjob using find, mythutil copyfile and rm
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[19:21:04] stuartm: another storage group, or another path in the same group?
[19:23:26] runelind: another storage group
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[19:23:59] runelind: I have plenty of slow storage
[19:24:26] runelind: but I think recording live TV while watching other files on the slower storage is causing problems.
[19:24:55] runelind: so I was going to write new recordings to faster storage, and then move it to slower storage at a later time
[19:38:45] stuartm: so still in the recordings storage group? Not say from the recordings storage group to the video storage group? In which case I'd still suggest cron and find, but you don't need to copy/rm, just mv
[19:39:17] stuartm: there's no myth util or configuration option to do it automagically
[19:39:29] dekarl: runelind: you could hook into the "recording finished" event, wait until the file is not open anymore then do the move
[19:43:01] dekarl: or simply let mythtv write to many slow devices in parallel and leave the files alone. (depends on the slow storage being distinct spindles instead of a big raid on the network or similar)
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[19:57:39] gigem: runelind: I don't believe you need to change storage groups. Captain_Murdoch or sphery can correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure MythTV falls back to looking in every directory regardless of storage group name. Consequently, you can have you Default or Recordings storage groups point to your fast stoarage and new recordings will get put there. Later, you can manually move those recordings to
[19:57:41] gigem: directories listed in your Slow or Archive storage group and MythTV will still find your recordings even if they still say they are in the Default/Recordings storage group.
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[20:13:30] stuartm: gigem: it does currently work that way, but it's not behaviour that should be relied upon as changing it has been discussed, it currently causes problems with spinning up drives that don't need to be woken up and the consequential delay of that
[20:14:20] stuartm: if you're looking for a recording you don't want to have to spin up drives that are only used for videos or music
[20:50:16] gigem: stuartm: I don't recall anyone wanting to do away with that behavior, but I'm pretty sure that fall back search behavior has been touted as a feature on multiple occasions. FWIW, I wouldn't object to removing it. FWIW2, I don't mean to offend anyone, but IMHO, we've gotten a little carried away with adding storage groups for this and that over the years.
[20:52:11] dekarl: wasn't the idea to store the storage group / host / path together with the files in the future? So no more searching on the disk, only in the database
[20:54:19] stuartm: gigem: well I've proposed it in here before and discussed it with sphery/CM
[20:55:01] stuartm: dekarl: the idea will be to cache the last path, but still do the search if the file can't be found there
[20:56:18] stuartm: gigem: I'd agree with us having too many groups, IMHO we don't need separate ones for fanart/banners etc, those should fall under a single 'artwork' or 'images' group
[20:57:42] gigem: stuartm: Exactly!
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[20:58:00] dekarl: stuartm, with that logic we'll get the best of both worlds. no upspinning of drives if it doesnt need be and still the ability to move files around outside of mythtv. I just liked the idea of using mythutil to move the files around as that allows mythmediaservers on NAS boxen :)
[20:58:53] stuartm: gigem: the 'feature' generally touted is that we will search all paths in a storage group, I'm not sure we need to search all storage groups
[21:02:45] stuartm: if we're going to search all groups then that will only lead to each storage group needing a 'type' attribute indicating what media it contains, to keep it fast if not for the idle drive issue as well
[21:04:24] stuartm: dekarl: I'd advocate the use of mythutil as well, but it really needs a 'move' option and not just a 'copy', you may as well just use mv if mythutil is going to force 'copy' + rm, which is dangerous (what if mythutil copy fails?)
[21:05:46] gigem: stuartm: Yes, we would need to search. Consider the Archive storage group example. The reason to not have those directories listed in the Default/Recordings storage group is to prevent new recordings from being put there. In essence, storage groups just became the first place where new things were put. Old things would always be searched for every where.
[21:06:56] gigem: Again, I'm not claiming the current behavior is good, just that's the way it currently is.
[21:07:17] dekarl: stuartm, I agree, a movefile utility would be better.
[21:07:33] stuartm: gigem: just seems like a complete waste of time searching through hundreds/thousands of irrelevant files on potentially limitless number of disks
[21:08:45] gigem: stuartm: I agree completely.
[21:09:37] dekarl: hm, but a movefile utility could update the reference and make searching less important.
[21:11:39] stuartm: the more I think about it the more I think having a column indicating what type of file is stored in each storage group _is_ the best solution, you can still hunt through all 'recording' storage groups without wasting time on 'music' or 'video' groups
[21:12:28] stuartm: it could even be smart enough to look in all 'recording' then all 'video' groups for a recording, but not in 'music' or 'images'
[21:12:51] stuartm: anyway, we'll see what sphery's been working on first
[21:13:54] stuartm: dekarl: I'd expect it to update the reference, hunting around for a file is always best avoided as it can add seconds to playback start
[21:16:36] dekarl: which reminds me to update to the latest master and see if remote playback of recordings still takes ages to start :(
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[21:32:30] stuartm: wagnerrp: 'BlogSpam' is reporting pretty much everything is spam, I'm disabling that check
[21:56:26] wagnerrp: heh
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[21:56:41] wagnerrp: i noticed you deleted those 18k or so spam attempts from a few days ago
[22:01:00] stuartm: yeah, wanted to see how effective the IP blocks were and that was easier when the clock didn't start at 18600 something
[22:01:49] wagnerrp: dekarl: thanks for clearing that webgrab+ crap
[22:02:03] wagnerrp: it seemed like something we shouldn't support, but i wasn't sure
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[22:03:29] stuartm: I noticed that with the BlogSpam API you could specify individual tests to skip, so since their Bayesian test were causing the problem I just disable that
[22:03:34] stuartm: disabled
[22:04:18] stuartm: seems someone poisoned their Bayesian db :/
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[22:15:21] Captain_Murdoch: stuartm, gigem, I think the multiple artwork groups was an easy way out originally to allow using the same filename in each group, but there's no reason that can't be one shared directory now since all filenames have the type (fanart/banner/coverart/screenshot) in the filename.
[22:17:02] Captain_Murdoch: as far as searching SG's go, I'd be fine with fallback to only 'Default' rather than 'Any'. that shouldn't affect music or videos. I use a USB drive for my videos folder now, so I'd definitely be fine with it not having to fallback. that being said, I've never had it fall back that I know of, that would make the UI unresponsive probably since my USB drive does stay spun down normally.
[22:18:23] Captain_Murdoch: stuartm, you're not searching through hundreds of thousands of files, you're just statting a fully qualified filename to see if it exists. that doesn't negate the spun-down drive reason though, so I'm all for it if we fall back to Default only.
[22:19:19] Captain_Murdoch: regarding a 'movefile' utility, I had worked up a jobqueue job to move files at one point, to allow users to queue up jobs via the UI (hadn't done any UI work), but it could also be triggered externally if there was such a job.
[22:19:42] ** Captain_Murdoch catches up with real-time in the chat log.... **
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