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Monday, March 18th, 2013, 02:25 UTC
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[07:15:33] Tobbe5178: stuartm: the channel icon fixes you did yesterday didt stick, the moment mythfilldatabase is run it replaces the channel icons with the old ones
[07:16:07] Tobbe5178: what is the difference between how mythtv-setup and mythfilldatabase handles channel icons?
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[07:49:06] stuartm: Tobbe5178: that's your xmltv grabber, it can define channel icons for each xmltvid, but I'm guessing in this case it hasn't been updated for the changes
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[08:31:30] dekarl: Tobbe5178: which grabber is that? _se_tvzon had the last update to its icons only 12 days ago.
[08:31:43] dekarl:
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[09:02:41] stuarta: stuartm: yes shorewall is a good thing, and i see from the emails that it's already done
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[11:16:16] stuartm: stuarta: yep, and good to know that you approve as a professional ;)
[11:18:57] ** stuarta insists on shorewall **
[11:18:58] stuartm: we might want to think about tailoring the config to offer more protection generally. I've left it wide open for now, just to give us the dynamic ip blocking
[11:19:06] stuarta: ug.
[11:19:33] stuarta: okay that needs some work then
[11:19:46] stuartm: aye, but no worse than before?
[11:19:51] stuarta: deny all, and open as required
[11:20:01] stuarta: i've no idea exactly what it was doing before
[11:21:04] stuartm: right, that's how I'd normally configure it, I wasn't sure what services/ports we need (aside from the obvious http/ssh/git/mail) and didn't want to break anything
[11:21:28] stuartm: stuarta: as far as I know there was nothing in place at all before
[11:22:05] stuarta: hah, breakage is half the fun
[11:23:34] stuartm: ok, I'll get that setup now then :)
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[11:31:02] stuartm: that's helpful, netstat -atunp isn't showing the processes, do we know what uses tcp 9989?
[11:33:18] stuartm: heh, forgot I wasn't root
[11:34:42] stuartm: buildbot
[11:38:53] stuarta: heheh
[11:39:16] stuarta: i'd start with a policy of
[11:39:16] stuarta: fw net accept
[11:39:18] stuarta: all all drop
[11:39:39] stuarta: and SSH/ACCEPT all fw
[11:40:04] stuarta: use the above form if you can
[11:40:20] stuarta: makes for easier reading (and uses the macros from /usr/share/shorewall
[11:42:44] stuartm: current policy is fw net accept, net fw drop, all all drop, then rules explicitly opening tcp ports 22,25,80,111,9418,9989,59942,59943
[11:42:57] stuartm: and ICMP port 8, for ping
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[11:46:34] stuartm: 111 is a mistake ..
[11:50:05] stuarta: do we use https?
[11:50:41] stuarta: we also need to put in fail2ban, as it can automatically ban ip's on the fly
[11:51:58] stuartm: stuarta: we don't use https
[11:52:14] stuartm: fail2ban is for failing ssh logins?
[11:52:28] stuarta: yes it can do that, it can be tuned for other services too
[11:53:30] stuartm: ah ok, we've got denyhosts up and running for ssh atm, it can be configured to ban IPs through shorewall (that's how I've got it setup on my machines), but fail2ban sounds more useful
[11:53:52] stuartm: I'm not familiar with it though
[11:54:10] stuarta: i'm not familiar with denyhosts, but it sounds like it does a similar thing
[11:54:17] stuarta: if it's in and working, lets leave it
[11:54:25] stuartm: ok
[11:55:44] stuartm: denyhosts bans not only the IPs that try and fail to connect via ssh, but will pull in larger ban lists from a central server hourly
[11:56:01] stuarta: oh nice, i like that
[11:56:15] ** stuarta adds it to the "to investigate" list **
[11:57:49] stuartm: I think I can actually close 9418 because we only allow git+ssh
[11:59:18] stuartm: everything else I can think of has been tested and is working fine, buildbots are still showing as connected
[11:59:32] stuartm: MythBuild: help
[11:59:32] MythBuild: Get help on what? (try 'help <foo>', or 'commands' for a command list)
[12:00:01] stuarta: stuartm: what about anonymous git?
[12:00:03] stuartm: !trout MythBuild
[12:00:03] ** MythLogBot slaps MythBuild with a trout on behalf of stuartm... **
[12:00:29] stuartm: stuarta: we direct them to github I thought, only devs get direct access to our copy
[12:01:18] stuartm: yeah, anon access instructions are for the github 'mirror'
[12:03:21] stuartm: that whittles the open ports down to 22,25,80,9989,59942,59943 and 113 which shorewall always leaves open unless explicitly configured not to
[12:03:57] stuartm: anyone using pop/imap on the server?
[12:05:57] stuarta: lets monitor the logs for a while and see what does hit it
[12:08:56] stuarta: wtf, is an alias for
[12:09:11] ** stuarta raises an osuosl ticket to get that changed to **
[12:10:17] stuarta: hmpf, i'm surprised we don't host the dns master
[12:11:53] peper03: stuarta: Aren't the irc archives accessed via At least that's how I always get at them.
[12:12:07] stuarta: oh....
[12:12:24] stuarta: so we need to change a few things first
[12:18:30] danielk22: did you guys see the reports on mythtv-users about problems sending hardware profiles stopping the backend from running?
[12:19:07] danielk22: err, mythfrontend, not backend.
[12:19:31] danielk22: That sounds like a bug in the hardware profile code, but might also be related to port blocking.
[12:23:21] stuarta: danielk22: the webservice had crashed/hung was fixed a few days ago
[12:24:39] stuarta: it does bring up a good point though, the frontend shouldn't be hanging just because our service goes down
[12:25:08] stuarta: we should push that code into a background thread so we don't block the main thread
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[12:30:08] stuartm: the subject of backgrounding it has come up several times, I think everyone is in agreement that it needs doing
[12:30:39] stuartm: it doesn't actually prevent the frontend from running iirc, it just delays startup significantly
[12:31:07] stuarta: which is a bad thing (tm)
[12:33:47] stuartm: indeed
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[13:10:41] stuartm: anyone want to claim li113– ? Repeatedly trying to connecting to a non-existent IRC server on
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[13:17:55] stuartm: we need robot exclusion rules for trac attachments
[13:18:08] stuartm: </end memo>
[13:34:43] stuartm: stuarta: thinking we should use the admin mailing list whenever a change/block is established so we have a record of who applied what and why e.g. I've just blocked 4 /24 blocks because they were spamming trac (caught by the spam filters for now)
[13:37:13] stuartm: well there _was_ sysadmin list, seems to have been deleted
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[13:50:06] stuarta: :(
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[13:52:28] danielk221: It someone points me to the upload code it will probably take me < 30 mins to background it..
[13:53:00] danielk221: s/It someone/If someone/ :)
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[15:07:42] stuartm: mythtv/libs/libmythbase/hardwareprofile.cpp/h maybe ?
[15:09:49] danielk221: k, i'll look at it tonight.
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[17:03:34] stuarta: stuartm: rewriting your shorewall rules file
[17:04:20] stuarta: stuartm: what's port 59942 59943 ??
[17:11:12] stuarta: stuartm: done. much easier to read
[17:12:31] stuartm: stuarta: buildbot
[17:12:50] stuarta: buildbot master is 9989
[17:13:35] stuarta: what about smolt?
[17:13:56] stuartm: sorry, beirdobot
[17:14:01] stuarta: ahh
[17:15:15] stuarta: like the syntax the way i did it?
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[17:20:23] stuartm: yeah, I guess it's clearer, if a little repetitive :)
[17:25:03] stuarta: having run them before, it makes it simpler to read what is enabled / disabled
[17:26:26] Tobbe5178: dekarl: i think im using the tv_swedb graber or something similar
[17:26:58] Tobbe5178: perhaps i should look into switching grabers but then i probably need to go over all the xmltvids
[17:30:53] ** stuarta goes home. back later **
[17:31:52] Tobbe5178: dekarl: just noticed your name on both of the xmltv grabers, which one is best?
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[18:12:18] dekarl: Tobbe5178: _se_swedb is on life support (working well, but don't expect lots of updates), _se_tvzon is actively maintained
[18:24:48] Tobbe5178: ok, it looks like tvzone have much better data too, but switchign will mess up mythtvs duplicate episode detection due to different subtitle
[18:33:42] Tobbe5178: only part missing now is to make the season and episode info carry over from the xmltv graber all the way to the recording
[18:34:32] Tobbe5178: so i dont need to use my manual sql query to make it work
[18:35:17] Tobbe5178: besides, if i'm not mistaken the metadata lookup depends a lot on having season and episode info so it can tell the difference between a movie and a series and lookup the data at the right site
[18:37:21] dekarl: the is no connection between guide episode/season and fanartsite episode/season beacuse they will likely disagree. But the grabbers should pickup the data properly as the episodes should have their english title
[18:40:17] Tobbe5178: well...
[18:40:37] Tobbe5178: my experience is that the season/episode that comes from the guide data is mostly correct
[18:41:18] Tobbe5178: yes there are some series, for example mythbusters where it is wrong but that is not a big problem
[18:41:40] Tobbe5178: even with wrong data it will still pickup that it is a series in the first place and then use the right site to do metadata lookup
[18:44:38] Tobbe5178: so why not use what we already have from the xmltv graber or atleast make it an option
[18:47:22] dekarl: I think its the way it is, because the devs involved preferred to avoid false positive matches over some more automatic matches for series without episode title. Last time I looked Joakim was fetching the (english) episode titles after checking that the order matches
[18:47:51] dekarl: So by switching from _se_swedb to _se_tvzon you should get more automatic matches
[18:49:58] Tobbe5178: ok, i see
[18:50:17] Tobbe5178: i assume the metadata grabber wont fill in the season and episode info?
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[19:04:12] dekarl: Tobbe5178: over here it adds numbers for season and episode
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[19:44:33] Tobbe5178: dekarl: the metadata grabber?
[19:44:50] Tobbe5178: i will check in a day or so when i have more recordings
[19:48:37] dekarl: Tobbe5178: yes, after going through . . . adata_Lookup it worked quite well over here
[19:50:32] Tobbe5178: ive already done that part
[19:51:22] Tobbe5178: in that page near the bottom it talks about setting the season and episode to any valid value to make it work (=pick the right metadata source)
[19:51:49] Tobbe5178: and that is exactly the problem i used to run into due to lack of episode/season
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[21:09:14] stuartm: danielk221: the trac spam filter blocked around ~18000 spam tickets yesterday, ~17000 of those were the IP that we installed shorewall to block
[21:11:15] tonsofpcs: wow
[21:15:54] stuarta: wow++
[21:18:28] stuartm: looking back over the logs, the IP ranges I banned today have been hitting the server for at least the last week, it's been pretty quiet since
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[21:21:00] stuartm: Phen375 was the product they were trying to shift, whatever that is
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[23:53:10] stichnot: re #11460. Is there any reason we can't use enum values rather than numeric constants for the query.value() argument?
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