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Thursday, March 14th, 2013, 18:52 UTC
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[18:52:44] gigem: dekarl: I think Captain_Murdoch is the one most familiar with the idle shutdown logic. That might be only for slave shutdown, though, in which case, there isn't really anyone in charge of the master shutdown logic. I just looked at the code and, unfortunately, there currently isn't any easy way to tell if a reschedule really causes any changes or not. There is good news, however. I think the current idle
[18:52:46] gigem: time handling is flawed and can be simplified. I don't think the idle time needs to be tied to statuschanged at all. HandleIdleShutdown() can manage the idle time all by itself. It already checks to see if a client is connected or a recording or live TV are in progress. If any of those cases are true, it can update the idle time. Any other statuschanged cases shouldn't affect master shutdown.
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[19:01:52] Captain_Murdoch: depends on which idle shutdown. the code I added was for shutting down slave backends that wouldn't be in use for the next while. it wasn't intended for combined FE/BE machines. I used it for 3 diskless slaves back before I went all HDHR-*
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[19:28:56] dekarl1: gigem: Captain_Murdoch: hmm, good point on completely ignoring the scheduler's status_changed for idle shutdown.
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[21:40:38] stuartm: dekarl: the way I see it is that we're not concerned whether the scheduler changes the schedule, only whether there's a recording due to start soon, there's little point shutting down if we need to wake up in 5/10/30 minutes
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[22:04:50] peper03: stichnot: I just added a sample ISO (CentredSPU.iso) to the repository. It's a looping 10-second clip with three successive forced subpictures vertically centred. The subpictures *do* get shown but not vertically centred and, as I said, the logs fill with 'Failed to create VDPAU UI bitmap'.
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[22:10:21] wagnerrp: Steve-Goodey: i just disabled account creation
[22:11:44] Steve-Goodey: Yeah, it was getting a bit stupid. I wonder what's caused the increase. Does it go like that sometimes?
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[22:12:43] stichnot: peper03: using Xv on my laptop, they show vertically centered inside the box.
[22:12:48] wagnerrp: raarely
[22:13:02] stichnot: peper03: this is Master, fwiw
[22:13:21] stichnot: I can try VDPAU when I get home.
[22:13:24] wagnerrp: ivvve only seen this twice before, and i've never seeen it last more thann na day
[22:15:06] Steve-Goodey: I noticed you were blocking on duplicate email addresses, it that something I should be looking for ?
[22:15:44] peper03: stichnot: Interesting. With VDPAU or OpenGL they're shifted down. I just tried Xv too and they're centred (although there are artifacts left and right on the 2nd and 3rd subpicture). There's also no error message. Is Xv causing the code to take a different route?
[22:16:19] peper03: I've been testing it on master too.
[22:17:00] stichnot: peper03: Try enabling subtitles (mine are set to enable by default) and see if the Xv artifacts go away.
[22:17:41] stichnot: I'm not aware of different code paths, iirc it just gets rendered as a QImage and handed to Qt
[22:18:36] peper03: Yes, enabling subtitles gets rid of the artifacts. What's going on there? They don't appear with VDPAU or OpenGL.
[22:18:39] stichnot: To be clear, I haven't done much direct work on DVD subtitles, most of it has been cc608, cc708, and text (srt).
[22:19:38] peper03: I wouldn't expect them to be that much different by the time you get to SubtitleScreen. Still, maybe the devil is in the detail.
[22:22:23] wagnerrp: Steve-Goodey: only if you have raw database access...
[22:22:39] peper03: How is the subtitle zoom supposed to work? They certainly go off-centre when zoomed, but I guess that's only to be expected. Anything else is going to zoom them off the screen when they're at the top or bottom.
[22:23:14] danielk22: dekarl: The original intent had been to track how complete the EIT capture was and then pause the capture of EIT until some future point, at minimum until the next 3 hour block or at maximum a day. Neither me nor janne ever got around to it.
[22:23:47] danielk22: dekarl: I lost interest because 1/ there was a good data source in SchedulesDirect and 2/ the EIT data around here was pretty terrible.
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[22:27:51] danielk22: peper03: I think you asked something a few days ago wondering why PTS discontinuities aren't causing problems for non-DVD content. I think they probably do cause timing glitches, but they go unnoticed because they correspond to times when there is no audio and black frames.
[22:28:27] danielk22: i.e. they happen at the start and end commercial inserts in broadcasts.
[22:29:29] danielk22: They also happen after some major glitch in the broadcast at which point a glitch in playback is not attributed to a PTS discontinuity...
[22:30:04] peper03: danielk22: Ok. I guess that poses two questions: 1. Is it necessary to handle them if they go unnoticed? 2. If yes, how to detect them reliably? DVDs make it (relatively) easy.
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[22:34:20] danielk22: 1. probably not. 2. it is relatively easy to see the pts values ffmpeg delivers (though they are processed). The main argument in my mind for handling PTS discontinuities in a general way is just to reduce code complexity, assuming that solution would be less complex.
[22:37:09] peper03: Wouldn't you get into difficulties with dropped frames and the like? If a video frame is lost for whatever reason but audio is ok, wouldn't that be tricky to handle (i.e. detect that it's not a real discontinuity)?
[22:37:58] peper03: Particularly since audio and video packets don't usually arrive synchronized.
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[22:44:21] danielk22: peper03: video frames and audio frames from ffmpeg have both a presentation time and approximate duration, so its just a matter of looking for disagreement on the end of one frame and the start of the next wrt to some threshold.
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[22:46:06] danielk22: For anyone interested, state of C++11 support in compilers to be released in next 6 months (or already released): . . . er_222610648
[22:48:56] danielk22: <-- shows which version support first added.
[22:49:07] stichnot: peper03: As I understand it, the idea behind DVD subtitle zoom is that you decide whether the subtitle is in the top half or the bottom half of the screen, and then zoom and anchor with respect to the top or bottom of the screen, respectively. In your example, I assume it is determining the subtitles belong to the lower half of the screen.
[22:49:45] stichnot: The cc608 scaling (contributed by the same user) takes the same approach.
[22:51:16] peper03: stichnot: But if zoom is set to 100%, shouldn't it effectively do nothing?
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[22:56:35] stichnot: yes, that should be the case...
[22:58:11] stichnot: For completeness... The cc708 scaling does not need this splitting, since the cc708 spec offers 9 anchor points – {top,center,bottom}x{left,center,right} – and the caption authors seem capable of using the right anchor point.
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[23:06:30] peper03: stichnot: I'm guessing that this bit of code is what's making the difference: . . . en.cpp#L1011
[23:07:49] peper03: That's the point at which the video output method comes into play. Certainly the structures all seem to have the same values up to that point regardless of whether I use Xv or VDPAU (which makes sense).
[23:09:57] peper03: But I assume that there's something that needs cleaning up before then. 'orig_rect' contains (x1=1,x2=326,y1=0,y2=0). Like I said, trying to work out exactly what that code is doing makes my head hurt, but I'm obviously a glutton for punishment, so I'll keep at it :)
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[23:41:47] gary_buhrmaster: danielk22: The C++11 support matrix is interesting. Thanks for the reference.
[23:44:01] gary_buhrmaster: danielk22: Not terribly interested in who got their first, but the "competition" has certainly been good to move things along (I am looking at clang vs gcc).
Friday, March 15th, 2013
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[01:04:35] Technodrome: hey whats the best way to record a channel
[01:04:42] Technodrome: the material is 480i i guess
[01:04:43] Technodrome: or p
[01:05:04] wagnerrp: more than likely i, and this is the mythtv development channel
[01:06:39] Technodrome: ah sorry
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[03:35:59] xris: it amazes me that ffmpeg still doesn't have a way to do cutlists.. just a single cut (start-at + duration)
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[13:21:03] stichnot: xris: it seems that ffmpeg may be able to cut an initial section and a final section — ffmpeg -acodec copy -vcodec copy -ss <starttime> -t <duration>
[13:21:18] stichnot: but cutting a section out of the middle? maybe not...
[13:28:48] stichnot: peper03: I do see VDPAU error when displaying those DVD subtitles. I'll have a look, unless you've already solved it :)
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[13:58:15] peper03: stichnot: Not solved it but I have made progress :) It's a bit of a tangled web (in my head at least) so I'll try to explain what I've found as coherently as possible :)
[13:59:33] peper03: I found that the subtitles displayed correctly under VDPAU and OpenGL when I enabled subtitles (even though they are forced subtitles). Subtitles disabled – not centred, Subtitles enabled – they are centred.
[14:01:44] peper03: A bit more debugging and I found that when subtitles are disabled, the subtitle zoom factor changes from 100 to 90. That seems to be due to this line . . . een.cpp#L579
[14:03:07] peper03: When subtitles are disabled, subtitleType gets set to kDisplayNone, which isn't handled in the switch. I have no recollection of ever changing the subtitle zoom before but I guess I must have played with it at some point.
[14:05:44] peper03: At first glance, I would say that bit of code is not ideal but I'm not sure how it should be changed for the best. Perhaps setting the zoom to 100% if subtitles are disabled? I assume that will only affect forced subtitles?
[14:06:28] peper03: Can you have forced subtitles with the other subtitles methods?
[14:07:40] peper03: Next was the question of why it worked ok with Xv. It seems that's down to the aspect ratio.
[14:13:28] stichnot: peper03: I was just coming to similar conclusions. It seems that text subtitles are surprisingly turned on and off during startup.
[14:15:09] stichnot: I think it's possible for mkv files to mark text subtitles (individually and/or entire track) as forced.
[14:15:53] peper03: From what I can tell, an instance of SubtitleScreen is created as normal and EnableSubtitles is called, which sets the zoom factor to 90. Then MythPlayer::DisplayNormalFrame calls CheckAspectRatio, which determines that 1.25 is not the same as 1.3333, and calls ReinitOSD, which deletes the old instance of SubtitlesScreen, creates a new one but *doesn't* cause the zoom to be loaded.
[14:16:34] peper03: Because EnableSubtitles is called with 'forcedOnly = true'.
[14:18:31] peper03: Presumably, there is no aspect ratio issue when using VDPAU or OpenGL so the same instance is used all the time.
[14:19:51] stichnot: I think the aspect ratio depends on the source material and not the display device, but this looks like the right track.
[14:20:10] peper03: There's still the issue of SubtitleScreen::DisplayScaledAVSubtitles causing images with width=0,height=0 to be generated and therefore lots of error messages.
[14:20:22] peper03: But that's not why the subtitles aren't centred.
[14:21:28] peper03: I haven't looked much further into the aspect ratio side of things yet but since I'm using the same source and display resolution, just changing between video renders, it would seem the logicial conclusion.
[14:21:46] stichnot: the height=0 may be a case of < instead of <= or something similar
[14:24:42] peper03: When DisplayScaledAVSubtitles is called with top=true, bbox ends up as (509x0+76+254). But like I said, that bit of code makes my head hurt so I haven't investigated further :)
[14:35:38] peper03: Ok, the aspect ratio trigger is the same but then it hits this line . . . yer.cpp#L549
[14:37:36] peper03: stretch is 100 for OpenGL and 94 for Xv.. osd->GetFontStretch returns 100 in both cases, but that causes the OSD to be reinitialized with Xv.
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[14:56:31] stichnot: you think that's what's causing the artifacts?
[14:56:52] stichnot: in any case, I'll be back online in a half hour.
[14:57:52] peper03: No idea. But they've got something to do with whether subtitles are enabled. If they are, there are no artifacts. If they aren't, you get the artifacts along the left and right sides.
[14:58:16] peper03: Yep, I'm off for a bit too :)
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[15:25:01] stuartm: Ubuntu continues to dazzle me with it's lousy configuration tools, where's the simple 'Enable Wake-on-Lan' checkbox in the network configuration dialog?
[15:26:15] stuartm: Although, it seems to have disappeared from Mandrake/Mageia at some point too, probably when they made the fateful decision to stop using their own stuff in favour of the network manager abomination
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[15:54:38] stuarta: i hate network mangler
[15:55:53] stichnot: peper03: See if this gets rid of the artifacts.
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[16:36:33] peper03: stichnot: Yes, that seems to fix it. Wonder why it's not necessary for VDPAU/OpenGL?
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[17:58:57] stichnot: peper03: MythUI keeps track of the "dirty region" and optimizes updates for just the dirty region. When you add or resize an element, that automatically updates the dirty region, but you have to be careful to trigger it when you delete an element. I think VDPAU and OpenGL ignore the dirty hint and just redraw everything.
[18:01:06] stichnot: I had to do something similar in . . . b21b7d796248 , and I only discovered the problem when I started using a laptop with Xv
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[18:22:18] stichnot: peper03: btw, with that patch, the artifacts go away, but the subtitles disappear earlier than before. Maybe one of your patches fixes that.
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[18:29:09] peper03: stichnot: I hadn't noticed that they go away earlier, but I didn't pay that much attention. To be honest, I thought I'd set the subtitles so that there should be no gap between them but I haven't had chance to check how they're actually encoded on the DVD.
[18:30:38] peper03: I'm not sure whether the patches I submitted would fix anything in this case. #11451 only really applies to menu subpictures as the start and end times were being ignored completely in that case.
[18:30:38] ** MythLogBot **
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[18:31:23] stichnot: I would guess that they are disappearing as soon as a new forced subtitle is encountered in the stream, without regard to the subtitle's start/end times.
[18:32:22] peper03: stichnot: It's possible. I'll have to check the encoding and then maybe follow the code flow.
[18:32:41] stichnot: In any case, I don't like the way subtitles are heavy-handedly enabled when a forced subtitle is seen, so I'll need to dig into that a bit.
[18:33:28] stichnot: As well as the top/bottom code that may have an off-by-one error leading to an empty box being rendered.
[18:37:28] peper03: I was thinking about the top/bottom code earlier. As I said, I don't really understand in detail what it's doing but I wondered if there isn't a simpler approach. There may well be a flaw in my logic or certain cases where it just won't work, but I would take a different approach.
[18:38:34] peper03: Basically, the zoom should be centred on the middle of the subtitle block. So I don't think it's really that necessary to determine whether a subtitle is towards the top or bottom.
[18:41:14] peper03: Let me see if I can get this written down somewhere first. It's all in my head at the moment and I'm probably not going to do a very good job of explaining it without writing it down and organizing it first :)
[18:42:39] sphery: Anyone else seeing extremely slow response times from Trac?
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[18:43:22] sphery: Actually, seems like it's getting better, now... Maybe it was just some robot hammering the site for the last 10min I've been trying to use it.
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[18:49:53] peper03: Ok, I think this will work. Ignoring the horizontal axis for the moment, lets say we have a display of 480 lines. Line 0 is at the top. We have a subtitle 10 pixels high, where the top is at line 460.
[18:51:17] peper03: If we zoom in so that the subtitle is now 20 pixels high, you take the height delta, divide by two and subtract that from the original top giving a new start line of 455.
[18:51:51] peper03: The centre line remains at line 465.

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