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Wednesday, March 13th, 2013, 00:00 UTC
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[02:33:53] danielk221: skd5aner: Thanks! I'm leaning toward not dealing with the UTC date in log issue this time around, but I'll document the concern.
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[03:38:10] xris: hmm, mythtranscode is a pain to run through gdb.. it forks.
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[05:30:00] xris: anyone want to help me with my mythtransode segfault?
[05:30:03] xris: Beirdo: ^^
[05:51:39] jya: i see nothing obvious in there explaining the issue.
[05:51:49] jya: does it happen all the time for you ?
[05:57:25] xris: yeah, every time I try to use it to transcode something with nuvexport
[05:57:30] xris: I *think* it dies right at the end
[06:03:43] jya: yes.. it is right at the end… why delete would crash is a tad weird… the stop() call certainly waits for the thread to stop
[06:10:27] xris: anything I can do to get you more info?
[06:11:56] jya: well, it's the delete that crash, yet there's nothing in the backtrace on where it exactly crash, like is it the destructor call, the system free etc...
[06:12:09] jya: bad RAM ?
[06:12:28] xris: doubtful
[06:15:54] xris: as far as I can tell, it's consistent across all of my recordings
[06:17:29] xris: can you run a test for me on your end? just use the following:
[06:17:34] xris: mythtranscode --showprogress --profile '0' --chanid '1118' --starttime '2013-03–04T15:39:00' --fifodir "/tmp/fifodir/" --honorcutlist
[06:17:41] xris: chanid/startime obviously have to be your own
[06:18:15] xris: then in a separate tab: cat /tmp/fifodir/audout > /dev/null & ; cat /tmp/fifodir/vidout > /dev/null
[06:19:00] jya: how could I determine the starttime and chanid appropriately (sorry, I never use transcode)
[06:19:04] xris: hmm, that & and ; bit doesn't work
[06:19:12] xris: you have nuvexport installed?
[06:19:52] jya: not sure
[06:20:28] xris: chanid is from the db.
[06:22:10] xris: actually, so is starttime.
[06:22:14] jya: the time is UTC time ?
[06:22:26] xris: select chanid, starttime from recorded
[06:22:30] xris: at least on my system, that matches up
[06:22:41] xris: I gues those times are already stored in utc in the db
[06:22:57] xris: you'll need to fix the time format so that it has the T instead of a space between the date/hour
[06:24:27] jya: does seem to be UTC already
[06:24:29] jya: allright
[06:26:18] xris: if you can, pick something short. it still takes a bit to flush through all those raw frames, even with cat to dev/null
[06:26:38] jya: nothing seems to happen
[06:27:13] jya:
[06:27:31] jya: in two other windows I do cat /tmp/fifodir/vidout > /dev/null and cat /tmp/fifodir/audout > /dev/null
[06:28:10] xris: you should see mythtranscode counting some frames
[06:28:38] xris: or not....
[06:28:49] xris: if it's a long or HD recording, it could take a few minutes
[06:29:11] jya: well, it's a pretty fast machine here, and it's been 3 minutes already
[06:29:41] xris: my 10 minute SD recording takes about 30 seconds
[06:29:52] jya: oh… it did crash
[06:29:54] xris: it's decoding every frame into raw
[06:30:01] xris: now check for zombie threads
[06:30:08] xris: mine leaves a mythtranscode thread running every time
[06:30:31] jya:
[06:30:55] jya: i'm on a mac, how threads are handled are different
[06:30:59] jya: it did crash though
[06:31:16] jya: no zombie
[06:31:17] xris: ah, yeah, I don't run mythtv on my mac anymore.
[06:31:23] xris: apple's probably smarter about that.
[06:31:40] jya: well, I need to find another recording that doesn't take 3 minutes to crash :)
[06:31:43] xris: anyway, you have more info than I do. eno: Unknown error: 541478725 (541478725) sounds like maybe it's trying to decode a frame that's not there.
[06:31:52] jya: and mythtranscode shows nothing at all
[06:31:55] xris: take a 30 second chunk from livetv
[06:32:11] jya: i did put a --showprogress
[06:32:12] xris: yeah, mythtranscode used to echo out frame counts with --showprogress
[06:32:21] jya: "used to" ?
[06:32:57] xris: apparently doesn't anymore
[06:35:17] jya: need to find a shorter recording
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[06:36:10] xris: well, at least we know now it's not just me
[06:36:17] xris: and not just linux, apparently  :)
[06:41:55] jya: ok.. I'll debug it after dinner...
[06:42:22] xris: ok, mythweb deletes work again, too
[06:42:37] xris: man, this whole thing needs a rewrite.
[06:42:39] xris: wish I had time.
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[06:43:33] jya: is there a way to play a music CD in myth ??
[06:43:42] jya: I can't see the option anywhere
[06:44:01] xris: thought there used to be… but in my 10ish years using myth, I think I've spent about 5 total minutes using it for music.
[06:44:35] xris: my cd collection lives in the attic.  :)
[06:45:17] jya: me too… but my 3 y.o has a music CD he received by the post (we went to a concert and they handed free CD, he had missed out as he couldn't reach the stage, so the producer offered to send a CD.. he's been waiting for the past 4 days).. he's keen on playing it
[06:45:38] xris: nice
[06:46:01] xris: I just make mine wait until it gets onto the computer.
[06:46:24] jya: play optical disc is DVD on bluray only
[06:46:26] xris: then again, he's only interested in music if it's about trains, and he has most of the thomas songs already.
[06:46:36] jya: ah there's "import CD
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[07:03:18] dekarl: xris, just say the "make delete work" pass by, does "never record" work for you in the upcoming recordings? IIRC it stopped working in the last 8–12 weeks, but I didn't get to look into it yet :(
[07:03:27] dekarl: s/say/saw/
[07:04:23] xris: I honestly hadn't noticed
[07:04:39] xris: not recording much other than kids stuff these days and it's all "generic" stuff that doesn't override anyway
[07:05:05] xris: the delete issue was a leftover from the parameter shift from a few months(?) ago.
[07:05:13] xris: the fix was just changing some array index values
[07:05:40] xris: which should probably be made into constants. I don't think PHP's OO const stuff existed when I first wrote that code. or I didn't know about it.
[07:05:50] xris: er, "class constants"
[07:07:56] dekarl: turning magic numbers into class constants sounds good.
[07:09:49] xris: yeah
[07:10:20] xris: the numbers weren't supposed to change but someone (I forget who and don't want to imply any blame) didn't realize that and inserted a new value early in the list
[07:10:40] xris: but imho this is just a problem inherent in mythproto. we need to use an object-based protocol like JSON, Thrift, etc.
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[07:37:24] dekarl: hmm, nothing obvious like converting to backend command call around there :/ maybe using the service api is a better idea
[07:40:51] xris: dekarl: yeah. it's just been that no one has time to make the necessary updates
[07:45:20] xris: kormoc might have more time now that he's doing some work for digital nirvana, though
[07:46:43] xris: esp. since he finally bothered to restore his commit privs.  :)
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[08:56:21] jya: xris: I've found the reason for the crash
[08:58:08] jya: VideoDecodeBuffer inherit from QRunnable, and is started by the global MThread instance. It has an autodelete feature, so after the call to VideoDecodeBuffer::Stop, the instance is automatically delete, so a second delete is going to crash
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[09:00:29] jya: two ways we can fix this… Set autodelete to false, or don't call delete
[09:07:37] jya: I removed the delete, there are other place that call stop() and don't delete after anyway, so it's more consistent that way
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[09:40:26] stuartm: jya: there used to be a way to play an audio CD, and I believe the code to actually do the playing is there, but when Paul converted the mythmusic UI to mythui he removed all trace of the option – I expect he planned to re-add it but never did
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[10:07:03] jya: stuartm: I did find an option to import a CD, but in the end, I simply put it into my macbook and used AirPlay to make myth play it on my amp
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[13:04:47] stichnot: xris: thank you thank you for fixing mythweb deletes!
[13:18:44] stichnot: taylorr: I've been thinking about your recommendation to only create and use a seektable for formats like mpegts that allow pts discontinuities. The one catch is if you want to capture or seek to an absolute frame number. Examples: save bookmark, seek to bookmark, rewind one frame while paused, and much of the cutlist editor functionality. This conversion seems easy enough if the video...
[13:18:46] stichnot: ...has a fixed frame rate. Do you know if there are formats that require clean pts values but have variable frame rates?
[13:19:11] stichnot: I'm not sure if repeat_pict would cause problems here.
[13:30:56] stichnot: jpabq: you saw a user reporting that channel changes take longer (perhaps substantially longer) after the recorder change to wait for keyframes? I didn't try rolling back the change, but channel changes do seem slower than before, especially for channels/sources that I know have longer keyframe distances.
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[13:46:18] peper03: stichnot: There's a bit of a gap in Myth's handling of DVD subtitles. For the majority of titles, this is unlikely to be an issue but it could potentially mean that some subtitles/menu highlights are not shown. Basically, a subpicture packet contains the image plus (usually) multiple commands. The commands set the colours, alpha values, portion of the image to show etc. There can be multiple groups of commands, each group with a
[13:46:19] peper03: time offset.
[13:47:14] peper03: What that means is that each subpicture packet can translate to multiple images to be displayed at different times. Animation, if you like.
[13:48:49] peper03: At the moment, the code just works out what the last image should be and returns that. If the commands were set to fade the subpicture out by repeatedly changing the alpha values, you'd only ever show the last, transparent image.
[13:51:57] peper03: It wouldn't be too difficult to alter the code for DVD subpictures to add each image as a separate AVSubtitle to SubtitleReader but it wouldn't be too difficult to generate a lot of separate images very quickly. SubtitleReader currently limits the number of subtitles to 20. Generating all those images is also going to use memory.
[13:53:53] peper03: A better approach would probably be a wrapper class around the subtitle packet that could be called iteratively to get the next subpicture. That would probably require integration with SubtitleReader, so ideally it should be as generic as possible (or at least a generic base class).
[13:56:50] peper03: Can you imagine how to do that cleanly off the top of your head? I've only started looking at it but since you seem to have done most of the work recently on the subtitle code, I thought I'd pick your brains :)
[14:32:08] stichnot: peper03: I'm going to be offline for the next ~8 hours. I'll try to respond after then.
[14:46:34] peper03: stichnot: np
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[16:35:31] tonsofpcs: peper03: interesting. I imagine that the DVD spec was developed so that low cost hardware could be used to decode it in 'realtime'... there's got to be some trick to make this work in software without eating so much memory...
[16:35:54] xris: jya: thank you!  :)
[16:36:06] tonsofpcs: of course, this may mean that it doesn't go through your existing subtitle code and instead renders a new video layer?
[16:36:54] stuartm: peper03: neither [11445] or [11451] apply on top of the second patch in [11371]
[16:36:54] MythLogBot: SVN 11445: (branch master)
[16:36:54] MythLogBot: No match for SVN revision 11451
[16:36:54] MythLogBot: SVN 11371: (branch master)
[16:37:17] stuartm: peper03: neither #11445 or #11451 apply on top of the second patch in #11371
[16:37:17] ** MythLogBot **
[16:37:17] ** MythLogBot **
[16:37:17] ** MythLogBot **
[16:37:37] peper03: tonsofpcs: It doesn't need to eat lots of memory. It's just a question of how to get it to fit into the existing code without eating lots of memory. The way it's stored on the DVD is pretty compact.
[16:37:43] peper03: stuartm: This is on 0.26-fixes?
[16:38:47] tonsofpcs: peper03: right. and, from how you describe it (remember, I'm a video/electron kinda guy, not a code guy ;), it sounds like the solution is more along the lines of "don't try shoving it into the existing code"
[16:40:43] peper03: tonsofpcs: Exactly :) The problem is that the existing code is what's used for other subtitles (DVB, teletext etc.). So how best to get the existing code to continue working but with a subtitle source that isn't always just a single frame without having two separate implementations doing *almost* the same thing.
[16:42:06] peper03: stuartm: Let me check. The one time I try creating branches....
[16:42:29] tonsofpcs: eh, I'd argue that they're almost completely different. for other subtitles, you get a stream of textual data that you render and position and then overlay [ok, this part may be the same], for DVD you get sub_pictures_ and modifications to them that you overlay... of course, I haven't delved fully into all of the standards (other than EIA 608/708)
[16:42:41] tonsofpcs: but good luck with whatever avenue you target :)
[16:43:24] stuartm: peper03: master ... were the patches against 0.26?
[16:45:17] stuartm: for the start/end time patch the conflict is on GetMenuSPUPkt() in dvdringbuffer.h
[16:45:36] peper03: stuartm: No, master but this was the first time I created new branch for a patch instead of building on top of my existing patches. Typical. I was pretty sure I'd tested it but obviously some gremlin got in.
[16:47:33] stuartm: it's fixable manually, the problem is that the patch isn't expecting the GetTimeDiff() declaration on the next line
[16:48:59] stuartm: i.e. those patches were produced without 11371 applied, even though the tickets are more recent
[16:50:18] peper03: stuartm: Yeah, it shouldn't be anything major. I know I did some refactoring of the subtitle code to move the DVD stuff out of AvFormatDecoder and into AvFormatDecoderDVD but then decided to split that into two patches, which isn't always easy after the fact :)
[16:52:36] peper03: I know I create a branch for 11451 that didn't include 11371, but I was pretty certain I temporarily added 11371 before creating the patch. That's probably what the problem is. There shouldn't be any conflicts in the lines that have been changed. At most in the surrounding code it's using as anchor points.
[16:53:23] peper03: I'll create new patches.
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[17:02:36] peper03: stuartm: 11445 should apply on top of 11371. What conflict are you getting there?
[17:06:20] stuartm: peper03: ah, ok it does apply, I must have got the order mixed up and applied 11451 first
[17:06:27] stuartm: sorry
[17:07:09] stuartm: ah, no it applies with patch but not with git am
[17:07:27] peper03: stuartm: ?? Why not/
[17:07:29] peper03: ?
[17:07:44] stuartm: error: patch failed: mythtv/libs/libmythtv/DVD/dvdringbuffer.cpp:809
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[17:08:55] peper03: That's helpful :) Is there no verbose option for git am?
[17:09:05] stuartm: I was just looking for that
[17:10:04] peper03: Those two patches (11371 and 11445) were both from the same branch, so I don't know why 11445 shouldn't apply...
[17:10:27] stuartm: nope, no verbose and nothing in --help that looks like it explains the problem, patch reports 'fuzz' when applying a hunk
[17:10:48] stuartm: peper03: don't worry about it, I'll use patch and feed in the commit message/author manually
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[17:20:21] peper03: stuartm: Ok, I've added a new patch to #11451. I hope that works :)
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[18:29:49] stuartm: please note, do not give up your commit privs on a whim then keep submitting patches that someone else has to review/signoff
[18:37:32] dekarl: stuartm or stuarta: I'd appreciate your opinion on I think with the optimization refered to in point b) the fixup in point a) is ok from a perfomance point of view. If so I only need to figure out how to actually make the "obey use_on_air_guide flag regardless of signalling in the stream" work
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[19:02:43] peper03: stuartm: That wasn't directed at me, was it? I've never had commit privileges.
[19:04:30] danielk22: peper03: it wasn't directed at you. :)
[19:09:36] stuartm: peper03: no, not you :)
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[19:34:07] Sharky-Sleep is now known as Sharky-112065
[19:34:17] Sharky-112065 is now known as Sharky112065
[19:36:24] peper03: stuartm, danielk22: Ok, no problem :)
[19:45:43] peper03: stuartm: In you're in a patch-applying mood, there's also #11372 :)
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[19:45:50] peper03: s/In/If/
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[20:43:26] xris: jya: lame. even with the not-crashing fix, my nuvexport encodes still don't work. but it's an mp4 issue now.
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[21:30:38] dekarl-too: !seen gigem
[21:30:38] MythLogBot: gigem is here and has been idle for 2 days 5 hours 22 minutes 33 seconds
[21:35:33] dekarl-too: gigem, I've been looking into why EIT collection breaks idle shutdown tonight. it all comes down to the scheduler signalling "something has changed" and resetting the idle timer regardless of anything really having changed in the planned recordings.
[21:35:40] dekarl-too: For xmltv/sd it doesn't matter as the scheduler is not run as often. making status_changed=false when nothing has changed should solve it, but I could not wrap my head around all the queries.
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[22:36:29] jya: xris: the crashing was right at the end, after the job had been done. So the crashing wouldn't have had an impact on the quality of the conversion
[22:39:06] xris: yeah, it's not quality. it's some mythffmpeg parameter that is no longer compatible with mp4 and/or x264 video
[22:39:24] xris: I got an encode that works, but now need to figure out which specific thing I removed was causing the trouble.
[22:46:22] stichnot: peper03: regarding #11455, I think it might be preferable to initialize end_display_time to start_display_time, to match the scenario and logic in #8781.
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[22:47:00] stichnot: peper03: also, in that patch, where is startTime coming from? I haven't tried compiling with the patch, but I can't find any definition of that variable.
[22:54:07] stichnot: peper03: actually, that patch doesn't apply to master. Are you sure you have git set up right? :)
[23:00:10] stichnot: peper03: I see from catching up on the logs that this builds on one of your other patches.
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[23:06:40] gigem: dekarl: I've been way too busy the last couple of days to do much of anything Myth related. I'll try to get back to you soon.
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[23:51:26] jheizer_: yooo
[23:51:54] jheizer_: Sorry, windowed popped up while typing in another. Ignore me.
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