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Sunday, March 10th, 2013, 00:01 UTC
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[05:29:10] stichnot: stuartm: I discovered that perhaps the main reason Xv doesn't do any visualizers is because a MythRender object is required. As far as I can tell, videoout_xv has no trace of a renderer. To date I have never tried to understand what a MythRender object is supposed to do, and mythrender_base.h isn't very enlightening.
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[05:49:08] stichnot: Looks like in my case, if I set my painter to Auto instead of Qt (and end up with OpenGL), I get a MythRender object.
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[09:48:29] stuartm: stichnot: can't shed any light on MythRender I'm afraid, that's all Mark's work and I didn't make any effort to understand what he was doing at the time he was doing it
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[14:45:08] stichnot: stuartm: looking at . . . 166adaae57d4 shed a lot of light on the visualizer situation and I was able to hack up the spectrum visualizer within the OSD, which is a good enough start.
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[16:36:19] danielk221: stichnot: stuartm: Implementing myth_render for XVideo wouldn't make a lot of sense because of XVideo limitations.
[16:39:38] danielk221: You can basically choose to have binary blending with full color or alpha blending with a very limited palette. Trying to make that work with general 24 bit color + 8 bit alpha rendering wouldn't work.
[16:47:49] stichnot: danielk221: I think I can just ignore the MythRender issue for what I'm doing. Ultimately I want to draw the visual into some MythUI object, and for that I think I just need a MythPainter which is readily available.
[16:48:12] danielk221: Ok
[16:50:02] danielk221: Thinking about it more maybe we should implement a MythRender for XV which does the right thing with 4 bit color and something reasonable in other cases. That way the API is consistent. I just with OpenGL rendering worked better :-\
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[17:06:37] stuartm: would it be less confusing to call MythRender something like MythCompositor?
[17:10:56] danielk221: Yeah, maybe even MythVideoCompositor composing to video isn't quite the same as compositing a bunch of stuff that is all in the same color space.
[17:12:17] stuartm: even better
[17:13:57] danielk221: not really high on my priority list though..
[17:14:47] stuartm: nor mine
[17:15:35] danielk221: stuartm: Did you see my logging post here?
[17:19:37] danielk221: Here's the latest:
[17:20:05] stuartm: danielk221: I did, sorry for not commenting before, the list looks good to me and there's nothing I'd change on it, except that like stichnot mentioned it would be good to have the 'simple' logfile option there even if the same effect can be achieved with an rsyslog config
[17:20:34] stuartm: sometimes it's just easier when debugging to point at a temporary log location and have all runs go to that same file
[17:22:02] stuartm: I definitely think db logging needs disabling by default, it's just uses too many resources for low performance hardware (or even high performance hardware that's having to do a lot of other tasks)
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[17:30:40] danielk221: Here's an update:
[17:31:43] danielk221: Any and all comments are appreciated... Once it's a little more prepared I'll post it to the dev mailing list.
[17:35:07] stuartm: "No messages are printed until mask and level are initialized", in the event of an unlikely crash before we get to initialise the mask, would the sigsegv handler flush the buffer to stderr or would there be no output at all?
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[17:55:55] danielk221: Hmm. I was trying pretty hard not involve the signal handling code since I fear that might be it's own rabbit hole.
[17:57:11] danielk221: The logging will be initialized by the the command line parser code so I think I can just say 'no'
[17:57:47] danielk221: There really shouldn't be much pre-logging init logging, but I just don't want those message completely lost as they are now.
[17:59:33] danielk221: Thats a good question though. I'll add it to the document.
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[18:58:42] tdotr6: Hey Guy's I have spent over 3 days trying this , multi purchase on differnt hardware and googled for the life of me. I have come to the gods of IRC to see maybe If they will avoid me hanging my self if a few hours.
[18:58:49] tdotr6: I have a HVR 1600, and would like to get Analog NTSC Cable to scan, I have the IVTV drivers installed and it works if i run the ivtv-tune command , I just am unable in mythtv to get the channels to scan they all come up LOCKED
[19:02:24] peper03: tdotr6: I think you want #mythtv-users. This is the development channel.
[19:03:46] tdotr6: Hey Peper , I saw that come up in the ubuntu chat I posted that there now ! thanks
[19:04:02] peper03: todtr6: np
[19:04:08] tdotr6: Hope someones got just a little bit of info , I'v been LOOSING my mind now
[19:04:20] tdotr6: Im telling you 3 days, with very little sleep
[19:05:56] tdotr6: you dont happen to have any suggestions ?
[19:05:58] tdotr6: :p
[19:06:42] peper03: I'm afraid not. I have no experience at all in that area. There are probably more people on -users who can help. You could also try the mailing list if you get no joy in #mythtv-users.
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[19:12:41] stuartm: danielk221: any chance we're displaying the digital scanning options (filtering on TV/Radio etc) for analogue users?
[19:15:53] stuartm: danielk221: looking into it since it seems that we are based on a conversation in -users
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[19:17:35] theseb: If a laptop has no HDMI it cheap to buy something to get one? where plug it into a laptop?
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[19:49:54] stuartm: I'll make them a triggered group
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[20:10:02] danielk221: stuartm: I'd be surprised, but analog is not something I have tested regularly in the last 5 years.
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[20:19:10] peper03: Is anything in particular standing in the way of #11371? I only ask because the kids' introduction to Toy Story today was somewhat marred by playback freezing at various points. I checked afterwards and it was the same cause – timecode discontinuity.
[20:20:10] peper03: That would be
[20:29:47] stuartm: danielk221: code certainly looks like it offers the Radio, FTA & Encryption settings for all scan types, easily fixed though
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[20:32:23] stuartm: peper03: it's a little outside my area, I was leaving it for danielk221 stichnot or Taylor to look at
[20:36:01] peper03: stuartm: Ok. Did you look at the 2nd patch at all? That made it much more DVD specific and cleaner (IMO) overall.
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[20:51:07] stuartm: peper03: ah ok, no I hadn't looked at that one
[20:51:42] stuartm: looks OK to commit since it would only break DVDs (heh)
[20:51:57] stuartm: I'll test it and commit tomorrow maybe
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[20:53:14] peper03: Exactly :) It actually seems to help generally. I've not really analyzed the logs in detail but menu transistions seem to be smoother too. Probably because discontinuities are fairly common there.
[20:55:34] peper03: Thanks. If there's any chance of it going into 0.26-fixes that would be wonderful! It should apply without problem, I think. 0.26-fixes would also require the libdvdnav update from a couple of weeks ago. Otherwise NAV packs can be missed and discontinuties detected where there are none.
[20:56:01] peper03: Obviously, if you have any questions, I'm more than happy to explain myself :)
[21:01:10] peper03: danielk221, stichnot, taylorr (and anyone else): There may still be some merit in my first patch for #11371 as the problem could theoretically occur any time the timecodes jump backwards. Maybe it's already handled directly or indirectly in other code, though.
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[21:11:21] tonsofpcs: hi
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