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Friday, March 8th, 2013, 00:17 UTC
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[01:07:07] knightr: trac gets updated for modifications to branches other than master and fixes? (devel/resync-ffmpeg)
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[08:55:52] stuartm: it shouldn't, looks like it was mis-configured
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[09:48:32] stuartm: stuarta, Beirdo: ^^
[09:50:28] ** stuarta wakes up **
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[13:11:39] danielk221: Who can bump the Vamshi Reddy spam account off the mailing lists?
[13:28:54] stuartm: already done :)
[13:29:07] stuartm: unsub'd and banned
[13:40:40] danielk221: :)
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[14:37:30] stichnot: Anyone know why audio visualizers are only supported for opengl and vdpau? See GetVisualiserList()
[14:44:03] stuartm: performance?
[14:48:15] stichnot: I ask because one item on my list is to look into providing a visualizer as a themable MythUI component which in particular could be added to the cutlist editor screen to help the user find blank *and* silent frames
[14:50:02] stichnot: One other prerequisite is to get digital audio converted to the analog mono/stereo format that the visualizer requires. I should maybe check out jya's D/A conversion video for help on that...
[14:50:31] stuartm: there was always a plan to provide a <video> widget that would provide both video and visualisations, that may involve a little more than a straight <visualiser> widget but more useful in the long term?
[14:53:50] stuartm: anyway, I don't know the specific reason why visualisations aren't offered for other video renders
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[15:35:39] stichnot: stuartm: That's interesting. It seems like a full-blown video widget would be more than one would want for editor screen visualization. perhaps the visualization component could be designed to plug into both scenarios.
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[15:44:17] stuartm: stichnot: yeah, that would at least make it simpler to add the video widget in future and involve less duplication
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[18:29:19] peper03: stichnot: I think I've seen a patch somewhere to overlay a visualisation in the cutlist editor. It was a while ago and I don't know how it was implemented but I've definitely seen something...
[18:31:45] natanojl: peper03: I think he is talking about #10848
[18:31:45] ** MythLogBot **
[18:32:41] peper03: natanojl: Ah yes, that would be what I was talking about too :)
[18:32:59] natanojl: :)
[18:34:05] peper03: That's saved me a search then :)
[18:38:29] natanojl: np :)
[19:07:25] peper03: A general question to anyone: What workflow do you use for maintaining multiple patches concurrently? I've only used git in connection with this project. I'm much more used to Perforce, which allows you to group files together into separate changelists during development. It makes it much easier to track which files belong to which problem. As far as I can see, git doesn't have anything like that, does it?
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[19:11:54] kormoc: peper03, Git branches are intended to solve that problem. One branch per issue you work on
[19:15:08] peper03: kormoc: Yes, that was the conclusion I was coming to. Pros and cons to both ways, I suppose.
[19:32:14] stichnot: peper03: that's exactly the ticket I was referring to. If you study the patch, you'll find a lot of unnecessary duplication of existing code. And the visualization only works properly with analog mono or stereo audio. I'd like to create a better abstraction of a visualization, plus make it actually work with digital audio.
[19:33:08] peper03: Git certainly lives up to its name, though. I guess I really need to spend some time playing but all too often I find git incredibly confusing and hard to work with. I guess it's just different workflows but even simple things like having to stash changes before syncing and then re-apply then afterwards seems convoluted.
[19:35:00] peper03: stichnot: I glanced at it earlier but not in detail. Abstraction sounds good, though. I like the idea a lot but I'd certainly want it work with digital audio otherwise it wouldn't be much use to me on my main box.
[19:37:28] peper03: And many other users too, no doubt :)
[19:38:38] stichnot: Totally useless to me without digital audio. Silent sections still look like random noise.
[19:43:36] danielk22: peper03: I used to use quilt, but with git I just make branches and then merge them into a private branch for my own use. .. of course I also tend to work on fewer mythtv projects at a time than I did when I used quilt.
[19:47:47] peper03: danielk22: I'll have a look at that, thanks. Do you use the command line everywhere or a GUI? I grew up with command lines, so I'm not afraid of them, but for many operations, a GUI is much quicker and less error-prone (like the time it takes to type a (partial) hash correctly vs. selecting something from a list).
[19:48:18] peper03: I found SmartGit, which seems ok, but I still have to go to the command-line for too much.
[19:48:29] peper03: s/much/many things/
[19:59:33] wagnerrp: i just disabled new account creation on the wiki
[20:01:48] danielk22: I use the command line for git. When I used perforce, 10+ years ago, I used a GUI which was nice. But I looked at a bunch of git GUIs and ran away screaming. The command line is pretty good with git though. git status ; git commit -a -m "blah" works most of the time.
[20:08:42] peper03: danielk22: git stash list; git stash apply stash@{0} no, wait, what was in that stash again? ... :) I think I need to work on my workflow :)
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[20:20:21] jheizer: Using git command line makes me feel stupid
[20:21:32] peper03: jheizer: :) It makes me think 'Isn't this what computers are supposed to be doing *for me*?'
[20:22:45] jheizer: github's windows app has made it easier for one man show projects. Before I was using git-gui through cygwin.
[20:23:23] jheizer: I have just gotten so use to the easy for TFS during the day that I am spoiled.
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[20:30:21] peper03: I'm sure there are features of git that I've yet to fully comprehend how great they are but for standard stuff, it just feels difficult. I'll admit to not having experience with lots of other systems but we have hundreds of people at work using Perforce without problems. It should be effectively transparent, allowing you to get on with development. Git feels like it's turning me into an integrator.
[20:30:41] peper03: That's not to put integrators down, it's just not what I want to concentrate on.
[20:32:35] peper03: Still, better than the first proper job I had. Everyone worked on a single copy of the source code on a network drive! When I suggested to my immediate boss that a source control system would be useful, he looked at me and seriously asked why! :-o
[20:35:35] jheizer: Haha I had to fight us to use branches. Before trunk = everyone working. We now do proper branch per feature.
[20:35:51] neufeld: At my first proper job, I set up source control even though I was the only developer. We were doing simulations for public policy, and I wanted to have tagged points so if questions came up three months later, I could view the code that actually was being used to generate the results.
[20:39:12] peper03: Yeah, my experience up until that point had only been in a team of a few people using SourceSafe. The main advantage I was trying to put to my boss was the ability to discard changes when you realise you've gone down the wrong route. I can't believe we actually managed to get anything up and running with around a dozen people working on a single, shared copy of the code!
[20:39:17] peper03: He who saves last, wins :)
[20:41:18] neufeld: At my second job I got in trouble for creating a branch in perforce. The project head had some scripts he used to examine code changes, and rules like "when the number of lines of code decreases X% over Y days, then the product is ready for shipping." My branch confused his script, which suddenly reported that the project had doubled in lines of code. The solution to this was that the use of branches was forbidden
[20:41:18] neufeld: in the company. We got an email memo and everything!
[20:41:48] stichnot: danielk22: I played around more with iPhone .mov videos, but I'm not sure what can be done about the seeking problem. One possibility is to configure the AVFRingBuffer layer to maintain two RingBuffer objects for .mov streams, with some intelligence for selecting between them. The advantage being that RingBuffer doesn't have to be touched and this only affects .mov playback.
[20:44:09] danielk22: jya: Wasn't there some change to mov interleave behavior in ffmpeg in recent memory?
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[20:55:39] stichnot: danielk22, jya: This may point to something relevant: . . . /135012.html
[20:56:58] jheizer: neufeld: LMAO That is great.
[20:58:03] stichnot: better link: . . . .html#135017
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[21:13:14] stichnot: danielk22, jya: for reference, this patch eliminates the seek thrashing on iPhone videos.
[21:14:14] stichnot: this can be observed by running mythfrontend -v file | grep 'Seek(' (and of course by observing the playback)
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[22:08:06] danielk22: stichnot: cool! Any reason we can't submit this upstream?
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[22:15:14] stuartm: the first mailing post maybe, there Reimar Döffinger is maintaining that the amount buffered should be reduced to a quarter of the current amount, stichnot's patch instead increases it eight fold
[22:17:45] stuartm: of course Reimar's proposal is obviously a non-starter, but it suggests that there might be resistance from some quarters to increasing it
[22:19:31] stuartm: but then he does concede that it should possibly be configurable to support both use cases
[22:20:30] stichnot: danielk22: if you read in particular . . . 135730.html, they say that Apple's way of doing this is (for streaming) to keep one http connection open per stream. They talk about keeping multiple pointers active in ffmpeg, similar to what I suggested for AVFRingBuffer.
[22:21:37] stichnot: stuartm: I believe the patch reduces the search window from 1 second to 1/4 second. I probably need the window to be at least 2 seconds for my iPhone videos, but my first and only experiment was with an exaggerated 8 seconds.
[22:22:08] stichnot: Our current code still uses 1 second, I don't know if the 1/4 second was committed anywhere
[22:22:34] danielk22: stichnot: We can do that, but it is bad design. Why add another 8 MB buffer and another thread to shrink a 1 MB buffer to 256KB...
[22:22:50] stuartm: I don't get the impression that it was, but that's only from reading the same mailing list posts as you
[22:24:23] stichnot: danielk22: and don't forget doubling the simultaneous readahead load on the backend...
[22:25:10] stichnot: (though that should stabilize quickly I suppose)
[22:27:58] stichnot: In any case, at this point I suggest doing nothing, since (1) ffmpeg may be headed toward handling it the right way, (2) no one else seems to be complaining about it, (3) a workaround is to use NFS instead of streaming
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[23:40:57] kormoc: Am I the only one seeing myth web being incredibly broken with 0.26-fixes?
[23:50:33] kormoc: whoops, I am. PEBKAC
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