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Thursday, March 7th, 2013, 00:03 UTC
[00:03:34] jya: is dreadly slow once again...
[00:04:14] jpabq: Yeah :(
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[00:04:49] jya: been about 3 minutes since I added a comment to a ticket and it's still waiting to submit the form
[00:17:22] stichnot: Is it better for you? I just browsed through multiple pages on looking at my tickets and it was plenty fast.
[00:24:18] jya: stichnot: browsing was okay, it was editing something that wasn't
[00:26:39] jya: what's the new libmythbase/test ?
[00:26:52] jya: it's failing to build here due to the lack of libQtTest
[00:30:13] stichnot: jya: I had a problem like that because my Qt build is in a nonstandard location. . . . bbb01cd2521a
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[00:31:04] jya: yeah, but here I have no libQtTest at all on my mac
[00:31:39] jya: there shouldn't be a need to add EXTRA_LIBS or LATE_LIBS
[00:31:45] jya: this is done in normally
[00:36:02] stichnot: there was a discussion of this problem –
[00:36:18] stichnot: my particular non-standard installation directory problem, that is
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[03:44:47] unforgiven512: How long does it typically take to run mythfilldatabase initially?
[03:45:14] unforgiven512: I'm running myth-backend in a Xen instance with 4 cores and 8GB of RAM, mysqld in another Xen instance on the same machine with 2 cores and 1GB RAM
[03:45:32] wagnerrp: this is the development channel. you want #mythtv-users
[03:45:38] unforgiven512: Thanks :)
[03:45:51] ** unforgiven512 should read topics **
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[07:26:12] xris: stuarta: Beirdo says you might be able to fix kormoc's commit access
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[08:32:28] stuarta: xris: yep i can. what's he need?
[08:32:43] xris: he never got his key imported.
[08:32:57] stuarta: ah, get him to email it to me.
[08:32:58] xris: it's in his homedir (.ssh/authorized_keys) on the box
[08:33:04] stuarta: oh right
[08:33:08] ** stuarta fiddles **
[08:33:23] xris: funny that he still has an acct but never got added to gitorious
[08:33:40] stuarta: i did wonder why he wasn't doing any commits :)
[08:33:42] xris: but he's doing some work now for digital nirvana so mentioned he should probably fix his commit access
[08:34:04] xris: nah, he's just been too busy on other projects (
[08:34:10] xris: and having a girlfriend.  :)
[08:34:47] xris: which is why I'm talking and not him. at least I *hope* he's paying attention to her
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[08:34:56] stuarta: hahahaha
[08:35:06] stuarta: i've got the small baby time consumer
[08:35:37] xris: that's nothing compared to 3-year-old time
[08:35:45] xris: or rather, recovery-from-3-year-old time  :)
[08:35:47] stuarta: i've got one of those too
[08:36:08] xris: mine runs (literally) non-stop from about 8 AM until 9 PM
[08:36:11] stuarta: who has just entered the "Why?" phase
[08:36:20] stuarta: mine talks nonstop
[08:36:35] stuarta: 6am – 7.30pm
[08:36:58] xris: mine's been doing that since before he could talk (we lost track at 300+ signs when he was 9months old). but it's all about trains (and angry birds) now.
[08:37:46] xris: my wife's even started blogging about the train stuff since it seems to play well into a lot of educational stuff
[08:38:18] stuarta: she a teacher?
[08:38:23] xris: writer
[08:38:28] xris:
[08:38:59] xris: or hoping to become a paid writer. you apparently need to have an existing following if you want to actually publish children's books these days
[08:41:08] stuarta: which kinda makes sense
[08:43:18] xris: yeah. esp. given how little the publishing industry actually helps their authors these days. most have to promote their own books
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[08:44:41] stuarta: xris: done
[08:47:47] xris: cool
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[13:23:10] danielk221: jya: Were you able to resolve the qt test dependency? I didn't add a check for it in configure because I thought it was a fairly standard dependency of the qt development packages.
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[13:26:53] danielk221: stichnot: In regards to Mark's comments. We did add the 1088->1080 hacks because we observed broadcast with incorrect frame sizes. But MPEG2 does have a cropping descriptor, the AFD.
[13:28:09] danielk221: Actually you should also look for 'bar data' which is used for custom resolutions.
[13:40:17] stichnot: danielk221: I don't see any evidence of AFD usage in our code, is that right?
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[14:25:17] danielk22: stichnot: yep, i believe so. i think either we do have the decoder, or i have it sitting in one of my not-yet-complete patches.
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[17:02:48] jheizer: xris: Random FYI as I was curious. Connecting to (||:80... failed: Connection refused.
[17:07:20] jpabq: wagnerrp: I need a way to tell mythbackend to stop the current recording on a specific input from an external program. Am I better off implementing such a feature using python bindings, or the services api? I have not had a good enough reason to take the time to learn python yet, but maybe this is it...
[17:07:49] jpabq: Being able to "reactivate" might also be useful.
[17:09:21] NightMonkey (NightMonkey!~NightrMon@pdpc/supporter/professional/nightmonkey) has joined #mythtv
[17:18:17] wagnerrp: there's a backend protocol command STOP_RECORDING
[17:18:30] wagnerrp: aside from that, i'm not sure what the proper method of doing that is
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[17:32:58] jpabq: So, use something like "backendCommand" in the python bindings to issue a "STOP_RECORDING"? Is that safe, though? Couldn't the protocol change from one version of myth to the next?
[17:34:56] jpabq: or is backendCommand just supposed to be used by other high-level python hooks?
[17:35:41] jpabq: I do see "def stopRecording" in the python bindings.
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[17:55:07] xris: jheizer: it's back. my NAS is freaking out and for some reason the web server completely dies if its NFS mount has too much latency
[17:55:42] xris: hmm.. *some* sites are back but not that one.
[17:57:08] stichnot: danielk22: All my iPhone videos playback terribly when streaming through the myth protocol, and perfectly when playing locally including over NFS. This appears to be the result of seeking backward and forward roughly once per frame. I haven't looked deeply, but I assume this is driven by ffmpeg and the seeking behavior has changed after one of the recent resyncs. ffprobe info and seek...
[17:57:10] stichnot: ...trace of this 7-second file is at .
[17:59:15] gigem: jpabq: Yes, the protocol can change, and quite likely will when sphery implements his schema changes. I recommend adding a services call using the same signature as the existing RemoveRecorded call.
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[18:03:30] jheizer: xris: Stupid computers.. lol Just thought I would let you know since I noticed.
[18:04:57] xris: yeah. it's odd. I have pingdom on one of my domains but apparently not all of them work
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[18:07:39] danielk22: stichnot: That reads like a regression caused by changes in how ffmpeg works. It sounds pretty insane to do all those seeks though.
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[18:54:03] kormoc: stuarta, thanks much!
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[19:39:44] stichnot: danielk22: I'll dig deeper on this and see if it's really fundamentally ffmpeg driving those seeks.
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[20:51:33] Captain_Murdoch: stichnot, I noticed a similar issue in my production 0.25 system, I have lots of videos encoded for i* device playback and found they only worked smoothly if I mounted the videos dir from the backend via NFS. could be an issue that's been there a while if we're seeing the same thing. I haven't had any chance to debug though.
[20:52:23] Captain_Murdoch: work smoothly in mythfrontend video playback that is, just in case anyone thought I was talking about streaming to i*.
[20:54:24] stichnot: Captain_Murdoch: you're talking about i* compatible videos that play poorly by mythfrontend when streamed from the backend?
[20:54:32] Captain_Murdoch: yes
[20:54:48] stichnot: ok good, sounds like the same problem.
[20:54:50] Captain_Murdoch: with an 0.25 install so it might not be a recent regression
[20:55:23] stichnot: yeah, and if so, I wonder how I missed seeing the problem for so long
[20:55:32] Captain_Murdoch: I thought it had to do with my USB drive on the MBE for some reason till mounting via NFS fixed the issue.
[20:55:41] stichnot: maybe I was inadvertently using NFS before.
[20:56:44] Captain_Murdoch: I was before I switched to this USB drive for my videos that don't need to be spinning 24x7, so I never noticed until I linked my video dir to a dir only accessible on the MBE.
[20:57:36] stichnot: btw danielk22, I noticed ProgramInfo::GetPlaybackURL() using the AlwaysStreamFiles setting but apparently the configuration of that setting has been removed
[20:58:08] Captain_Murdoch: yeah, we took that out of the UI but left it in as a hidden setting for testing I believe.
[20:58:34] Captain_Murdoch: I think that was part of the settings cleanup.
[20:58:39] stichnot: hmm, in that case the setting should probably be renamed so you don't pick up random values from previous setups
[21:00:02] stichnot: so the seek calls are originating from libavformat/mov.c which handles .mov files
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[22:33:58] stichnot: danielk22, Captain_Murdoch: For this iPhone sample, ffprobe shows that it starts with 2 seconds of audio, then goes into repetition of about a half second of video followed by about a half second of audio. In other words, the audio and video packets for a given pts tend to be relatively far apart. This helps explain the back-and-forth seeking.
[22:35:06] stichnot: I'm guessing that the distance between related packets exceeds some ffmpeg buffer size. Perhaps it's a buffer that we're supplying.
[22:36:25] stichnot: I have to scrub the logs some more to figure out which FileRingBuffer::Seek() operations are being handled by one of the optimized paths, versus those that require refilling the buffer (the latter causing the poor playback).
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[22:50:42] danielk22: stichnot: The always stream setting was left in for debugging. I thought we had renamed it though to prevent collisions.
[22:52:19] danielk22: stichnot: It wouldn't be using one of the optimized paths. Those are only for things like seeking to the end of the file to determine the last dts/pts. This was not one of the things we observed ffmpeg doing & so it wasn't optimized for.
[22:52:26] danielk22 (danielk22! has left #mythtv ()
[22:52:35] stichnot: danielk22: I'm not sure the renaming happened, based on AlwaysStreamFiles settings on my BE and 3 FEs
[22:55:38] stichnot: danielk22: I'm talking about the OPT1 case where the data should already be present in the buffer due to readahead or seeking back not too far.
[23:00:32] jya: danielk221: for the time being no I haven't.. It doesn't compile as it is… I did a standard build of qt 4.8.3 and QtTest doesn't seem to be installed by default. So I need to check how else I need to build Qt, or modify myth qmake to not compile the test related stuff if qttest isn't installed
[23:01:57] stichnot: The buffer is 8MB based on RingBuffer::CreateReadAheadBuffer(). This particular sample is <10MB, not much bigger than the 8MB buffer, so my guess is that ffmpeg does the forward seek before the readahead thread has had a chance to fill the buffer to that point, leading to thrashing.
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