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Wednesday, March 6th, 2013, 00:23 UTC
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[00:27:52] stichnot: jpabq: in case you don't read the mythtv-users list, a couple people report DVB radio recordings failing, and reverting 3944ca9ad0f8df1a0240c5812e5b3b04431e7eac and e54b9b6fd635df024f81c1d2f33956996c95c379 fix it. (but only one of two messages is currently showing up)
[00:31:11] jpabq: stichnot: interesting. I wonder how I am going to reproduce that situation...
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[00:39:59] stichnot: jpabq: yeah, I don't like how hard it is to reproduce a recorder issue
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[02:24:30] taylorr: jpabq: I knew I should have waited to backport to 0.25-fixes :)
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[02:54:49] stichnot: I'd appreciate feedback from HD-PVR 1080i users and BBC HD users to make sure . . . d381da6611c5 doesn't resurrect the green line at the bottom of the preview image.
[03:04:26] MythBuild: build #3456 of master-freebsd-64bit is complete: Failure [4failed compile core] Build details are at . . . /builds/3456 blamelist: Jim Stichnoth < >
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[03:14:10] wagnerrp: internal error... that can't be good...
[03:14:28] wagnerrp: MythBuild: force build master-freebsd-64bit now
[03:14:29] MythBuild: build forced [ETA 7m02s]
[03:14:29] MythBuild: I'll give a shout when the build finishes
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[03:25:53] MythBuild: build #3457 of master-freebsd-64bit is complete: Success [3build successful] Build details are at . . . /builds/3457
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[05:32:53] Captain_Murdoch: kormoc, jya did the HLS recorder, I did the (still a work in progress) HLS transcoder/streamer for mobile playback.
[05:33:46] kormoc: Captain_Murdoch, yeah, I'm trying to get the HLS recorder working, master seems pretty far from useful, but 0.26-fixes seems close to being right
[05:34:40] Captain_Murdoch: not sure what changes have gone in recently that might affect that. haven't been keeping as up to date as I like. online sitting here now because I was just working and decided to check email before heading downstairs.
[05:35:00] kormoc: I'm just getting back into it :)
[05:35:16] ** Captain_Murdoch still needs to update his dev box just so he can compile master again. **
[05:35:23] kormoc: Eventually perhaps I'll get commit access again. Mythweb seems really… broken right now
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[07:00:15] dekarl1: kormoc, Captain_Murdoch. the first 5 hours at seem to be the latest.
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[07:02:27] jya: kormoc: the HLS recorder is broken following the change of the IPTV recorder … need to look into it to see on how to make it work again
[07:07:33] kormoc: jya, thanks for the work. 0.26-fixes is close to working for my needs, other then it failing to ever stop recording :)
[07:08:24] jya: kormoc: there was a lot of issues in regards to stop/start in the old IPTV recorder base..
[07:08:32] jya: having said that, you can always kill the recording manually
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[07:09:56] jya: it used two threads which often had racing issue… one thread would tell it to stop and it would wait while the recording thread never received the message and thus never stopped and so the other waited forever
[07:10:19] kormoc: jya, are the 0.27 issues something you're planning on tackling soon or is it a foggy future thing?
[07:11:15] jya: well, i wanted to do it after doing the ffmpeg resync… it's just lack of time. I've just moved back into my house after leaving at the inlaws for 7 months
[07:11:54] jya: the ffmpeg resync is done, but someone need to use its new feature to simplify our setup now
[07:12:06] jya: time time time…. always a problem
[07:12:19] kormoc: Heh, indeed
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[09:42:59] stuarta: i need to find out why mythweb thinks i have a bunch of recordings still in progress when nothing else does
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[13:47:09] danielk221: jya: See ? Looks like it is easy to apply if correct.
[13:49:00] jya: danielk221: would need to look at my note.. But I'm fairly certain the timecode calculated is for the audio that is about to be heard, as such, you want to beginning of the frame, not the end
[13:50:01] danielk221: The patch just changes bracing. His contention is that it is simply an operator precedence error.
[13:50:52] danielk221: Anyway, I think it may be a 5 min patch for you if he is correct.
[13:51:16] jya: yes… thanks.. I'll have a closer look at it.
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[14:13:12] stuartm: the patch so far as I can tell doesn't in fact change which timecode is used, just fixes the existing calculation?
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[14:16:30] peper03: stuartm, jya: The problem with the disappearing DVD menu highlight seems to be caused by [a1eac715a9]
[14:17:00] jya: stuartm: yes, it does look okay
[14:17:07] peper03:
[14:17:24] peper03: After that commit, the stream index of the video track is no longer -1 and we don't go in here . . . er.cpp#L2287
[14:17:50] peper03: Because 'fps' stays set to zero, we then determine that because something has changed (the fps), we need to update the video parameters here . . . er.cpp#L3032
[14:18:30] jya: peper03: IRC, the video track selection isn't in use for DVD… there's even a comment about it
[14:19:07] jya: line 892 in avfd: decoder->ScanStreams(true);
[14:19:27] jya: true meaning: no video
[14:19:42] jya: so there's no scan, nor a change of the current video track
[14:20:22] peper03: jya: There is a scan of some sort, because a subtitle track appears. And ScanStreams always sets fps to 0.
[14:21:34] jya: if you look at that particular commit, you'll see that all changes were made to how the video track is chosen. but nothing was changed on when to scan the video streams, nor if we scan at all
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[14:21:50] jya: everything is located within a if (!novideo) where for DVD is true
[14:21:51] jya: . . . er.cpp#L1788
[14:22:06] peper03: When we come out of ScanStreams in 0.26-fixes, fps has been set back to the correct value. On master it stays at 0.
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[14:23:33] jya: that may well be the case.. but what I'm saying is that commit did not change that logic.. it only change how we scan (when we need to scan)
[14:23:44] jya: e.g. if the problem is in master, it doesn't come from there
[14:25:17] peper03: jya: I was debugging master and 0.26-fixes side-by-side. Maybe I've missed something in the confusion. Let me take another look.
[14:26:04] jya: if you just look at that commit, at no stage is fps modified in the change, nor was it modified in the earlier version...
[14:26:54] jya: now I may be wrong, but at the time I had been over and over it many times, the reset to fps has been there for a while
[14:27:22] peper03: jya: The problem is caused by selectedTrack[kTrackTypeVideo].av_stream_index being -1 in 0.26 and not in master.
[14:29:56] jya: to me ScanStreams behaves as expected: it doesn't touch anything related to video streams when called with the argument novideo = true. (the reset occurs in the early line of ScanStreams (like 1805). Now it may need to be set to -1, but then a) documentation was wrong b) the code requiring it to be -1 is buggy as it relies on an info that isn't relevant in that context
[14:31:05] jya: even the way it sets the fps at the end, assuming it's 29.97 or 25fps: itt's such a dodgy way to proceed.. sounds like a hack more than anything else
[14:31:40] stuartm: peper03: change ln 2287 to if (novideo || selectedTrack[kTrackTypeVideo].av_stream_index = -1)
[14:32:05] jya: stuartm: that's just an ugly hack too
[14:32:11] peper03: stuartm: Yep, that seems to be it.
[14:32:34] jya: if you want the code to behave with av_stream_index set to -1
[14:33:10] peper03: jya: I wasn't trying to imply that something needed reverting, just trying to work out what changed the behaviour.
[14:33:11] jya: then in HandleDVDStreamChange, just before decode->ScanStreams, set av_stream_index to -1
[14:34:03] jya: peper03: fair enough… I just don't want to see yet another quick patch to get around a dodgy behaviour that nobody will understand why it was done that way in a few months time, like we often have on this codebase
[14:34:07] stuartm: jya: IMHO that's an even uglier hack since it needs to be done everywhere you also set novideo = true
[14:34:37] jya: stuartm: no… because the only time it's called with novidep = true, is right at the very early
[14:34:43] jya: when you want to play audio only file
[14:34:56] jya: e.g. where it never matters
[14:35:05] peper03: FWIW, I created ticket #11278 because of the fps bit at the end. Whether that's a hack or not, I'll defer to the experts :)
[14:35:05] ** MythLogBot **
[14:35:08] stuartm: the comment implies that fps needs setting whether or not a video stream is present
[14:35:29] jya: that whole "don't check for video stream change for DVD is an ugly hack anyway… just read the original commit of when it was introduced (by markk)
[14:35:53] stuartm: jya: that may change with time, assuming that novideo will only ever be used in that one place is what causes regressions
[14:36:23] jya: stuartm: nah, novideo was introduced only because scanning for video streams in DVD caused some unexplained issue
[14:36:35] stuartm: jya: don't disagree that it's ugly
[14:36:41] peper03: In this particular case, the problem is not that av_stream_index is set/not set to -1, but that fps ends up set to zero.
[14:36:41] jya: so it was yet another :"not sure why it behaves like that, so let's bypass it"
[14:37:40] jya: commit [f5753ceac7e8c301ae679a1ba7e1a8400eed01e5]
[14:38:01] stuartm: I've learnt to live with ugly when the alternative means a code re-write that invariably gets delayed, postponed and eventually forgotten so that another few releases go out with the bug still present
[14:38:06] jya: what you read is "N.B. This is not complete – there are additional changes to come so don't expect everything to work just yet.". Changes that never happened
[14:38:40] jya: add a DVD specific HandleStreamsChanged callback. This does not rescan the video stream (which caused endless problems) or reset the videobuffers (which causes obvious discontinuities).
[14:38:52] jya: which endless problems that is… no clue
[14:39:39] jya: BTW, this whole HandleStreamChange is going to disappear anyway
[14:40:14] jya: as it's unecessary with the new ffmpeg resync, and we will be able to complete get rid of our patches on that part of the mpeg-ts code
[14:42:37] jya: what I don't get is that prior to [a1eac715a9ff2f1d18cfddc69f49664c57150735], av_stream_index wasn't touch if novideo was set…. i still don't believe that the issue was introduced in that commit
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[14:43:41] peper03: jya: I *think* it was this one: . . . 2631e46d249b
[14:43:56] jya: if in 0.26 it was set to -1, you need to find out where it was set to -1 , because it certainly wasnt occurring in ScanStreams
[14:44:44] jya: now that makes more sense
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[14:45:36] jya: though, i seem to recall that this was done following a report by stuartm that it had broken some of this DVD
[14:45:59] jya: I remember him coming all upset that he had a free Sunday that he had planned to watch a DVD and it didn't work
[14:47:42] jya: peper03: is my response to it (same time as the commit)
[14:48:05] peper03: jya, stuartm: The basic problem is not that it is or isn't set to -1. The problem is that fps is set to zero. The bit of code at the end of ScanStreams that checks for -1 (hack or not) is what stopped fps being zero on exit in 0.26
[14:48:44] jya: ah there it is:
[14:48:45] jya:
[14:48:54] jya: this is just twisted, I get audio from mythmusic and all other applications, but no audio from recordings/dvd
[14:48:54] jya: [13:54:56] stuartm: all I actually want to do right now is watch a DVD
[14:49:11] peper03: If we move the 'fps = 0' at the beginning of ScanStreams into the 'if(!novideo)' block, the problem appears to go away.
[14:49:13] jya: that's why [3194b9f48] was done
[14:49:37] jya: peper03: now that makes sense too
[14:49:38] stuartm: jya: do you have a different audio device configured for mythmusic?
[14:50:01] jya: fps is part of the video scanning, so not touching it when novideo is set is a reasonable action
[14:50:03] peper03: Only setting fps to zero when we actually intend to scan for video streams seems logical to me.
[14:50:06] jya: stuartm: not anymore no
[14:50:28] stuartm: jya: heh, sorry I didn't realise you were quoting me
[14:50:28] jya: having issue with it?
[14:51:14] jya: stuartm: ah ! yeah.. I clearly recalled why that particular commit had been done.. I had been emotionally scared that day :)
[14:52:07] stuartm: hehe
[14:52:37] jya: peper03: moving the fps=0 in the if (!novideo) is the proper fix
[14:53:21] peper03: Good. Simple *and* clean :) (or as clean as it's going to get).
[14:53:48] jya: sorry it's 2AM, don't think too clearly..
[14:54:20] stuartm: jya: that's a good excuse, not one I can use right now :)
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[14:56:20] jya: just looking through boxes, and I found the gas heater controller I've been accusing my builder to have lost :(
[14:56:30] stuartm: ouch
[14:56:41] peper03: Ok, I'll create a ticket later. I think I have a fix for dodgy menu highlights when the menu is in the VTS domain too.
[14:58:53] peper03: And even better, after much gnashing of teeth, demo images to demonstrate the problem :)
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[15:00:15] peper03: BTW, any opinions on my query the other day about the ffmpeg patch? Trying to get it approved and in upstream seems to be going in fits and starts.
[15:00:51] jya: peper03: sorry, enlight me again, which patch is that?
[15:01:07] jya: you have a ticket # ?
[15:01:56] peper03: It's a fairly small patch to pass packets marked as 'PRIVATE_STREAM_2' through instead of filtering them. No, don't have a ticket.
[15:02:04] stuartm: I think my brain is atrophying, I've compulsively checked a forum for the hundredth time today hoping for something interesting to read, time I could be using to finish any one of a dozen different patches but I just can't be bothered
[15:02:42] peper03: jya:
[15:03:07] jya: stuartm:
[15:03:47] stuartm: jya: I know the word :)
[15:04:04] jya: stuartm: that's the story of my life in the past year
[15:04:47] jya: peper03: but do you have a ffmpeg ticket # ?
[15:05:23] jya: i find that the best course of action is to submit a track ticket, and then start discussion on their distribution list about it quoting the ticket
[15:05:51] peper03: jya: No. I submitted it to the mailing list, where it's gone back and forth several times and chatted briefly on IRC.
[15:05:54] jya: and if you don't get anywhere, do the same in libAV, then go tell the other team they accepted your patch etc...
[15:06:20] jya: they keep merging one another, so you get two ways to get your code in
[15:06:40] jya: peper03: got a link to the ffmpeg discussion ?
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[15:07:53] peper03: jya: It starts here: . . . /139228.html
[15:07:58] jya: but with a ticket or a mail-patch in the distribution list, you'll have more chance as you've simiplifed the task for them
[15:09:33] peper03: The sticking point at the moment seems to be that I had to do a negative seek on a stream, which I agree is possibly not great. In my defence, I noted that every video packet causes a negative seek too. Since then, there's been no more replies.
[15:11:43] peper03: I have no idea how to avoid a negative seek and queries for pointers have so far not been replied to. I'm aware they're busy with other things as well, but I don't feel the urge to learn the ffmpeg architecture inside-out when a couple of tips from an expert would do the trick.
[15:13:07] stuartm: I like the idea of playing both sides against each other, after all having two nearly identical forks has got to be good for something
[15:15:13] jya: righto…. off to bed now… good night everyone
[15:15:29] peper03: stuartm: It's hard work with just one side :) I understand that they're not necessarily deep into DVD specs, but it does sometimes feel like I'm not getting through.
[15:15:53] jya: peper03: reading the last message before your last one
[15:16:15] jya: seems to me that they were okay with your change. They just wanted to know if you actually made use of it and if it worked for you
[15:16:22] jya: to which you responded : not yet
[15:16:39] jya: so get that part done and ping your message again
[15:17:47] peper03: jya: Helpfully, the archive stops the thread at the end of the month. It continues here: . . . /139824.html
[15:19:23] peper03: jya: The problem I've got (to an extent) is that it's going to be quite a bit of work. I don't really want to spend a lot of my time working on a solution that relies on that patch only for them to decide they still don't like the idea.
[15:19:29] peper03: Chicken and egg.
[15:19:37] stuartm: peper03: if what jya suggests doesn't work then try Janne Grunau at libav, he's a former MythTV dev, if anyone is willing to listen then I'd guess it would be him – just be sure to mention that it's MythTV that you're working on
[15:19:59] jya: peper03: from my experience reading the ffmpeg list.. you've been much further in the review process than 99% of the casual poster
[15:20:47] peper03: Yeah, I feel this close (holds up finger and thumb not very far apart) from getting it in.
[15:21:27] peper03: I guess I'll try pinging them again on IRC.
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[16:04:32] gigem: stuarta: Regarding Thomas Joiner's patch for #10222, I haven't had a single mythcommflag failure since you commited it. Thanks.
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[16:09:54] stuarta: nice
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[16:45:47] stichnot: Any comments on Mark's comments in ? (green line at the bottom of HD-PVR 1080i recording due to 1088/1080 line issue) He's missing the fact that the garbage lines show up with both VDPAU and XVideo.
[16:45:59] stichnot: I would like to find out more about "h264 streams do not reliably provide cropping information".
[16:47:22] stichnot: "the video output code has accounted for the 1088/1080 issue for years." – via hardcoded 1088->1080 translation which I believe Chutt spoke out against
[16:48:51] stichnot: "mpeg2, for example, does not give you any cropping hints" – I need to look deeper into what the mpeg packet processing is doing in the current code
[16:49:47] stichnot: I have a woeful lack of expertise/experience in this area so I appreciate any feedback.
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[20:32:55] stichnot: peper03: I assume I don't need to dig into the cleared caption/subpicture issue, right? since it seems you have the root cause figured out
[20:33:37] stichnot: I can see why captions should be reset on a resolution change, but not a framerate change.
[20:36:57] petefunk_ is now known as petefunk
[20:37:39] stuartm: yeah, that's a little strange isn't it?
[20:38:18] stuartm: do we even need to re-init on a framerate change?
[20:52:30] stichnot: I suppose a framerate change may also include an interlacing change, though that could be separately checked
[20:58:21] stichnot: gigem: I just don't see myself working on #10682 in the foreseeable future. Should I assign it to you, or just close it?
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[21:11:19] peper03: stichnot: No, as far as I can tell, it should be sorted now.
[21:11:32] stichnot: cool, thanks.
[21:12:01] peper03: At least, once the patch has been applied :) *nudge*
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[23:09:34] gigem: stichnot: Sure, you can assign #10682 to me. I don't know whan I'll get to it, though.
[23:09:34] ** MythLogBot **
[23:13:25] stichnot: gigem: ok, thanks. Sounds like we're both in the same position. :)
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