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Tuesday, March 5th, 2013, 00:10 UTC
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[00:22:56] kormoc: So HLS capture appears to be broken in HEAD of master? Is anyone aware of this and working on it?
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[00:46:16] stichnot: jpabq: if there is a real issue behind 11435, it's going to be very hard to get to the bottom of it using the OP's setup.
[00:47:43] jpabq: stichnot: agreed. At this point, I would be tempted to tell him to use an unpatched version of master. If he still has the same issue, then we can proceed to track it down.
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[01:00:00] stichnot: jpabq: yeah, I would suggest either that or get the latest fixes/0.26 + various patches (which may be more palatable than master with its schema update though not necessarily less work)
[01:01:47] jpabq: I supposed. If he wants us to fix it though, he needs to be running a version of the code that we are comfortable with, and can replicate. There could be some bad interaction between his "cherry-picks" that are causing the problem.
[01:04:17] stichnot: True.
[01:16:58] skd5aner: jya: that D/A conversion video was great
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[01:33:29] jheizer__: Anyone around that is familiar with myth's jwplayer
[02:02:26] tonsofpcs: myth's jwplayer? is it different from jwplayer?
[02:02:42] tonsofpcs: D/A conversion video????
[02:02:53] jheizer__: lots of questions haha
[02:03:11] jheizer__: modified as at the time jwplayer did not support HLS streams
[02:03:38] jheizer__: I am trying to add support for it to mobilemyth so the videos can be viewable on desktop PCs
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[02:05:31] tonsofpcs: jheizer__: I'm still quite interested in this mobilemyth and any other way that I can watch something (either live or prerecorded) outside my home :)
[02:07:59] jheizer__: no live tv yet
[02:08:12] jheizer__: hope to have a new release out this week
[02:08:26] jheizer__: only minor updates as the baby has been keeping us super busy lately.
[02:08:50] jheizer__: but can watch recordings and videos
[02:10:56] wagnerrp: tonsofpcs:
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[02:19:39] jheizer__: "Loaded file is not a valid media provider" is where I am stuck. I seem to be proxying the .js and .swf files ok.
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[02:25:26] jheizer: I guess it comes down to does anyone know if there is something in the modified jwplayer that mythtv got permission to use that would stop it from using the HLS provider when it is not served up via mythbackend?
[02:26:09] jheizer: I am using the mythbackend files themselves, but proxying them through mobilemyth. So myth is not the direct source as far as the jwplayer.swf is concerned.
[02:31:59] tonsofpcs: wagnerrp: awesome. Any idea what software he uses there?
[02:33:08] ** tonsofpcs needs to teach folks at work about nyquist, bitdepth, and ADC (and a bit about DAC but not as much) **
[02:43:51] jheizer: Well drop all of the proxying and it all works.
[02:45:39] tonsofpcs: oo, source code...
[02:51:22] wagnerrp: tonsofpcs: it's likely one he wrote himself
[02:54:25] tonsofpcs: wagnerrp: yea, found it, it's at the bottom of the assoiated wiki (whose link is hidden)
[02:54:41] tonsofpcs: building a vm on my new pc to play now :)
[02:55:26] tonsofpcs: . . . eform_Viewer
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[05:05:43] Captain_Murdoch: jheizer, the jwplayer we distribute is not modified in any way. it's stock, just repackaged into something we can easily install. jwplayer does not like loading files from a different URL than where you got jwplayer from though, I think that's the issue if I remember correctly. When I was playing with getting JW Player working in MythWeb, I had to setup MythWeb to proxy requests for HLS files back to the backend.
[05:06:08] Captain_Murdoch: where 'repackaged' means just in a .zip file since we had unzip support already in libmythbase
[05:23:46] MythBuild: build #3451 of master-freebsd-64bit is complete: Failure [4failed git] Build details are at . . . /builds/3451 blamelist: Jim Stichnoth < >
[05:25:20] wagnerrp: awesome
[05:25:35] wagnerrp: MythBuild: force build master-freebsd-64bit now
[05:25:35] MythBuild: build forced [ETA 10m06s]
[05:25:36] MythBuild: I'll give a shout when the build finishes
[05:31:42] MythBuild: build #3452 of master-freebsd-64bit is complete: Success [3build successful] Build details are at . . . /builds/3452
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[07:48:15] dekarl: kormoc:
[07:49:28] kormoc: dekarl, thanks!
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[14:00:37] peper03: Anyone notice any issues with DVD menu highlights in the last couple of months? In particular with them not being shown or disappearing almost as soon as they've been shown? I've found a couple of suspects but they've not been touched for a long time. I don't remember having these issues last year but maybe the problem is just being highlighted by other changes.
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[14:22:31] jheizer: Captain_Murdoch: Thanks. This thread lead me to believe there were special things about the myth version and why I wondered if there were restrictions. I didn't realize it just meant the zip file.
[14:23:27] jheizer: I got it all working last night with all the proxying disabled. I'll have to try it again with it all enabled now that I know all the playback javascript is working correctly. Thanks for the guidance.
[14:37:41] stuartm: peper03: yeah I was going to mention it, seems to have started recently and is affecting pretty much all DVDs
[14:38:34] stuartm: they seem to re-appear sometimes if something forces an update/refresh, suggesting it's a rendering problem
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[14:47:02] jheizer: wagnerrp: Very interesting video. Thanks for sharing. Finally had the time to watch it all.
[14:47:34] wagnerrp: jheizer: just repeating from jy a
[14:48:44] jheizer: Sadly would never convince the analog obsessed that is all means anything
[14:49:06] stuarta: analogue? what's that... ;-)
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[14:49:18] wagnerrp: the analog obsessed aren't looking for quality sound reproduction
[14:49:28] wagnerrp: they're looking for the specific types of distortion that come from analog gear
[14:49:57] jheizer: I have a friend right now looking to buy all old analog stuff to "get into high quality audio"
[14:50:05] jheizer: Right now he just has PC speakers
[14:50:11] peper03: I thought the video was prettty good too. I'm not sure there isn't an issue with staircasing though. I've seen other videos where the steps were very obvious. The samples may be point samples but you can't output points. It has to be continuous. Either there's some smoothing being applied or the distance between steps is small enough for it not to matter.
[14:50:17] wagnerrp: ok, some of them are just idiots... :)
[14:50:50] wagnerrp: peper03: it depends on the quality of the DAC
[14:50:52] jheizer: HAhaha
[14:51:08] wagnerrp: and whether it actually attempts to reproduce the matching waveform, or just staircases the output
[14:51:19] jheizer: Yeah
[14:51:49] wagnerrp: staircasing the output is actually going to be more difficult
[14:55:52] peper03: wagnerrp: I've only done a bit of electronics so I don't really know enough about it what's possible but if a simple DAC merely outputs a voltage corresponding to a given digital value for one sample period, I would expect that to be flat for that period. Put an RC filter (or similar) on the output and it'll get smoothed out to a greater or less extent.
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[14:56:52] peper03: I know I've seen videos of digital signal generators hooked up to oscilloscopes where the steps were visible. Unfortunately, I can't remember where :)
[14:57:35] peper03: I could also expect that to be one of the details he glossed over, and wouldn't particularly have a problem with it, either :)
[14:57:37] wagnerrp: nothing is ever flat
[14:57:55] wagnerrp: there's always going to be a rise time for it to get up to the required voltage
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[14:59:15] peper03: Sure, but once it gets there, it *should* be flat.
[15:00:09] wagnerrp: but by the time you reach it, you're already in the next sample period and rising to the next voltage level
[15:00:34] jheizer: always a moving target
[15:01:38] peper03: Yes, which is where other aspects like sample rate etc. come in. Take a low bit depth and a low sample rate and the effects are going to be more noticeable. Or a oscilloscope with the wick turned up :)
[15:01:51] peper03: Whether you can *hear* the difference is another matter entirely, of couse :)
[15:02:36] jheizer: I never realized how low of a bit depth a tape was "equliviant" to and that is mostly effected the floor noise levels
[15:02:40] jheizer: learn soemthing new all the time
[15:03:08] peper03: Given an oscilloscope with a sufficiently high bandwidth, almost any signal can presumably look like DC :)
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[15:06:59] peper03: stuartm: The issue with the menu highlights disappearing seems to be caused by . . . er.cpp#L1497
[15:07:15] peper03: Oops. By . . . er.cpp#L1497
[15:08:15] peper03: I don't really understand why ResetCaptions needs to be called when captions are being enabled.
[15:09:36] peper03: Or, for that matter, why the highlight is already visible if captions have not yet been enabled, but I suspect that has something to do with that code being in MythPlayer and not MythPlayerDVD.
[15:11:23] peper03: The reason for the highlights not being shown at all is, I think, down to . . . fer.cpp#L668
[15:11:26] stuartm: stichnot: ^^
[15:12:18] stuartm: peper03: how so?
[15:12:46] peper03: stuartm: Don't know yet :) I just found that if I comment that line out, they appear :)
[15:12:56] stuartm: ah
[15:13:34] peper03: I don't yet understand the whole control flow of subtitles/menu hightlights. I've just started scratching.
[15:15:07] peper03: At least on one test DVD I've created, I found that once the highlight had been shown (by hitting return), it would be shown without problems afterwards. I saw that DVDNAV_HIGHLIGHT was not arriving when it wasn't being shown.
[15:15:54] peper03: But it helps to know it's not just me :)
[15:21:57] stichnot: peper03: stuartm: I'll have a look later.
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[16:43:06] Captain_Murdoch: jheizer, yeah, I probably could have been clearer in that message about the JW Player plugin. the plugin is from their website and is required for the current version, the next version will have HLS built-in I believe. the plugin isn't normally distributed, it's downloaded separately, that's part of why I repackaged.
[16:43:55] jheizer: No problem. They have released the next version, but HLS is not supported under the free open source license.
[16:44:26] jheizer: So I was just going to use myth's existing version to make it easy.
[16:46:24] jheizer: I've just had several users try to use mobilemyth on desltop PC's and not understand that the browsers cannot natively play the hls streams. So added in a "Desktop" mode to cover that use case.
[16:47:12] Captain_Murdoch: :( on new version.  :) on desktop mode.  :( on I need to find some time to work on things before I forget everything I was working on before I got busy.
[16:47:26] jheizer: I hear ya.
[16:48:01] jheizer: Next release is going to only have a few features added. One of these days I need to complete the phone sized UI. Just wanted to complete the tablet version first and then port it all at once.
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[19:20:27] jheizer: Captain_Murdoch: Got ti fixed. it did not like loading a the adapter through the proxy for some reason. I modified my url rewrites ot be able to load the file via the proxy that way and it all worked. Weird.
[19:20:31] jheizer: V.5 released! :)
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[19:28:17] stuartm: gigem: how difficult would it be to have a "not this channel" filter?
[19:28:49] Captain_Murdoch: jheizer, the HLS plugin? that sounds like what I ran into.
[19:28:49] stuartm: not that it would solve this problem since there is more than one channel I'd want to ignore
[19:30:11] jheizer: Captain_Murdoch: Yeah, before I was doing my standard proxy.aspx?url=pluginurl but it did not like that. So I asjusted my Streaming url rewrite to include the 3rd party directory.
[19:30:29] jheizer: Which turns around and writes it to proxy.aspx... but it works that way. :shrug:
[19:30:40] Captain_Murdoch: yeah, I had to add a /fakedir/pluginfile type rewrite I believe
[19:31:15] jheizer: Ha, weird stuff.
[19:31:33] Captain_Murdoch: since it's a proxy instead of a redirect the player doesn't know. I was trying to find away around that but got sidetracked.
[19:32:43] Captain_Murdoch: I think it also doesn't like the ? for some reason. that's part of the reason I added the /StorageGroup/GROUPNAME/FILENAME method of retriving files directly from the backend rather than the ?GroupName=blah&FileName=blahblah method.
[19:32:44] jheizer: Yeah, put more time into it than I wanted. Mostly wanted to release the auto transcode and auto hls files cleanup
[19:33:58] jheizer: As those are the more useful pieces that I had complete. But I had told a few people the next release would include it. Just didn't expect the "public" version of jwplayer to not include the hls component when downloaded from their site.
[19:34:21] jheizer: And didn't want to redistribute the same myth one when I didn't need to really.
[19:38:11] neufeld: stuartm: I'll bet my channel ignore use case is worse than yours. There's a Canadian channel that has an unreliable link to our broadcast area, probably until the Anik G1 satellite goes up. It carries a few shows that we watch, but because of the reliability issue, it has about an 80% failure rate (we get a single fixed frame for the entire duration of the recording). Fine, I could remove that channel from the
[19:38:11] neufeld: listings. But... cable regulations require that, when a show is broadcast simultaneously on a US channel and a Canadian channel, the Canadian broadcast must be slotted into the US channel's frequency for the duration of the show. So, this bad channel infects any US channels that broadcast the same show in the same time slot. I have to filter out recordings on the US channels when they simulcast with this specific
[19:38:12] neufeld: Canadian channel, and prefer broadcasts on time-shift channels from the US West coast, when the unreliable channel is showing something else. Still haven't worked out the SQL syntax for that!
[19:39:51] stuartm: that definitely sucks!
[19:40:11] jheizer: Yuuuuck
[19:42:08] stuartm: my case is much simpler, we have a channel here that specialises in buying the rights to old BBC shows and re-showing them, often several times a day, they end up with new program IDs since they are being shown by a completely different broadcaster and are also marked as 'new' for the same reason
[19:43:18] stuartm: but the same channel does occasionally have some new stuff or repeats that I actually do want to record, so I can't just delete it
[19:45:05] bas-t: I can top that! My case, compared with yours, is very simple. Look at for details.
[19:46:38] neufeld: stuartm: is there a special-case priority value for "don't even try"? If so, you could make a custom SQL priority rule that suppresses those recordings entirely. I have a custom priority rule to penalize recordings on one tuner when they overlap the issue from 01h00 to 02h30 because my STB frequently resets during that interval (once or twice a week) due to firmware updates (which I never use since MythTV controls
[19:46:38] neufeld: the STB.
[19:48:30] jheizer: Man, you guys are making me feel so lucky right now.
[19:49:56] stuartm: neufeld: I don't really want to be messing around with custom rules, IMHO if a user has to resort to custom rules/sql to do something relatively simple then we've failed them :) The new filter stuff does promise to make this sort of thing easier/better
[19:52:12] stuartm: I have actually found the 'commfree' filter works for this particular case, but there are other examples where it won't do the job
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[19:59:09] peper03: stuartm, stichnot: There seems to be more than one cause for the DVD highlight issue. The highlight appearing briefly and then disappearing only appears to occur on master. 0.26-fixes doesn't seem to have the problem.
[19:59:19] jpabq: stuartm: I have never used them, but doesn't mythtv have the concept of channel groups? If so, you could have a "exclude group" option?
[20:00:58] peper03: stuartm, stichnot: The highlight not appearing at all seems to be (at least partly) dependent on the domain in which the menu is. I'm still experimenting but it occurs in 0.26-fixes as well as master.
[20:03:01] peper03: It also seems to depend on whether firstplay jumps straight to that menu, or whether there's another menu in-between.
[20:03:19] peper03: So many permutations! :(
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[20:03:29] stuartm: jpabq: it does, it's just a bit fiddly and I don't think that channels can't be part of multiple groups
[20:05:45] stuartm: my preferred usage of channel groups would be to arrange and filter channels in the guide by content e.g. Entertainment, Sport, Documentary, Radio etc Having groups to avoid recording repeats wouldn't fit so neatly into that model
[20:18:50] jpabq: True, but you could have an "undesirable" channel group, as well.
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[21:06:17] stuartm: which channels are undesirable depends entirely on what you are trying to record, it's not the same channels for every programme, and those channels aren't universally 'undesirable' some actually show good stuff that I record
[21:13:01] peper03: Ok, menu highlights don't appear when the menu is in a VTS title and not menu domain, and when the highlight should not appear immediately. If the highlight is shown until the end of the cell, it will appear correctly the next time the menu loops. If it disappears before the end of the cell, it won't.
[21:14:26] peper03: The reason it works correctly when the highlight is shown immediately is down to the seeking performed before playback actually starts. This (indirectly) allows the subpicture stream ID to be set correctly.
[21:15:42] peper03: So once again, the jumping about at the beginning to allow a list of required streams/codecs to be created by ffmpeg is causing somewhat unpredictable behaviour. :(
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[21:54:40] gigem: stuartm: Adding a generic, "Not this channel" filter would be trivial, but you probably wouldn't like it. When you create or change a rule using it, you'd have to find the program in the EPG on the channel you don't want and if you ever create an override, you'd have to turn the filter off in the override rule. The reason is the channel to not match would be the one stored in the record table — the one
[21:54:42] gigem: that gets updated from the EPG everytime you create/edit the rule or add an override.
[21:54:44] gigem: Since it sounds like you don't want to use custom rules, you should consider using a custom filter. I have a use case that really isn't that different when you get down to it. I have several HD channels with SD simulcasts. Normally, I don't want to record from the SD channels. I created a "Normal channel" filter which matches "channel.recpriority > -10", enabled it in the default template and gave all of
[21:54:46] gigem: the SD simulcast channels a priority of -10. If I ever really do want to record from one of those channels, I can turn the "Normal channel" filter off. In your case, set your "Normal channel" filter to match something like "record.station <> 'old bbc channel'".
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[22:15:50] stuarta: i would have thought it sufficient to penalize the undesirable channel, at least that way if it's the only channel showing something you want, it'll still get recorded
[22:16:09] stuarta: with a priority adjustment
[22:19:40] gigem: stuarta: That's often desirable when the channels have different availabilities. In my case, the HD and SD channels are always available together and I never, ever want the scheduler to fall back to the SD channel when resolving conflicts.
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[22:30:02] stuarta: in my case i want the opposite, i can't playback HD recordings, so i want to penalize the hd channel
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