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Thursday, December 20th, 2012, 00:03 UTC
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[00:44:30] stichnot: mythversion.h tests for Qt version >= 4.6.0, should that be updated?
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[01:24:04] danielk221: stichnot yep
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[03:00:24] tonsofpcs: #11207 – It's doing it again (this time, it retuned to the same channel...) but, again, backend isn't in debug... is there a way I can turn that on so it always happens?
[03:00:24] ** MythLogBot **
[03:00:45] tonsofpcs: gigem: ^
[03:02:41] tonsofpcs: ( "-v schedule --loglevel debug" )
[03:19:38] skd5aner: tonsofpcs: how are you replicating it?
[03:20:43] skd5aner: tonsofpcs: and how are you launching mythbackend – just change it to include the verbose info
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[03:22:38] cnz: I have setup mythtv and everything is running but when I go to watch tv nothing happens
[03:23:45] skd5aner: cnz: wrong channel – you want #mythtv-users
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[03:23:56] cnz: no I want mythtv
[03:24:12] skd5aner: cnz: wrong channel, see /topic
[03:24:42] cnz: if this was a dev channel maybe you should +I it
[03:24:46] cnz: or +k it
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[03:50:20] taylorr: jya: this bisecting is a nightmare.. did you try removing all of our ffmpeg customizations?
[03:51:39] jya: taylorr: the only thing that gave me grief when patching like I described, was for some functions that changed too much in between. So for that I simply modified the generated config.mak and config.h so it wouldn't even try to compile, so I simply ignored the patch not applying
[03:51:45] jya: otherwise: welcome to my world :)
[03:52:46] jya: I can't recall the stuff I removed from trying to compile
[03:53:24] jya: before running make, I would do something like: sed -i -e 's/BLAH=1/BLAH=0/g' external/FFmpeg/config.mak
[03:54:10] jya: but for the block of ffmpeg changes I was testing, the default.diff I provided you was enough for most of the ffmpeg diff to patch properly
[03:54:22] jya: let me see which one failed
[03:55:08] taylorr: jya: so I assume you always used the untouched mpegts_mythtv and utils_myth?
[03:55:16] jya: that's right
[03:55:29] jya: those haven't changed much in years
[03:55:55] jya: I doubt any issues you are seeing is related to a change to mpegts_mythtv or utils_myth
[03:56:34] jya: if you want to see if the issue disappear when you use the original ffmpeg, I can craft you a quick patch if you want that restore the original mpegts.c decoder
[03:56:35] taylorr: still wondering how much of our changes are still needed... like defining functions as "void" where ffmpeg does "static void"
[03:56:50] jya: taylorr: those are used by the subtitle code
[03:57:11] jya: TBH, if you restore the original mpegts and discard all our changes: most of it work
[03:57:13] taylorr: seems like subtitle stuff cause most of the grief
[03:57:29] jya: but you loose teletext subtitles and the 706 bit
[03:57:40] taylorr: yes, I could care less about them
[03:57:44] jya: it is, all our changes seem to be related to subtitles
[03:58:13] taylorr: I might try to create a diff that resets everything so this bisecting is much smoother
[03:58:34] jya: with the HDPVR recording that was provided by stichnot earlier, with the original mpegts, mythtv crashes.. However, it's likely I've fixed that after adding the auto-selection of the video track
[03:58:55] taylorr: really need to get some of this stuff pushed upstream and/or find ways of not having local modifications
[03:58:56] jya: because myth used to try to play the secondary video stream rather than the main one
[03:59:24] jya: the problem the code has diverged so much these days, it is now a matter of redeveloping everything from scratch.
[03:59:35] jya: I don't know enough about mpegts to do so
[03:59:57] jya: my entire involvement on the matter has been a trial&error, without understanding much of what was going on
[04:00:11] taylorr: same here :)
[04:00:50] jya: if you look back in the history of IRC, I provided a patch to stichnot that disable mythtv mpegts and re-enabled the original ffmpeg one
[04:01:07] jya: i'm not on my main machine right now and don't have it at hand
[04:01:39] jya: it's likely you search in IRC log in the past week will let you find it in less than 10 minutes, just as much time as me rewriting the whole thing from scratch
[04:02:05] jya: except I'm on my laptop at a client, I forgot my power adapter, and compiling myth is going to suck my battery too quickly :)
[04:03:34] taylorr: no worries... I can revert that stuff... I'm looking at other files now too... like golomb.h ... type and casting changes... those should be pushed upstream if they are required
[04:04:01] jya: the static vs non-static is related to a direct call to that function if avfd
[04:04:24] jya: If you look at my default.diff patch, I commented out those functions so you can get rid of them
[04:04:31] taylorr: right... wonder what the golomb.h changes are for
[04:04:43] jya: many of those changes are also related to having a callback should the video stream change halfway
[04:04:55] jya: so avid knows about them as they are encountered
[04:05:30] jya: the problem is that you have 10 years old patches in that stuff, there's no-one left to tell us what the patch was supposed to fix
[04:06:08] taylorr: yes... they didn't know what a comment was apparently.... I hate for them to put a "// blah, blah, blah" at the end of line
[04:08:15] jya: sometimes you get a fix #….. ; that info is very valuable
[04:08:30] jya: but then you look at the problem it fixed, and it's very likely it's no longer relevant
[04:09:48] taylorr: going to try 0.26-fixes with stock mpegts/utils for the video I'm having issues with
[04:11:58] jya: ok… that patch exists in the IRC log
[04:12:21] jya: search for type of link I posted in the IRC log
[04:15:30] jya:
[04:16:12] jya: that was for 0.26
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[04:16:50] jya: in master, you'll also have to edit libavformat/rtpdec. / rtsp.c and wtvdec.c and change the #include mpegts-mythtv.h into mpegts.h
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[04:34:27] tonsofpcs: skd5aner: I'm running mythbuntu so it's using some sort of cron/service task system to autolaunch it. I'd rather not dig into that if it can be set in a config.
[04:35:50] tonsofpcs: (if it can't, I will)
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[05:27:33] gigem: tonsofpcs: I forgot which version you are running. If 0.25, aplly this patch . If 0.25, apply this almost identical patch . That will print the relevant information with the normal backend logging options.
[05:56:57] Captain_Murdoch: wagnerrp, sphery, regarding that -users thread about per-directory video levels, what would you think about having that as part of the new schema for storage group directories? Each 'Videos' directory could have a default rating level that would be applied to all new videos first found in that dir.
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[06:20:59] wagnerrp: we would actually need to start tracking individual directories
[06:21:14] wagnerrp: the current video library has never done that
[06:23:45] wagnerrp: seems Qt5 was officially released
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[06:31:03] Captain_Murdoch: no need to track, if a SG dir has a level of 4 and we find a file in it, then that file/video gets a level of 4.
[06:32:35] Captain_Murdoch: I'm not saying extend it to follow files moving around, that would be much harder and I wouldn't want to bother with that effort, but just assigning the initial level on the file as it was discovered would be fairly simple. could just tell users if they move a file or change a dirs level then they have to update the level on all files/videos in that dir.
[06:36:38] wagnerrp: you just mean the top level directories
[06:36:46] wagnerrp: the ones defined in mythtv-setup
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[07:00:15] jya: stuartm: I wonder if the issue with the DVD is similar to what I saw with the various ffmpeg audio decoder, rather than being an interleaved buffer, it's now planar. that would certainly break playback
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[08:13:43] jya: stuartm: it's not the ffmpeg resync
[08:14:28] jya: it's the selection of the videotrack
[08:14:30] jya: a1eac715a9ff2f1d18cfddc69f49664c57150735
[08:25:42] jya: ok fixed
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[08:26:58] jya: it's the way the dvd player calls ScanStreams
[08:27:41] jya: it calls it with novideo a few more time, which reset the video stream list so you end up with no video stream to play as a result
[08:31:23] jya: so apologies for screwing your evening last night...
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[09:09:03] jya: stuartm: I'm re-reading the ScanStreams code, and I see a potential problem that would have been handled differently in the previous code (I actually believe it would have been handled improperly in the first place).
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[09:09:38] jya: With HandleDVDStreamChange is called, it rescan the streams, but ignore the video streams.
[09:11:20] jya: Now when novideo is set to true, i completely ignore videostreams alltogether. Before though, it would rescan the video stream, but not change the streamid of the current video stream. So potentially, you could end up on a video stream whos id has changed.
[09:12:08] jya: so there's two way we could handle it.. Keep doing like what I'm doing now, ignore the video streams completely doing a rescan, or rescan video streams, and search for which one to play too.
[09:13:07] jya: I'm not too sure why in HandleDVDStreamChange we don't rescan for video stream while at it
[09:15:42] jya: markk did that change 2 years ago, in his log comment he wrote: add a DVD specific HandleStreamsChanged callback. This does not rescan the video stream (which caused endless problems) or reset the videobuffers (which causes obvious discontinuities). There are additional changes to come here as we need to be smarter about how we trigger and respond to stream changes.
[09:15:55] jya: those additional changes to come never seen to have come..
[09:16:04] jya: so for the time being, I'll do just like what it is now
[09:16:41] jya: as the change I added do exactly like what the comment state (but wasn't what the code was doing)
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[09:48:04] jya: ohhhh… danielk22 ffmpeg just committed some code to allow change of resolution on the fly with h264 (was crashing since multi-threading decoding was implemented)
[09:49:07] jya: janne was the original author of the code
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[11:59:27] stuartm: jya: thanks for the fix
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[13:55:36] stichnot: jpabq: My replacement power supply for the HDPVR has successfully recorded 1 hour so far... D-Link AF1805-A, $9 at Amazon, eligible for Amazon Prime – . . . _o01_s00_i00
[13:56:28] stichnot: jya: thanks for the DVD fix.
[13:57:16] stichnot: One thing I noticed (not sure if it was there before) is some "flickering" between 16:9 and 4:3 video rendering as a switch audio tracks.
[13:57:47] stichnot: as I switch audio tracks, that is
[14:02:21] danielk22: jya: cool about the h264 resolution change fix. IIRC We added a workaround in MythTV that we should remove when that patch makes it to us..
[14:06:01] stichnot: danielk22: do you know if the seek tables produced by the recorder and by mythcommflag --rebuild are supposed to match? and does it matter?
[14:13:58] danielk22: stichnot: They have never matched & it doesn't really matter.
[14:15:25] stichnot: OK. So what happens if the seektable indexes a frame that is not really a keyframe, and you try to seek to it? Does ffmpeg just deal with it, though perhaps slower than if it were a true keyframe?
[14:16:36] danielk22: They both index the same keyframes but they don't agree on the byte where the keyframe starts. ffmpeg deals with the fuzz ok.
[14:17:45] danielk22: I believe with the ones from mythcommflag ffmpeg has to read through a few extra ts packets before it finds the frame it is looking for.
[14:17:56] stichnot: OK. If they don't agree on keyframes, I can see problems with in-progress recordings, since the player may blend early keyframes from mythcommflag with late keyframes from the recorder.
[14:18:14] stichnot: (And I read through an h.264 bug along those lines from a few years ago.)
[14:18:43] danielk22: Right, if they don't agree on keyframes that is an issue, but I believe that isn't the case 99.9% of the time.
[14:19:15] stichnot: OK. Sounds like a good error condition to track / report / try to handle sanely...
[14:21:23] danielk22: It would be nice to just use the same code in both but our keyframe detection code isn't really modular, it is part of DTVRecorder.
[14:24:39] stichnot: yep, and I assume it's a Bad Idea to use ffmpeg in the recorder
[14:42:17] danielk22: stichnot: yep, ffmpeg is sensitive to bad data. segfault city.
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[14:49:17] danielk22: stichnot: your concern is that someone will run mythcommflag --rebuild on an in-progress recording?
[14:50:21] danielk22: I think that is unlikely enough that we don't need to worry about it..
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[15:34:47] stichnot: danielk22: I may be mistaken, but I was assuming that the default mythcommflag (without --rebuild) that may run concurrently as a program is being recorded, might be overwriting the seektable markup that the recorder is providing.
[15:35:21] danielk22: stichnot: It shouldn't be touching the seektable during a normal run.
[15:37:46] amessina (amessina!~amessina@2001:470:c1dc:7779:d6be:d9ff:fe8d:7c1e) has joined #mythtv
[15:41:45] stichnot: ok, cool.
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[16:03:21] danielk22: jya: #11301 Should bring us down to just 1 intel compiler warning (and that one is in ffmpeg).
[16:03:21] ** MythLogBot **
[16:06:04] danielk22: stuarta: Do you need autoconf installed on master-debian-wheezy-64bit ? it's adding some chaff to the compiler warnings output.
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[16:29:32] jpabq: stichnot Thanks!
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[18:20:14] stichnot: What kinds of files would NuppelDecoder::CanHandle() return true for?
[18:21:55] stichnot: e.g. mpeg4 files created by one of the transcode profiles?
[18:22:33] stichnot: or any .nuv file?
[18:22:39] danielk22: stichnot: anything in the nuppel container
[18:22:54] danielk22: NVR recordings and transcodes
[18:23:31] stichnot: What recorders produce nvr recordings in master?
[18:26:41] danielk22: Just the NuppelVideoRecorder. Basically dumb PAL/NTSC frame grabbers.
[18:26:58] danielk22: At this point I think it's more for people's existing recordings.
[18:27:09] danielk22: + transcodes
[18:28:16] tgm4883` is now known as tgm4883
[18:28:35] danielk22: Captain_Murdoch started to write a new transcoder that would output to more modern containers but it got put on the back burner.
[18:30:48] tgm4883 (tgm4883!~tgm4883@2001:4968:202:3:20f:eaff:fefc:ba0e) has quit (Changing host)
[18:30:48] tgm4883 (tgm4883!~tgm4883@ubuntu/member/tgm4883) has joined #mythtv
[18:31:30] stichnot: I was just noticing that avformatdecoder computes DecoderBase::totalDuration but nuppeldecoder does not, presumably this means mythcommflag --rebuild on a .nuv file doesn't add the MARK_DURATION_MS markup (but I haven't tested)
[18:31:45] wagnerrp: jya: you around?
[18:32:35] stichnot: so I need to figure out if this was an oversight, or if there's something fundamentally difficult about accumulating totalDuration for .nuv files
[18:33:12] danielk22: stichnot: probably an oversight. With nuv files the keyframe map is right in the file so it should be easy.
[18:33:45] wagnerrp: seems not... anyway, i've finally got a system that should be returning the audio EDID data you were referring to
[18:33:52] wagnerrp: going to try to get it into smolt
[18:33:59] danielk22: stuarta: jya: I'd like to remove the ffmpeg builders now, any objection?
[18:34:46] stichnot: danielk22: ok. There's some special code in MythPlayer::calcSliderPos() that apparently tries to deal with that oversight.
[18:36:20] stichnot: Are nuppel files fixed frame rate?
[18:36:42] wagnerrp: they should be
[18:36:47] danielk22: stichnot: I believe so but I'm not 100% sure.
[18:37:01] wagnerrp: considering they should all be analog captures
[18:37:10] wagnerrp: and analog doesn't change bitrates, only digital
[18:37:18] wagnerrp: s/bitrates/framerates/
[18:37:38] wagnerrp: there might be some recompressed by mythtv from a digital capture into an mpeg4/nuv
[18:40:36] danielk22: wagnerrp: but what about transcodes?
[18:40:59] wagnerrp: (see last comment)
[18:41:15] danielk22: yeah, hit return before looking at that last line.
[18:41:20] wagnerrp: :)
[18:41:29] Chutt (Chutt! has joined #mythtv
[18:41:32] danielk22: The NVR ones will all be fixed framerate.
[18:43:10] stichnot: yeah, I don't see any modifications of video_frame_rate after OpenFile().
[18:44:20] danielk22: stuarta: Beirdo: I'd also like to list the master buildbots before the 0.26 ones any idea how to do so? Are they listed alphabetically?
[18:45:13] stuartm: re #11302 – I had noticed that trend to dropping the 'myth' from libs moved to external, is anyone else concerned that it might give packagers the impression that they can start linking the distro versions of these libs instead? With few exceptions our versions contain myth specific patches without which they won't behave as required
[18:45:13] ** MythLogBot **
[18:46:17] stuartm: e.g. libmythbluray features changes to allow streaming a bluray iso/folder from a storage group – the unmodified lib would link, but most certainly wouldn't work with storage groups
[18:46:25] danielk22: stuartm: I think we should hold on to the libmyth naming.
[18:47:09] wagnerrp: stuartm: it does? i didn't think anyone had that working yet
[18:47:32] danielk22: But only in the library name itself which 11302 does.
[18:48:50] danielk22: wagnerrp: It's doable, but IIRC start up is pretty slow as a lot of little files are accessed.
[18:49:11] stuartm: wagnerrp: bluray works, it's DVDs that were problematic, although LVR has a patch to enable that too (needs someone to review)
[18:50:56] stuartm: as danielk22 says startup performance with bluray sucks (IIRC), since we don't have menu support I don't bother with ISO/BDMV and just rip the title(s) to mkv instead
[18:59:11] MythBuild (MythBuild! has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
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[19:14:38] Beirdo: danielk22: I an mot sure, I think it's config order
[19:14:44] Beirdo: am not, rather
[19:15:25] Beirdo: stuartm: the directories under external shouldn't have "myth" on them, but the compiled libs should, IMHO
[19:15:30] danielk22: Beirdo: ok, I'll experiment.
[19:15:40] SteveGoodey (SteveGoodey! has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
[19:15:53] Beirdo: danielk22: cool. We can always force the issue if needed
[19:16:27] danielk22: Right now I'm seeing something else odd. The contains(CONFIG_DARWIN, yes) in is getting triggered on my ubuntu laptop.
[19:17:08] danielk22: In config.mak it is listed as "!CONFIG_DARWIN=yes" which is the same as the other options that don't apply...
[19:17:15] danielk22: (This is with qt5)
[19:17:21] stuartm: Beirdo: well obviously we want to avoid clashing with system libs, that's not quite what I was getting at though
[19:17:48] danielk22: Is "!" some kind of comment which qmake for qt5 doesn't recognize?
[19:18:11] dekarl1 is now known as dekarl
[19:18:34] Beirdo: stuartm: K :)
[19:18:35] stuartm: we already have debian packagers causing problems by providing packages against system installed versions of ffmpeg etc, I'm just concerned about us wasting time trying to 'fix' subtle bugs created this way
[19:18:50] Beirdo: yeah, I hear ya
[19:19:13] Beirdo: the "we know better than you how to use your app" thing
[19:19:46] stuartm: one way around it would be to check in the code, and output in --version the various library version strings – we can modify our copies to include 'MYTH' or something so it should stand out if bug reports are against system vs bundled libs
[19:20:05] dekarl: wasn't the debian stuff resolved for now with some "but upstream won't accept our patches"?
[19:20:06] Beirdo: not a bad idea
[19:20:32] Beirdo: OK, I need to go hunt down some food
[19:21:31] stuartm: dekarl: possibly, but whether it's fixed or not, it sets a precedent and I know the Debian folk in particular will want to keep trying that sort of stuff – they have a history of it with 'IceWeasel' etc
[19:23:36] stuartm: from the user perspective it causes all sorts of bugs that they'll blame us for, and it can be a huge waste of our time figuring out that it's a packaging problem, so I am keen to prevent it happening
[19:25:04] stuartm: I'll add checks/logging for the libbluray version since I moved that one
[19:29:31] peper03 (peper03! has joined #mythtv
[19:30:06] dekarl: stuartm: didn't know IceWeasel, but was thinking of removing code to silence warnings in OpenSSH leading to only 32k different private keys...
[19:31:27] stuartm: dekarl: there are plenty of examples, those are two of the better known ones
[19:34:15] stuartm: I hate to beat up on packagers, but really they are in positions of immense power, they aren't granted commit privs and yet because they have access to the code before it's shipped to users they can make whatever changes they like with no real oversight and in many cases no understanding of the code they may be modifying
[19:35:26] dekarl: I was thinking about staticaly linking mythtv and chrunching the binaries into one. Its not as if urgent security could not be manualy applied to mythv and the packages rebuilt. You have the source and all.
[19:35:52] stuartm: it's just one of those flaws in the system, we supply sha1/md5 checksums so people can verify that the tarballs they download are unmodified but where's the fingerprint ensuring that the code doesn't get modified between the repo/tarball and the package that most users will be installing?
[19:36:17] dekarl: But I'm not sure its worth it when ship our own copies of the libraries with non-colliding names. (its good enough)
[19:37:25] dekarl: The only thing I'd like to change is getting rid of the verson in libmyth-<version> packages. We don't support mixing multiple versions of MythTV in one chroot/jail anyway...
[19:38:02] dekarl: I have issue that I had to manualy resolve every time I updated across the package name change :(
[19:38:04] wagnerrp: as that would in turn prevent issues of people having leftover cruft from older versions?
[19:39:20] dekarl: wagnerrp: imho we do not gain anything in return of the added complexity of updates.
[19:40:40] stuartm: linking an old version of the lib can have unpredictable results
[19:42:02] dekarl: hmm, I think this package name is not so good libmyth-0.27–0_0.26.0~master.20121212.ec8b37a-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb
[19:42:42] dekarl: 0.26 is the version, 0.27 is part of the name
[19:43:02] dekarl: the latter is what caused issues for me in the past (basically on every change)
[19:43:34] danielk22: if it is master isn't it a 0.27 pre-release?
[19:57:12] jheizer: I have ran into problems from package name updates as well. Got to the point I do a apt-get remove myth* and then install the new version.
[19:58:47] peper03: danielk22, stichnot: You were talking earlier about keyframe locations. I've noticed mismatches between the seek table directly after recording and after running mythcommflag --rebuild. Not only are the offsets different, the corresponding frame *numbers* are different. See and
[20:00:07] peper03: I marked a small section in the cutlist editor before rebuilding the seek table and the cut points were off by a couple of keyframes after the rebuild. Interesting, the frame numbers shown in the cutlist editor never actually corresponded to one of the frames in the recordedseek table even though I selected 'keyframe'.
[20:03:03] peper03: The source, in case it makes any difference was DVB-S.
[20:06:49] uglyoldbob (uglyoldbob!~quassel@ has joined #mythtv
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[20:13:14] danielk22: jya: avformatdecoder.cpp:2035 probably not what you intended.
[20:17:47] bas-t (bas-t! has quit (Quit: Quit)
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[20:33:44] stichnot (stichnot!stichnot@mythtv/developer/stichnot) has joined #mythtv
[20:39:08] stichnot: peper03: that's interesting. I'm aware of a mythcommflag bug in which I believe the mythcommflagplayer honors an existing cutlist. This is likely to mess up the results. Any chance that is influencing your results?
[20:48:01] dmfrey (dmfrey! has quit (Quit: Ex-Chat)
[20:49:37] peper03: stichnot: I just tried it again with another new recording with no cutlist. Basically the same results. It seems to depend on where it starts counting frames from. See and
[20:50:17] stichnot (stichnot!stichnot@mythtv/developer/stichnot) has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[20:51:05] peper03: The offsets seem to be (at least at first glance) the same but the frame numbers are off by 18, which happens to be the first non-zero keyframe detected (or the difference between first and second – hard to tell where exactly it's got 18 from).
[20:52:31] stichnot (stichnot!stichnot@nat/google/x-wnfjajzdgpueagxw) has joined #mythtv
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[20:52:53] peper03: On the first sample, I set cut marks at frame 413 and 609. Neither of those are keyframes according to the recseek table. Presumably that's more of an issue in the cutlist editor?
[20:54:04] peper03: Sorry, I tell a lie. They line up with keyframes before mythcommflag ran. But not after.
[20:56:20] stichnot: That is strange. I'll be looking for an explanation or fix as I work on the accurate duration/position issue.
[20:59:55] peper03: stichnot: That would be nice. I use a script to trim the starts and ends off recordings and filter any data packets (i.e. non-video/audio/subtitles). Afterwards I run mythcommflag --rebuild and it's a bit of a pain to have to go through and redo the cut-points. I tend to just set the first and last now and then sort out 'internal' cuts afterwards but it's a bit irritating.
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[21:29:02] marsilainen_ (marsilainen_! has joined #mythtv
[21:30:02] marsilainen_: hi all... is there a 'best' mythtv distro at the moment? I'm currently running mythbuntu but it's an older version and I plan on reinstalling in the next couple of weeks so I wondered if I should consider any other distros before using the latest mythbuntu?
[21:30:22] wagnerrp: you likely want #mythtv-users, this is the development channel
[21:31:58] marsilainen_: oh, apologies
[21:35:23] aloril (aloril! has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[21:38:33] Captain_Murdoch: wagnerrp, yeah (top level dirs), so instead of just putting /nas/videos in as my SG dir, I could put in /nas/videos/kids as a dir with one level and /nas/videos/parents with another level. maybe we have other ways to do it yet, it hasn't been on my mind much until I started importing all my DVDs in and I don't want my 6-yr-old browsing around and finding things like Saw 2 while looking for Tinkerbell. metadata isn't always rig
[21:38:33] Captain_Murdoch: ht or available automatically, so specifying a default 'import' level for a parent dir might be a good idea. just wanted to float the idea out there.
[21:44:52] Captain_Murdoch: danielk22, I've done most of the work for transcoding to modern containers as part of the HLS work. I have AVFormatWriter which is currently bolted into mythtranscode, but could just as easily be bolted into NVR or a replacement class. personally I don't think we should support random codecs/containers/options for recording, so I think a lot of the current recording profile config could go away when that is done. just use H.26
[21:44:52] Captain_Murdoch: 4 via libx264 like I'm doing for HLS and use mp3 audio. support for both (or optional AAC) is getting the attention in my HLS work since they're part of the HLS spec. force .mp4 container, allow user to specify resolution and bitrate for video and samplerate and bitrate for audio and leave it as simple as that. ditto for lossy transcoding.
[21:45:59] stoffel (stoffel! has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
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[21:49:07] ** Captain_Murdoch gets lost again not telling how much he's typed in the single-line entry box in x-chat. **
[21:50:34] danielk22: Captain_Murdoch: Should we even support dumb frame grabbers anymore?
[21:51:41] danielk22: I'm of the mind to drop it and if someone comes along that wants it for HDMI/HD-component grabbers then it can be written from scratch...
[21:53:53] aloril (aloril! has quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
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[22:05:47] aloril (aloril! has joined #mythtv
[22:07:10] stuartm: out of curiousity, what's the overhead like for encoding H.264 vs the current mjpeg?
[22:09:48] taylorr: wow, that was a lot of changes that went into ffmpeg/h264 recently... maybe it fixes some of our issues.
[22:10:59] aloril (aloril! has quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[22:12:42] jheizer: I'm gotta have to setup a VM with master at some one point the HLS updates are in
[22:13:02] jheizer: My FE works so amazingly well with .25.3's HLS I can only imagine
[22:13:06] jheizer: thing is bullet proof
[22:13:59] jheizer: I hope to release the first version by Saturday
[22:14:20] danielk22: stuartm: Off-the-cuff estimate 500x, mjpeg uses hardly any CPU.
[22:19:42] stuartm: danielk22: yeah, that's easily believable, maybe even optimistic – so those users still scraping by with really old hardware and frame grabbers are not realistically going to be unaffected if we kept frame grabber support but switched the codecs to something more modern
[22:21:02] danielk22: stuartm: Right. It will be a signal to upgrade HW either way.
[22:21:28] stuartm: then let's ditch it and look to the future :)
[22:22:10] danielk22: Do we have any data on how many people are still using NTSC/PAL framegrabbers?
[22:22:33] stuartm: the simplest route for anyone who wants to stick with the latest release would be to by some second hand PVR-150s or similar
[22:22:57] stuartm: buy
[22:23:14] aloril (aloril! has joined #mythtv
[22:23:38] danielk22: Yeah, the PVR-xxx series is still the best option even though they were EOLed years ago...
[22:23:46] natanojl (natanojl! has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[22:25:19] stuartm: as far as the number of users affected, that's what we have the smolt stuff for, it just needs someone to parse the information into a % figure
[22:26:30] ghoti_ (ghoti_!~paul@ has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
[22:31:18] Chutt (Chutt! has joined #mythtv
[22:32:19] danielk22: Beirdo: Compiling loggingserver.cpp in Qt5 revealed 4 implicit casts of QAtomicInt to int. 2 of them look like they are harmless (debugging), but 2 of them look like they start/stop the shutdown timer and require some code changes.
[22:32:42] danielk22: logClientCount is the var.
[22:34:32] Captain_Murdoch: danielk22, if it's only used by frame grabbers and things like the go7007 then we could say we're phasing it out in v0.2x. I already call AVFormatWriter from mythtranscode directly bypassing NVR for HLS, so adapting that to always use AVFormatWriter would be fairly easy. it would mean no more lossless nuv2nuv transcoding, but that's not a great loss IMHO.
[22:35:45] Captain_Murdoch: stuartm, not sure, but I'd think 10x at least. the H.264 currently can use up to 8 threads when encoding though but that's only a limit set in our code.
[22:36:14] ** Captain_Murdoch sees daniel's 500x and realizes his 10x was gross underestimated. :) **
[22:39:25] Captain_Murdoch: if we ditched NVR, then can simplify lossy transcoding profile to force H.264/MP3 in .mp4, allow video resolution/bitrate and audio bitrate and get rid of pretty much everything else. maybe allow specifying the H.264 profile so people could create files playable on mobile devices
[22:39:36] danielk22: BTW I've mostly got the mythtv libraries compiling under Qt5. The biggest obstacles remaining are httpcomms and mythhttppool, aka wrappers for QHttp which is gone in Qt5. (Compiling with warnings that have to be addressed and a whole lot of depreciated methods being used).
[22:43:13] Beirdo: danielk22: interesting. I'll try to find time to take a look if someone else hasn't fixed it in the meantime
[22:43:41] stuartm: Captain_Murdoch: 2–3 years ago we were telling people that encoding H.264 required a high end machine, the threading improvements may have changed things a little but I think it's safe to say almost no-one still clinging to hardware as old as frame grabbers (PCI) has them installed in a machine fast enough (unlikely to even be multi-core)
[22:44:33] danielk22: Beirdo: I'll leave em alone until they are the last thing left preventing the build. & the QHttp porting is not trivial so you have time :)
[22:44:38] stichnot: danielk22, stuartm: it may be OK to drop support for legacy recorders, but we can't drop support for playback of old recordings, in case anyone was thinking in that direction.
[22:45:13] danielk22: stichnot: Yeah
[22:45:21] stuartm: Captain_Murdoch: I think we at least need to have the option of targeting HTML5 on all browsers, so that's both webm and H.264
[22:45:37] stuartm: stichnot: thought hadn't even crossed my mind
[22:45:49] danielk22: stichnot: People have lots of unwatched shows, myself included :)
[22:46:43] Beirdo: hehe
[22:46:49] Beirdo: good to know
[22:48:08] stuartm: it's my huge backlog of unwatched recordings that I'm hoping will keep me entertained over the Christmas/New Year TV drought (honestly, bought the Christmas TV guide today and there is NOTHING* worth seeing)
[22:48:40] stuartm: * OK, maybe one or two things, exaggerating for impact :)
[22:49:59] stichnot: I have a ton of kids' shows recorded on a PVR-150 and transcoded to mpeg4 from before the HD-PVR days, which is nice for testing
[22:52:12] Captain_Murdoch: stuartm, webm should be possible, but I haven't given it much testing. my AVFormatWriter is generic and mythtranscode has command line options to allow using it to generate any container/codec file you want using AVFW. I just haven't tested anything other than HLS supported files recently.
[22:55:49] Captain_Murdoch: stichnot, there's also the possibility of just using libavformat support to decode via avformatdecoder rather than nuppeldecoder. might make sense long-term.
[22:56:23] Captain_Murdoch: might need too many tweeks though, haven't tried
[23:00:12] stichnot: Captain_Murdoch: that sounds enticing, but I have no idea what it would entail. So far I'm only scratching the layer of mapping between keyframes, file offsets, and durations.
[23:03:51] jams: stuartm, is the tuner breakdown what your after for card types?
[23:04:26] jams:, mythtv_data tab , tuner breakdown
[23:08:18] jams: danielk22, ^^ see above website I think thats the data you wanted for what tuner types are in use.
[23:09:49] Captain_Murdoch: jams, yeah, that's it. so 9 go7007 users and 4 MJPEG and 146 V4L out of 8000+ easily.
[23:09:58] Captain_Murdoch: s/users/tuners/
[23:10:23] Beirdo: well, mythsmolt is hardly stable :)
[23:10:30] jams: i'm suprised there are that many go7007
[23:10:46] Beirdo: I've had mine not be able to push details for weeks on end
[23:10:58] jams: Beirdo, still?
[23:11:19] jams: that should have been cleared up
[23:11:23] Beirdo: not lately, I don't think, but my point is... the stats may be rather incomplete
[23:12:32] Captain_Murdoch: jams, especially go7007 on Myth new enough to support mythsmolt.
[23:12:47] jams: l given that it's opt-in that would always be the case.
[23:12:51] ** Captain_Murdoch looked into reviving his plextor to import some old media just a couple weeks ago **
[23:13:54] Captain_Murdoch: still, 160 users total is under 2% of that 8000, so it's not a major amount.
[23:14:50] jams: i cleaned up a shelf last week and moved my plextor even farther into the corner where it can continue to collect dust.
[23:14:55] danielk22: Yeah, more than I thought there would be.
[23:15:05] Captain_Murdoch: they can pickup a PVR-x50 card cheap off eBay or something. debating what to do with my 3 AverMedia M179 cards now actually. fans died on most of them I think and they have a tiny heat sink compared to the PVR-x50 cards.
[23:17:19] Captain_Murdoch: knowing how many were actually in use would give a better idea. configured doesn't reflect how much it's actually used.
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[23:29:51] taylorr: jya: I saw your comment earlier... there are a ton of h264 decoder changes in the last few days
[23:39:54] knightr: danielk22, I think you referred to the wrong tciket.. :-)
[23:40:09] knightr: s/tciket/ticket
[23:41:50] knightr: (#11125 is a translation ticket that was closed 3 months ago...)
[23:41:50] ** MythLogBot **
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